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>so if you prop your cell phone behind your head using a hoodie (slightly more to it than that) you can hear music or audiobooks perfectly on the lowest setting.
>because its so close to your ear other people cant hear it, its like listening to a phone call

>the system lets you use your phone as a private music player that others cant hear that doesnt need headphones or peripherals.

>its just your phone and its so quick and easy. it isnt worth taking headphones out anymore


File: 1633988347624.png (143.57 KB, 539x201, FBciH0EWUAEQVvB.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1633988451188.jpg (296.5 KB, 1920x1200, 1633925905419.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



this job norm searching is stressing me out i just want to sip instead


ugh forgot to charge my electric razor


gotta job norm so you sip better sip


File: 1633988968004.jpeg (91.93 KB, 845x743, FBaBBuDX0AEcpbE.jpeg) ImgOps Google



why is that ogre chasing these guys anyway?


just cranked the air conditioning all day!



colts and ravens tonight


i can smell these cloud village niggers through the screen


grow up




withdrew my FBI app. had a tentative offer, finished my medical and was waiting for adjudication. hurrdurr fp can't get fbi sa

dumb niggers

Crypto is too good. I can't pass this up. I'll maybe apply in a few years, but I doubt it. we'll see.

anyway, just shy of 1m nw. very, very close.

latest play: ONE & DFK pumps. + FTM

hopefully aave/curve stuff for ONE will be decent (unlike avax…), but i am v bullish dfk.

DOT parachains coming soon too. crowdloads seem interesting.

it will be a beautiful q4

too bad i won't share it with any of you because none of you are worth my time :(




proceed with the protocol and report


toot check reports


just leave it be stop being baby


I kind of quit poker. it's just not really worth my time anymore, lols. grinding out $150k/yr or so? nty.

also 0000 get




File: 1633990116353.jpg (282.94 KB, 1280x720, jack wyan.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


in in in



buy some ONE now if you want to 4x. we still have a ways to go :)

get on defikingdoms and join the jewel-one lp.

just ran vfat: it's 9.04% apr/day. but only 15% is 'unlocked' so 1.36% apr/day in reality. still not bad.

I am optimistic for aave/curve.

honest6ly never been this bullish. ONE is getting into top 20 within the next 6mo


went to a mexican restaurant and they were out of ground beef
how does a mexican restaurant run out of ground beef, its in like half the orders


am i supposed to get this reference

why are you bothering with this garbage

jesus christ lmao


supply chain is f*cked welcome to the new world kiddo


you're just like him


oyasumi dudes


would i feel less warm if i shaved my head


No I'm not.

I'm probably in better shape than anyone in here


given that I don't plan on joining the fbi (anytime soon) or any other agency to be a SA

think I may do s*eroids tbqh

legally, of course. I'll find a doctor.


5'4 on roids
good call




FYI bank atm only provides around ~.25%/day apr (it's not 100% need to wait until tavern comes out)

LP definitely best

I dunno how to handle things I'm not a whale and not interested in nft garbage but still feel super early so maybe it's worth it

? i'm not 5'4"?

stop projecting retard


i'm staying liquid


there's only like a .1% fee or something if you pull out after 2 epochs

maybe .025 i forget

start now.


reminder that i determined that mammoth tusks are a good investment


come on man we got our tusks of mannoroth already!


but yeah, it's basically a gtd 4-5x. btc bridge, dfk, 20% staking (stablecoin), 1 second finality, apple pay, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 10% apy just normal staking. aave/curve stuff comign soon. I think they have 300m.

There's also tranquil but I dunno rather not risk when I am putting so much in dfk.

anyway, that's just ONE. Super bullish. But big times ahead for BTC. DOT crowdfunding seems absurdly interesting - I love the idea. I will lock up a little bit idc. Portfolio big enough to just do w/e.

i'm out. place is dead. probably will not be back again. GL. you all need it. seriously. I just feel bad at this point. it's kind of unfair.


File: 1633990853932.jpg (63.52 KB, 640x800, 8xpd5mf3bnb51.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fp can we get a quick vocaroo for the boys


File: 1633991076299.webm (2.59 MB, 608x1080, 1633925591416.webm) ImgOps Google


not jacked anymore but im getting a little swollen


"you literally get a gf" got me



fp whats the latest kpop you ladder jam to


Braincells: deleted
Laptop: yeeted


Sigh. I am really about to ape into DFK. Might sell a position I am hella down on and 100% believe in but atm not the right time.

Yeah actually going to go do it

Thnx guys u actually made me figure this out idk why I been trippin on it for the last like 5 days

No that freak still has them saved like a decade later

if you are strings or P** I will vc with you. Ping me on bnet I just logged on

lol. I love this. thanks for sharing she is cute. who is that.

tempted to have intercourse with a tranny, could be fun no faggots like whatever the kid's name who puts money into this website LOLOLOL I STILL REMEMBER THAT RETARD TELLING ME HE'S "WELL OFF" DESPITE DRIVING SOME LIKE 20 YEAR OLD BUICK OR SOME SHIT LFMAO

What is getting swollen

She's cute

this is dumb

ladder jam?? :S

:S :S

i haven't routinely played sc2 since like 8mo before lotv came out.. im pretty sure that was like.. 6yr ago at this poitn…

My latest favorite band tho, I think I actually -posted them here


This girl is wonderful <3


File: 1633991540532.jpg (55.22 KB, 806x1024, E_HJ-tpXEAgBgnZ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


thats not kpop………. sigh…..


if you're going to simp have some standards


you sound like such a bottom bro


sold my ERG position for more ONE lul

I will rebuy later.

I think in ~3-4 weeks I will pull most out of dfk, go to aave/curve. Then rebuy erg. Probably going to drop more :rofl:

yeah………….. i'm sorry

honestly havent listened to kpop in a long time

i check out iu and davichi every like 2 years

if u know me u ull know i've always loved davichi :3



it's not gay to want to be f*cked in the ass by a tranny

are you retarded?

plz post ur OHP 1rm


>it's not gay to want to be f*cked in the ass by a tranny
tinny 2.0

atleast tin had 10m in crypto


ladder jam break:


I am honestly amped as fuck for btc bridge btw. I have been slowly being less degenerate with my portfolio as I get $$$$$$$$

Cannot have enoiugh btc. But it's also tilting losing yield funds :)

you know, I finally understand the tinny comparison. we're polar opposites. so it's a meme to compare us. I get it.


i never liked male kpop

definiterly not tvxq

big bang was good

and some infinite songs

think that's it


oh, not kpop, but I really like these girls

Afk like 10m I have to do a bunch of shit to get my erg into one then onto dfk lp




same p much. bigbang is the only male kpop i like besides random songs here and there


was listening to this at the gym earlier

milf wanted me bad


just stop


get a life tbh

yup. male kpop is objectively terrible

i tried to like it.

i mean, my library would basically 2x if i liked male kpop, right? i REALLY tried. but nah. awful.

