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just like us
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a whole truckfull of back pain


cant believe sickzii is still up watching amlitzers stream


and you know hes going to redeem back those points UGH


you guys are too good at minecraft even amlitzer i mean hes supposed to be a noob


i hate waking up early at 2pm


is that momlitzer?


while i get energy drink and bmwf ads in zii's stream i only seem to get bank ads for tzer


amlitzer is high class he wears suits every day


classy gamer alliance


love michael posts


File: 1634168627701.jpg (24.46 KB, 374x431, tucker trollface.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


yeah michael is just the best


sipbros im thinking about getting some wine whats the bang for the buck one im looking for


new taco bell item gonna try it tomorrow


some box wines are surprisingly good and they have little spouts to pour from


it used to be franzia but its really expensive now


franzia is what i use at work to cook with


what happened to that characteristic british stiff upper lip


File: 1634169047201.jpg (59.75 KB, 500x500, 1633557580853.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




werk chile


oh boy time to download the new 2dx


was skyfall good or was i just fooled by roger deakins i only saw it the one time


the craig bonds suck zoomer


the only craig bonds ive seen are casino royale and skyfall i liked them


tucker time




some of us cant let go


how is amlitzer such a nice and well adjusted boy


the nice and well adjusted teacher having sexual relations with his students


suits will do that to you


never seen a bond movie


not even golden eye?


played a lot of the bond games however


saw like 3/4ths of casino royale


fan of this watermelon 'ster


can we play multiplayer 007 nightfire over the internet or nah


when will they invent a way to play mario party 2 online


or any mario party really


the gamecube ones you can do with dolphin
think you can do the n64 ones with kaillera


im gonna blrrt im gonna brrr


miko is a dumb bitch i hate her!!!!!!!!


she is a treasure


gotta put my food away and do the dishes and dump out my pissjug then im ready to mush


drinking from a pissjugmug? it can happen sometimes


the amlitzer estate has quite a well stocked larder


its all bald rogans fault


how much are apartments over in tejas?



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