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tomboy gf edition
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bwittat stwinks!!!


never really cared about blizzard
played the wc3 campaign but thats about it


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really interesting stuff man


we still need to solve the nigger problem


sorry cant make it then mr snibbles is streaming
how about wed 8pm?


ship em to afrika


pepega clap



i really wanna fuck jinnytty…


File: 1618948051725.png (1008.89 KB, 1080x1028, 1618592348000.png) ImgOps Google


friends romans countrymen
niggers are the problem




no… im going to miss it……



whats up with this low t guy who hates it when we talk about wanting to fuck beautiful women?


where can i catch the verdict and resulting chimp outs live?


File: 1618948217224.png (565.77 KB, 653x689, ED4u7XTWwAI2Ygt.png) ImgOps Google

I am not everyone┬┤s friend, nor did I ever have the ambitions to be. In fact, I intended not to be friend to most people, because most people are zombie NPCs.

When I fade away in the chaos to come, most who remember me will hate me. So be it. I was merely honest. Not many are.


murderer btw


File: 1618948291023.mp4 (97.8 KB, HZpRsr1il1pPZwC0.mp4)


someone please post terry davis son of rome


they gave varg such a long sentence partly because they were jealous of his beautiful face


File: 1618948420527.mp4 (319.92 KB, KwPQ2G80rrS7Xt66.mp4)


zombie NPC here


File: 1618948520771.jpg (136.12 KB, 1777x1000, 1607869260121.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ever notice how the vast majority of politicians are fucking hideous?


remember tulsi


pre shapeshift?


tulsi was juuust right


this was possibly the most important moment of 2020



tulsi? lost in the merge


need a chubby gyaru gf with big awoogas



lets go




whats a rapisurazuri?


*pushes your belly button*


either america's legal system is still intact and nigger savages cause chaos or the legal system has been destroyed and nigger savages cause chaos




i want not guilty to see how the media will spin it


i want not guilty because derek did nothing wrong


how can they possibly reach a verdict in a single day
this was rigged from the get go


pad what do you think




File: 1618949414641.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, 1521267093753.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hmm yes


i think it's a really good idea to have a society wide policy of always giving a violent slave race with retard level average iq and zero impulse control whatever they want as long as they threaten to burn loot and murder


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