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sleep thread
we survived the turmoil
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i dont remember that movie


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for me it’s other game


all the news about the ukrainians getting owned is coming out in the last couple days
the new narrative theyre trying to build is 'ok russia won, but at what cost'


dont care didnt ask


tiktok does this mindbrap thing where they give you a sequence of videos you saw months ago to try to give you some kind of artificial deja vu idk why though


just got mindbrapped again


wonder how effective america's military actually is in a total war scenario
on one hand it could be totally rotted out from military industrial complex bloat and corruption and not having to fight anyone but farmers for 70 years or it could be the last part of the us government that still functions well and it may well be the most effective fighting force in the entire world


EPA warns 'forever chemicals' in drinking water more harmful than we knew


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remember this era of covid


good times


i went from like nothing burger originally then i thought covid was the apocalypse when i started to see some of the stuff out of china like the people being welded into their apartments then back to nothing burger then i thought it was apocalyptic again when i saw all the supermarket shelves going empty then back to nothingburger again when that just blew over


*pokes your butt*


member the toilet paper hoarders


remember how the virus started in china and then the second country that was hit big was…iran for some reason


kinda sad thinkin back on it
covid was looking like the "big one" for a couple weeks then it just got consumed by homo politics just like everything else


we skipped that because we'd already seen it and didnt like it very much


actually we liked it the first time a lot


I started watching foreign films after that, it was special






was not phone


trap is getting owned


trap did it wtf…


trap got owned…




escooter bros are you seeing this


id get a motor scoot but it rains here too much


as long as escooterbro doesnt get his stolen and he likes it and he didnt spend $7500 i think he's ok


i can be your trans angel or your trans devil




how about we play some minecraft together instead


it's just a riff on the novelty shirt saying
i'm not a tranny


no not a literal trannybro, just the comm member who likes jacking it to t-girls


i'm not the trannybro. just a tranny enjoyer


i need a bearmode gamer husband


i love this dudes intro jam


post a floor pic bro c'mon


The Scandinavian Sleep Method Could Be the Key to Saving Your Sleep (and Your Marriage)—Here's How It Works


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rabbit hutch bros…
we're being called out…


how come you have time to game so much



working from home and doing literally 0 work


wtf you work and game more than me?


work 8 hours
game 8 hours
its the same 8 hours
then we game some more


never thought about it
i thought that was normal most places


make a new thread retards




oh no no no

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