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Tucker Carlson Today

  Anonymous   No.1246784

oh gosh

  Anonymous   No.1246785

bored of the tuck meme

  Anonymous   No.1246786

its not a meme

  Anonymous   No.1246787

kiara actually looks kind of ok without her 2 hat design

  Anonymous   No.1246788

bowtie tucker was a meme and a half current tucker is double memes

  Anonymous   No.1246790

File: 1616775473508.png (211.89 KB, 959x1137, Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at ….png) ImgOps Google

why cant python get a decent interactive notebook like mathematica
look at this horrendous tooltip ui

  Anonymous   No.1246791


  Anonymous   No.1246792


  Anonymous   No.1246793


  Anonymous   No.1246794

think i figured out a way to fix my shower for $40 instead of having to redo the whole thing

  Anonymous   No.1246795

*does a windmill slam dunk in the thread*

  Anonymous   No.1246796

hmm just woke up and my left testicle is swollen and hurts real bad…

  Anonymous   No.1246797

varg warned you bro

  Anonymous   No.1246798


  Anonymous   No.1246799

File: 1616776893953.webm (1.35 MB, 592x1280, 1616776757008.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246800

holy shit!

  Anonymous   No.1246801

damn just realized i wasted my life

  Anonymous   No.1246802

thats what i thought too but yesterdays rudy changed my outlook

  Anonymous   No.1246803

finally a cure for niggerness

  Anonymous   No.1246804

come on bro

  Anonymous   No.1246805

when im dep it feels like that like everything is bad always was and that its impossible and pointless to change but then when im not it feels like everything is great and i have an unstoppable potential and can do anything and everything

  Anonymous   No.1246806

bro you're bipolar

  Anonymous   No.1246807

im bipoc

  Anonymous   No.1246808

my fellow bipocs,

  Anonymous   No.1246809

tonight im gonna drink some booze and eat some ice cream
tonight im gonna fire up a game

  Anonymous   No.1246810

thats the normal depression cycle bipolar is crazy foid shit

  Anonymous   No.1246811

my sisters wife is bipolar as hell
literally goes psycho if she stops taking meds

  Anonymous   No.1246812

yeah live it up for the next few days bro
cuz we're doing sober april

  Anonymous   No.1246813

april fools?
im gettin hammered big time in april

  Anonymous   No.1246814

File: 1616777586481.jpeg (515.65 KB, 1446x2047, 223E59AB-424F-44F0-8FE0-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246815

have you ever seen either of their boobs?

  Anonymous   No.1246816

bet toots got a big 'ril fools prank lined up for us…

  Anonymous   No.1246817

this dude has a lesbian for a sister do you realize that?

  Anonymous   No.1246818

my sisters wife

  Anonymous   No.1246819

the april fools prank will be pretending to not care about us by not doing anything for fools day but he really does care

  Anonymous   No.1246820

my sister is also a les and has a wife

  Anonymous   No.1246821

lesbianism is infectious

  Anonymous   No.1246822

have you ever seen either of their boobs?

  Anonymous   No.1246823

are you gonna donate your sp*rm to them

  Anonymous   No.1246824

you turned her lesbian

  Anonymous   No.1246825

File: 1616777756382.png (972.9 KB, 1020x1045, 1588567547672.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246826

remember when he had a podcast

  Anonymous   No.1246827

i have begun the dotanime

  Anonymous   No.1246828

File: 1616777852991.png (137.2 KB, 807x404, varg-vikernes.png) ImgOps Google

All the elves are blonde in Thulê, but note that they have all shades of blonde hair, including dark blonde (that is often mistaken as "light brown")

The most common shade of blonde in adults is middle-to-dark blonde, because this provides the best camo in a forest

  Anonymous   No.1246829

is it actually made in japan? not anime otherwise

  Anonymous   No.1246830

thanks varg

  Anonymous   No.1246831

  Anonymous   No.1246832

Reed died from a heart attack during a break from filming Gladiator in Valletta, Malta, on the afternoon of 2 May 1999. According to witnesses, he drank eight pints of German lager, a dozen shots of rum, half a bottle of whiskey and a few shots of Hennessy cognac, in a drinking match against a group of sailors on shore leave from HMS Cumberland at a local pub. His bar bill totaled a little over 270 Maltese lira (almost 450 GBP; about 590 USD). After beating five much younger Royal Navy sailors at arm-wrestling, Reed suddenly collapsed, dying while en route to hospital in an ambulance. He was 61 years old.

  Anonymous   No.1246833

why the fuck would elves need their hair camouflaged in the forest

  Anonymous   No.1246834

there were some gook names in the credits. i thought korean slaves made all the anime?

  Anonymous   No.1246835

well yeah gook mules draw the in-betweens but the writing design directing and keyframes are jap

  Anonymous   No.1246836

i think ive seen sea monkeys in credits before too

  Anonymous   No.1246837

  Anonymous   No.1246838

i think jewflix cut the nips out of the deal and went straight to the gooks

  Anonymous   No.1246839

the writer and producer names were literally jewish XD

  Anonymous   No.1246840


this is the studio doing the dota anime their past projects are not good

  Anonymous   No.1246841

then it aint anime

  Anonymous   No.1246842

File: 1616778322514.jpg (36.04 KB, 480x240, Varg Vikernes Je ne suis ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lego elves was good

  Anonymous   No.1246843

japan really needs to get one of those international trade things like france has with champagne where you cant call it anime

  Anonymous   No.1246844

Not now Varg

  Anonymous   No.1246845

  Anonymous   No.1246846


  Anonymous   No.1246847

i dont know what to do about my hair

  Anonymous   No.1246848


  Anonymous   No.1246849

wonder what happens when you selectively breed humans with asymmetric features
must be pretty bad if theres such a strongly ingrained bias against them

  Anonymous   No.1246850

thats even worse

  Anonymous   No.1246851

in english doc?

  Anonymous   No.1246852

ryan gosling supposedly has a weird asymmetric face

  Anonymous   No.1246853

  Anonymous   No.1246854

ask varg

  Anonymous   No.1246855

im ugly
fat and getting fatter

  Anonymous   No.1246856

File: 1616778812323.jpg (36.85 KB, 512x288, unnamed (2).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1246857

a couple months after i stopped drinking my face completely deflated

  Anonymous   No.1246858

who would give this company money to do more of this?

  Anonymous   No.1246859

the framerate is terrible holy shit this actually hurts to watch

  Anonymous   No.1246860

reminder that they're gonna insert artificial wombs into males so they can give birth in the near future

  Anonymous   No.1246861

lowest bidder

  Anonymous   No.1246862

this is huge

  Anonymous   No.1246863

cant wait

  Anonymous   No.1246864

gonna play tlou2, hop in if you're stupid, gay or extremely bored


  Anonymous   No.1246865

guess im watching this now

  Anonymous   No.1246866

has anyone said anything about why she keeps taking long breaks
worried shes gonna graduate soon

  Anonymous   No.1246867

am none of those things so i willn't

  Anonymous   No.1246868

someone gift me a zii sub

  Anonymous   No.1246869

not i want a meatball sub

  Anonymous   No.1246870

  Anonymous   No.1246871

ill open ziis stream but im not gonna watch

  Anonymous   No.1246872

im a 30 year old neet virgin and i live with my parents

  Anonymous   No.1246873


  Anonymous   No.1246874

27 and not a virg but same

  Anonymous   No.1246875

die retarded sex haver

  Anonymous   No.1246876

hbd :3

  Anonymous   No.1246877

and i'd have it again!

