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dr za
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i left the house to get some tape at the hardware store. they require masks and the only one in the car was a black one bedazzled and covered with fake plastic diamonds, the other side was white with a big pink blob lipstick stain because its the inside of my moms mask. i went with the pink blob side


tonight is friday night mother fuckers


lol its like the jacket episode of seinfeld


did any guys try to kiss you



>i left the house
stopped readin\g


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*pays 50% extra so some mouthbreather can spend money on their spawn*


*funds jeff’s next yacht*



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i tried to support my local hobby shop but its too bodega'd and depressing. the only things in stock is the crap left that people never buy or use. half of the stock is outdated stuff that should've been sent back and swapped out for the newer versions. they're selling them for triple jeff's price for the updated version


i love burning looting and murdering


playing for hours, commentating, editing, exporting, uploading, giving timestamps just so 162fellas can hit a dislike because its fun.
why is life so hard and depressed and some people can live on ez mode?


if i had more money, i would support local


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i never have that problem when i streamed because i didnt upload to youtube


ya i know, its kinda a new hobby for me rn


and its being shit on lol


just make better vids then lol


bodypainting stream would be nice


its called a playthrough.
dont like it? dont watch it.


balan wonderworld


bruh, you could have just walked into the store and asked for a mask. They would have given you a disposable one for free.


nibba just disable likes on your videos


i didnt watch it. assumed it sucked because of how many thumbs down they have 😆


i'll try not to take everything to heart and ignore dislikers, theres nothing i can do about them.

gonna exercise, shower and then stream tpp

i dont want to


i'm genuinely worried that sickzii is gonna off himself because of youtube dislikes


>theres nothing i can do about them


dude i'm not paying $60 bucks so people can just spam even more dislikes on vids
i'm not gonna end myself lol but it does make me more depressed


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couldnt care less if this whiny little faggot is depressed
gonna drop another batch of dislikes brb


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>i didnt watch it. assumed it sucked because of how many thumbs down they have 😆


haha mom look at me im being edgy again xD


what editing do you do retard you just upload the entire vod wholesale


File: 1619190472304.webm (3.09 MB, 1920x1080, 1619177730648.webm) ImgOps Google


File: 1619190499810.jpg (70.86 KB, 480x434, bully (chillbrains).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i've had similar deals happen. there were a couple of bad ones where the thread was nice enough to stop doing something when i threatened to never come back unless they stopped and described how horrible that would be for me.


your father will never love you dude


at least my vids dont have more dislikes than likes LMAO


not true,
volume fixking, fading between stream splits, when i go afk, minimizing, mixing splits and shit like that.
not much but its considered as editing


What's your hobby?


>Elfen Leid
Cringe. Could your taste possible be more pedestrian? We only watch kino anime here on the 162 buddy.


animeshaming isn't cool


we are proud gatekeepers here on the onesixtwo, otherwise this place would become even more infested with the normies.


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well i said how depressed and sad that shit makes me but i'm too autistic to actually leave this place. and in return i got called a whiny faggot and got even more dislikes.


omo stranded with sickzii…..



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