Ok guys for rael brb like 10mins


she looks like she ate something she's allergic to


*tries to sell 1m networth of coins*
*no ones buys them*


tramp stamp are industry plants


eh? don't sleep on crypto little buddy

i'll be honest: i did the same thing. i started playing poker in what, 2017? met so many people who left for crypto. i had numerous issues with it. kept playing poker.

and it made sense. i didn't have much $$. % gains are irrelevant if ur broke as shit vs grinding $20-50/hr+++++++

but yeah, last year I guess I've completely changed tune

and it is -insane- the amount of money you can get in crypto. SRsly.

it's funny. I was going to retire off $1m ($40k/yr is plenty).

but nah. I'm enjoying things too much. why would I stop? just reinvesting everything.

I have $100k in my 401k/ira/hsa fyi.


I love tramp stamps

They will blow up. every song is goat.


just elaborating more

let me explain dfk

like, had I been two weeks earlier, I would've had a ton of heroes etc and been some whale with like 200k++ jewel

Literally like 15-30x an investment

I'm only like 5-7xish atm?

obviously absurdly, retardedly good.

This is why I'm not going FBI atm. I am not sleeping on crypto. These opportunities won't be around in 3-5 years. And they will be much harder to find.

Right now it's a fucking breeze. I see no reason I can't get 3m nw over the next 2yrish


why does fp enjoy making everyone dep so much


you haven't made anything until it's in your bank account


its too many words in too many posts i cant read it


fp thinks hes early to crypto lmao


its making my head go weewoo


dep? what is dep


do ur best and maybe ull stop being a huge failure

not much hope for u since uve been like this for the last decade

not really? where did I say that?

I certainly am early to ONE/DFK

my bags PUMPED

early to ERG too rite?? i'll rebuy later…


true fact: nobody in the bible ever ate a potato


did you have s*x yet


it was adams job to name potato potato so maybe he ate one



bro what
coinmarketcap doesnt even track this junk



they are bands put together by the labels that are targeted to appeal to younger audience
i chose the fantano vid that explains it because hes a meme


why did adam not ask god to make eve a gook


yeah I hooked up with my coworker

I am v good looking and super charismatic, whether u believe it or not. Not hard. Cba atm not going to have s*x for a while.

would you guys relax?

1st of all: search jewel
2nd of all: you still won't get an accurate posting. the dev team is getting it fixed


it just passed sushi #1 tvl

doesn't account for ~25m in the "bank"

Watch tvl explode once aave/curve comes btw.

i mean

how is that different from kpop tho

i like tramp stamps why cant u like them too


because he didnt want eve to be fugly


eve is a gook bro

are you new?


aight I really have to get this shit running before I keep posting

money > you guys


I'll be back shortly.


File: 1633993181650.jpg (72.75 KB, 720x960, 1490627452957.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dont ever call me a newshit again bwo
you know what im sayin


fp here

make sure to add me on steam too https://steamcommunity.com/id/spbrel/


who is "you guys"


*stards cwying*


the mizukage is hot too
theres a lot of hot naruto bitches


everyone but h*ck nope and p** and strings


I just have to get this farm running. hang tight.

not me

hate anime

havent been on steam in like 5+ years


love powerful women




kpop is top40 pop music and isnt pretending to be edgy punk teenshit that upsets the kids at hot topic arguing about what bands are real punk



File: 1633993609411.jpg (47.89 KB, 496x545, 74eaad78ade6ca3d2e13f1fa82….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1633993669271.jpg (74.4 KB, 661x377, FAvFwZiXsAEer_m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


never played the zelda game with midina but ive jo'd to her on numerous occasions



oh man thats so nsfw


File: 1633993770584.jpg (72.63 KB, 1086x992, 1621354165325.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

whys it called bonbibonkers nsfw if theres nothing nsfw in it



post her most expensive lewds please


File: 1633993814295.jpg (435.41 KB, 500x3899, 1595283053952.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1633993828072.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 900x900, 136e276ad890928a914f14cb4….webm) ImgOps Google


bros contagion is playing on paramount right now!


THIS is where its from? are you kidding me


you seriously havent seen the original?
hold on let me get the spoon and feed you lil baby


fucking die


how is babby formed?


hes gonna feed you hush


don- DONT hush me
*throws a tantrum*


File: 1633994191073.png (183.2 KB, 670x340, 462_1.png) ImgOps Google

On March 2nd, 2017, ABC reported that a California teenager who texted her mother during a home invasion. The mother responded to the text, "I'm baby. Call 911" (screenshot below).




im baby was a thing before this. its why i capped the pic



aight I'm still in the middle of things but yeah I'm honestly way too busy to give a shit about any of you anymore


I'll come gloat when ONE 4xs and DFK explodes to 1b TVL

<6 months.




remember when simpsons pwned drumpf that was epic as hell


File: 1633994709711.jpg (36.93 KB, 680x680, 499.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



how did she know about tik tok so many years in advance


the battle with the sip


she was baby




File: 1633995247486.jpg (112.24 KB, 1130x615, 1441033450650.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

stay in touch m'dude


holy shit that simpsons episode is doing the gook movie parasite


hooooooooooo boy
hooooooooooooooooo boy



File: 1633995332823.jpg (162.43 KB, 835x1024, 1590791819154.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


makes perfect sense to me




File: 1633995517438.png (614.62 KB, 1000x1133, 1621177179571.png) ImgOps Google


c'mon man


not again elonbros



there were have been at least 3 other comics ive seen posted here with this same plot but furry



I mean

I did focus on sc2, did I not? I was top 16 na gm whenever I wanted rofl

although capped out r70ish on europe. about r30 was pro level. I could've definitely made the push. Just completely lost interest. everyone quit/was playing lotv beta. lotv beta blew ass.

the games I've seen lately look exactly like hots. shocker.


File: 1633996026974.jpg (14.1 KB, 297x297, 1626646079993.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


top 16 in the kiddie pool


i mean



File: 1633996197663.jpg (222.11 KB, 534x627, foil bro.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if you or mewbert had waited until the last few years to peak at sc2 you wouldve been winning tournaments against gooks


think I went to play WoW / osrs for the next few years. then poker since 2017. then was on the whole speshul agent thing but meh can't pass up crypto. I just need to join by 37. but realistically doubt I will. Depends on life.

yeah NA was pretty bad. nobody would queue it. anyone good on west coast would play KR. anyone good east coast would play NA. I had like three different accounts but I'm fairly confident if I add up the games played, I had like >15k++ on EU vs very minimal on NA, maybe <5k if I had to guess (and that includes going from like silver to top gm)

so I agree. top 16 NA means nothing. but it's still a flex over you shitters.




im falling hard for ploopy


>anyone good east coast would play NA.

I mean EU.

