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its a lil fake gamer thread on a friday night
lets have a fun thread
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i dont know any artists names or song titles…


bro you can get a tier piece from halondrus!


sign no small comfy district that i can go out past 10 and still feel safe in


the second the pandemic ends we conquer asia


i have to start eating right


#Heardle #15



#Heardle #15




wonder what its like to be able to walk around in the middle of the night for a stroll without having to make preperations for getting stabbed


huh i used to go on nightwalks all the time without any fear of getting stabbed or shot or robbed or w/e nobody is out at 3am



realistically i know its improbable but ive been conditioned


its in the same slot as my 291 legendary man i cant wear that


you cant be afraid of being stabbed walking around afraid is what gets you stabbed


oh no no no this balance druid max is spectating is fucking up repeatedly….


so fucking up


oh no no no


Wordle 266 3/6



a 10 y/o boy who was clinically dead for 40 min before being revived by doctors claimed he went to heaven and met jesus who told him that there would be WW3 which "will be bad" but it's only a precursor to something much worse, a "demonic 👽 invasion"!


10 year olds are tards


that's as far as aliens are allowed to go


hooooo boy max just called for a 5 min break and said they have to change things… not looking good for this balance druid


he should watch i pet goat 2


first off who is max


come on bro its limit maximum theyre doing the world first race in sepulcher of the old ones!


i keep noticing foids staring at me at the gym so i have to either keep my eyes closed or look up at the ceiling whenever im not actively lifting to avoid eye contact


*fires up wow*


sepulcher of the first ones*


ive learned enough about wow to make some posts




just came to blacked, cracking open a 95 calorie corona premier and firing up xcom 2


whats wrong with you man


you good bro?


society is collapsing


how do i get by without a proper diet


just be young


we get a little nihilist


do you really need more than potatos and eggs


just died to fall damage twice…


you need a proper diet with plenty of meat and salt and leafy veggies and fermented foods like kimchi and kefir


i need beer



*beers u*


does elden ring have fall damage


File: 1647146207569.jpg (32.21 KB, 250x238, 1604348603125.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Kefir sounds disgusting, I have cheese I never touch too.


I guess I'm good for another hour.


You're just mad you almost got jumped.


I expected you to be the last person it'd happen to





you put your legendary in a tier slot? wtf!

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