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new thread drawer piss edition
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why do girls sometimes start kissing each other at the club?


who wouldnt wanna kiss ag irl…….




rip iBP ;__;


File: 1509135175628.jpg (259.9 KB, 1695x524, QNvkHrl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

remember this


why is my stomach so big!


baka hentai


never knew she had pep nips


why is my penis so big darn thing keeps getting in the way


*pees in your drawer*


File: 1509135750330.webm (687.52 KB, 350x500, 1509130204375.webm) ImgOps Google

any high test boys here?


but you posted a monkey so i dont really know what your post has to do with that pic :/



so bitcoin's price action is nothing unusual
actually it's text book behavior


i was supposed to do something else but this is really making my pip wanna go


fuck off spook


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play with my doh baby mmm


what does low and high test mean?


testosterone levels


its supposed to be "do you have high testosterone" but retards use it to mean "do you like fat chicks"


i fucked your bitch!


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Professional Gamer beats GF while Streaming


awake now :(


put that video at half volume because it gets loud a minute in


why is she in a relationship with this guy? what a stupid whore






wow leffen gave his last stock for free what a crazy melt down definitely top 5 material

the guy who made this is a fucking retard



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ok heres the scvee's gate party..

Toonschitz the chaotic good human fighter
points in longsword and dual wield

BeerBoy the chaotic neutral dwarf thief
points in move silently, hide in shadows, and detect illusion

Tinny the true neutral halfling cleric
points in doom and heals

Toot the neutral good human sorcerer
points in identify and magic missile

Bobob the lawful good human monk
points in judaism

and TossPoster the neutral evil half-orc shaman
learned in entangle and armor of faith


you're such a noob
i made a post about my old friend playing baldurs gate and you go download it



smash bros is so 2015


when? ive been planning on playing it for a while


uh? last thread?



make a vodnvape character


looks like im not invited to the 162 party


you're right vodnvape is probably a better character to have than bobob..


File: 1509137383891.jpg (501.28 KB, 828x559, 1504539583231.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

were coming.



we havent had this many transactions in a while
guess im camping at the coffee shop for a couple of days


File: 1509137519750.png (785.74 KB, 1280x720, ....png) ImgOps Google

last thread
ctrl+f bald : 0 results
ctrl+f gate : 0 results

two threads ago
ctrl+f bald : 0 results
ctrl+f gate : gamergate, pizza gate, mitigate.


whatever i posted it would in reply




new thread coin edition



File: 1509137893042.png (560.59 KB, 818x606, Baldur_2017-10-27_16-57-34.png) ImgOps Google

+ vodnvape the chaotic good human ranger
points in dual wielding and axes and longbows


hey theres some sc2 thing going on is scarlett playing


me on the left…

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