  Anonymous   No.1246878

not cool man

  Anonymous   No.1246879

i had sex once at 19 but it was super awkward and didnt go anywhere
i still consider myself a virgin

  Anonymous   No.1246880

guess i could google around and see what the rumors are

  Anonymous   No.1246881

File: 1616779600297.jpg (56.95 KB, 957x1002, 5af4ad1a86bfac52468f2e66fa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1246882

File: 1616779760790.jpg (65.77 KB, 378x453, coinmeme.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1246883

wtf all my guildies are getting tbc beta!

  Anonymous   No.1246884

  Anonymous   No.1246885

File: 1616780014805.webm (1.23 MB, 460x816, 1616779920567.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246886

  Anonymous   No.1246887


  Anonymous   No.1246888

didnt find anything interesting

  Anonymous   No.1246889

why are foids so dumb and useless i dont get it

  Anonymous   No.1246890

if both sexes could reproduce independent of each other there wouldnt be any foids

  Anonymous   No.1246891

stop posting ren fair stuff you know how it triggers my depression

  Anonymous   No.1246892

she almost chopped her boob off

  Anonymous   No.1246893

  Anonymous   No.1246894

shes so pretty and her boobs are the perfect size *_*

  Anonymous   No.1246895

leave me alone!

  Anonymous   No.1246896

File: 1616781076632.png (274.06 KB, 496x445, faithlesslooting.png) ImgOps Google

dude what the fuck??

  Anonymous   No.1246897

what if you made a deck that was just the 5 pieces of exodia and a bunch of pot of greeds
wouldnt you just win every game?

  Anonymous   No.1246898

no you would lose every game for running an illegal deck

  Anonymous   No.1246899

what if there was a card that made it legal to change one rule

  Anonymous   No.1246900

he hates me for sure

  Anonymous   No.1246901

hatin nogz rn

  Anonymous   No.1246902

how are sauteed brussel sprouts so good
its ridiculous how tasty they are for a veggie

  Anonymous   No.1246903

i'm baby

  Anonymous   No.1246904

i like
pea pods

  Anonymous   No.1246905

do better

  Anonymous   No.1246906


  Anonymous   No.1246907

File: 1616782641367.jpg (615.15 KB, 828x1259, 1616776415526.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1246908

try roasting them with some nuts

  Anonymous   No.1246909

deez nuts

  Anonymous   No.1246910

brussel sprouts freaking suck!!

  Anonymous   No.1246911

theyre the best

  Anonymous   No.1246912

  Anonymous   No.1246913

still cant believe calli shidded and farded on stream

  Anonymous   No.1246914

refunded puyo puyo tetris 2

  Anonymous   No.1246915

  Anonymous   No.1246916


  Anonymous   No.1246917

ayo hol' up

  Anonymous   No.1246918

is there a kino showing today

  Anonymous   No.1246919

typical coiners

  Anonymous   No.1246920

File: 1616783746778.jpeg (81.7 KB, 500x562, ExaEVU-XMAAlMpN.jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246921

how about a good puzz

  Anonymous   No.1246922

if you guys think the boston marathon bombing was real you're retard

  Anonymous   No.1246923

whoa yea tell me more pikachu @__@

  Anonymous   No.1246924

imagne that pikachu getting f*cked up its *ss omo

  Anonymous   No.1246925

wish i was smart enough to get a phd in statistics from a decent university

  Anonymous   No.1246926

dude my friends dad was running in the race he saw the explosion

  Anonymous   No.1246927

he was mistaken

  Anonymous   No.1246928

schizo hours

  Anonymous   No.1246929

he was barpstaken

  Anonymous   No.1246930

  Anonymous   No.1246931

if i caught a pokemon with a fat ass i dont think id be able to contain myself..

  Anonymous   No.1246932

i open youtube and i have no idea what to search for now that i blocked everything except the search bar

  Anonymous   No.1246933

File: 1616784648489.png (708.69 KB, 1274x555, IMG_545546.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246934

File: 1616784698959.jpg (130.62 KB, 600x550, image.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

they look weird

  Anonymous   No.1246935

god i wish pokemon were real

  Anonymous   No.1246936


  Anonymous   No.1246937


  Anonymous   No.1246938

its not a black guy abort abort

  Anonymous   No.1246939

not gonna lie when i first linked it i thought it said bbq burger

  Anonymous   No.1246940

bros even MORE of my guildies are getting the beta what the fuck!!!!

  Anonymous   No.1246941

dont understand the wow hamster wheel

  Anonymous   No.1246942

stay alpha bro

  Anonymous   No.1246943

admit it

  Anonymous   No.1246944

admit it

  Anonymous   No.1246945

you just know

  Anonymous   No.1246946

i will not admit it because im going to be in the beta soon too

  Anonymous   No.1246947

STOP being beta START being sigma

  Anonymous   No.1246948

the italics are so freaking gay

  Anonymous   No.1246949

you guys make me want to become a celibate monk until i die

  Anonymous   No.1246950

we basically are celibate monks

  Anonymous   No.1246951

pretty sure celibate means no jerking it

  Anonymous   No.1246952

im sugma male

  Anonymous   No.1246953

oh shit

  Anonymous   No.1246954

beyond as in beyond meat?

  Anonymous   No.1246955

yea what else would it be?

  Anonymous   No.1246956

beyond deez nuts

  Anonymous   No.1246957


  Anonymous   No.1246958


  Anonymous   No.1246959

  Anonymous   No.1246960

maybe ill watch godzilla vs kong
or maybe ill just watch one piece instead

  Anonymous   No.1246961

im gonna become your ace bro (not gay btw)
i wanna catch your balls bro (not gay btw)

  Anonymous   No.1246962

why do i wake up with these little annoying soars on the inside of my lip >.<

  Anonymous   No.1246963

thats not good enough for me

  Anonymous   No.1246964

File: 1616786932295.gif (499.6 KB, 500x215, Jennifer-Aniston-making-fu….gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246965

why did redditors go apeshit just because one of their admins was a tranny
seems really bigoted to me

  Anonymous   No.1246966

sports anime bro
its not gay

  Anonymous   No.1246967

im bigot

  Anonymous   No.1246968

File: 1616786998328.jpg (73.47 KB, 434x577, Xi_Jinping.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1246969

that's it
once covid's over i'm gonna roid the hell up

  Anonymous   No.1246970

hell yeah bro

  Anonymous   No.1246971

  Anonymous   No.1246972

roiding isnt worth it go natty

  Anonymous   No.1246973

i think the main thing was that theyre a pedophile/pedo apologist

  Anonymous   No.1246974

just wait till i shoulder check you with my absurdly huge delts

  Anonymous   No.1246975

watame is really enjoying monster hunter

  Anonymous   No.1246976

*gets massive* yeah totally not worth it

  Anonymous   No.1246977

watame's always having fun
i wish i knew how that felt

  Anonymous   No.1246978

my cousins doc prescribed him some roids
hes huge now

  Anonymous   No.1246979

unless you are over 6'4" it isnt worth it you will look silly

  Anonymous   No.1246980

*dies in a sauna*
i.. it was worth it….

