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im baby
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recorded myself singing happy birthday to a vtuber and it could appear on stream


threatening women isn't cringe
it's based


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amlitzers dashing mug on a vtuber stream…


when wypipo make this face at you
you know you done a heck up


good morning friends~


well it was just audio thank god




can you post it here so we can tell you if it's really cringe or not?


this is a trap


thats not even cringe
are you a good singer


no i'm terrible


sanksu gaisu i feel daijoubu now


toot make this guy a pillar


only if he links it


holy (m)omo…


what are you omoing about


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um guys?



look at that fucking whore!!!


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nippon bwos you seeing this!?


*unsheathes katana*
*cuts incoming tank shell down the middle*


eating a blood orange


nips love volunteering in weird foreign wars


you're fucked now pootin!


the samurai of kyiv…


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Narrative Lead on World of Warcraft; Principal Narrative Designer @ Blizzard Entertainment. Once got a Wordle in 2. Tweets are my own.


oh… okay…


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watame is staying up past midnight again…


black people



he didnt give the foid a free PC???
reddit assemble
there is injustice to be righted!




ive had twitter for 4 years without making a tweet


a true gamer, it's what we do


wheres the protec2 pick video?? mmm?


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this is so us lol >_____<






for real though how come he never shows the locks he cant pick it would be interesting


there are none biiiiiittt- buddy


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