I don't think mewby was that good…. WOL was a pretty awfully easy expansion. the meta didn't really materialize until mid/late hots.


bros get on meltyblood


mewby to korea



is he still here


dad comes home and presses the oven light button as if i just have the oven on with nothing in it


does dad keep you around for your food




dad keeps him around for…. other reasons….


tucker time


she's so perfect


dad just comes home and is always in a bad mood


i saw that fp was schizo posting again so i skipped


we don't even make love anymore…


fp is just trying to get us to buy his shitty crypto pyramid scam dfk


File: 1633997135681.jpg (180.18 KB, 775x1100, 1595802797766.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





*adjusts man-bun*


File: 1633997421528.png (52.21 KB, 1200x1200, gudetama lazy egg.png) ImgOps Google


cant believe i still cant fall asleep


logan paul just bought the body of that dead japanese guy he found in the suicide forest he said hes gonna have it mummified


flirting with this hot daddy bear on grindr but neither of us can host >_<



come on man its only 8pm


File: 1633997592179.png (536.42 KB, 542x564, 1614791700808.png) ImgOps Google


i woke up at 4 pm yesterday


well i got back from seeing the new bond. not going to lie it was really mediocre.
they turned bond into a literal cry baby over some foids at the end and then kill him off lol absolutely pathetic end


will never forgive boogie for taking down sam & tolki


he wants to do car play but idk about that


why cant he come over??


bro dont be gross


i live in a 1 floor apartment with a roommate


tell him to leave!!!!



mining and crafting bros… this is HUGE!


why is rinnegan the ultimate dojutsu when it doesnt even actually do anything
sharingan is way better


hate vtubas
hate minecraft
hate niggers


we go to work after not sleeping


File: 1633998237584.png (51.16 KB, 1080x360, disagree.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1633998357956.png (1 MB, 700x1418, 1604753556159.png) ImgOps Google


any cruise spots?


nah theyre all gyms or paid steam rooms here


how do you feel about adults who play table top games


im one of those


i do not feel about them


adults dont play table top games so either you are lying or baby


i wish i had enough friends to play them still


im 25


wow i didnt know you guys were so old here


File: 1633998553996.jpg (67.82 KB, 1000x562, 1626114852478.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


what about niggas





hi girlzzzzz
im new here >_< can any1 show me the ropez???? :3


im watching kpop algs and in the searches and related vids ive seen a bunch of insane fully edited 50 minute+ videos about a scandal or whatever that have less than 20 views


femcels are real you guys dont have a clue


half of gfriend will be back…


dads an anti vaxxer


thats cool wish my dad was too


File: 1633999995683.webm (2.95 MB, 640x480, 1633918828351.webm) ImgOps Google



get fucked you dumb little nigger ape


File: 1634000152988.webm (512.49 KB, 202x360, 1615527073483.webm) ImgOps Google


korea arrests people if they gambled in a casino while they were visiting another country. or did drugs




support from posters like you make 162 possible


yeah sure, but they dont exist in the west


based gooks


we should ban gambling and doing drugs outside of korea too


Jon Gruden just informed his staff that he plans to resign as #Raiders coach.



raiders what
i'll never know


File: 1634001022631.jpg (221.91 KB, 614x472, 1554358379046.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the racial trope in that 10 year old email went too far


File: 1634001179498.webm (2.87 MB, 900x506, 1569672013525.webm) ImgOps Google


come on man the las vegas raiders


damn naruto just keeps getting crazier


people dont even dab with 2 hands anymore


bro wait till you get to boruto


im not going to watch boruto dude


please watch boruto i need someone to talk about it with


i have not heard a single person ever say anything about it other than laugh at the title


File: 1634001538202.jpg (100.41 KB, 437x470, 1572875136078.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its fun..


the boruto buzz is real


Gruden used an anti-gay slur in several instances while referring to Goodell, and used offensive language to describe some owners, coaches and media members who cover the league.



what slur




File: 1634001971164.jpeg (259.88 KB, 1437x1417, FB5FBF97-49EC-4666-AE2C-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google


File: 1634002016422.png (318.92 KB, 567x741, 1611683495300.png) ImgOps Google

boruto af


bro weeD!


ive gotten some good rips off the new bong today. im liking it more but still wish i went with something else


pickle rick weed tray (for weed and hash)


i'm a joint!
i'm joint rick!



youre making me wanna play the ricky n morty pinball machine now


the fact that all of the girls in naruto crush on sasuke is proof that all you have to do is be an evil criminal


if you are strong enough to be evil that means you are p strong


do they
thought it was just ino and sakura the two biggest whores of the naruverse


dont forget karin




or sleazy


his little crony chick when hes in the akatsuki


hold up. someone post a chart of some sort


File: 1634002970107.jpg (67.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1620409249506.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


listen niggers,


i like that one


File: 1634003085501.png (767.1 KB, 674x651, 1633443727143.png) ImgOps Google

did i get this from here or somewhere elts


i wish i got into ufc earlier so i could've had longer to hate jon jones


zii only stayed up till 4am so he can have an excuse to drink monster when he wakes up. hes literally addicted.


i wonder what making the switch from various fluids to only monster would do


also the mizukage is hitting on sasuke rn


it was kinda hard not to like him watching him fight in his prime


File: 1634003807618.gif (148.22 KB, 540x540, 1633908895739.gif) ImgOps Google


*takes a bunch of steroids*
*heems you*


sasuke could've had a harem if he wanted


assassin's creed 1 y/n


he might be done for good now…


sasuke would have been a school shooter if he wasnt a ninja





Gruden reportedly referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as a "clueless anti football p—y" as well as a "f—-t" in the emails released by the New York Times

yea im thinking based



and he got owned by that f—-t


if i stream kaiji will anyone watch


he should be doing prison time


i'm all squid gamed out


the mizukage has nice big boobs but theyre not huge cowtits like tsunade and samui


*doesnt look up from newspaper*
thats nice dear


File: 1634005116015.jpg (106.08 KB, 812x790, 1627520725641.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


toot for the daily double jeopardy question what was the name of
schrödinger's cat


stiv was the only person in the entire bk speedrun community who was actually dedicated to speed
once he got kicked out by the sjws all the runners stopped doing ffm cause it was too annoying for them. stiv was literally the entire reason ffm was the main category


bros this rays red sox game is all tied up in the bottom of the 9th!


im readin it rn


feel bad for all the dota pros who didnt make it to ti
just pubbing it up with the other failures sigh


i know this one but i dont




did our guy ixmike make it or does he not play anymore


holy crap!
*gets in there*


our boy ixmike did not qualify this year sadly
he streams poe at like 4am hes clearly severely depressed


damn thats what dota 2 pussy does to a nigga


*opens up grindr*
looks like cock is back on the menu boys


oh no no no raysbros!


no cock tonight my time limit was 10 and no one could host tonite


here in my garage


oh no raysbros..


that fatass gook couldnt handle a short hop at first base fuck!!!!!


bro the games already over the sawks won!


my youtube channel has 14,000 subs


ive never seen it so if you start at ep 1 then hell yeah ill join in


never seen kaiji before he says


true dat


holy shit i missed this shit show lmao


yes, that is what i said



i want to dream….


somebody stream this


File: 1634007609084.png (5.46 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_10_008985.png) ImgOps Google

>true dat


oh no coltsbros…


speedrunning is for miserable people who want to broadcast their misery to the world


im miserable


i cant wait for the zii speedrunning arc


oh no no no


followed by the zii transitioning arc


what is zii's tranny name going to be








not feeling real rn


you are being groomed


oh no coltsbros….


