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hmm think im too lazy to make burgers…. what else to get…….




why does elon keep losing


gonna make some gookaboo pork with sesame oil and rice


cause he's isn't as smart as he thinks he is




actually hes a brilliant businessman that understands everything from the first principles


what happened


hes just like me


he slapped grimes around


she cute af


just in the last 2 days? he billed 16k for a simple tesla repair that was done for 700 bucks by some amateurs
he lost to that british virgin guy into space
teslas new autodriving is still trash
its just l after l after l



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back from woodworking



cars can require 16k repairs and dont get totalled…


ororororoboro kwintu
do you guys have anything on the 163 minecraf server that you want
or can i do a full reset for the new world gen


doesnt that mean that his passion for being #1 is gone and hes just going to chill and milk twitch for as much cash as he can get


yeah probably for now.. getting knocked out of gsl in ro16 must be a bummer


there were some good players that didnt even make it out of code A !
like zest!
they should go back to 32 players instead of 16 or somethin


bought a diving mask went to the beach and had my first initiation into free diving


how did it go


File: 1626212020110.png (242.54 KB, 738x477, 1626198840109.png) ImgOps Google



pretty good
just some getting used to wearing the mask and holding my breath under water


why do the ones that missed the pens get to be lions
but the ones that made the penalties dont


hey bigot


i went scuba diving once
it was nice
watch out for sharks though theyre big and youll never be able to swim faster than them


do those hyperoxygenizing breathing exercises really work


pretty sure i could swim faster than a shark but go on


watchan ina
shes cute
shes playin minecraft


because they werent niggers
sadly, bowing down to niggers is what england does


maru…his kpooper….


grow up


bro come down here to florida and ill shut your bitch ass up and make you swim with sharks


you need to fuck with that wim hof breathing. shit. the first time i tried it i held my breathe for 3 minutes


yes i did not see your post


i think the longest ive held my breath underwater is a minute and a half maybe a minute 45


awesome dude



for a while you breathe in longer than you breathe out. like a slow hyperventlation. there are wim hof algs



you cant swim faster than a shark wtf


there has to be some type of retard shark that cant swim good



ive let a swarm of mosquitoes into my room




didn't you guys already go over this, that you would save everything in the "home" area?


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