  Anonymous   No.1246981

  Anonymous   No.1246982

no idea who that is
some tv host or something

  Anonymous   No.1246983

maybe ill pirate monster hunter rise

  Anonymous   No.1246984

why does he write like a teenager

  Anonymous   No.1246985

File: 1616787554511.mp4 (56.36 MB, [210326][Queen Bee]遠い君に、僕は….mp4)

oh toooty….

  Anonymous   No.1246986

the 56 meg bomb

  Anonymous   No.1246987

toot ban this nerd

  Anonymous   No.1246988

File: 1616787613714.jpeg (139.44 KB, 1000x1000, ExK2vXwWQAoBTwm.jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246989

this is a porno i can tell

  Anonymous   No.1246990

yes please

  Anonymous   No.1246991

anime is fucking trash

  Anonymous   No.1246992

youre a fucking clown

  Anonymous   No.1246993

dont fuck with me bitch

  Anonymous   No.1246994

  Anonymous   No.1246995

ill kill you

  Anonymous   No.1246996

in my defense the original file was 170 mb

  Anonymous   No.1246997

deep down every woman dreams of getting raped

  Anonymous   No.1246998

File: 1616787807812.jpeg (338.79 KB, 2048x1536, Ev_dHOjXIAEKSHJ.jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1246999

  Anonymous   No.1247000

17 38 07

  Anonymous   No.1247001

  Anonymous   No.1247002

i dont have a twitch account

  Anonymous   No.1247003

File: 1616788545301.jpg (32.34 KB, 480x480, b9n6x.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247004

make a fucking puz

  Anonymous   No.1247005

  Anonymous   No.1247006

bro this is 29 minutes long

  Anonymous   No.1247007

  Anonymous   No.1247008

what happens when toots server fills up
does the site just error out or what

  Anonymous   No.1247009

puzzed just stole a bunch of my connects i made the whole left side and that little bitch swooped in and finished it

  Anonymous   No.1247010

puzzed is a little bitch
as is tom
fuck tom

  Anonymous   No.1247011

calm down its a co-op experience

  Anonymous   No.1247012

ill give you a coop experience *unzips*

  Anonymous   No.1247013

whats this schizo shit we are making

  Anonymous   No.1247014

of course zii

  Anonymous   No.1247015

tinnifer self portrait

  Anonymous   No.1247016

this painting is scary

  Anonymous   No.1247017

nice painting

  Anonymous   No.1247018

been watching a bunch of teen titan algs cuz raven is so hot
apparently theres multiple robins

  Anonymous   No.1247019

my puzz isnt as good as the last one but it will take a long time

  Anonymous   No.1247020

cant believe there isnt a single stand up comedian right now who is any good

  Anonymous   No.1247021

what about normie mcdonald

  Anonymous   No.1247022

i like dave chappelle

  Anonymous   No.1247023

bill burr is funny on his podcast
i dont like stand up, its too corny
i like in the moment humor

  Anonymous   No.1247024

standup is terrible and for norms

  Anonymous   No.1247025

  Anonymous   No.1247026

*tunes in*

  Anonymous   No.1247027

play an epic prank on them

  Anonymous   No.1247028

those sisters in monhun are so hot @_@

  Anonymous   No.1247029

the group has disbanded have some respect

  Anonymous   No.1247030

finna link up

  Anonymous   No.1247031

not as hot as raven!

  Anonymous   No.1247032

  Anonymous   No.1247033

foids are subhuman, youll never be able to convince me otherwise

  Anonymous   No.1247034

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247035

File: 1616791320146.jpg (70.34 KB, 1024x576, 1616776507945m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this image perfectly rhapsodies you erudite lagomorphs

  Anonymous   No.1247036

File: 1616791370584.jpg (97.74 KB, 876x847, 1616650693925.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247037

sickzii you are such a child

  Anonymous   No.1247038

nice vocab nerd

  Anonymous   No.1247039

come solve jigsaw puzzles with us REAL men

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247040

.t enigmatic simpleton

  Anonymous   No.1247041

haha toss rehashed a joke lmao comedy genius

  Anonymous   No.1247042

i simple NEED to go to a maid cafe

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247043


  Anonymous   No.1247044

im rofling so hard thank you for gracing us with your presence

  Anonymous   No.1247045

nyanners is cooing like a pigeon

  Anonymous   No.1247046


  Anonymous   No.1247047

ugh why did i drink so much last night

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247048

my cognoscenti influx perserverferbexbce

  Anonymous   No.1247049

arghhh i need a raven gf!!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.1247050

File: 1616791784916.jpg (69.62 KB, 1280x960, 1587492113662.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i like raven too

  Anonymous   No.1247051


  Anonymous   No.1247052

i wonder how many people joined the kkk just because of the cool titles

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247053

toot is obsess with raven even though he's a tranny

  Anonymous   No.1247054

i have it on good authority that nyanners weighs 210lbs

  Anonymous   No.1247055

think il buy an mx 518

  Anonymous   No.1247056

call me the grand jizzard

  Anonymous   No.1247057

*calls you the grand reetard instead*

  Anonymous   No.1247058

her pics are out there bro shes skinny and ugly

  Anonymous   No.1247059

i'm an exalted cyclops though

  Anonymous   No.1247060

those are old pics

  Anonymous   No.1247061

File: 1616792092956.jpg (62.94 KB, 966x880, 21452134234234121.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247062

File: 1616792192808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 262.6 KB, 1275x759, 1616629232345.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

think fast bully!

  Anonymous   No.1247063

what should i get from the jap restaurant

  Anonymous   No.1247064

  Anonymous   No.1247065

trying to make puzzle with a touchpad is too hard

  Anonymous   No.1247066

the only woman i ever see there is at least 50 years old
about 4 foot tall

  Anonymous   No.1247067

  Anonymous   No.1247068

how many different races did they jam into that one

  Anonymous   No.1247069

dude i already linked that

  Anonymous   No.1247070

is tabletop simulator any good

  Anonymous   No.1247071

god dang it i thought that godzilla movie came out today
comes out next wednesday thats a dumb time to release

  Anonymous   No.1247072

alright have fun fitting 90 sand pieces together bro

  Anonymous   No.1247073

yeah theres no way im guessing where all these beige pieces go lol
im considering this puzz finished

  Anonymous   No.1247074

File: 1616792980554.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 1615759491342.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247075


  Anonymous   No.1247076

its hot when girls cock their hips like this

  Anonymous   No.1247077

not really, its super unoptimized but if you want to play some random board game online that doesnt have another easier means of playing it then go ahead

  Anonymous   No.1247078

File: 1616793268818.mp4 (1.5 MB, doctor visit.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.1247079

  Anonymous   No.1247080

wish i still had my foreskin

  Anonymous   No.1247081

File: 1616793475116.png (851.71 KB, 1029x839, homm.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247082

  Anonymous   No.1247083

why dont they just move the ship wtf?

  Anonymous   No.1247084

went with shrimp fried rice and a spicy cali roll and miso soup

  Anonymous   No.1247085

bad puzz two thumbs down

  Anonymous   No.1247086

still mad about my 4skin situation

  Anonymous   No.1247087

id like to cock a girls hips if you know what i mean

  Anonymous   No.1247088

File: 1616793570531.jpg (161.75 KB, 900x1732, 1546336823961.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247089

be real with me uncut bros, how good does it feel to have your foreskin sliding over the head of ur dick?

