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its friday night

and you know what we do on friday nights
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dude, bird, youre out there



why dont they ever punish the missed 360 swings
there seems to be tons of recovery time between the swing and the return to normal stance


yea every fps has peeker's advantage


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos criticizes President Biden’s Tweet asking companies to bring down the price of gas at the pump


i think boxing and mma fighters coming out to music isnt subject to copyright but im not sure.
same with songs played during a sports game not sure


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stupid companies raising gas prices


stinky joe is done hes ogre


fuck this gay backwards world


oh my GOD this is so boring


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no work tomorrow :>


quite a lackluster performance…


ok that was a snoozer of a fight now what


time to fucking game


dads wearing his shoes to bed wtf




dana must be pissed


im going to have to order dad some indoor shoes

so fucking nasty walking around the house with your shoes on


rogan looks like the guy from hitman


let him ldar


LDAR or more specifically Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAR) is a program that identifies unintended or fugitive emissions from equipment in an oil and gas, chemical or petrochemical installation. It drives maintenance activities to reduce emissions to the atmosphere effectively.



thought about putting some tabasco on my sandwich but i was already going a bit crazy with the spicy salami


doesnt sleeping with shoes on do something bad to the feet


hes got his shoes on cause his feet hurt but his feet hurt cause his shoes dont fit right


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i found out the chemical they put in natural gas to make it smell so you can detect it and i thought that would be cool to make people think there are gas leaks in places


love wogan


why would they have a fight trilogy when the guy lost the first 2 fights?


i bought :
bloons 6
bejewled 3
dragons dogma


i like it


he's the best contender the division has to offer but he will never become champ as long as the champ is still there


made some popcorn gonna watch a classic nerd






phone poster…..


when im sad i say 'im really going to do it'


love blasting to this gook


shes way hotter than whk


gonna need a new thread soon boys


well well well would you look at the time


that was a great avgn
seaman is a fucked up game


*pours you as hot*


yello what





new thread coming up and its gonna be a good one


*bounces up and down*


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