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do you know klingon
thats so cool


i dont talk with any of my friends irl except (and if) on saturday so i need someone to talk with but god dammit why do i get trigerred so easily


k'plah! >:D


its your high test slavic blood


why do you need someone to talk with
go read ab ook go watch some movies go out for a walk


no but i'll surely be welcomed into stovokor


im not looking forward to saturdays posts


if zii left 162 what would he do all day at work


yeah given this information im taking a day off 162 on saturday


watch and chat with anna, what he does anyway



everything would be the same except i wouldn't have 162 open


press the x


dang look at that sm*xy bod…


i'm [ ] this close


click it like you have aim assist


File: 1637611204045.jpg (297.93 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

need a plastic russian whore gf


im so fucking tired but its only 9pm and i got to be up at 8 tomorrow


i mean, then go to bed? like the answer is p obv


i go to bed now im gonna wake up in 2h because my brains gonna think im just taking a nap and then ill be up till like 4am


Wake up at 4am.


okay so you get a 2h nap rn then a 4am-8am sleep. there's no problem there


what are they all standing there for…




File: 1637611779726.jpg (385.04 KB, 960x1280, 1576266011929.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



they're about to take part in an unbreakable scene…


look at that youthful beard. he's grown so much


i just gamed for 111 posts nbd


lol tin do be like that


get dat peppah off deh


can that guy really not write a bot that makes a new thread


can't wait to sit down my son and force him to listen to this with me while i stare in his face looking for a hint of enjoyment



was going to click until i read the post


we arent using that one


im not posting there either


tin won that thread war. let the loser die in peace


are we chillin


we chillin


saving my posts for the new thread


someday there wont be a new thread


we don't talk about that day


dont say that…


nostradamus over here




toot will know my wrath when that day comes


you tried to be sneaky but i saw you leave that toilet paper roll in front of our house


you got yourself a free toilet roll


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