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im baby


this is steve


bros get on chinkshit impact


get on my dick bitch



vtubers are sleeping now


we are watching the kiara cosplay stream


*rams a knee in your teeth*


File: 1646126474667.jpg (127.42 KB, 675x900, 1646126397756.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*wakes up*
aah 11 hours of sleep~


where do i get cool holo merch like that?


you woke up right in the middle of drinking time!


first of all


bros the world first race!


File: 1646129411250.png (18.23 KB, 584x584, 1644958812015.png) ImgOps Google

ok time to go to the store and get some donuts.
if they sold all of them i swear to fucking god i'm gonna amlitzerd all of them




come on bro its thirsty tuesday


get your wafers dude you need to eat


are we racing


you like the worst type of donut


not like this eldenbros….


die skipper
die asmongoblin watcher


File: 1646130733769.webm (2.58 MB, 576x1024, 1646128744094.webm) ImgOps Google


based as hell


Garbage of Shartshitma isn't even a good game, period. It's just more of the same bland, copy paste, money grubbing filth spewed forth like stale diarrhoea by a worthless westerntrash developer. Yet shit eating, cum guzzling faggots like you can't wait to waste money on the latest consumer exploitation product made purposefully for your retarded room temperature IQ. You'll buy it, but you'd rather watch someone else play it on YouTube until you get bored and won't even finish the let's play, let alone the game. After all, the completion rate for westerntranny games is under 20%.


File: 1646132821926.jpg (73.77 KB, 514x720, 1642042008377.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


so what?
people are not allowed to like different type of tastes?
not everyone like niggers or gooks


grow up


listen here bunghole,


the guy at this meeting is making us watch youtube videos about how to talk during meetings
it's truly some sociopathic shit, literally gameifying discussing things with people


jets just flew overhead


File: 1646133837320.gif (3.24 MB, 343x498, 1634237039169.gif) ImgOps Google


yeah i'm gonna crack open a 'ster


hate norms so much


would be epic if they nuked everything
lets start over


gimmie some tips


monsters are good for heart palpitations and colon cancer


the zii diet
1 case of monster
4 donuts
1 box waffers


everyone loves gooks


always say sociopathic stuff like "i agree and value your point, does anyone disagree" to foster conversation, without realizing that this is strong-arming people into agreeing


gook front hole smells worse than a mexican girls back hole bro


and you should always put quiet people on the spot and force them to contribute to the meeting by singling them out and asking direct questions


do you think futas or dickgirls are better


guns win arguments


kisses win hearts


futas. 2d monster pips are very aesthetic


anyone wanna win my heart…


File: 1646134539146.jpg (383.14 KB, 1080x1350, 1635063125288.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


holy fucking shit guys we fixed Ys Origin!!!!


this is huge


snores origin


kwintu would ban you for that


i agree and i value your point, does anyone disagree


File: 1646134825383.jpeg (31.68 KB, 449x241, 1635540409278.jpeg) ImgOps Google

was it my suggestion


no, my character was shaking all the time in game, going up and down.
but i played with settings a little bit and it worked.
ys origin this friday i guess!


*raises paw*


now he's talking about "alpha" stuff and attitude
this guy is 100% autistic and a peterson fan


he keeps using the word "race" incorrectly


kwintu is fat and ban crazy


whats your twitch name tough guy


they call me bathroombaron tough guy


hope you werent planning on participating in ziis chat anytime soon tough guy


dont worry about it freak


tire is still busted, still cant bike, dep


just like whats happening in ukraine v_v


might ban bob


giving mods was a mistake


are you bad kneefag?


bathroombaron is the best ziicord member and it isnt even close


theres a discord?


cant believe zii didnt give mod to amlitzer_ he really must not appreciate him


File: 1646136277534.png (80.68 KB, 3200x2000, FMv6yTMUUAEm_iB.png) ImgOps Google


bad shins and ankles


File: 1646136310071.png (60.29 KB, 3200x2000, FMv6zMeUUAAXsal.png) ImgOps Google


..weed cat


not me


yeah i cracked open a can…


love digging up a nice repressed memory of why i ended up a retarded freak of nature


would you like to share with the class


tell us more


File: 1646136892150.mp4 (1.35 MB, 1646136887.mp4)

holy shit!!!


File: 1646136904528.png (170.45 KB, 800x800, 48be35db444fbfc4703ab7b885….png) ImgOps Google


not a nuke




Yep, it's looking like this month's ammo money is going to a new phone instead 🚬



Just when you think ammo prices couldn't possibly get any worse they do because of people panic buying in response to a war being fought on the other side of the frickin' world.


eating some salad



sickzii check the coin


hey look its the libtard


dont do this to me


next time im going to put onions in my salad


hey amlitzer i bought a cheap chinese phone for ~100 yuros that does 4g


weed cat



facebook needs a brown CEO like google and microsoft to save their stock price


its weird to see pump again after we had 18% pump just yesterday. i was expecting red today




shekels deposited


had two wendys spicy chicken sandwiches last night and now my tummy horts :/


oh jeez let me get the rubbing vod


File: 1646139193352.jpg (127.98 KB, 800x766, funny.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646139212552.jpg (113.31 KB, 1141x1042, FMw7syhacAApGWf.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





cup and handle that ass


hey asshole it says 'do not repost' right there whats your frickin problem


*nuzzles the bulge*


*cracks knuckles*
i don't play by society's rules


the red 6gb oneplus 6 is an eternal classic for me
it looks so beautiful and it has everything a smartphone should have
a real fingerprint scanner on the back
slick metal body
and last but not least: the notch


File: 1646139695054.png (548.2 KB, 685x555, 1625484015864.png) ImgOps Google


one plus 6? 7


my phone is a pixel 3
it works
no idea how many gs it has


he made it


the hologirls need to be fucked




you need to be locked in a cage


i am still just a tard in a cage


organ failure is imminent my poop was just green colored


File: 1646140542112.jpg (53.47 KB, 472x573, 1638288453986.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646140571045.gif (574.95 KB, 404x575, 1646005167183.gif) ImgOps Google


gleepy what are those weird tunics called again




i've got a litre of gin coming tonight. i'll drink in your honor


File: 1646140888856.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1646140881.mp4)

universities in 2022


File: 1646140915482.jpg (2.69 MB, 1574x2360, miku129.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and i'll have a beer tonight in your honor


File: 1646141005319.jpg (56.82 KB, 828x772, 1646105203533.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


miss the deranged sickzii thirst catposter


it was toon


zii wears cat ears at work and ends every sentence with nya


universities in 2022


+1 the ugly truth


File: 1646141273854.jpg (172.19 KB, 1125x1013, FMsztE-UcAQwaru.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

is toot hypnotizing us too?


sissy hypno, unfortunately


toon and weedly were god fearing hetero boys before they came here


execute order 162


File: 1646141694698.png (369.11 KB, 453x604, toss.png) ImgOps Google

>ok time to go to the store and get some donuts.
if they sold all of them i swear to fucking god i'm gonna amlitzerd all of them


cringe english comment in chat i die


>muh cluster bombs
the media is really running with this story today


toot 162 really needs an english literacy test to keep the esl incels out, you know just like we had literacy test to keep the redguards from voting.


