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snacktime with the ladies
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embrace it


stay home


dont want to play games dont want to get a job
just wanna lie in water and float, drift


i don't want to work i just want to play games and sip 'ster.

but to afford 'ster and games i have to work…
never ending circle


and if you work you have no time for games






where are the boxes my co-worker is late UGH




it's monday and my body is beat up, i'm just getting old


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bro you can just take it and run out of the store


and end up in jail


this didn't age well


the doomsaying of early covid got me i thought it was gonna be apocalyptic


they used to put leeches on people to cure them can you believe it thays crazy
well anyway time for my gender reassignment surgery


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shes so cute


never been caught shoplifting from a gas station before


theres nothing worth stealing from a gas station


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love sipgirls


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the hands


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getting paranoid about this chest pain… but if it was heart related i would have had a heart attack by now no?


describe it. ive had chest pain for a years that was the result of my esophagus and GI issues

if its sharp and you can pin point it to a location then its not cardiac related


feels kinda breathing in really cold air right under my breastbone


>stealing from the same place multiple times
why are criminals always so dumb lol


only happens when you breathe?


no its constant

pain wise like a 1/10 but its very uncomfortable


sounds like esophagus irritation


sounds like you sucked too many dicks you fucking faggot


i never did that!!!


not today maybe


bro i had like super sharp chest pain for years and paid out of pocket for a full heart workup only for them to tell me its just gas


never had chest problems and i had covid


zii make a new thread


lmao groyp'd


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thats one of the worst thread i have ever seen here crumper


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