  Anonymous   No.1247090

uhh it doesnt feel like anything really

  Anonymous   No.1247091

i like when the puzzle gets super autistic and you have to compare grain direction and the shape of puzzle nubs

  Anonymous   No.1247092

  Anonymous   No.1247093

you never need lube thats about it

  Anonymous   No.1247094

being a neet is a good thing now its the 2nd best option for employment

  Anonymous   No.1247095

we dont like that
make a puzzle with boobs and girlhips but not furry ones

  Anonymous   No.1247096

File: 1616793665014.jpeg (293.35 KB, 2961x2059, ExXS1KGUYAMGVNP.jpeg) ImgOps Google

its fucked

  Anonymous   No.1247097

i just like having my head protected and kept moist
seen some dry cut dicks that make me cringe

  Anonymous   No.1247098

just move all containers off the ship and then blow it up

  Anonymous   No.1247099

got a bad feeling about this puzz that looks like a ball sack

  Anonymous   No.1247100

for real? i dont use lube and im uncut
so im not actually missing out on anything?

  Anonymous   No.1247101

>trap waifu

  Anonymous   No.1247102

woops meant and im cut

  Anonymous   No.1247103

oh and the sensation is atleast 10 times more intense

  Anonymous   No.1247104

imagine getting drunk and driving a boat

  Anonymous   No.1247105

dont need to skeet

  Anonymous   No.1247106

you cant move em theres no infrastructure in place there to move em
and it would take a billion hours with helicopters

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247107

File: 1616793856312.jpg (10.1 KB, 158x220, unnamed.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247108


  Anonymous   No.1247109

  Anonymous   No.1247110

*licks screen*

  Anonymous   No.1247111

new puzz cmon

  Anonymous   No.1247112

think im gonna grow out some wicked civil-war era sideburns

  Anonymous   No.1247113

we're almost done cmon bro

  Anonymous   No.1247114

please something cool no weenergirls man im not into that sorta thing anymore

  Anonymous   No.1247115

File: 1616794122288.png (171.56 KB, 246x318, 1524712388793.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247116

File: 1616794222765.jpg (24.64 KB, 450x336, 1786101-crop2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247117

p-pwease gib me attention guys *posts a tranny*

  Anonymous   No.1247118

bros things arent looking good for the f35

  Anonymous   No.1247119

File: 1616794287741.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.8 KB, 850x1495, 1612569960279.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247120

i really want a girl to put one of those suction cup milker machine things on my dick and torture me until im spilling cum everywhere

  Anonymous   No.1247121

whats happening with it now

  Anonymous   No.1247122

cmon man

  Anonymous   No.1247123

good thing that crypto pumped 6% today lol

  Anonymous   No.1247124

whens it gonna pop so i can buy back in

  Anonymous   No.1247125

  Anonymous   No.1247126

what? its freaking hot

  Anonymous   No.1247127

  Anonymous   No.1247128

wtf some dumb fucking nigger took my name

  Anonymous   No.1247129

toss keeps owning us

  Anonymous   No.1247130

and theres the pip

  Anonymous   No.1247131

the pip had its own piece

  Anonymous   No.1247132

hate when you guys discover the pip immediately

  Anonymous   No.1247133

  Anonymous   No.1247134

their pips are too small

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247135

File: 1616794687468.mp4 (1.08 MB, GoodnaturedIncomparableAnt….mp4)

  Anonymous   No.1247136

i thought that one was hot and i still knew to close it before the pip came

  Anonymous   No.1247137

File: 1616794751535.jpg (95.28 KB, 828x1022, 1583640987685.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247138

maybe a puzzle with no pip in it?? ??

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247139

  Anonymous   No.1247140

i just wanna puzz without seeing pornography

  Anonymous Protoss   No.1247141

are you 7?

  Anonymous   No.1247142

  Anonymous   No.1247143

im 30 today

  Anonymous   No.1247144


wonder what its like to live here

  Anonymous   No.1247145

30 year olds are the new teens

  Anonymous   No.1247146

hope i end it all before i hit that (in like a year lol)

  Anonymous   No.1247147

bro its friday night you gotta go crazy!

  Anonymous   No.1247148

unironically true

  Anonymous   No.1247149

i didnt know there was actually a secret discord channel

  Anonymous   No.1247150

ina looks like shes getting 10 fps on monhun switchbros this is not good


File: 1616795548036.png (241.73 KB, 851x710, 1514589364989.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.1247152

that puzz was the bomb

  Anonymous   No.1247153

im the birthday boy
i will be making eggs for brekkie

  Anonymous   No.1247154

File: 1616795617881.jpg (50.99 KB, 360x360, 1525012398332.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247155

on the internet

i ordered bowls

jeff will deliver

  Anonymous   No.1247156

File: 1616795726953.png (740.49 KB, 615x649, GRAIL.PNG) ImgOps Google

nothan maybe some diptube
nothan not a nerd geek
had caviar now chips
gin beer sparkling wine
maybe some spicy latina milfs
real good damn good we celebrating

  Anonymous   No.1247157

why does zii hate smokers so much

  Anonymous   No.1247158

EVERY mexican girl ive ever dated admits to being molested or losing their virginity to an uncle or older cousin

also i live in la so ivve dated a lot of latinas

  Anonymous   No.1247159

hes autistic

  Anonymous   No.1247160

EVERY mexican girl ive ever dated was facetious

  Anonymous   No.1247161

  Anonymous   No.1247162

girls shouldnt smoke but theres nothing wrong with a guy enjoying a pipe or cigar now and then

  Anonymous   No.1247163

zii complains about girls wasting money on unhealthy things despite drinking a 'ster every day

  Anonymous   No.1247164

File: 1616795929428.jpg (300.19 KB, 1920x1080, 20201112214716_1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

PLAYAN guilty gear
WATCHAN one piece
READAN foundation and empire
EATAN jap food
DRINKAN wata booze l8r
SMOKAN snussan about to pop a fresh one in

no way jose
FEELAN good its friday time to get loaded

  Anonymous   No.1247165

ina keeps moaning

bro good choices

  Anonymous   No.1247166

*pop pop*

  Anonymous   No.1247167

File: 1616796009019.png (4.94 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_01_545452.png) ImgOps Google

>hes autistic

  Anonymous   No.1247168

File: 1616796060549.jpg (25.54 KB, 599x401, 1552269490655.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247169

just downloaded hearthstone classic
bubblegum crisis
bubblegum crisis
fried chicken

too poor
not until easter
excited for TBC classic!

  Anonymous   No.1247170

why do yuropeens love violent american media so much

  Anonymous   No.1247171

did you guys hear the air going into my vagina??????