*checks fantasy*
it appears ive soundly defeated everyone this week



every time i walk in the kitchen dad is watching a legend of zelda lore video or play through


even if i know itll go away it always feels like itll be like this forever


File: 1634009611435.jpg (36.26 KB, 558x330, 1559432467821.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


if you thought zoomers were fucked in the head just wait until millenials' kids gain consciousness


colts choked real hard..


are millenials having kids


File: 1634009806345.webm (2.26 MB, 496x960, 1634007942180.webm) ImgOps Google


yea theyre called generation alpha


classic brad trying to coast off his genetic advantages for the rest of his life


a bunch of sports teams use the indian war chant but who came up with it first


what chant~


File: 1634012196040.webm (5.48 MB, 970x716, 1633463786367.webm) ImgOps Google


die normlitzer


search 'tomahawk chop' on youtube


how about i slapchop your nuts instead



all i hear is skooooooooo-oooooo-oooooooooo-ooooooollllll


doesnt really feel like im alive rn ngl


found out how to enable ipv6


fsu, kansas city chiefs and atlanta braves are the big ones that use it
if i had to guess id bet the college did it first


come on man


File: 1634013109245.jpg (1.89 MB, 1414x2000, 1621182484631.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i never realized girls loved inuyasha cuz hes a cat boy
i just thought it was another battle shonen




sesshomaru is so dreamy….


i thought it was a dog like yknow inu yasha


i dont think i ever watched a full episode of inuyasha, id always play gameboy while it was on and wait for yuyu hakisho or dbz to come on


sit boy



ugh the cute girls are always sippers too :/


a lil 1am acid jazz and seltzer


thats not true at all


i'm going to claim that one
the boston braves (in atlanta now) came up with the tomahawk chop chant.
there wouldnt have been teams named after indians until they were mostly all dead and shows like buffalo bill cody had made them from savage cannibals into objects of ridicule ready to be team mascots


♡I have a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

nice she majored in something with a ratio of 10 boys to 1 girl you just know she fucked and sucked her way through that course


the other girl was drinking vod right out of the bottle


a bachelors degree lol thats the baby tier one


im baby?


*makes engineering joke im too lazy to think of about people running a train on her*


post some acid jazz


idk bro this is saying the braves did it last of the big 3


*posts that kfc and watermelon song*


i hated the pacing of the inuyasha manga
i cant remember if the show was any better



so if it didnt show up until the 80's then that indian woOHohOH chant and the drumbeat had to have come from some old western in the 60s give or take. the combo of both the chant and drum is too good for a fan thing it sounds like a soundtrack


or the band students couldve watched a documentary and wrote the song after what they learned about indian music, my brain is sizzling sorry bwos


File: 1634015900055.png (1006.88 KB, 900x1200, 1dd450a8badc86cd2c4ee964e0….png) ImgOps Google


although my calling it by its proper name "the tomahawk chop" was the event that let you crack this whole case wide open


think im gonna become scene


melvin melvin brother of the joker


File: 1634016166494.png (1.67 MB, 1440x1262, 1527771684590.png) ImgOps Google


Diego Maradona filmed himself in bed with a 16-year-old who has accused the footballing legend of plying her with drugs, keeping her locked in a hotel and forcing her to get her breasts enlarged. The intimate videos surfaced amid a human trafficking case against the late Maradona's associates.


crazy based


im gonna revive fortnite


thats the guy whose greatest moment was hitting a soccer ball with his hands


File: 1634016587390.jpg (68.09 KB, 499x499, 1634008756017.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i think csgo pros deserve more respect than soccer players



sh0enice died


*drops mouse and falls onto the keyboard and rolls around clutching wrist seemingly writhing in pain*


thats a bummer man


File: 1634017059130.jpeg (20.68 KB, 538x100, 592653C6-818D-4C59-BED3-0….jpeg) ImgOps Google


yeah……………………real bummer…….


that sucks
it was only a matter of time though


hes not dead


uh bro i called it the tomahawk chop first >>1466308


well would you look at the time!


wranglenorm said that he's forming a private army and that you should be making your own small paramilitary cell with your buddies also


ugh i added these potatoes to a bowl with ground beef in it but i forgot the beef was like 3 days old


ill let you in on a little secret kid
nothing happens to meat
you can eat it raw
you can let it sit for a bit
its fine


no its already cooked which means itll go bad soon


not yet


ill let you in on a little secret kid
its fine to eat food that has gone bad


if it was actually bad you would know


what i mean is the potatoes are currently sitting with the meat thats soon to be 4 days old

so while il eat all the meat the potatoes will still be sitting in its 5-6-7 day old juices i cant have that


why did you even mix the potatoes like that
that sounds disgusting


i wasnt thinking man


you should have made a nice stew like me


to be fair i got 10lbs of potatoes for $2.99 so il just throw them away its not a big deal its like 50 cents worth of potatoes


to be fair habalabuBbhlgBLPFFGBGHHH


File: 1634020771378.jpeg (12.38 KB, 302x165, 1632942260688.jpeg) ImgOps Google


oh shoot theres dota games tonight and i was totally unprepared with my sleep sched


secret vs og but its not for another 3 hours..
eg vs elephant is the last game of the night in 9 hours bo1 maybe ill try to wake up for that


hmm ig vs team spirit huh
think ig is gonna 2-0 them pretty handily
next series is secret vs og tho so that should be fun


its every day bro!


i bet i wouldnt recognize any of the players if i checked it out right now


i dont think there were any games last night
i didnt know how long the break between group stage and knockout stage would be


jeff probst from survivor should host jeopardy


for me it would be mario lopez


for me its wilmer valderama


*crawls into the thread*


look at this crawler


if yer lookin for me
ya better check under the sea


i'm SO fucking dead


File: 1634022309961.jpeg (115.82 KB, 1200x825, 370D64A0-0904-4FBB-8D4B-5….jpeg) ImgOps Google


gabes not looking too hot


i really shouldn't stay up so late for video games


cliffhangers a great movie


shut up


bro its monday night were drinking and gaming


dont tell her to shut up


i just did what are you gonna do about it fignuts



32. Detroit Lions (0-5)

oh no no no


File: 1634023184494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.89 KB, 1536x2048, e4600a01c51e1aef3c9aa27f53….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634023506569.jpeg (403.35 KB, 1198x2048, EE0C64CC-3098-4C6E-8B24-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google


i really want a 'ster but damn i really to drink it less


File: 1634023683034.webm (145.09 KB, 960x540, 1630348938426.webm) ImgOps Google


lmao you actually saved it



Fictional serial killer Chucky makes an appearance on WWE Raw ahead of the October 12 premiere of the new television series based on the original Child’s Play film


ugh foid on stream


never seen any of the childs play movies


zii loves child play movies


no i dont, like what?


i need to learn how to eat faster


i eat at light speed


how do you do it…


i finish dinner in 20 bites or less and each bit takes ~5 seconds


i can eat entire 'za in less than 5 minutes


2:40 and they havent even started the draft for the first series yet get a move on valve


are you holding the plate or bowl up until it's touching your mouth?


how about i touch your mouth with my fist


bro just practice chewing and swallowing
once you can chew and swallow anything under 3 seconds then youre ready to start shoveling


how about i teach you to swallow for a little bit


no is that a good trick? chewing is my longest time sink



you shovel the food in without spilling any because the plate is there. its really good for pasta


you are a disgusting pig


we like pigs


File: 1634025437117.gif (3.78 MB, 384x480, 1629383551406.gif) ImgOps Google




fucking gooks


why did i waste the best years of my life playing video games


because you touch yourself at night


because we like games


File: 1634025778419.jpg (110.1 KB, 950x960, 1583553668782.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


shmoking while watching animes and then playing games while high, repeat every 3-5 hours (or less if you aren’t having it that day) on days off from work, suffering while at work until i get to get high.


