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gsl tonight
obsession: men
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trumplets unironically describing themselves with a term that a nigger came up with


seriously emailing toot these /pol/ teens are WAY out of line and don't belong here


niggers dont name things retard


africans dont take the white mans juice


why dont you leave and take your vax shills with you


a lady was walking in the door and saw me looking at the door thinking about holding it open for her but i didnt and she thanked me anyway even though all i did was look at the door


jew juice*


/tea/ must be closed




stfu kid



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cant believe theres like 20% of the comm that didnt get the hint about vaxxing and are gonna get covid and are gonna die


File: 1623963929072.jpg (53.68 KB, 882x841, 1623962594069.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


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i love books


did you mean i love gooks?


ugh autocorrect






its all newbs that weren't even here from the start bro

they all came in when aaron started linking us everywhere

they probably don't even like kpop or broodwar


>dehippie spacing


File: 1623964243514.jpg (129.11 KB, 750x1200, 1526122970297.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

oh well
you know that one about how the comm that pretends to be retarded eventually attracts actual retards that think they are in good company


nice quotey


toss and his crony trying to divide and conquer the comm


look at his legs shake lol



his crony?
he pretends to be multiple persons


i didnt get the vaxx


his tulpa


this is toss pretending to be fp


i should make a tulpa to post for me


i dont like kpop or brood war im sorry


aaron wasnt the one that linked us all over…. he would never do that….. he was one of the only goodposters…….


File: 1623964738613.png (265.27 KB, 1097x1231, 1623880591239.png) ImgOps Google



what are your topics of interest and conversation


trannys vtubers reddit


die die die die die


youre such a fucking faggot dude


you told me there was a fresh sseth



now that is worthy of a ban


obsessed and deranged


i dont like vtubers or reddit


>he was
still is…


restrictions with lift with some eeease


people call me aaron all the time and i didnt link us either



make it kpop or not posting there


saya chan..

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