File: 1646142768142.jpg (95.43 KB, 1076x1067, 1642105687022.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


there would be only be esls left


File: 1646143207873.png (316.2 KB, 571x321, ramsey.png) ImgOps Google


this meeting is supposed to be over but i'm being held hostage here god help me


why do you hate us eslbros so much?


our gf is live


turtle suits is the nickname


File: 1646143829047.jpg (187.81 KB, 1108x1478, FMrpT9lVIBA6gtX.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

trying my best not to be gay


File: 1646143912203.png (430.73 KB, 961x642, 1646096373238.png) ImgOps Google

imagine gaben handing you your steamdeck



shit story*


toot ban this son of a bitch


File: 1646144220581.jpg (142.79 KB, 550x655, 1639841138479.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


trump banned all the good chink phones here man


bunnies always seemed to me like terrible pets
sure theyre kinda cute but they shit everywhere theyre dumb and i dont think theyre as affectionate as even other meme pets like rats


can't you just buy it from alibaba


whatever happened to lil pump why was he memoryholed


they also eat cables


they're really affectionate in my experience. their shit doesn't smell at all and it's easy to clean up


nightmares are back; this time about twitter user nervana; she was managing my career & i completely shut myself into my dorm – she kept calling me & yelled @ me to print out these documents (they cost $25 to print) and i got so confused about a) why & b) it was expensive


nigger history month is finally over


File: 1646145653693.png (1.87 MB, 700x700, 1646143708500.png) ImgOps Google

linkchads winning big



in my fantasies IM the one getting molested




File: 1646145741944.png (66.57 KB, 860x771, jwc02FT[1].png) ImgOps Google



i genuinely can't believe how retarded america is


File: 1646145888324.jpg (80.66 KB, 924x570, FMnsGlxWYAAXXXb.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646145895912.jpg (76.12 KB, 782x820, FMxYMveXMAsfyNF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


look at that uggo nigger belt going from mississippi to north carolina


*looks at it*


zii what do you think of platforming games


didnt play bunch of them but i like those that i've played


yeah, the cdma vs gsm division certainly didn't help things but at least that will be dead soon.


zii what do you think of grand strategy games


aaron take licorice pizza off the list ive heard its trash


File: 1646146589741.jpg (59.59 KB, 480x314, 1646138881142.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i dont like them, they're interested for 1h and then they get boring.
i'm not saying they're bad games but they're just not for me.

they are miles better than oblivion tho


hop on civ 5 bro im befriending all your city states


oh gosh opened nenes stream right at the bday drop


mm rando looks like so much fun, but i havent played mm in so long though. i dont remember most of the checks which would make the seed take forever to do.



nene is so talented i love her


babe turn on the cam


hes naked…


File: 1646148165055.jpeg (69.24 KB, 716x960, E7338DE0-F9F9-4AB1-A181-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google


File: 1646148884886.jpg (129.8 KB, 1200x678, FLvQpA6XsAA4bM6.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


varg would be really into essential oils if he were a woman


thank you gaia~


*desperate for pussy voice*




File: 1646149437578.jpg (112.07 KB, 1125x853, 1646142190026.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


had a dream about meeting pekora in an alley and grabbing her from behind i was sticking my hand down her pants and felt her soft pubic hair against my palm as i rubbed her pekocunny while also groping her small breasts with my other hand
it felt so real i think woke myself by moaning in real life mom might have heard it too


i had a pony dream


stop sleeping in moms bed you are a grown man


let me guess the first step is to pay reparations money again for the 80th time
Japan has paid so much reparations money already it would have been cheaper if Japanese soldiers had used solid gold bullets.


File: 1646150114411.png (28.3 KB, 307x157, bronies this is your minds….png) ImgOps Google

Bleed to death


do girls care if you live like a dumpster animal




“funny thing is…”


wish we had more based countries like russia


my desk is wood and it desperately needs a deep cleaning
if i run my fingernail across it i start scratching up the layer of dead skin


Onetime pads are free, can be converted by a human with a pencil and paper, and the storage problem of never reusing keys is solved by multi gig micro sd cards. They are mathematically unbreakable, and no one cares about them for some reason.




can we start a guild in star wars tor?


File: 1646150973598.jpeg (133.95 KB, 930x1452, FMvsg7iXwAIju5T.jpeg) ImgOps Google


ohnonono sickzii subbed


the opening scene of mission impossible 4 is so bad i thought they were showing a parody movie about spies and then it would back out and start the movie. but the beginning was the real beginning


come on man the sepulcher of the first ones just opened


sickzii boarded the tortanic


he subbed to wow?


lol i forgot about the tortanic


*comes home from work*
*plops down in the bed*
how do norms do this every day


*enters your room with a tray*
heres your lunch~


File: 1646152504429.jpeg (54.79 KB, 498x314, FMsspRbXMAATxOO.jpeg) ImgOps Google


forgot to post about the awesome poop i had earlier


File: 1646153230198.gif (12.39 KB, 500x377, table6.gif) ImgOps Google

gotta love ascii timing diagrams


the do coke


File: 1646153397569.jpg (355.26 KB, 1440x1034, 1606490453657.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>last 50


File: 1646153547708.jpeg (408.49 KB, 2048x1438, 7F092931-5C07-4579-801C-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google


just had a terrible gut rumbling poop :/


check out the arms on that fox…


same :\


i don't know i've never had a job


*slides you a bowl of oats and chia seeds*


good morning friends~




so is covid over?


yeah they found something else to instill fear and keep people dependent on the news


thinking about lilsusies big susies


File: 1646154920428.jpg (191.39 KB, 1024x768, 1333932996801.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


batman is not gonna be on hbo max for 45 days after the premiere
they expect people to go see it in the cinema? are they fucking serious? in the middle of a global pandemic?