  Anonymous   No.1247172

File: 1616796191627.jpg (94.65 KB, 800x800, 1525556954571.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247173

>hearthstone classic

  Anonymous   No.1247174

File: 1616796234335.jpg (83.12 KB, 1200x800, 1586373852839.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247175

File: 1616796419434.jpg (74.5 KB, 750x636, 1565584836573.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

hey happy birthday dude

  Anonymous   No.1247176

are you really eating caviar

  Anonymous   No.1247177

swinging a big heavy sledge isnt easy

  Anonymous   No.1247178

File: 1616796569715.mp4 (3.65 MB, trIYCgJ96gv_Wwur.mp4)

theyre planning something soon
stay safe bros

  Anonymous   No.1247179

  Anonymous   No.1247180

it was just the fake stuff actually :/

  Anonymous   No.1247181

is that the chinks bombing us

  Anonymous   No.1247182

they are always planning something

  Anonymous   No.1247183

what does it taste like?
the internet says caviar tastes like the ocean is that true

  Anonymous   No.1247184

im planning something >:)

  Anonymous   No.1247185

File: 1616796838994.png (148.23 KB, 489x489, 1616534910694.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247186

lets do a puzzle a real puzzle WITHOUT a weener

  Anonymous   No.1247187

  Anonymous   No.1247188

  Anonymous   No.1247189

  Anonymous   No.1247190


  Anonymous   No.1247191

hush baby

  Anonymous   No.1247192

you die in your sleep tonight

  Anonymous   No.1247193

File: 1616797482013.jpeg (87.02 KB, 1080x836, C9FAC8D7-86A3-4677-B59C-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247194

  Anonymous   No.1247195

i've noticed that pad does nothing for the puzzle until the last few pieces then he'll camp the last piece just so he can finish it. demented

  Anonymous   No.1247196

lol classic padman

  Anonymous   No.1247197

low iq baby brain

let him feel like he's helping

  Anonymous   No.1247198

for me its doing the edges really well and then becoming overwhelmed and looking for single pieces for way too long while everyone else is cruising

  Anonymous   No.1247199

ive also noticed pad has done some extremely retarded "plays" like finding the last edge piece and trying to attach it the to a middle piece and then putting it it back into the pile when it doesnt fit

  Anonymous   No.1247200

toons using a bot to solve the puzzs

  Anonymous   No.1247201

  Anonymous   No.1247202

should i even bother applying for phd positions if i didnt get pure As

  Anonymous   No.1247203

  Anonymous   No.1247204

if you want to make $7 an hour because you're too much of a pussy to work? absolutely

  Anonymous   No.1247205

dont contribute to the phd ponzi scheme

  Anonymous   No.1247206

plenty of students with a high undergrad gpa drop out of their phd programs so i dont think thats the determining factor

  Anonymous   No.1247207

*wastes 4 years of my life* hey i got a great idea
lets do it again

  Anonymous   No.1247208

dude hes gonna be advancing human knowledge

  Anonymous   No.1247209

  Anonymous   No.1247210

gotta suck a professors scrote every day and tell them how smart they are

rather just shroom puzz and chill

  Anonymous   No.1247211

*wastes away making nothing of myself*
yep im so much better than those nerds who try to get educated

  Anonymous   No.1247212

unless its a phd in maths $300k starting

  Anonymous   No.1247213

*studies niggers and trannies for 8 years*

quarter of a million well spent 😎

  Anonymous   No.1247214


  Anonymous   No.1247215

plenty of great work has been done as part of phd dissertations you philistines

  Anonymous   No.1247216


  Anonymous   No.1247217

get a real job pussy

  Anonymous   No.1247218

  Anonymous   No.1247219

Meek's PhD dissertation was in fact ground breaking

  Anonymous   No.1247220

Yes, I am Gook.

  Anonymous   No.1247221

get me between those kimchi cheeks so i can make something happen

  Anonymous   No.1247222

you do realize blue collar workers can make a couple thousand a day contracting instead of sucking blm dick

but i guess you don't want to be independent

Keep sucking that commie dick

  Anonymous   No.1247223

File: 1616798514459.jpg (78.84 KB, 743x743, 1580339483191.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247224


  Anonymous   No.1247225

you do realize robots will be doing all those jobs in 5 years right?


  Anonymous   No.1247226

robots tho

  Anonymous   No.1247227

go outside for once

  Anonymous   No.1247228

the only true path to happiness is self employment
ive realized this

  Anonymous   No.1247229

in the middle of a global pandemic??????

  Anonymous   No.1247230

File: 1616798590273.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1360x938, 1612206135146.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247231

new puzz new puzz

  Anonymous   No.1247232

basic income
self driving cars

what else are we getting in 5 years bud

  Anonymous   No.1247233

depends on the school you go to
i only applied to top grad schools because i didnt think it was worthwhile otherwise (was just going for masters though) but i didnt get into any and i had great test scores and pretty great gpa

  Anonymous   No.1247234

its all about scoring that one big gig to set you up for a year or so

  Anonymous   No.1247235

idiots just find a billionaire wife

  Anonymous   No.1247236

the gig to end all gigs

  Anonymous   No.1247237

robots will never do construction

too much variance in material, weather, technique, desired results

  Anonymous   No.1247238

File: 1616798642206.jpg (131.82 KB, 1239x878, 1611712790145.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247239

that makes no sense

  Anonymous   No.1247240

billionaire wife is a big gig….

  Anonymous   No.1247241

female billionaires all got there through divorce except maybe oprah and the harry potter woman

  Anonymous   No.1247242

ironically a lot of the cheap labor jobs will be replaced later than shit like doctors lawyers engineers

  Anonymous   No.1247243

we dont get where they got it all we care is that they got it

  Anonymous   No.1247244

File: 1616798703488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.25 KB, 960x960, 1610315564670.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247245

you pussies wouldn't last one day working with me

would love to see you sweat and cry like babies then scuttle back to mr goldstein for $15 an hour

  Anonymous   No.1247246

ill take the billionaire gook on the right

  Anonymous   No.1247247

holy crackers!

  Anonymous   No.1247248

File: 1616798771997.jpeg (78.7 KB, 733x810, 11401357_1015345122849577….jpeg) ImgOps Google

toot had several letters of rec like this one when applying for his phd program

  Anonymous   No.1247249

how is it "real work" if a nigger can do it?

  Anonymous   No.1247250

File: 1616798785354.jpg (163.39 KB, 1280x1545, 1616623122472.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247251

File: 1616798796883.jpg (274.97 KB, 2048x980, 1611491574058.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247252

is this nash guy a famous math nerd
does he have some theorum named after him

  Anonymous   No.1247253

ran out of tonic so its gin n coca cola tonight

  Anonymous   No.1247254

is he from that one movie about cia niggers

  Anonymous   No.1247255

maybe he's misusing the word genius there are child math prodigies graduating at 14, they'd be the maths geniuses

  Anonymous   No.1247256

iced gin is delicious dont be a baby

  Anonymous   No.1247257

nash invented game theory or something

  Anonymous   No.1247258

gin? never had any

  Anonymous   No.1247259

who drinks fucking cola on their 30th birthday

  Anonymous   No.1247260

  Anonymous   No.1247261

File: 1616799026088.png (230.83 KB, 594x590, 1541614393358.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247262

could use some 'zza this friday..

  Anonymous   No.1247263

what are you talking about bro youre rambling like a madman

  Anonymous   No.1247264

File: 1616799037473.jpg (160.58 KB, 960x960, 1600064905128.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247265

  Anonymous   No.1247266

yes he has a famous "theorum" [sic]

  Anonymous   No.1247267

File: 1616799094436.jpg (188.08 KB, 640x425, f2a5c00bf7faebc7f5d5979103….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247268

it's friday ye we out here

  Anonymous   No.1247269

lets make designer hand crafted mixed material furnitures

  Anonymous   No.1247270

oh god please slice me up
cut my neck

  Anonymous   No.1247271

shes a femoid she probably couldnt draw blood

  Anonymous   No.1247272

wow you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool may i please suck your dick?

