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its thursday night
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well im not gonna use sugar mixers if im on a diet am i


never let your foid give birth to your children in a big hospital with a maternity ward. always do it somewhere close to home with a mid wife. hospital staff are retarded and dont care if they fuck up.


thats not it man im talking about that one that sounds like epic nazi marching music that niggertuber listened to and said was fire


i will never scroll past a full thread i will always press the end key


it is healthy july afterall



thats what they call it


fuck that shit
whoop whoop


just had deja vu


woop woop clownbro


if you spell it without an 'h' then its more like 'woop woop' but if you spell it with the 'h' then it sounds kind of like 'whoop whoop'



this post isnt true


cmon man


mergedela effect


erika vs kalinka
who did it better?



how is it a beta the game has been out for like 20 years


i like songs where you can give a vigorous arm swing to


holy shit bros we only have 1 more month to get aotc jailer kill


americas anthem sucks ass tbh we should change it


attack of the clones?


dnfbros swiftmaster is pretty fun


think i saw read or heard something that said the american anthem isnt even a song


y'all niggas gay



now both of these are purebreed gooks but one of them looks much gookier than the other


i like launcher and kunoichi a lot but havent played everyone yet


welcome to the black parade would be a sweet anthem lets make that our national anthem


i know all about the poem and where the music came from its nbd


(black) teenagers scare the living shit out of me


this, it's a shitty pop song. it's like making wap our anthem.


ate cake yesterday now im poopin weird


just for livin


look at this decadent cake eating swine


ill… try harder tomorrow maybe…._.


whats the point


i didnt do my things today either


zii would love this game


we gotta do better bros….


ive only got one thing scheduled to do today


i went to a park and saw some nice birds today


based bobob


im dabbin in my chair


im drinking booze




what should we do


dab with me


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wtf bros the hentai universe merge already happened hundreds of years ago and we missed it!


damn that nun really do be caked up doe


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