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the pits of despair
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i thought that was sneaky not bonbi…..


ill never be as cool as terry


climbed a v6 today it was pretty easy


Be funny. I understand this may not be easy for some idiots on here that just say "haha get rick rolled noob funny poopy", but try to make smart jokes. Look on r/cardsagainsthumanity for some real funny shit. But make the jokes at the right time, like if her grandmother died, don't say: "Well, you have another one".


dont understand why people want gfs



cant type very fast anymore because of the carpal tunnel


voice to text


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toon stop sending me this shit on steam


cant believe it was for gachashit


gacha is becoming too powerful


gacha is the most popular genre in the world bro


why do the stinks love gambling so much


its just how they are


pay2win games are popular cuz when you get back home from work you can own the zoomers with your money






id like to rest my head against a ladys body


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classic toon humor


oh my god its finally time


hes just like me


this cartoon bitches heart rate is like 150


shes an actual alcoholic


its a cartoon bro


shes slurring her words bro she needs help


File: 1618791302831.webm (1.94 MB, 460x460, 1618788900433.webm) ImgOps Google


i need sip


where do you find this stuff lol


that one was on the front page of reddit


reddit has way better content than 162…



we need to attract more content creators real power users namsayn


she has a tiny soundproof room too with no air con


lying sack of shit


i just woke up from a weed nap LOOKING FOR GROUP BOYS!




guras talking about sunny-d


Are shipping containers a humane solution for people experiencing homelessness?


the wire season 2


damn thats crazy




hes just like me


i will NOT leap back into the ditch


i will
pull me out and ill just jump back in


the sheep is me
the ditch is the sip


gura made pancakes



there was already a new thread to use

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