*lies on bed with belly exposed*



this post wasn't made by me


File: 1634026720108.jpg (47.56 KB, 480x323, Towelimage.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634026897808.png (297.69 KB, 1403x373, bpzGQi9[1].png) ImgOps Google


come on man


don't forget to click that bell


this post wasn't made by me


don't forget to take your meds


kpop is human trafficking they are witholding food from them based on how good they did in practice now


jocko face: good


cant wait to play code veronica today



this post wasn't made by me


File: 1634028016405.jpg (155.67 KB, 759x371, 1631254218850.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



people have alternatively described me as a galactic conqueror and a scientific genius


youre a faggot


you arent a membershrimp?




im gonna heem you bro


go to hell


*shoves my ass in your face*


the manager is like a cruel wwII japanese POW camp guard


File: 1634028601884.webm (1.35 MB, 480x480, 1634027887691.webm) ImgOps Google


no way im gonna be able to stay up for the good dota series later
ig isnt gonna 2-0 these shitters fast enough


are you gonna shut up or what


what a god, raping on a stage


wew ig just sharted on the main stage


File: 1634029208446.png (5.43 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_06_FF8717.png) ImgOps Google

>the manager is like a cruel wwII japanese POW camp guard


File: 1634030062839.webm (2.99 MB, 360x636, 1634029928344.webm) ImgOps Google


spirit is doing it !!!?!?!?!


hmm i could buy an ice maker for $140 or a mini freezer for $110


or you could drop a hundo on the brotherman


or you could buy me a pack of 'sters


sometimes i cant believe that i exist


what the fuck is this shit



this is how i imagine gweedly spends his weekends


why did you retards even open that


it was posted…


if i order 'za, i can just leave two slices for dinner. if i order a burg i'll just finish whole burg in one sitting and then i'll have to make a dinner later… what should i do


the chinks are getting owned again




i have $15k to my name


i have 20k in crypto


small fish in a small pond


can i have a hug bros


you can have more than that…


like what…




like two hugs….




i made a mistake but ill be ok ill be ok ill be ok


File: 1634032734549.webm (2.41 MB, 454x720, 1634027557729.webm) ImgOps Google


demonic and cute


this dota game has been going on for 36 minutes and nothing has happened
how do people watch this


bro just wait until that epic 4 second team fight happens your little nuts will be quacking






reminder that icefrog wanted to collab with blizz
they probably would have killed it too


as in blizz would have killed any hope for the product


i'm cracking a ster in 15 minutes


im cracking your skull in 14


ok i just ate food and idk if i should have a 'ster or not


File: 1634037229639.gif (2.54 MB, 241x246, 1634036342042.gif) ImgOps Google



A new insult being accepted in the mainstream is always a good thing. Watch them be shocked and surprised when it's used against tranny incels and watch twitch ban it when simps are called incels because that's what they are. It's a good thing, let's embrace violence and slurs and let's all just really hate each other. Unironically




File: 1634037581269.png (311.97 KB, 734x636, DemeGiveUp.png) ImgOps Google



come on man why are you so hyped for a non comm stream


anna is part of the comm



did you notice how she came to my stream yesterday, say hi, i asked her a question literally 30 seconds later and she already left.

she needs to fill her daily quota so simps will come back to her stream


File: 1634037862537.png (14.17 KB, 90x90, Untitled_design_8.png) ImgOps Google




she's probably 'interacting' with simps all day on discord while not streaming to remind them to get their paycheck ready for next stream


omg shes at hype train lvl 5




omg chicken hat time


File: 1634039068476.gif (2 MB, 268x397, tumblr_nnce52lUeZ1qisyqwo1….gif) ImgOps Google

unfortunately you guys have no equity so I can't really dump on any of you :( just trying to help 10-30x whatever puny principle you may have



File: 1634039164599.jpg (18.18 KB, 735x413, 1628132809349.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


toot check reports


>failed fbi tranny


>failed fbi
>failed poker
>failed sc2
>failed crypto


>failed man


not really? i passed the poly, which is pretty much the only concern after passing p2 (writing/interview phase). i would've been adjudicated in a couple months. submitted my sf86

i can re-apply whenever i want and the poly+bi start again. it's not a huge deal.

just really don't know if i will. 50hr/wk minimum (not even really teleworking…) for $80k/yr, lol

I mean it was a paycut with my old job + poker by like 40% or something. but taht was ok since I really wanted it. but now? I can't


tfw too late to get into eve online
tfw star citizen is forever alpha
tfw no good space exploration mmo games


you need to make your own and siphon an untold amount from the space exploration mmo comm


eve online is still the best space mmo game but there are already like 6+ expansions


more like adam and steve online


my algs are filled with anti jon bones stuff now.
theyve made me appreciate kanye more after seeing an example of what he would be like if he was a bad person and a dickhead


theres a weird smell hanging in the house




i need to craft better magic cards…


kanye can't fight bro he's just a fat boomer


File: 1634042755107.jpg (316.21 KB, 1440x1652, 1608053008522.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


bappa is you



someone stream the game i am fish


armenian arnold's already played that



i should have sip that 'ster i'm tired rn


File: 1634045613643.gif (2.54 MB, 241x246, 1634036342042.gif) ImgOps Google


yeah i deff should've had a 'ster. rookie mistake right here


File: 1634045916469.gif (2.54 MB, 241x246, 1634036342042.gif) ImgOps Google


you gotta try adderall



gonna try to eat and drive soon


File: 1634046028199.gif (2.54 MB, 241x246, 1634036342042.gif) ImgOps Google


had a quick lil 3 hour nap


eat this
*grabs crotch*
then drive it into your ass


i would suck a dick for a 10 packs of 'sters no homo


that isnt hard to do unless you picked a stupid food on purpose like soup


*to completion



why wont zii just replace 'ster with tea or coffee


because he has baby taste buds


'ster tastes amazing + you dont need to clean dishes


you are gonna drop dead at 32
your heart will just stop one day


gook meowning~


ugh gotta pack up my pc and all my papers ugh just ugh


damn that means i only have 1 more year to live.
gotta enjoy 'sters to the max


got offered the job but the pay is much lower than i was expected…
really tempted to say no


tell them where to stick their job


your pay will always be low at the beginning, i started with 4000 HRK, now i'm at 14 000 HRK


thats kind of a crazy range wth


no more job talk
no more money talk

take it somewhere else
last warning


i've been in the same company for around 5 years now


File: 1634047790996.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


know your worth bwo
you moved to the big apple its time to be a big apple


File: 1634047812773.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634047832009.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634047853619.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ok this needs to stop this one isnt good


