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i got this little sip..

and i sip it at night…
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i couldnt sip every night even if i wanted to
once you hit 30 everything changes


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huge fuckin tits.


After transition the hormonal chemistry of a trans women is within the observed range of cis women. Obviously not before transition, that's what the transitioning does


tell me something i dont know


rest of the world is opening up
ontario gets like 5 more weeks of lockdowns -.-


my hormonal chemistry is within the observed range of a bull rhinoceros in mating season


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>huge fuckin tits.


snoo cmon bro ur targeting me


what a nice day to stay indoors


i go to bed at 8 am





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im in love bros…..



what kind of man is she into


idk i bet its some really handsome rich gook that dresses up in suits


i own 2 suits


only own the suit that ive bought for granpas funeral




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its been years since i seen any gook
many years
lotsa chinese people everywhere though


not cool
come on man


what would you do to me


They literally are biological women. That's what the transitioning is for, Jesus you people should at least learn about these things before you complain about them




bitcone summer sale is slowly starting


one bitcoin = one room in the mansion


i see a gook and my mind just goes blank


looks like a literal gray alien


File: 1624357232782.mp4 (2.23 MB, CCDe3slsWGSN_kXE.mp4)




Luxury apartment dwellers list their apartment name in their SNS profiles, cringey or trendy?

Netizens debated people listing luxury apartments like Hannam the Hill, Nine One Hannam, Signiel, and Trimage on their SNS profiles by commenting, "It's cute", "How is this any different from people who list their college?" vs "It's so tryhard", "Do they have nothing else to show off than this?", and "Seeing their apartment listed like that makes me lose all respect for them."


kill all netizens


yo what is a sns profile


Reminder to watch Croatia tonight


can't believe i keep watching croatia for zii


the funny part is zii doesnt even watch the games with us or comments afterwards
we are literally watching this shit for nothing


Stop complaining


why are you so desperate for ziis attention


i like watching stuff that the comm recommends


feelin a lil dep
gonna eat some shroomies and play sc2 campaign


thats nice babe



thanks love






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The Team anonymous.

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