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new thread you know what edition
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why do white people teach their kids to murder innocent animals


its a yugioh thing you guys wouldnt get it


yakub created white people with a lust for power and death in their blood


yeah n'i'ggers really know how to uphold the sanctity of life, unlike ugly pigskins




what youve never killed before? never felt the thrill of a kill, aka kill-thrill?


african americans are especially violent because theyre all mixed with wh*tes
nigerian immigrants are all highly educated doctors with low crime they are the untainted racial expression of the black man


i killed a fish a few times

my hands were shaking for like 10 mins the first time


think they had sex on it's corpse after


now if were talking gooks


gonna watch this lol


ive killed bugs


the most dangerous game…


fuck trump and fuck white people


The uploader has not made this video available in your country.


where you from fam




gookland, home of the gook-man

that rhymes if you say it out loud




2oot can you fix the memory leaks or do i have to buy some more ram sticks


its not memory leak he's doing low cpu mining


my rig can handle anything


our company isnt enough for toot… he wants more


how much ram did you download


epic as heck


+1 the memory leaks are a fucking hassle


this is what we listen to here


post hidden


im still of the opinion that the world would be a lot more interesting if everyone had to make their own clothes


that would give roasts an unfair advantage they love doing that kind of boring handiwork


no they don't


they love it


gooki gooki fendi fendi prada!


File: 1509340533859.jpg (97.04 KB, 1600x1200, V0nmExQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how the FUCK does this happen?


hanes classics'


value makes it home in house kirkland


ice in the cup.. ready to go..


how do people even get hangovers
just drink some water


all new singers sound the same:



gonna don the sage for a while


how much are you drinking? i had 21oz of vodka so 14 shots last night between 2am-7am and im finally now feeling alright to drink again


not sure how much exactly


14 shots x__x
how does he do it


well we're going sober this week


im gonna jo


why a whole week


usually nights like that ill pass out for an hour or two and drink a lot more.. if its all in one session without any passing out itll be like 10


why make promises like that when you've already broken a bunch of them before


why are you trying to put me down i can do it


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