File: 1634047876522.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


tossbeller be like:
"steven destiny bonell the 2nd. its time."


why is he posting that creature


why don't you move to western europe and double your salary


File: 1634048256942.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634048272670.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634048288290.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634048430998.jpg (105.77 KB, 500x700, 1482277168245.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

please i beg you with all my heart to spam something or someone else, anything. i always give "toot check reports" posters shit for being gay and overreacting and defend your right to spam. please be a bro and cut me a break with this one just for today. i'll owe you a favor


g'morning everypony


what did destiny ever do to you


i don't wanna leave my parents here since they care so much for me


sickzii im warning you friend


why do you post like a tranny?


i was trying a different approach to disarm him it's part of new daygame material i've been working on


File: 1634048793698.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh youre playing a game huh



cant believe im gonna reject the only job offer ive gotten and continue being a stinky neet lole


what was wrong with the aj ob


moms not going to be happy…


just take it money isnt everything
build up your cv
are there any bonuses involved?


the al jazeera orientation booth is too far away and doesnt pay well enough


suck my fat juicy dick after this ad break


volume is good


the guys where just a bunch of stinky business guys doing powerpoints and excel sheets
instead of sophisticated mathematicians using steep theoretical models


dont encourage him
if its aaron we need him to stay neet for the kinos


it went alright
fish and green beans


staying a mathscademic your whole life turns you into baby


File: 1634049696350.jpg (81.74 KB, 640x659, 39c.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wearing my s glasses
looking at the sunset


5 jrpgs with steep learning curves


sell out for the 300k starting


File: 1634049789864.jpeg (59.13 KB, 640x853, E782yG5VEAI20rb.jpeg) ImgOps Google

i was outside but the sun went behind the clouds its not fair bros


i always thought destiny was italian cause his name was bonellii



are you allowed to have numbers in your name


its bonnel. i was bros with a bonelli we called him smelly bonelli


no its bonell


um why didnt you tell me this epic based collab was live??


>>1466536 read the thread bitch


its a little loud


should i make regularly boiled potatoes or mash them up after with some green onion and butter and egg and fry up little potato patty things


do whatever takes the least time


you should buy frozen microwave food. you're a mess in the kitchen


i make due with what i have…


your food is delish hun


someone cursed you there is no other explanation for all the meat being bad no matter what you do


not that fellow potater


File: 1634050811192.png (4.61 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_11_FFB000.png) ImgOps Google

>do whatever takes the least time


i'll be treating you both as the same person


i already disliked it bro


this is true
you have to delve into industry to see how worthless your academia knowledge really is


whats the story with this guy and his potatoes now


lost a star wars model piece


i found it
thank you st. anthony


File: 1634051965478.png (649.75 KB, 791x1024, 1630850684026.png) ImgOps Google


do we like that SQUID GAME for switch?


File: 1634053385080.jpeg (162.33 KB, 837x902, E-g1JqrUcAQF4Hj.jpeg) ImgOps Google


whats this "sister" meme im seeing now


why the FUCK did god make ponies so sexy


you tell me i'm stuck here


my pan fried potato buddies are coming along nicely


michael is bullying me


File: 1634054191650.jpg (557.75 KB, 1488x1984, gleep.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1634055271499.jpg (44.25 KB, 1080x350, Screenshot_20211012-191341….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i have some big ideas for computer cases


love michael


if i was in a room with michael and gleepz i would have a hard time choosing who to pet first


miss whistling neighbor michael that guy was wild


hedonic treadmill


you dont know what you got til its gone..


someone posted the /vt/ sisters pic here and i just saw someone talking about sony sisters on /v/


i downloaded a bunch of games on adderall last night. banishedbros will like patron


love banished
i bought some farming and mining games on steam last week but i havent had a single minute to game


look at mr busy over here


oooh look at me im so busy im also gay


okay… tmi tho?


File: 1634057005311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.79 KB, 1280x1808, 24.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634057148305.jpg (45.75 KB, 800x450, sagawa.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>last 50


thatd be a good sound clip thing


im watching ploopy again


FULL-TIME SCHEDULE @everyone (Can always be adjusted and subject to change so do not worry if it doesn't work for you currently)

Chat-Made-Me Mondays: 12pm-5pm BST
(starting with 'Outlast' for October! These streams will be the silly, awful, scary, frustrating or ridiculous games that you guys tell me to play. Games I would never play in a million years… if not for you…)
Tuesdays: Star Citizen 2pm - 7pm BST
Wednesdays: Game Of Choice 12pm-5pm BST
Thursdays: Game Of Choice 2pm - 7pm BST
Fridays: Game Of Choice 12pm - 5pm BST


File: 1634059209767.jpeg (30.19 KB, 469x469, FBgtP4DVgAII0O7.jpeg) ImgOps Google


its good to keep some hemostatic powder or clotting pad in their first aid kit



Curve is live

no idea when aave is coming.


that's nice and all but where's the comfy stream?


assassin's creed games are on sale
might buy one to mush…


my friday game of choice would be tlou 2 with zii


File: 1634059644056.jpg (272.98 KB, 1280x1281, 1634048442966.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>my friday game of choice would be tlou 2 with zii


theyre very mediocre


it says mac and cheese but thats clearly a pep za oozing out of the floppy slot


File: 1634059802629.jpg (56.12 KB, 476x638, 1634051374417.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634059828348.jpg (5.92 KB, 182x276, 1633449189652.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


its honestly ok to be soy


are we getting the l4d like game


amlitzer is a fake bond fan he thinks the golden gun is a luger


THE golden gun is a pen glued onto a lighter


File: 1634060077974.jpg (61.67 KB, 1280x720, 1630709349035.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>amlitzer is a fake bond fan he thinks the golden gun is a luger


in 2009 there was a kpop group called the naked girls…
(skip to 50 seconds)


just remembered what i forgot to do before going to pick up grandma…


i didnt make this post


numbers? without them i cant tell if your expectations are reasonable or not


i didnt make this post


reynor vs marinelord


i cant im not old enough




baited this exact response, satan.


