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oh hey man, didnt see you there
wanna play some gaylo?
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hmm what should i get for a tasty treat bros


french fries


a chicken gyro and some fries with cheese




hooooooooly crackers


yeah holy crackers *open closes*


dude not cool we like cracking the cryptic



happy i went back to bed got another 4 hours of sleep!


thats a nice nap


oh yeah


i want to drive around cat calling nuns


saw a nun today and thought she was cute




pad hears this all the time in his head


gleepy level with me
is man made climate change real




ok i trust you


*crinkles your diaper*


File: 1624048473000.png (7.02 KB, 793x39, narcidiap.PNG) ImgOps Google


its so close bros


i still have to catch up on the last season


stream it for the comm


mugi eat morty's strawberry


lads…. its not coming home…


new avgn get in here


these games have been hella boring
but portugal germany tomorrow should be good



all those years of keto…… all those cheat days…. why isnt it working for him…..



dudes out there posting shooped newspaper covers




File: 1624049802637.jpg (258.32 KB, 2048x1302, 1614046681931.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ever since i found out about thoughjaks ive been keenly aware of my occasional ending posts with "though"


seriously fucked up thing to post after our last discussion on knots


whats wrong with tho


im in the mood for some casual gay sex


guess we're in here now



idk but it does sound kinda like gay neospeak


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File: 1624050187094.jpg (253.92 KB, 976x850, 1623516794862.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>last gangstalk



im in there


There are two types of people in this world

Avoid them both


this weekened
new helluvaboss
new sseth
i can feel it


#1 victory royale


new sseth i'd go full poggers


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