i always preferred minnymausgg over her, despite the big booba
but then she got married so fuck her



im padnigbabn


File: 1646155338248.jpeg (604.62 KB, 1536x2048, FMxywfdXoAYvZru.jpeg) ImgOps Google


you guys ever get so high that listening to the steve miller band blew you away?


im eating :)


im holoclipbabn


tell us more about your channel



File: 1646155683084.png (41.36 KB, 1508x792, FMoAuXLX0AUmAyj.png) ImgOps Google


god i want to fuck her staring into her perfect plastic face and watching those amazing boobies in the pushup bra bounce up and down
shes so goddamn hot


kept thinking about the shark of kyiv at work today


oh lawd



ive alged yours before, i recognize the weird font. thats good. i didnt click because it was a holo i dont follow


ugh just found out im trans


so zii spends thousands of hours playing games and uploading the vods to youtube to get 20 views at best while you just clip random holos and get 200k views at minimum
cant believe holoclippers are gonna make it


why are the bosses in elden ring so weird


transtarded lmao


its fat tuesday
*smacks my belly*


its not fair zii fuck this holonigger i respect your dedication


zii's main audience all watch everything on twitch is all


i dont even want to see a pic of myself much less have a backlog with hundreds of vids to watch when im older


god bless you zii you have such a pure heart


sickzii looks better now than he did a year ago (no homo)
glad the webcam meta is back


File: 1646156401863.jpg (83.18 KB, 750x938, 270035390_1005369886763505….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


when zii streams i look in the bottom right to see how long because he does 7-8 hours normally with maybe 1 quick piss break.
i compare that to all the 8 hour shifts of work i've done. you're counting hours watching the time crawl


ok kwintu


File: 1646156421920.jpg (881.46 KB, 1917x945, updated nuke attack map fi….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whats the red areas in montana dakota and nebraska


american land based icbm silos


*nukes montana*


consider montana wiped off the face of the earth


so streamchan doesn't require an account, you just set the location in obs and go?


cant believe the netizens let ning ning and frieza off the hook


before our nuke detecting technology recently got better i had a big norad early detection stuff at the air force base here because the cape juts out the furthest into the atlantic at our latitude. we were a russian first strike target until 2000ish


*nukes gleep*


File: 1646157225250.png (54.13 KB, 142x195, sickzii incelius.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1646157324599.jpg (72.98 KB, 500x500, 1646157241735.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



we put our nuke silos out in the middle of nowhere, the workers have to drive 1-2 hours sometimes. its in case of accidents.
worst case they would be like dirt bombs.
there is a really good alg about a crazy titan 2 missle accident (we used to have a shitload of silos of them dotted all over)


LOONA Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Gowon & Olivia Hye got PCR tests and have tested Positive to COVID-19. All activities halted.

LOONAbros its over


lets create the perfect foid:
lilsusies tatas
seltzers thighs


scarlets pip


thats decent but far from perfect
sounds like you want to make what my friends and i called "parts girls" because they have big parts everywhere


you and your friends are gay gleep


i had sex with the girl literally nicknamed parts m'dude


File: 1646158297954.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.99 MB, 1280x960, 1645951692771.webm) ImgOps Google


no you didnt


that was just the start, you guys gotta help me finish


zac and i saw her and pregnant jackie walking on main st. picked them up and went skinny dipping in a pond and i had sex with parts in the pond


and then you woke up next to your boyfriend and kissed him


a few months ago i found out that she'd divorced because the husband cheated lol
she has a new bf though


my body woke me up early today


love this


File: 1646159081433.jpg (196.49 KB, 871x578, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they should make a sickzii funko pop


i would stick one up my ass!!!!!!!!!!


sigh watame is staying up past midnight again…







bro team liquid (formerly complexity formerly limit) is paying 10 million gold to anyone who can trade them heroic ilvl tier loot next week!


i found out one of the reasons disney made all the old stuff non-canon is because they want the star wars universe to all fit together. they want various characters to link together in different stories. it can be so bad


got this ballograf epoca pencil its tight


wtf its march already


february is short


so is my DICK


my flaccid penis is very small


>I really like the new canon version of the story, it really humanizes Astromech droids in a way we haven’t really seen before.
lol these people are such sheep


dads puzzling and watching a soap opera


File: 1646160083120.jpg (300.85 KB, 3000x3000, 8eWRJ7i.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


do hardcore star wars fans hate george lucas?


did the guy not see r2d2 or c3p0? those droids were p flipping humanized





fucking stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 1646160413290.jpg (147.77 KB, 960x693, many-droids.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

zii's sithlord larper is back in chat


cant believe this guy is gonna become a millionaire by clipping holoshit while zii will be wagecucking for another 40 years


File: 1646160792877.jpg (85.43 KB, 700x700, 1636549942367.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

mdn web docs have dark mode now??!


if pokemon were real my gf would have a piplup and id have a dewott and wed take them to the park to splash around in the water


if pokemon were real id be the guy in that image you know the one


>tranny and foids getting btfo by the literal chad
lmao you love to see it



what are you doing watching that garbage bro


to watch foids embarrass themselves obviously


BREAKING: A Ukrainian MP known as the Sheev of Kyiv has unilaterally suspended Parliament and declared himself the First Ukrainian Emperor


but die skipper though



im the nigger of the north


grow up


*uses force sissy hypno on zii*


skimmed through and now im angry at you for linking it


stop being angry
start being happy



File: 1646162143983.png (166.06 KB, 500x667, 1641624956638.png) ImgOps Google


python is so baste




is that how it works





File: 1646162353250.jpg (114.26 KB, 947x1239, FMFY48SVEAUckd8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


im angry brothers!


hop on wow bros sepulcher of the first ones is finally out!


are you angry about elves


need to go buy groceries but dont feel like it


i need you to thwart the jailer’s plan to dominate reality


come on bro we use instacart


weren't you wowbros fighting jailer like a year ago or something?