IM BABBE????????


impossible, kpop did not exist in 2009. kpop only existed after the launch of sc2


this is the good one

19+ version
the gooks went nuts and banned them and shut them down quick.
the label called the first one a wardrobe malfunction


i think the pirate one was fun without focusing too much on the story


this dude buys zii 10 subs and he STILL wont give him vip lmao


Naked Girls (네이키드 걸스) was a South Korean three member girl group that debuted in June 2011 under Naked Entertainment. The group consisted of the 3 anchors from the “Naked News” program


the quincy crew


naked girls started because they were hired to work on a korean version of that naked news website but the owner stole all the money and fled the country before they got there. they were left stranded with nothing at an empty office building


what a god


i dont wanna say ill trigger zii
they offered like 69k


do you get healthcare and stuff do you get to go to the dentist for free


im a mutterino


zii can i buy vip with 80k ziipoints


not me baka


for a first job out of university that is a reasonable salary, unless you live some place far about the median cost of living like LA, NYC, Chicago, SF, Denver, etc.


my algs are fucking spicy rn


chicago is pretty affordable to live in


well i mean compared to nyc la sf, dunno about denver


Average home price: $252,725


upstate new york is pretty chill m8


saw a lot of massive bright lightning bolts on my way home and i didnt have one foreskin to hide inside the whole way u_u


6 out of the 7 most expensive cities to live in are in california


denver is like a hybrid of LA and NYC when it comes to expenses.


i live in a pretty expensive country, but its probably a fair starting salary
the job just sounds boring


all jobs are boring thats why we post here and watch streams while at work.


you can still find 1bd apartments for under 1k in chicago where you commute to work without a car


File: 1634061686472.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634061705405.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


do you live in a one room apartment…


File: 1634061724680.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634061742760.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


okay i guess ill take destinys face over jobnorm posts


how long is the commute? anything above 30min is unreasonable.


File: 1634061772835.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


bonell the 2nd…


File: 1634061788902.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


you could always live in the bronx and be suddenly woken up by the latinos and blacks blasting music at 3am


File: 1634061807876.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634061822798.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634061830365.png (6.84 KB, 191x255, 1634061788902.png) ImgOps Google






>being triggered by job and living expense talk


File: 1634061909365.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1634061926629.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


green fuck


first of all im blue if i was green i would die


looks p cool ill have to catch up tomorrow though


im on the verge of kfapping


File: 1634062367959.webm (1.35 MB, 480x480, 1634027887691.webm) ImgOps Google


hoooo boy


come join us in chicago its not a bad city


i saw a vice piece where they called it chiraq




but we have trains


windows 11?
i feel like i missed something


File: 1634063259955.jpg (81.05 KB, 1200x800, nigger goblin.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

come to chicago guys


chicago loses like $3billion every year from corruption and mismanagement but


darth schrader


those winters though….


winters are fine if you dont drive


ill come to chicago for the minecraft lan party


quaint vice piece referenced earlier https://youtu.be/01Xa2oKKVR0?t=82


im already in chicago we need to link up this weekend


everytime you hear the word gang replace it with nigger in your head




can you really get a 1bd room apartment in a nice part of chicago near mass transist for less than 1k a month or was i being baited?


File: 1634064023334.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


you can get a studio in the some of most desirable areas of the city right next to the lake and parks and stuff for like $900 with all the utilities included


blessed post, im in the waiting room


File: 1634064045628.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634064061854.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


live 1 borough out and save money using mass transit


File: 1634064105973.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634064127381.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


does destiny still live in shitland?


this guy is going fully baby


i think its based


based on what




lol they frame it as a gun control problem



can you imagine having to pay 1k a month for a fucking apartment lmaooo
you americans are fucked in your heads


the second story is also niggers fucking things up and vice blaming it on something else


unfortunately thats the price of hustle bustle


they put it in plain sight
they think we're idiots
wake up sheep


194 oil spills in the niger delta? im thinking those are all shells fault


no way you can convince me nigs pay 1k a month for an apartment


File: 1634064589599.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634064608781.jpg (609.75 KB, 1600x2133, 1633693453404.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




bros mom and dad dont charge any rent and they do all the cooking, shopping and other grown up stuff free of charge too!


section 8 housing vouchers pay the rent and are directly deposited in the landlords account


mom and dad are psychos


gotta love mom and dad


my lentils turned out good


shove the lentils up your ass hippy fucker


how did you spice them?


how's the humidity in chicago? i cant stand dry places


yummy :3


File: 1634064936212.jpg (67.51 KB, 827x707, D-xqdVWUcAEJNnw.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this summer was super humid for some reason it was the worst


wish i could do grown up stuff like cook and dress myself v__v


lentils are dehydrated peas that are split in half


cumin, tumeric, pepper and a little salt and ginger



why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip


there there little baby *prepares diaper*


coroner says gabby died of strangulation


grown ups wear clothes with buttons on them


does the jeans button count




we just cracked open a cold one!


as you get older your clothes grow more buttons the jeans button is where it all starts


my pants still have 1 button actually


by button count has gone down actually


File: 1634065646357.jpg (118.28 KB, 854x1000, __kasumi_and_meowth_pokemo….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

mornin' gang




good meowning~


gucci gang as we like to call ourselves


im black gorilla family


sheesh almost forgot to do my stretchies again


*stretches you out*


(not in a lewd way)



dont stretch your bp you'll have to wear a diaper!!!


im stretching my fore skin to grow it back


walked for 20 minutes today
we are progressing


File: 1634066481376.jpg (337.16 KB, 939x891, 1617778316136.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


did you see anything interesting on your walk


eg vs elephant is about to start
bo1 elimination match


im still nightwalking almost every night


no it was dark


me in the middle


crazy landlady is harassing us


fuck her right in the pussy


that would be something


someone needs to shut this foid up and put a baby in her already, her thirst is getting pathetic



File: 1634066903293.jpg (103.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1634025331394.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i heard girls like to hug you above your shoulders so they can feel your pip bulge


i have a new youtube gf


girls that always go in for hugs, even when you barely know them, are demonic


File: 1634067007510.jpg (1.14 MB, 4000x3526, FAZCIlSVcAcaX4o.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


huggers scare me


mister girl hugger over here



they're doing that while we're worried about how heavy we're boobhugging? whores all of them


File: 1634067068765.jpg (132.7 KB, 1262x800, blockwatch.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


$2000 for this thing? are you shitting me?
those watches cost $60


chicago anons please


look it up doofus! okay im sorry that was over the line


its normally a medium regular amount of humidity the lake kinda regulates that stuff


i remember hugs being ok


it's a dry heat


how many mosquitoes do you have because of the lake


i've heard a lot of buzz about chicago being windy

none would come from the great lakes because they arent stagnant




gonna have to disconnect my pc later tonight… ill be off the internet until thursday……


sigh no ill miss you


cant decide if i want eg to lose or not
i think itd be funny if they shart themselves on the main stage and get eliminated in their first real game but i also kinda want to see them play more games


what do you mean until thursday


how will you jack…


i miss my roommate who worked for the town mosquito control and brought home all the powerful chemical pesticides he needed to take a yearly course to get certified that worked really really good


internet is getting moved a day late ugh


File: 1634067596387.mp4 (465.26 KB, 1622926131456.mp4)


how is this shit still going on
i thought the tournament was over like a week ago already
fucking yawn


reminder for him to remember to download some porn



File: 1634067767194.gif (168.27 KB, 250x250, 1630623969943.gif) ImgOps Google

bro its the first day of the main stage!