  Anonymous   No.1247273

File: 1616799169748.jpg (68.75 KB, 421x767, 1615781947671.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i got the ps2 and the multitap ready
when are you boys coming over !!!

bring chips
im out of chips

  Anonymous   No.1247274

what are you talking about bro youre rambling like a madman

  Anonymous   No.1247275

what are you talking about bro youre rambling like a nigger

  Anonymous   No.1247276

File: 1616799253276.jpg (72.46 KB, 720x685, 45674564356456453.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247277

File: 1616799263115.jpeg (109.42 KB, 828x817, 5B6EFE3D-3A5A-4986-BB9A-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google

this was basically how i lived from 20-24

  Anonymous   No.1247278

had a "child prodigee mathwiz" at our uni
was real bummed out when he turned out to be somewhat sociable and only slightly autistic

  Anonymous   No.1247279

File: 1616799310729.jpg (112.4 KB, 1200x1035, 1606975194857.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247280

oi innit this lads mad hes a maths ace

  Anonymous   No.1247281

File: 1616799481959.jpg (58.02 KB, 712x1007, 1599830341655.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247282

hope her power is a big fat cock

  Anonymous   No.1247283

new puzzle

new puzzle

  Anonymous   No.1247284

zii this is so grossss

  Anonymous   No.1247285

holy shoot look at those biceps

  Anonymous   No.1247286

File: 1616799641311.jpg (229.39 KB, 2048x1787, 1616628211355.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247287

  Anonymous   No.1247288

  Anonymous   No.1247289

stream the puzzing

  Anonymous   No.1247290

the ad worked

  Anonymous   No.1247291

File: 1616799869367.jpg (288.23 KB, 1426x1696, A8JBJw0dJkSxuKEECL5LKBz7I7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.1247292

stream the pozzing

  Anonymous   No.1247293

make it big as twitchs first big puzzstar

  Anonymous   No.1247294

retrogradetom is the puzz wiz

  Anonymous   No.1247295

whoaaaa im so full!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.1247296

  Anonymous   No.1247297

*punches you in the gut*

  Anonymous   No.1247298

damn that one gave me a headache there was a lot going onthere

  Anonymous   No.1247299

  Anonymous   No.1247300

i wish i had a couple burgers rn

  Anonymous   No.1247301

  Anonymous   No.1247302

its friday lfg!

  Anonymous   No.1247303

fuck these monochrome puzzles

  Anonymous   No.1247304

this puzz?
awful just awful

  Anonymous   No.1247305

stfu its 1000x better than the gfur and holoshits

  Anonymous   No.1247306

File: 1616800879707.mp4 (196.3 KB, 1600262205645.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.1247307

this with coca cola has been my last 20 years solid

  Anonymous   No.1247308

  Anonymous   No.1247309

is that you gleep?
please dont tell me you swill soda

  Anonymous   No.1247310

File: 1616801133763.png (1.21 MB, 917x626, windfury.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247311

File: 1616801191198.jpg (68.89 KB, 864x864, bully (pushed reckful).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

12pack a day

  Anonymous   No.1247312

bro your teeth…

  Anonymous   No.1247313

you have no idea

  Anonymous   No.1247314

our teeth are fucked beyond repair

  Anonymous   No.1247315

File: 1616801443958.jpg (241 KB, 1500x1500, 71GjjdTjoLL._SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my mom went to the dollar store type place and got me scary discontinued gay energy drinks that taste like intense cotton candy

  Anonymous   No.1247316

bang isnt discontinued its like coke or pepsi's attempt to compete in the energy drink market

  Anonymous   No.1247317


  Anonymous   No.1247318

if ocean state job lot is selling it i assumed

  Anonymous   No.1247319

dad would rather deal with these sink flies every day for months instead of just calling an exterminator

  Anonymous   No.1247320

if you do all the dishes and keep the sink clean and take out the garbage you dont need an exterminator

  Anonymous   No.1247321


  Anonymous   No.1247322

i usually write unknown for the address of character references (all former co workers) but got shit for it so i'm just going to make shit up rather than call these people. I passed a fbi background check so i figure ill be ight

  Anonymous   No.1247323

File: 1616801735242.gif (2.19 MB, 320x320, 1581352092327.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247324

easy chill edition

  Anonymous   No.1247325

somebody call for an exterminator?

  Anonymous   No.1247326

not gonna lie i felt like a retard doing that last one

  Anonymous   No.1247327

they dont expect that. i write the town usually

  Anonymous   No.1247328

that one was only 25 mins we had 1 hour ones before

  Anonymous   No.1247329

close it zii youll get banned for girlcock

  Anonymous   No.1247330


  Anonymous   No.1247331

its not porn retard

  Anonymous   No.1247332

File: 1616802139587.jpg (224.51 KB, 999x693, 1616802003701.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>the tranny cabal is all in your head bro it's not rea-

  Anonymous   No.1247333

gn zii

  Anonymous   No.1247334

just give us a new puzzle right now nobody wants to finish the tranny porn

  Anonymous   No.1247335

File: 1616802225915.png (Spoiler Image, 186.25 KB, 333x9401, 1566184669323.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247336

so sick of tom always moving my pieces

  Anonymous   No.1247337

bong and starbucks oh god

  Anonymous   No.1247338

bro spoiler that shit

  Anonymous   No.1247339

  Anonymous   No.1247340

where are you finding all these tpics

  Anonymous   No.1247341

he has them saved

  Anonymous   No.1247342

>breasted feral
>belly riding
>male feet

alexa i need some definitions

  Anonymous   No.1247343

splatoon discord

  Anonymous   No.1247344

do you really need male feet defined for you

  Anonymous   No.1247345

demonic freak

  Anonymous   No.1247346

is male feet really a thing
i get female feet but male feet?

  Anonymous   No.1247347

you need to upload it to a website and link a url

  Anonymous   No.1247348

new puzz new puzz

  Anonymous   No.1247349

come on normzii jesus

  Anonymous   No.1247350

zii that pic is going to take forever

  Anonymous   No.1247351

  Anonymous   No.1247352

this is the url to make a puzzle zii fuck sake

  Anonymous   No.1247353

wow zii are you retarded

  Anonymous   No.1247354

File: 1616802643739.gif (627.57 KB, 245x242, 1616727633045.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247355

zii is so dumb its not even funny v__v

  Anonymous   No.1247356

  Anonymous   No.1247357

  Anonymous   No.1247358

you need to share the multiplayer link not that link

  Anonymous   No.1247359

i dont know why making girls suck disgusting dirty smegma pips is a thing in japan but it seems to be normal

  Anonymous   No.1247360

they love smelly penis

  Anonymous   No.1247361

  Anonymous   No.1247362

>500 pieces

  Anonymous   No.1247363

it works but its like a billion pieces

  Anonymous   No.1247364

nah im not doing this one

  Anonymous   No.1247365

i am not doing this id rather stare at a wall

  Anonymous   No.1247366

  Anonymous   No.1247367

ziis blowing it

  Anonymous   No.1247368

finally got the bw tvz build down
now i've just gotta figure out a tvt build

  Anonymous   No.1247369

File: 1616802977915.png (1.1 MB, 1041x737, bw.png) ImgOps Google

cant wait to quit this game tomorrow

  Anonymous   No.1247370

zii you got a good eye for hard puzzpics

  Anonymous   No.1247371

File: 1616803074770.jpg (98.65 KB, 1254x1004, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247372