File: 1646162781654.jpg (125.88 KB, 660x968, 1643350520342.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i need you to put on the maid outfit


grieve not for there are plenty of whores in the sea


thinking about eating some salad


hitomi is no regular whore
shes got the biggest tits in the world while not being a fat disgusting whale


die skipper fuck


idk man she looks like a plastic mannequin


come on man


nothing wrong with a lil salad


stfu libcuck


i will do it
i will kill the holoclipper


*vores you*


hey steve brother check this vod out she had a really cute blonde gooky on the stream
im gonna kjack it her stream earlier horned me up


nice broken link idiot


you need to be subbed to whk obviously thats why i only told steve about it


>you need to be subbed to whk obviously


File: 1646164660325.jpg (835.5 KB, 3000x2793, 1646126775781.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


holy crap i just killed a dragon in bg2 O____o (without cheesing)


its trash
i agree with raymond hettinger that it shoulda been called "nobreak" instead of reusing the completely unintuitive "else" keyword
luckily its almost never useful so you dont see it in almost any code




File: 1646165031595.png (1.37 MB, 1106x822, bllrt.png) ImgOps Google



so cool…




File: 1646165296864.jpg (492.97 KB, 1641x900, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




i take my post >>1589950 back while its true that cia and nsa aint doing shit im really enjoying all this propaganda spam
norms are falling for everything like flies


im trying dark souls 1 to get in on this elden ring hype



omg so lucky..


how have you never played dark souls 1 before
c'mon man


shes ukrainian? wtf i had no idea her english is too good


is that the foid that does those ff14 videos?


File: 1646166163161.jpg (4.32 KB, 268x32, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

now what


>suddenly get clips in my alg
>from the shitters i hate the most
machine learning is epic


people are buzzing about the new look they gave MDN docs


shes not a foid….


ayyo play me chess



i thought tucker fell for it
thats a bit disappointing ngl


File: 1646166804449.png (953.92 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20220301-142906.png) ImgOps Google



based literal retard



15.5 hours


gross freak


maybe i should buy a new bike


there is literally nothing wrong with cumming on someones likeness


come on bro we use escooters now!


after all why wouldnt you


i hope i make it through this raid, inshallah


i need to get my cardio done man


bro lets push some 2s!


so how's the writing/story of elden ring? didnt the fat man write it?


im talking about escape from tarkov you dummy!


you cant be serious man
he had nothing to do with any of this shit


File: 1646167140485.jpg (36.88 KB, 203x378, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its time


my undies have been soaked with sweat for hours


so the jailer is basically putin (basically voldemort)?


just had a 10 minute prejerk sesh



File: 1646167397879.jpg (15.33 KB, 301x133, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

come on…


finish your chore you dumb little sheep!


this is the most aggressively female post I've seen on vt
you can easily imagine a sassy fat black woman saying this


tell that to all the normies


whats vt


File: 1646167622049.jpg (79.98 KB, 1054x613, IMG_20220301_143450.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yo toon you seeing this!?


epic gamer moment


i thought their studio got bombed or was that fake news


virgina tech, the school cho got the high score at


sarah bonitos smile is so cute


i bet they have a large russian playerbase


wish i could go back in time and gangbang a college whore or be a college whore and get gangbanged


groyper time baby


i thought you guys said twitch banned russians this russian girl is still streaming talking how shit she feels about this






scary link not clickin


dolphin porn my favorite
how did you know?






zfg is playing a new oot romhack, gih!



zombie fuckin' grub?


thats not zombiegrub


id be into watching a female get fricked by a dolphin
sounds pretty hot


yeah, very funny toon….


in the future all bars will have twitch streams on the tvs


it actually was kinda funny


amouranths world wide bar chain…


not her


common bars will have twitch streams
but the really classy bars? holo streams


get back to grading papers normlitzer


not that king



strutting into a high class japanese restaurant for your $200 teppanyaki with pekora's stream playing on a huge tv…





rip that guy's ear drums


shes pretty good at it


hes awful at guards
just like me


i need to escalate
to deescalate


you know summer approaches when my bed sheets start reeking of sweat




File: 1646169809904.jpg (28.96 KB, 281x209, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1646170069995.png (582.34 KB, 1080x1154, rap.png) ImgOps Google

that is fucking crazy


honestly? pretty good idea


i could be second peter


damn that nigger with a bunch of tats and gold jewelry has a good point tbh


File: 1646170295407.png (125.72 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20220301-152903.png) ImgOps Google

found toss's twitter


man twitter hitting with some solid points today


want to die


File: 1646170473676.jpg (178.89 KB, 680x608, 1638129798355.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*plugs in*
time to sleep


70% of worlds neon, critical for making chips, comes from ukraine


i sneed my lays


ah shiet here we go again


no like microchips



can't wait to sell my 1660 for 10k in a few years


this was a cute owo vid i ship them now


what the fuck is the problem 70% of chip this 90% of chip that why cant people make the chips


ah yes, neon, the critical component in chips


if you asked me which component is the most critical for chips id say neon, from ukraine


File: 1646171005176.jpg (6.94 KB, 200x194, 1619727937292.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


oh please god kill me first


File: 1646171017112.png (5.41 MB, 2037x1559, muscov1454.png) ImgOps Google

hows it goin
well its goin


stream it man


i don't buy components unless they have high grade ukranian neon


we are watching zii live out his dark side fantasies


ive really gotta cook some eggs


your reading comprehension bro…


dont tell me you buy chips NOT made with ukrainian neon


neon is a color


i think neon is cool


File: 1646171502663.png (178.4 KB, 851x714, exv41gtdz0x01.png) ImgOps Google


i dont know how anything works i just plug stuff in


plug stuff in your ass i bet


bitch i might


mind blowing how a free star wars game has better gameplay, content, lore, graphics, and music than oblivion


wtf mythic 0 gear is 236 ilvl? holy shit bros lets gear some alts!


File: 1646171868451.png (560.9 KB, 640x699, FMvZRihXEAIMwUv.png) ImgOps Google


youre out of your mind


they need the neon to make lasers that make the chips
swear to god some of you knuckle dragging retards really piss me off


im just happy i dont get anxiety when im hungover anymore i hope i fried that part of my brain


neon bar signs v_v


File: 1646172024249.jpg (39.2 KB, 720x938, 1637321843525.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



this guy just made a portal to oribos in the portal room



i've seen it


sickzii just ate a booger on stream


dude youre retarded


did you get items on both characters from the zm world boss…..


File: 1646172340308.webm (2.95 MB, 1650x2000, 1646170042134.webm) ImgOps Google







holy crap theres a guy on my friends list already in the sepulcher fighting to stop the jailor from unmaking reality..


im about to unmake your ass kid


god this bitch is so boring
who at cover listened to her talk and thought "yeah shes perfect for this job as a talking entertainer"



sand in neovagina post dnr


gih bros rudys dabbing on foids and bitfucks!


bro i got loot on 3 of my 4 characters from the world boss!


wtf so lucky..


whats the verdict on this set? is the land cycle any good? any cards breaking into eternal formats?


