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the part about having given up is me


fuck thats hot


thats black on black buck breaking


Beta males are the lieutenants—the alpha’s enforcers. These are the men who make sure that the rules are followed, that people stay in line, and that nobody causes chaos or trouble within the hierarchy.

It isn’t uncommon for the betas to try to ‘straighten out’ the omega if they see that he’s throwing off the usual balance of the hierarchy. They may haze him, bully him, torment him, and push him around.

zii and gweed confirmed bullies


betas are the worst


>He doesn’t take a wife. Instead, he sleeps with his pick of the most beautiful women from the king’s court, and then leaves as quickly as he arrived to continue his journey.
describes us sigmas to a T ngl


buck on buck breaking


File: 1623872968734.jpg (321.3 KB, 1043x1153, alpha omega.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

the delta wageslave


me im gamma


what are the female ones?


dark obsession…


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lets go!


im a sapiosexual


lol based stav


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was thinking of this taken meme but instead its i will find you buck and i will break you



is it autism


he sounds mindzapped


now i have a druid rogue paladin warrior warlock mage and demon hunter all at 60!


all my niggas ttg they trained to go shawty


it could be a sam hyde bit


my squats are kind of weak think im just gonna start doing them every sesh


in the middle of a global pandemic??


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Twice's Jungyeon is not a fan of their new song 'Alcohol Free'

ok thats fucking based


can you idiots please stop using this

why do you constantly have to mock me

obsessed much?


amazing how momoland is the only group with attractive members


File: 1623874238785.jpg (694.16 KB, 1500x2000, chaeyeon.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lmao wtf


still havent told my boss im not coming back after summer vacation


4:30 the guy asks the simplest question:
how many of these shoes are prototypes?
grandmas cake batter


getting the second pfizer shot on friday


uh huh
uh huh


never getting mine but hope it goes well for you


my newest vid has been stuck on processing at 95% for entire day… its a known youtube bug i'll have to upload it again tomorrow…


thank you for taking the fight to covid-19 and saving lives
blood on your hands


what the hell is the matter with you




well you see
this is why >>1348642


On Florida’s horizon: Saharan dust, brilliant sunsets – and COVID-like symptoms?

theyre spraying the trumptards in florida like they did to the new yorkers last year
brace for massive deaths


shame shame shame

blood on your hands

will you be man enough to go to your families funeral after you give them covid-19 and they die?


thanks bro
feel kinda selfish im getting it before all the other older people but at the same time i dont really wanna die hooked up to a fucking oxygen tube


people go to their families funerals because they got vaxxed but you call that fake news


youre scared and only concerned about yourself
youre a coward


dude stop buying into the propaganda


come on man



if theres any mishima fans in i just finished the film about him and i can definitely recommend it



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