  Anonymous   No.1247373


  Anonymous   No.1247374

jigaboo jigaboo where are you?

i's here in the woodpile watchin you

  Anonymous   No.1247375

they call me mr neetden foil windows

  Anonymous   No.1247376

this puzz blows

  Anonymous   No.1247377

puzz sports cringe

  Anonymous   No.1247378

its 8pm
ive begun drinking

  Anonymous   No.1247379

File: 1616803329552.png (50.17 KB, 650x500, 1576441605823.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247380

tucker time

  Anonymous   No.1247381

never gonna drink again

gonna make my pgf buy me a hamburga with cheese on it

  Anonymous   No.1247382

this puzz is unbearable

  Anonymous   No.1247383

pgf post dont read

  Anonymous   No.1247384

never do

  Anonymous   No.1247385

chiha is in the puzzle :3

  Anonymous   No.1247386

this 'zzle is stupid and i hate it

  Anonymous   No.1247387

  Anonymous   No.1247388

a good puzz has sections that are not huge and indistinguishable like the sand in the cowboy one but also not so small that you cant tell where any piece is supposed to go

  Anonymous   No.1247389

a good puzz has a girl with a pip

  Anonymous   No.1247390

File: 1616803779281.jpg (19.67 KB, 445x549, 1531883521841.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247391


  Anonymous   No.1247392

zii play this one on your stream

  Anonymous   No.1247393

johnny rebel just gets me

  Anonymous   No.1247394

kill the retards making the puzzles bigger thin 80 piecedes

  Anonymous   No.1247395


  Anonymous   No.1247396

why didnt you guys tell me that it was india behind the canal block

  Anonymous   No.1247397

why havent they refunded me for puyo puyo tetris 2 yet…

  Anonymous   No.1247398

cringe tbh

  Anonymous   No.1247399

it's all about the kra canal now

  Anonymous   No.1247400

a youtuber vs a failed hypejob
thought jake was gonna fight mcgregor

  Anonymous   No.1247401

fuck you shill idiot

  Anonymous   No.1247402

wasnt that askren guy's whole thing that he was a really good wrestler?
and isnt jake just a boxer?
is it a boxing match or a ufc fight

  Anonymous   No.1247403

i think the ufc guy is going to win i saw a video of him not getting knocked out after getting pounded to shit

  Anonymous   No.1247404

sir, the indians have blocked every major canal on earth and are demanding world superpower status

  Anonymous   No.1247405

why did the nips let indians drive their boat ….

  Anonymous   No.1247406

india is like israel but no one cares. they're surrounded by enemy muslim countries

  Anonymous   No.1247407

why is this guy obsessed with india

  Anonymous   No.1247408

dont worry about it

  Anonymous   No.1247409

this was such a pain

  Anonymous   No.1247410

now imagine 500 pieces

  Anonymous   No.1247411

seriously fuck off
little dick syndrome

  Anonymous   No.1247412

the sand in the cowboys had directional tracks and dirt specks as well as a subtle gradient

  Anonymous   No.1247413

File: 1616804645648.gif (1.95 MB, 400x274, 1527182849270.gif) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.1247414

sickzii is running adds for 3 people

  Anonymous   No.1247415

start giving us pics or stop forcing yourself

  Anonymous   No.1247416

it was still way too big of a section

  Anonymous   No.1247417


  Anonymous   No.1247418

just before i close the stream

  Anonymous   No.1247419

hes autistic

  Anonymous   No.1247420

zii is gonna be a multi millionaire streamer one day…

  Anonymous   No.1247421

  Anonymous   No.1247422

imagine watching twitch without adblocker lol

  Anonymous   No.1247423

imagine watching twitch when youtube exists

  Anonymous   No.1247424

  Anonymous   No.1247425

i'm all puzzled out

  Anonymous   No.1247426

just subscribe to zii so you dont get ads …

  Anonymous   No.1247427

just got home… real dep…

  Anonymous   No.1247428










  Anonymous   No.1247429

File: 1616805133518.png (552.64 KB, 680x688, 1613422044951.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247430

bro lets hug it out

  Anonymous   No.1247431

File: 1616805198635.mp4 (242.08 KB, 1602146766804.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.1247432

puzzfreak is out of control

  Anonymous   No.1247433

oh my GOD

  Anonymous   No.1247434

some of you guys can 'zzle really fast and efficient
probably tootbots

  Anonymous   No.1247435

File: 1616805427840.jpg (336.52 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

holy shit!

  Anonymous   No.1247436

omg omg omg omg

  Anonymous   No.1247437

wtf i have 2 subs, why it didn't show on stream

  Anonymous   No.1247438

come one guys lets get zii to 10 sub and double his monthly income!

  Anonymous   No.1247439

this is simply how the puzzpros roll

  Anonymous   No.1247440

we did it bros

  Anonymous   No.1247441

im not enabling that freak

  Anonymous   No.1247442

i liked that puzzle thats more my speed

  Anonymous   No.1247443

File: 1616805650618.jpg (479.71 KB, 2024x2320, demonic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247444

that old fella is trippin

  Anonymous   No.1247445

File: 1616805702846.jpg (182.66 KB, 1920x1080, Burgers-Mumbai-Delivery.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247446

i think i have testicle cancer

  Anonymous   No.1247447

File: 1616805728884.jpg (912.67 KB, 1112x1600, 2020-02-17-03.08.50.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247448

File: 1616805754857.jpg (105.62 KB, 1200x1800, Best-Burger-5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247449

among us and fall guys linked up

  Anonymous   No.1247450

200gb godzilla movie collection torrent

  Anonymous   No.1247451

see a doc!

  Anonymous   No.1247452

File: 1616805781474.jpg (487.06 KB, 1250x694, Post-16.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247453

File: 1616805803878.jpg (100.02 KB, 960x645, dbar_Jennifer-Olson-960x64….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247454

File: 1616805817574.jpg (68.61 KB, 774x943, 456356254362456.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247455

burgspam toot check reports

  Anonymous   No.1247456

probably will if im still in pain on monday

  Anonymous   No.1247457

were getting burgbombed

  Anonymous   No.1247458

toss is so fat hes spamming burgs now lmao

  Anonymous   No.1247459

i had to post burgs
im done now
it was an impulse

  Anonymous   No.1247460

File: 1616805884361.png (723.13 KB, 900x1006, 1523304106807.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247461

thinking about getting into the zatoichi films

  Anonymous   No.1247462

so fucking hungry feel like im gonna puke

  Anonymous   No.1247463

File: 1616805936180.jpg (140.74 KB, 750x1030, vdqecvi3gbh61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247464

File: 1616805993392.png (124.32 KB, 600x727, 1616778534271.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247465

oh that reminds me i was gonna buzz today

  Anonymous   No.1247466

are these nice? what is the criteria for nice feet i dont GET IT

  Anonymous   No.1247467

File: 1616806064967.jpg (86.01 KB, 768x1024, 1616803877596.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247468

not a fan of those feet
i think feet are nice when they look soft

  Anonymous   No.1247469

theyve got 1 flipping tiny tractor working on it

  Anonymous   No.1247470

whats the story behind this anyway
i just briefly read theyre losing millions every day or some shit you know what i dont care

  Anonymous   No.1247471

its almost like they want it to take a long time

  Anonymous   No.1247472

stuff is either not moving or has to go all the way around africa until that ship is unstuck

  ????   No.1247473

we need to buy a big 162 boat and get it stuck somewhere important and refuse to leave

  Anonymous   No.1247474

File: 1616806316993.jpg (330.58 KB, 1350x1234, 1616795559047.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247475

theres a big traffic jam behind it

  Anonymous   No.1247476

  Anonymous   No.1247477

who is we

  Anonymous   No.1247478

link her onlyfans

  Anonymous   No.1247479

blocking the mississippi with the 162 house boat

  Anonymous   No.1247480


  Anonymous   No.1247481

you can sink someone elses boat

  Anonymous   No.1247482

hell yeah

  Anonymous   No.1247483

in the lake portion of the panama canal would shut that down and getting stuff there to fix it would be tricky. that would fuck the world

  Anonymous   No.1247484

Sit Down, Be Humble and Be Quiet, before saying something transphobic.

