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big rig edition
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you never help me


holy fuck bros!!!!!


getting tired of skippers


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sorry some of us have lives


zovaal also known as the jailer formerly the arbiter


us wownorms? yeah we have lives


think im gonna start skipping too
waking up and reading zii posts and holospam just isnt worth it


it's important not to deadname the jailer on international woman's day


this is true ive been thinking about it as well


Biden announces U.S. ban on Russian oil imports over Ukraine war


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this guy


we need more skribbers!


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skribble in hell, skribbler


Creativity and enthusiasm define childhood, but American children seem to be losing these gifts, teachers say.

American children are less creative and less motivated than past generations. When teachers compare todays children with their peers from only a few years ago, theres a clear difference, according to Page Park, an Indiana teacher with 24 years of experience.

“They dont know how to think for themselves, too. I do have a few kids that are really good at problem solving, but not as many. Theyre not good at problem solving,” she said.


ok first of all


is this true am?


its ogre


who the fuck is jailer when did he come into the picture?


i cant read this fancy cursive letters


in grade school they put me in some special class with a few other retards called problem solvers and we would move sticks around or read about puzzles instead of doing long division


all the public schools dropped art and music


paste problem solvers


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>who the fuck is jailer when did he come into the picture?



im serious


miss motherfucker mike so bad



When Park looks at her classroom, she sees a disconnected generation.

“They talk about games a lot. They never talk about going outside. They talk about staying up late. Their sleep rhythms are awful,” Park said. “I have one that was telling me last week or the week before that he doesn’t go to bed until three o’clock in the morning. They might be a little more rigid in movement.”

Jessica Bonner, a speech pathologist for elementary schoolers in Birmingham, Alabama, also said she sees a difference between children today and children in the past. They don’t usually talk about what they like to do together. Instead, they seem centered on absorbing online videos other people make.


New leaks suggest Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 may be twice as fast as the RTX 3090

did we say anything about this yet


when youre in deep shit you call the problem solvers


“I have one that was telling me last week or the week before that he doesn’t go to bed until three o’clock in the morning.

he's just like me…


thank you fellow esl bro but i cant read all those big words im dictionary checking them


twice as fast and scalped for twice as much


for show and tell these days the kids just boot up youtube and show videos like this to the class


was that mde book worth getting
how the bomb the us gov


File: 1646784968199.webm (532.79 KB, 443x540, babbao.webm) ImgOps Google

>how the bomb the us gov


never bonded with something before


why the fuck did putin invade tho it makes no fucking sense


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bros check this out


pretty hot



maybe he had to
something was going down and he had to pull the trigger


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