File: 1646173291974.jpg (400.14 KB, 1920x2412, 1646171499509.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


shit bros we just bought 230 crafted rings for 25k last week and now theres 262 epic rings we fucked up!


File: 1646173333285.gif (1 MB, 270x203, scared-baby.gif) ImgOps Google


hate the wowbros



dont hate them they suffer from a debilitating addiction and need help


is explorerblaze one of you guys? hes crying like a big fat baby like a lot you guys do


yeah its me


actually its me


gay baby idiots


File: 1646173568265.jpg (15.15 KB, 1462x27, soshi.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

going through old emails and found this…
take me back to those days…


posting on soshichan…
sharing footpics in the irc…


i have 6 max level chars in SWTOR


wow youre a big retard arent you


*tunes in*


File: 1646173832361.jpg (25.97 KB, 240x227, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bro look what my druid got!


holy fuck!


gleepy check this out


toot check the reports


File: 1646174008194.jpg (538.88 KB, 1641x900, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

get this trinket apparently its super broken


twinket bwoken



the jailer's gauntlet
-0/1 enter the new portal in the torghast lobby

holy shit bros we need to enter the new portal in the torghast lobby!


File: 1646174204994.jpg (62.28 KB, 1284x1282, FMctKjCUYAYSrR8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whats the jailer some video game thing


hope wudy cracks open one of these neon cards


hope wudy cwacks open his skull in the shower




nice game star wars retards


File: 1646174431846.jpg (23.45 KB, 394x327, 1645878106119.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646174458857.jpg (15.82 KB, 1450x25, damn.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

found another sad email


nooo!!!! you werent supposed to be able to get out!!! it was suppose to bug your character so you had to start over!!!!


remember when vasa cast shut down


whats vasa


nice game star wars retards


i cant be mad at a retard for having a retarded thought its not christian


File: 1646175117587.jpg (98.76 KB, 828x992, FL6MCH2WYAAJcT6.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nice story star wars retards


File: 1646175135883.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 3600x1600, 3l5tb6.jpeg) ImgOps Google


you know a game is good when you can open up the quest ui in the middle of combat and gooey pop at the 1,000 different interface items and buttons and text


holy shit uthers back and hes saving sylvanas!


holy shit!


*presses the same button over and over*
ahh yes now this is much better than oblivion


File: 1646175395303.jpg (11.19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hey thanks two black dads kissing their white baby


if you play oblivion properly its a variety of buttons and combinations


*holds left click*
ahhh nothin like a toddshit game


how long is this shitty game
its an mmo so it just goes on forever or what


dont exaggerate


hottubjeffbezos: i wonder who is stirring things up in the thread
*plays both chats*


its a good strat


i used the trick to get over to the raid island but they killed gorkek right before i got to tag him


raid shadow legends?


gee i wonder *rolls eyes*


poor gorkek




gonna jack to some demonic tranny stuff tonight




i think that youtube vid will be me legacy when i kms


File: 1646176723677.jpg (126.54 KB, 1125x1144, FLHMuQ1VcAERG2H.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


The Pfizer vaccine is 3% fatal within the study time frame.

I tried to warn you. I fucking tried really fucking hard


bro you dont need a trick the transporter is open!


*grabs heart*
ohhhh no ohhh
*pretends like im fainting*
why didnt i listen you were right all along


you know we are at least around level 4.5 here


*laughs with you*
*stops smiling*


*grabs onto chair and wobbles it back and forth*




4 on a rare good day honestly
flirting with 6 almost


literally no one has died from the vaccine retard
if they did it would be national news


my arms are getting too big for long sleeve shirts




what the fuck are you talking about
are you like 12 years old or what


mom buys all my clothes for me and organizes them by outfit when she does laundry


does she color match your helmets to your outfits too?


File: 1646177717736.png (69.87 KB, 308x317, Screenshot 2022-03-01 1735….png) ImgOps Google


zii if you drink more monsters can you just stay up all night and game more


i think he means he's getting thick, solid, tight


what a fat fuck


if you make such claims without posting pics no one will believe you


just sleep at work


long sleeve shirts are kinda tight sleeved normally for norms


If you just see the fight out of context, it’s pretty lame. But if you have some idea of what both have been through, it becomes a whole lot cooler. This fight represents Maul’s refusal to move on and how that has made him into what he is today. Obi Wan was able to kill him easily, symbolizing how he has risen above. You might also say he has the mental high ground


fat bros wear tanks


*omfg pogchamps so hard*


sleeves are ableist af


send him to ukraine to fight the russians now!!!!


i love the instinctual fat kid t-shirt tug down move. and i say that as a smallfat


watching this gook sleep after her favorite team (spurs) lost


the sith of kyiv


holy shit this new questline gives even more renown this is nuts


what if LGIMMvp means looking good i am mvp?



putin just went mia after saying he has no choice but to declare war against america lol


damn thats crazy


Futurama star John DiMaggio, who voices crass robot Bender, has officially joined the show's Hulu revival.


so like 90% of the posts here are bot posts coming from some word file


whats the deal with those people?


come on man start using list comprehensions that formatpost is an oneliner


this is pretty insane
no wonder reddit is buzzin like crazy about it


nah the bots were upgraded to gpt3 months ago












i didnt get any loot from the fucking world boss!!!!


what the heck how do you beat the reaper…


File: 1646180349094.jpg (47.89 KB, 496x545, 74eaad78ade6ca3d2e13f1fa82….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





stop posting this gross pic of bonbi


bro i went 3 for 4 on it i might just take all my alts and do the skip to do the boss


holy shit what a whore


oh my gosh its like im laying next to her



any new BREAKING


she changes positions and you can almost see her nipples and her crotch and stuff shes a massive whore


incel alert


yeah im an incel what about it


fat gook whores omo


shameless foid pits




her pussy almost fell out of her bikini


oh gosh dont let zii hear about this star wars talk lol he would flip


she is so fat and shapeless im disgusted


clip it



guys meowdalyn is live :3


day9 lookin old af…


hey guys its me meowdalyn come join my stream


stfu meowdalyn we are watching a fat gook whore showing off in a bikini


File: 1646181211261.png (126.72 KB, 314x265, chrome_ry60swf56x.png) ImgOps Google

so close…



its definitely gonna slip shes pretending she has no idea its happening




soft little belly



the fine folks on the legalporno forums are taking a stand


this guys brain is so fucked hes browsing porn forums


yeah thats far gone even by my standards


she keeps teasing her pussy…


cant think of a russian pornstar
aletta ocean maybe? i jack to her from time to time


god i want to rub my dick all over her tummy and pits


serious muslim shit skin rapist vibes from this post


you say no to gooning
gooner cant


ughhh spread your LEGS YOU WHORE





a meeting of the orcs as the sun goes down and the land is cast into darkness


File: 1646182257849.png (407.7 KB, 663x627, Screenshot_2022-03-02_01-5….png) ImgOps Google

fucking christ my dick


already gooned n showered
goonna sleep


jesus just jack to porn. this is pathetic


ok holoshitter whatever you say


that body looks like my pgf but smaller boobs and thighs




>That sucks but on the other hand we'll see a large influx of Ukrainian girls.

