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the boys are back (the boys are back)
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its a png i dont think pngs can be viruses but im not a computer wizard


they could


is live2d one of those tablet programs? is this guy drawing with a tablet?



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i love it when we both win and do something good



i'm really good at drawing. i learned by copying good drawings


i suck at drawing but even i can trace


if i had a tablet i wouldve learned by tracing


cant believe mueller and christiano ronaldo are still good enough to play in euro


is one team heavily favored? ive heard france gets to use lot of africans…


have those bucks been broken in?


they can use their slaves from their former colonies


gotta break those bucks before you let them run on the field


france should be favored


girls are so weak in body and brain its honestly absurd


incel retard


if all jews get israeli dual-citizenship israel should convert an all-star team of players from other countries to judaism


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this is such a different level of play than croatia england


i dont get mirror selfies. the phone being in the picture is stupid


must be a long list


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blue check marks be like


The trailer announcing Tekken’s Kazuya as the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character starts with a clip of him throwing the main Zelda antagonist Ganondorf off a cliff


that shot that made it to the goalie is the most exciting thing ive ever seen watching soccer live


tekken vs street fighter in smash


what list?


list of things you dont get


-straight sex


mirror selfies allow the foid to whore her entire body instead of merely her dumb face and bust


germany is fucked


ive watched for a few minutes and seen 2 good shots, 1 goal. if soccer was always like this i'd watch it and get why people watched it


"I would have killed all the jews of the world… but I kept some to show the world why I killed them." - Adolf Hitler


this match should get wild now


i dont think he said that



fact check that ass


i think its funny how much sickzii hates women




not tuning in until he traces that holo


i think its concerning


what harlot broke ziis hear…


some awful slut


he streams weeb music but wont stream kpop?
ok dude


he has irl friends, a job, irl hobbies, goes to bars. he just needs to keep living like a norm and a gf will come along.




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gamed hard now im gonna watch anime






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