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good morning sirs
it is guras birthday and she is streaming
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i just remember her eating that strawberry
fucking bitch
someone still needs to heem her for that


night bro!


mugi was just being playfully cute dont heem her


i dont own it. it looks kinda scary
a guntube channel i watch did a tarkov referencing alg
i thought of you


that strawberry wasnt hers to eat
bitch crossed the line





crossed the STATE line which is illegal


just found out about this whole bing chilling business its pretty funny


that was the first charge dropped. halfway through the trial


you wut m8?


still cant believe crossing a state line isn't illegal


hey bigot


why is it just me and tin on halo when are you stupid niggers getting on


no more accounts


is steam offline wtf?


gosh mugi is so cute when shes mischievous


the constitution gives you right of free travel.

his gun didnt cross state lines it was kept at dominic blacks kenosha house


please DONT heem the mugi


i still havent seen that episdoe you fucking assholes


the thing that really got me ticked was learning that kyle "travelled" less to get to kenosha than the people he shot


thats why those sovereign citizens in court mention that traveling thing they'll answer every question
"the entity known as gleepy was traveling"



pretty sure thats in the articles of confederation which they always bring up


thats like episode 2 or 3 man wtf


the vids are so boring i cant.. yea sounds right


File: 1637371859598.jpg (205.5 KB, 1440x1440, FEmDRuZVcAIZUHs.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

rate this tattoo




is it yours? is that one of those 2 horror manga guys i confuse?


why is her nose bleeding


super slutty tat


girls bleeding is cute


no it isnt


i like the naked girls covered in blood aesthetic from horror movies


watched too many star trek algs now im getting 'you might have autism algs'


hop on halo bros were spending $3,000 to unlock the whole battle pass


home from work


im gonna hop on rn
whats your halo name



the boys sitting on the counter in the mansion waiting for the vod to arrive


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the sickzii gamers won…


they targeted gamers


black on black crime is a lot like real life game on gamer cod lobby crime



i got a spare account for you


new thread approaching
a new thread is being constructed and will be posted soon
be aware
be awake
be ready



trust the plan




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