Anyone here rubbing their hands and sweating with excitment at the thought of women displaced and/or impoverished by war being forced into porn to make ends meet needs urgent psychological help. Not a remotely funny or clever comment or position.

Maybe your comment was carelessly expressed and you didn't intend it to sound vile and inhumane, but it does. Don't do it.


i came


i hope i get an ukrainian gf ngl


you have some kind of pervy sixth sense


they'll be trying to get knocked up so they can get a passport
don't fall for it, get yourself snipped if you're serious


shes pretending to be really flustered now as if she didnt plan this


tucker time


girls are for bussin inside and getting them pregnant
if youre not trying to make baby then dont have sex


pump n dump as i like to call it


but im baby


they're bringing back q and guinan for picard season 2


q as in q anon


lol the refugees welcome foids here are trying to write these "we need to accept xx thousand" articles when they never set that kind of limit for sandniggers


whats the status update on trumps 2 weeks? what was the big plan?


come on man


whats the status


this guy on tucker sounds so defeatist
if the russians can barely beat ukraine why would it be impossible for us to beat him


stay tuned -q


File: 1646183641484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.91 KB, 1005x900, 5h75zfc25kk81.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646183680366.jpg (339.65 KB, 800x1080, 1593114384897.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fatchouli eating a corndog


looks like i forgot that i hate raiding


i watched the ending of the new wow


raid shadow legends?


jammed to this at work today


why did no one post the new atrocity guide



crump spotted at 3:16


the new raid looked pretty sick after the first two bosses


the biblical fightin cowboy faith build guide…


wtf my head is bleeding


what why where


thats just a file i posted years ago dumpass


its bleeding because i hit my head on a really sharp part of my desk after i was cleaning under it




im a hardcore deathist


lets gooooo


i just love gook pussy


part of me wants to expand my booze stash but part of me knows that im just drinking to get drunk


you need to find your workhorse your go to


File: 1646187572319.webm (1.56 MB, 853x480, 1646174047942.webm) ImgOps Google

gaben brothers…oh no we're already drifting…


seems like the best option for these cryonics guys is to get launched to the moon and buried in some kind of crypt
youd be naturally preserved indefinitely


its over nintendo won
fucking italian plumber he is simply unbeatable



bro civilization is about to collapse you'll need that vod to survive in the wastelands


just recalibrate bro


how has america been so overtly taken over by demented psychopaths


>fda holocaust museum


still cant find my bluetooth dongle for this xbox controller i bought
cables suck!!!


sleepy joe biden wake up


all that pozzing in college in the last 20 years and the nigger cattle growth of social media.
what we need is a return to traditional moral values

you just like saying the word dongle. i feel you


all i need is my steam deck and a couple bottles of the good stuff and ill get through the collapse of civilization


1 hour later your steam deck battery dies


next hour your bottles are empty


so excited for tomorrow night


idiot you can see that the stick rests at a different value depending on which direction you pull the stick


come on bro the android charging cable fits the xbox controller


whats tomorrow night?


half off games at dave n busters


amazing how controller drift all of a sudden only became a thing around 2016 wtf


was it really necessary to call her an idiot


whos your hot date?


no one im just going by myself
dave n busters doesnt have anything cool aside from pump


wtf brandon is giving the state of the union


im sorry i got a little heated…


bros!!!!!! hop on timewalking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get that 252!!!!!!


what is it this week


this is the furthest back the state of the union has ever been pushed.


you get a car
you get a car
power to the workers


thanks man


new variants?!


File: 1646189367370.jpg (283.83 KB, 1280x720, they live.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this shit is crazy


who wants to do some mists timewalking!


we achieved losing the masks by people flipping the fuck out and not stopping


meant for no one


bidens gone his brain is done


are unvaxxed bros fellow americans?


police are good again


wish i could move to the middle of nowhere


omg im getting stirred up.


no no no no the right to sue toolmakers for what their tools do


never getting it!


bro invite my warrior i need to do timewalking


this is the worst state of the union of all time


literally all these policies are ones the republican have been pushing from the last few years that the democrats have been strongly against
wtf is happening


File: 1646190044047.jpg (46.12 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZTY2OGMzNTEtOTE4Mi00Nz….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>the God-given potential of trannies


they need to be getting rid of laws not making more


*runs over 48 people with my car*
clearly ford is at fault for this


fentanyl joe stop the fentanyl


this is putins chance he only needs 1 nuke


the burn pits are the open latrines that they pour gasoline in and burn the shit


why do they make the bosses attack at such random times in elden ring

just to screw you up?


ive noticed that too, perhaps its to punish r1 mashers


yeah. it punishes rollers and people who learn the patterns rather than pay attention to the animations. all the story bosses have infinite mix ups


isnt that the whole point of the game? bash your head against the wall until you learn the patterns?


are dungeons just 5 dudes rolling around?


it was but elden ring's changed it up a little, for some bosses at least


what if you could roll in wow



bro monks have roll
and monks come from mop


monks can roll


are there monks in elden ring


File: 1646191789395.png (621.2 KB, 847x437, flying_pandas.png) ImgOps Google

holy shit!!!!! flying pandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




they're mid roll!


ngl xbox controller is way more comfy to use that ps3


wtf bro why didnt you invite me i need 5 timewalking dungeons







well should would be just awful at wordle thats for sure


>nigger and foid cant solve it
>based white man can
lol this is meme magic


some nice ngooks in this thread


reeki this writer is poking some substantial holes in the cold winters theory what say you


that was a cool thread


damn my crotch stinks


i had two days in a row of showering followed by 10 without :/




a stinky boy…


holy fucking shit bros!