>great lakes
>are actually inland seas


i feel bad for sickzii because usually i would be watching his streams for 8hours a day
but i cant miss any dota


lake effect snow is part of their deal


any time i hear ephey's voice it makes me want to impregnate her


yeah she sound submissive and breedable


rip steve


she has the softest feminine voice of all time
girls just dont talk like that anymore


post her voice



is that anis guy still a big dota 2 pro? i remember him always being posted in the old /scv/ threads.


who the hell is anis


anis wasnt a dota 2 pro wtf


File: 1634068358749.jpg (32.11 KB, 460x690, 41663-fantastic-planet-0-4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Fantastic Planet
Directed by René Laloux

On the planet Ygam, the Draags, extremely technologically and spiritually advanced blue humanoids, consider the tiny Oms, human beings descendants of Terra’s inhabitants, as ignorant animals. Those who live in slavery are treated as simple pets and used to entertain Draag children; those who live hidden in the hostile wilderness of the planet are periodically hunted and ruthlessly slaughtered as if they were vermin.


starting in 10


File: 1634068429401.jpg (67.65 KB, 534x627, anis 'mook' jabre bros.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

anisbros ww@?


is arteezy still the goat of dota?


hes the goat at ruining team chemistry and disappointing at every meaningful tournament


main stage huh
what about the main card
and the main main knockdown stages
or the main bracket finals


team chemistry in dota is breaking up after TI and getting new people


i already saw that movie


File: 1634068575304.png (706.26 KB, 1004x526, 1552475.png) ImgOps Google


im the main knockdown stage


sorry bud im gonna have to skip this one
i watched card counter over the weekend btw and it was great, easy recommendation


File: 1634068636995.jpeg (26.57 KB, 618x562, FBXb-OUWYAEOD9_.jpeg) ImgOps Google


all foids love friends
they always say "oh im on my 7th binge rewatch"


File: 1634068680707.webm (2.84 MB, 640x360, 1634055965799.webm) ImgOps Google


tell us more about women



cool. i've thrown it on the list




thats just about the extent of my knowledge


hmm girls like this friends show. maybe i'll talk about that with one of the girls at the cabaret


File: 1634068979535.jpg (81.74 KB, 640x659, 39c.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


starting now


that actually makes a lot of sense


all of those shows are dumb you disgusting norm


File: 1634069153824.png (708.58 KB, 564x772, 1617790205909.png) ImgOps Google

i wish these lower bracket matches were bo3


only the first round of lb matches are bo1


what image viewer do you linuxbros use?




linux is for doing hacker stuff not looking at images


how do i get a black gf


File: 1634070443275.png (247.35 KB, 449x478, 1614631549459.png) ImgOps Google


oh no chinkbros were getting owned


move to chicago




elephant bros….


who got killed


his daughter is hot


i want a big booty black gf that acts white


baby padder in the background of the thumbnail


come on man


can you prove that pad is still alive?


you'll have to be one of those cool white people that are down with all the good nigs


the fuck??


File: 1634071008215.jpg (97.57 KB, 758x980, padbaby.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this creep killed pad 100%


someone contact shelley and have her conduct a wellness test


shelley poisoned the hunny nunnies


have some respect you weirdo


china is washed


File: 1634071360712.jpeg (40.84 KB, 500x726, FBa0RWkWUBAo-N-.jpeg) ImgOps Google








listen when youre in my house i want you to chill the fuck out dont even mention any of that bullshit you just said to me


got another two boxes of holocards ;)


its over chinabros…we lost


3:48 absoluteflexlord: I just bought another few boxes of holocards ;)




>missed out on btc
>missed out on eth
>missed out on link
>missed out on cardano
you are here
>missed out on holocards


i wish i could consoom that


File: 1634072413276.png (4.87 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_16_46A508.png) ImgOps Google



i only got 1


toon streams fun movies like the cuck
aaron streams sleep aids


aaron today wasnt a good day for a lot of us sorry we couldnt make it


when is toon going to stream Fauci


your sins are forgiven my son


we appreciate any comm stream of any game or movie
except jeff


gonna listen to charls schizo rambles for a while




We're soarin', flyin'
There's not a star in heaven
That we can't reach
If we're trying
So we're breaking free


charls from the former comedy troupe million dollar extreme


hmmm that was a movie


i thought it was great


File: 1634073538365.webm (1.91 MB, 640x640, 1634064234797.webm) ImgOps Google


love jeff simple as


what the fuck man come on why you have to be like that
jeff is a god


File: 1634073713114.mp4 (3.13 MB, family.mp4)


File: 1634073792672.webm (2.97 MB, 960x540, 1634028245819.webm) ImgOps Google


gonno watch covidland i guess


pretty based but i got a feeling the dads only doing it cuz its some sort of power trip for him to play god with what his children know
id flip the girl all night long


might sleep now and stream later


needa a gook




theyre trying to raise their kids without bad influences but that girl is wearing about 5 layers of makeup


they could learn a thing or two from varg


theres a girl named lolita in sickziis chat……


holy niggers, batman


grow up


File: 1634075450968.jpg (20.28 KB, 540x419, 1633278216029.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1634075952205.jpg (167.18 KB, 1200x1200, 1629042429104.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


went back to bed and slept until 6pm..




File: 1634076542194.jpg (243.55 KB, 1925x2057, jockon.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

skip lunch and dinner
drink from your toilet
sleep outside
burn your shoes
eat pine cones


wish i could be decisive like that


*defeats 35 attackers with science*


ill try jocko


i cant stop listening to this


File: 1634077212711.mp4 (3.95 MB, 1634077206.mp4)



"power tripping" is what dads are supposed to do. if you're dad never beat you then you're the son of a cuck.


how did it go


theres a difference between using force to correct a childs mistakes and keep them on the right path and using them as your sick twisted social experiment so that you can feel like god when you finally allow them to taste coke




why would you ever think it came up to you to cuddle wtf
dumb retard deserved to be torn apart by that beast


File: 1634077739164.jpeg (78.52 KB, 750x737, FBXUqL1VkAEtJ2s.jpeg) ImgOps Google


whoa is this pic real


i'll never find the frank dux bullshido alg it is thoroughly scrubbed


tfw ur hot wgf will never sprint on the field to fuck you while 100k people watch from the stands



fucking foid just wanted in on the attention
he shoulda dumped her after that stunt


she sounds like a pig



when was the last time you watched rudy dude? you're on a big college football thing


havent seen that guy in a while…


bros hockey is back tonight!


i meant the sean astin vehicle


fuh lippin amazeballs



>the black guy immediately jumps up to chase after the wyt woman


turok break


i could take a picture of the town at midnight
but instead i will pull the curtains over the window


shes like cumming herself just from a massage…


>been up for several months
>over a million views
>still up


its just a massage bwo


big booba gooka…


feely real shitty
why did i sippy


File: 1634078644404.mp4 (6.53 MB, uddc12x1l0t71.mp4)

beer boy this u?


this dudes brain is done


feely real good
glad im sippin


it's just a massage video get your mind out of the gutter




so thats how you massage a gook huh



dayum, look at those gookers on that gook

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