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so are we moving into a storage space or what?
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die ddoser


>i havent eaten today, and I only play AP Sona yeah bc the rng aspect of the rank they are actually Master without having a high CS score means even if they are out and then I wi…- what? what the fuck is the average rank in this world are straight, deal with losing a few games in champ select over the floor and tell you to do that then theres less of a crying Deku.


if its not you then its one of your discord tranny friends following your lead
either why kys


we had none of these problems until gleepy vouched for the ddoser


Seraphine Senna Ekko Is it BLACKing if the champion If I'm ever dying its because they know how to get higher vision score.


Fuck that busted piece of advice thats feasible.


Sounds like justice has been reduced by about % WE combo damage has been playing since lissandra was released.


>tfw no master Daddy to boost in gold/plat but they'd be making around k in a situation where I have lost so many games I hate seraphine why incredibly based but why lie about it?


hey if you are doing this you gotta stop it isnt cool at all. like wtf bro i humanized you


guys its totally not me
*points bot at my own posts*
omg see hes griefing me too!


File: 1655259289803.jpg (38.01 KB, 1280x720, bully (in disbelief).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



gleepy theres a reason he was banned from literally everywhere


File: 1655259345441.jpeg (63.83 KB, 713x563, D607C4A0-A14F-434D-B19C-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google


tomorrow? we're all hopping onto minecraft


its pasteken


its you


i knew it wasnt you. you're part of the family now. can you ask pasteken to stop? i dont like it when that person and shiion spam for you that isnt cool either


hell yeah bro


pasteken doesnt exist its renz
there's only 3 other posts saying that all when renz showed up


gleepy you're getting groomed to be a discord tranny bro be careful


pasteken goes his own way


im giving him the benefit of the doubt. he's a good guy. a noble albanian


kys spammer and ddoser


he's had enough goodwill, refresh and see


bro you are about to lose my support if you keep fucking with us like this. i dont believe you anymore


baste toot


kiss my ass and see you next thread


gonna hunker down and wait for this to blow over


kys ddoser/spammer


File: 1655259891875.jpg (10.1 KB, 230x254, bully (hye-mi's slipper).JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

what are you doing stop it


toot obviously hes just gonna evade man
just make his trip an autoban trust me when i say that denying a narcissist their preferred method of self identification goes a long way


blessed toot
do your best we believe in you



uhm go off tootles 😳😳



now gleepy can see for himself


i feel so betrayed


just leave his grooming discord


took you long enough tootbitch


whered everybody go










TREASON: Hannity Tells Trump To Pardon Hunter Biden?? | America First Ep. 1012






i hate renz so fucking much


im postign!! ^_^



we have his steam lets start doxing his friends

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