are there really people who play wow for the story


i dont play it for the story but i soyface at it


oh no the guild could only get down the first boss on heroic..


what the fuck its going to be in the 90s next week




its bedtime ok


its almost drinking time!


im not about that life anymore…


File: 1646200288078.png (31.91 KB, 280x76, Screenshot 2022-03-01 2351….png) ImgOps Google



holy shit!


bro lets do some 2v2!


bro i got a blood spattered scale from my first dos


hop on raidbots bro were simming our gear!


holy shit!!!


all these wowbros and no one wants to arena..


sorry bro not much of a pvper


is it just me or is margit way too hard


File: 1646202088556.jpg (466.8 KB, 1641x900, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

holy shit!


what's been with all the wowbuzz recently did they make another expansion pack


bro were putting an end to the jailers plans


its the last patch of the expansion!


ugh moms falling for another fad diet



whats the diet





first she tried atkins now shes trying weight watchers


the fuck is this guy doing in ukraine!



that was part 2 oops


hes an even bigger pussy than zii


why am i pussy now?


i shit 3 times today


love zii simple as


itachi sitting on that stone throne waiting for sasuke is the single most badass thing ever


Wednesday, March 2
Ash Wednesday




did toon give a review of the steam deck yet




this is it for me


where are you going buddy


File: 1646211610266.jpg (487.55 KB, 1450x2048, e64067ba3b82f10f4f2308109d….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646211874721.jpg (136.25 KB, 1080x1080, bappascream.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


had a scaredyboo from that image


watchan that new atrocity guide


toot taught me about how the van der graff works


im taking the vod der sip


File: 1646212660751.mp4 (991.53 KB, 1646212655.mp4)



baste uncle joe hes right


btw i'm unbanned from twitch and when i get my new place set up i will do good streams and won't get banned :)



when is the amlitzer unban
when is the amlitzer new place setup
when are the amlitzer goodstreams


amlitzer is banned forever he should have streamed trannyporn instead of flashing his legally owned firearm if he wanted to stream again someday


File: 1646213337578.png (73.8 KB, 598x440, Ukraine Україна on Twitter.png) ImgOps Google


a nation state announcing a token to fund their defense against military aggression was not in my playbook for 2022


but le dip lmaoaoodoosdfsdfga


nene huge event in 2.5 bongs (approx 150 bings)


*gets out my metamask wallet*
gotta scoop some of those ukraine tokens


toot do u accepted ukraianian coin donations


File: 1646213533559.jpg (82.62 KB, 739x909, wti.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

for me its oil coin
the black liquidy cryptocurrency


File: 1646213587333.jpg (111.36 KB, 1240x776, 1575425689622.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646213598447.mp4 (1.48 MB, Oh no no no laugh.mp4)

>mfw gold


ann got owned


everyone gets owned someday


is this true bobob


File: 1646214309947.jpg (179.95 KB, 682x2048, 1624554694410.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646214786447.jpg (281.13 KB, 955x751, 1646198328228.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646215108977.jpeg (93.19 KB, 1080x1273, FMyKzFSXoAsjdJf.jpeg) ImgOps Google

>last 50


File: 1646215203281.jpg (59.59 KB, 480x314, 1646138881142.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hmm what to post


File: 1646215296500.jpeg (249.84 KB, 2048x1535, FJJmQZ2XsAAoScT.jpeg) ImgOps Google


i'm not too worried about the war and russia happenings but i did have an omen that chicago might get nuked, sorry if it ends up happening :(


i've been promised some funny videos in today's meeting


love funny videos


its gonna be this


File: 1646215744809.jpg (51.35 KB, 860x960, FHkQkynWYAA-uGC.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646215786236.jpg (60.36 KB, 618x720, 1639563725079.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



Colby Covington -345
Jorge Masvidal +265

yea bro its gonna be a real competitive fight


my good friend caleb was on my good friend nick's podcast
it was okay but caleb wasn't allowed to laugh too hard at the ironic racism because his fan base is 90% discord trannies


File: 1646215934581.jpg (28.07 KB, 576x520, 1626698738828.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




this boomer's complaining about the 2008 crash again
he did it yesterday too


im so fuc king drnjk


File: 1646216160015.webm (1.73 MB, 480x854, 1618131308326.webm) ImgOps Google


File: 1646216175028.jpg (85.89 KB, 1280x1305, D9dLwZRUcAAHa-9.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


if i saw one of those dudes i couldn't refuse trying to hug him
he'd probably try and rip me apart


i like putting my pencil to paper and taking notes


snoot game looks amazing ngl


wtf why chicago


hard to believe it's march already


File: 1646217284402.png (292.18 KB, 312x486, FL4Ai7JWYAMwPoE.png) ImgOps Google


inquisitive bappa


File: 1646217370852.jpg (47.42 KB, 893x344, 1646216612288.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



dont question narcissa's visions they come straight from the wired



what does a mayor do in the event his city is under attack
do they have any special powers or what pretty sure the mayor of my city is pretty useless and doesnt do a whole lot couldnt imagine them doing anything important if the city was invaded


im going to invade your ass if you keep asking stupid questions


File: 1646218022364.png (316.04 KB, 503x500, 1570769858904.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1646218092455.jpeg (348.63 KB, 1920x1080, FM1hoWdWUAE7ceg.jpeg) ImgOps Google

miyuki without glasses > miyuki with glasses


death miyuki>>>>>everything else


hated that b*tch if she was completely removed from lucky star the show would be no worse off for it


yeah she seems kind of an afterthought


File: 1646218229577.jpg (141.08 KB, 1920x1080, ENEzvxuWoAIDj-G.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1646219035914.jpg (104.03 KB, 580x634, neetstation.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


made it home in time to watch nene's event


File: 1646219788137.jpg (48.93 KB, 432x481, Latest-18.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


woke up still thinking about that twitch bikini slip


dwayne wade is sueing the state of texas because of their anti-trans laws since he has a trans kid


stop using trans like its a euphemism retard
just call them a kid you weirdo


File: 1646220256582.mp4 (465.26 KB, 1622926131456.mp4)





fuck trans
fuck niggers
fuck faggots
fuck kikes


cmon man


grow up


trans toot


im glad she found this game


stfu faglitzer


im trans ally


still tloling at amlitzers first name is ashley


not that chad


actually his name legal name is amy litzer


what if i changed my name to brapper?


its baron felblade now, chump


i fucking hate those kids song in holo streams




getting away with murder before the 20th century must have been so easy
probably still was pretty easy up till the 1990s before dna evidence was common, ubiquitous security cams, phone data etc…



toot keep an eye on this guy


File: 1646221868984.png (2.47 MB, 1738x1243, 1644024592715.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1646221957225.jpg (78.69 KB, 2048x1025, FET_akGVcAIxkRF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this image but on the right its a trannies head


i bet toon looks like lacari


im going to the grocery store
going to pick up some more salad


make sure to get gluten free salad libtard


File: 1646222525898.mp4 (3.16 MB, 1646222519.mp4)

groomzii be like: mission failed, we'll get 'em next time


why do you think i'm pedo


File: 1646222728087.webm (249.11 KB, 640x360, 1628598314843.webm) ImgOps Google

his worst nightmare


need a spicy latina wife like that vendor


*retweets pedo shit daily for years*
why do you think i'm pedo


im just joking


approaching 70k nene viewers


lol srsly?


