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new thread
witchy smoke
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thats what the dossier would say


isaac, jordan calm down


yeah because if you were youd just come out and say so right



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*looks like this*


nanibros are we watching naniwa


its not 2014 bro


new normcore history
new fall of civilizations podcast


after i signed out of my google account and blocked cookies on youtube i dont even want to go on it anymore


what os and browser do you guys use?




toot check reports



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good god i want to die


so no phones? kind of surprising since laying in bed phone posting is pretty comfy


you can do that with a laptop without having to gimp yourself with a toy computer




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i dont need to do computer stuff when im chilling in the bed




i use an android but thinking about making the jump to ios
you guys android or apple fans? what phones you got?


just remembered that glass composed the soundtrack for the film about mishima


apple treats you like a lil baby bro


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browsing is so much more convenient with a full desktop
dont get why anyone would prefer a phone


yea scrolling down 162 with a mouse is just next level


i wishi could make web; but as a cis girl i can only make egss which are all dried up becuase i didnt listen to the alt righters an dm8 when i was fertile & now im past myprime & no one flirts w me anemore


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youre a passive consoomer we get it


bros bros bros
sgt frog time B)


anyone else's name start with a b, r, a, or m?


my name is david


mine starts with O


mine starts with S


love setting my wheel to free spin and doing a big fat skip with one motion


i just press end


not as satisfying


i want fried dumplings


diet time tubby


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just had an idea maybe its stupid
cum to twitch foid and then donate to her thanking her for her help


ugh now i gotta jo
any doujins like that






he has gamer posture

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