File: 1646223159823.png (2.09 KB, 200x800, palette.png) ImgOps Google

what do you guys think about this color palette?


is that the pansexual flag




>anime is pedo
i guess 90% of posters here are pedo then


ok simmer down everyone



subaru and aqua are on the field


god i love nene


great stuff daycrew


File: 1646224330374.jpg (560.23 KB, 1920x1080, 1643260487568.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


more like
GAY crew


File: 1646224765012.jpg (127.33 KB, 720x960, 1623012925347.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


oh man poor fella


an old woman in this meeting is having to be walked through attaching files to emails
just kill me


dont be ageist


boomers are on tablets more than we're on computers, they have no excuse


*sips molly water*
gleepy cm'ere u big galoot im gonna glomp you


contain your gayness


neetblog told me on discord that hes done with wow 9.2 he said its shit





File: 1646228707328.png (368.42 KB, 829x640, 1646210321199.png) ImgOps Google

did they ever resolve the end of akagi


listening to the nene live on repeat work
its a banger
every live she does is better than the last how can the other holos even compete


whats wrong with you man


arguably the best live so far was porker's 3d concert but nene's came close


File: 1646228892683.jpg (117.41 KB, 540x960, 1505473895670.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i unironically cant stand holotards






link me




oh my gosh


towa's singing voice O__o



with variable wind up animations, mix ups and delaying attacks, scrubs that used to win these games by getting lucky patterns have no chance


<<your callsign is mobius one>>
<<we will refer to you by this name at all times>>


the zii playthrough will be kino


he'll just say the game is bad and quit it


File: 1646230382655.jpg (546.93 KB, 2387x1004, 1590455680784.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


me on the right


toot i need you to add a ukrainian flag to show your solidarity


File: 1646230533519.png (620.58 KB, 849x601, FM1YJyPVUAIRXIN.png) ImgOps Google


im gleamin; off myushrooms


want to faceplant right on her cheeks


she probably smells like sweat and bootyjuice


even better..


thats my smell


i smell like gamer sweat and balls


are wotc ever going to merge magic online with arena? should i just sell my mtgo cards?


mtgo is better than arena


only if you're not playing standard


kinda feel like crying today


name one game i've quit because it was hard


File: 1646231791723.jpg (19.77 KB, 759x422, pacifier-2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hm im kinda….kinda bored


wish dicks could actually penetrate the cervix and pound the super sensitive secret womb beyond like in hentai


they do if they arent micropips like ours


uhhh fact check


File: 1646232263243.png (16.37 KB, 882x758, 1523097098888.png) ImgOps Google


zii and my boussy


BREAKING: The cock and ball torture division is on its way to Kiev


coin making a move again


got horny earlier this week and its been bad i cant make it stop


File: 1646232956090.jpg (503.12 KB, 828x984, 1632777649391.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


how long has she been stuck on godrick


even if you only play standard its better because you can cash out when your shit rotates


when i was cooming last night i felt a slightly painful discomfort somewhere in the pipes between my balls and pip
it freaked me out and i could still feel it a bit while peeing later


its over


new rushia


i've only been watching for an hour but she's been on godrick the entire time


her damage is so low…


what are you using that's giving you big damage?
i'm using this since the weapon art is good for poise break


i dont have the game man!


just did the most cringe thing ive ever done in my life


File: 1646234573691.jpg (281.13 KB, 955x751, 1646198328228.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1646234654364.png (300.98 KB, 459x477, 1620454652426.png) ImgOps Google


bwo how much did you superchat


recorded myself singing happy birthday to a vtuber and it could appear on stream


threatening women isn't cringe
it's based


File: 1646234754728.jpg (67.51 KB, 827x707, 1632681226698.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646234844961.jpg (112.21 KB, 878x900, 1645849860665.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1646234889989.jpg (32.15 KB, 664x662, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


amlitzers dashing mug on a vtuber stream…


when wypipo make this face at you
you know you done a heck up


good morning friends~


well it was just audio thank god




can you post it here so we can tell you if it's really cringe or not?


this is a trap


thats not even cringe
are you a good singer


no i'm terrible


sanksu gaisu i feel daijoubu now


toot make this guy a pillar


only if he links it


holy (m)omo…


what are you omoing about


File: 1646235850951.jpg (262.55 KB, 713x690, IMG_20220302_093201.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

um guys?



look at that fucking whore!!!


File: 1646236026169.jpg (168.75 KB, 850x1151, 1646232374005.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





File: 1646236321989.png (901.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220302-084921.png) ImgOps Google

nippon bwos you seeing this!?


*unsheathes katana*
*cuts incoming tank shell down the middle*


eating a blood orange


nips love volunteering in weird foreign wars


you're fucked now pootin!


the samurai of kyiv…


File: 1646236831945.jpg (707.33 KB, 2564x1586, IMG_20220302_074321.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





Narrative Lead on World of Warcraft; Principal Narrative Designer @ Blizzard Entertainment. Once got a Wordle in 2. Tweets are my own.


oh… okay…


File: 1646237833031.jpeg (258.67 KB, 955x1601, 4237CADC-664B-46F9-B4D8-6….jpeg) ImgOps Google


watame is staying up past midnight again…


black people



he didnt give the foid a free PC???
reddit assemble
there is injustice to be righted!




ive had twitter for 4 years without making a tweet


a true gamer, it's what we do


wheres the protec2 pick video?? mmm?


File: 1646238509992.jpg (39.21 KB, 532x618, IMG_20220302_094758.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is so us lol >_____<






for real though how come he never shows the locks he cant pick it would be interesting


there are none biiiiiittt- buddy


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