  Anonymous   No.1247485

i thought when going into ports or canals a local pilot gets on and drives the ship

  Anonymous   No.1247486

File: 1616806567376.jpg (123.37 KB, 1078x909, 1616800361041.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247487

how about you sit down to piss bitch

  Anonymous   No.1247488

i hate when i click on a thread in the 4channel.org catalog but notice a better thread before the page loads and then i go back to the catalog and cant find the better thread

  Anonymous   No.1247489


  Anonymous   No.1247490


  Anonymous   No.1247491

i cant fucking take it
im seriously at my limit

  Anonymous   No.1247492

hes gonna pop!

  Anonymous   No.1247493

File: 1616806719564.jpg (37.73 KB, 540x497, EF7ZBGtWoAELTcF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247494

File: 1616806726795.jpg (107.02 KB, 750x742, 1616297514745.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247495

i respect

  Anonymous   No.1247496

  Anonymous   No.1247497

File: 1616806986118.jpg (121.91 KB, 837x769, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

alright bros im getting a pizza tonight what 3 toppings should i get!

  Anonymous   No.1247498


  Anonymous   No.1247499

  Anonymous   No.1247500

coomerbros subverse is out

  Anonymous   No.1247501

that pic with nothing but ground beef on the left side always cracks me up

  Anonymous   No.1247502

yeah thats a good one

  Anonymous   No.1247503


  Anonymous   No.1247504

File: 1616807352670.webm (2.55 MB, 720x1280, 1616682210143.webm) ImgOps Google

im a big fan of things getting flinged

  Anonymous   No.1247505

nature is so cruel

  Anonymous   No.1247506

  Anonymous   No.1247507

that one beetle that climbed up a big tree and fought off a bunch of other beetles to get to the female beetle at the top
mounted her
and then threw her right off the tree that was so funny

  Anonymous   No.1247508

bacon, pineapple, tomato slice

  Anonymous   No.1247509

i looked up the mit professor that does all the data structures and algorithms courses and his github is just javascript projects wtf tinkermakers

  Anonymous   No.1247510

  Anonymous   No.1247511

its extra aspecial cuz shes black and hes white yaaas

  Anonymous   No.1247512

disabled people really upset me

  Anonymous   No.1247513

actually its mostly in coffeescript not even javascript

  Anonymous   No.1247514

that blind girl streamer was pretty hot the other day

  Anonymous   No.1247515

there are niggers in every single ad now
every single one

  Anonymous   No.1247516

File: 1616807916825.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247517

  Anonymous   No.1247518

ended up just calling in the order fuck this dominos website

  Anonymous   No.1247519

File: 1616808016050.webm (3.79 MB, 720x480, 1616653747370.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247520

even my grandma noticed this and all she does is put on the tv for background noise while she reads

  Anonymous   No.1247521

your fucked bro thats fucked behavior

  Anonymous   No.1247522

File: 1616808042164.jpg (464.92 KB, 858x1001, 1616807558037.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247523

the computational origami guy?

  Anonymous   No.1247524

les go

  Anonymous   No.1247525

thats me but its jazz radio

  Anonymous   No.1247526

enjoying a nice book or wall stare session

car with loud nigger music drives by

  Anonymous   No.1247527

i want an anime girl to pee on me!

  Anonymous   No.1247528

File: 1616808134370.png (569.07 KB, 1000x562, 3443534542352345.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247529

weedly your brain is fried

  Anonymous   No.1247530

File: 1616808190436.png (205.56 KB, 500x593, 1616806815879.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247531

damn really?

  Anonymous   No.1247532

File: 1616808228008.png (1010.62 KB, 893x1263, 1616807817350.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247533

it really do be like this

  Anonymous   No.1247534

File: 1616808264728.jpg (126.77 KB, 1198x798, 1616805996317.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247535

not me but if she was my true love then maybe id be down with that

  Anonymous   No.1247536

  Anonymous   No.1247537

Enter your email address to continue reading
internet is in such a sad state i cant even read this national geographic article about komodo dragons

  Anonymous   No.1247538

File: 1616808413150.png (80.96 KB, 199x427, weird stuff.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247539

brotherman just use toot's email
ive been using it to sign up to a bunch of sites

  Anonymous   No.1247540


  Anonymous   No.1247541


  Anonymous   No.1247542

  Anonymous   No.1247543

paste toot

  Anonymous   No.1247544

  Anonymous   No.1247545

i would rather just die than live like that but thats just me

  Anonymous   No.1247546

i have like 5 different emails

  Anonymous   No.1247547

did he get redtexted
i cant see

  Anonymous   No.1247548

  Anonymous   No.1247549

yeah, ive been watching his dynamic programming lectures to brush up and he was great so i thought id check out his github

  Anonymous   No.1247550

toot @ cock lick

  Anonymous   No.1247551


  Anonymous   No.1247552

File: 1616809133288.png (303.17 KB, 1425x963, doot doot doot.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.1247553

hes an actual computer scientist like the math kind
theres no inherent link between that and programming
im surprised he even has a github

  Anonymous   No.1247554

toot toot train dot gif

  Anonymous   No.1247555

might get a skull tattoo

  Anonymous   No.1247556

might get a tattoo

  Anonymous   No.1247557

  Anonymous   No.1247558

  Anonymous   No.1247559

hes a big timer javascript tinkermaker check him out https://github.com/edemaine

  Anonymous   No.1247560

get the emoji tattoo 💀

  Anonymous   No.1247561

pushead skull

  Anonymous   No.1247562

  Anonymous   No.1247563

File: 1616809500789.webm (Spoiler Image, 264.66 KB, 800x450, 1616786578250.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247564

thats so gnarly

  Anonymous   No.1247565

momentum is a bitch

  Anonymous   No.1247566

if i remember the write up from seeing it on bestgore one of those other people also died

  Anonymous   No.1247567

what a way to go

  Anonymous   No.1247568

  Anonymous   No.1247569

im watchan zone-sama

  Anonymous   No.1247570

File: 1616810050446.jpg (2.25 MB, 3024x4032, PSX_20210326_205300.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247571

  Anonymous   No.1247572

dman thats hot

  Anonymous   No.1247573


  Anonymous   No.1247574

looks dry as fuck

  Anonymous   No.1247575

i got 2 bk cheeseburgers

  Anonymous   No.1247576

  Anonymous   No.1247577

bro? bars are closed wtf!!!

  Anonymous   No.1247578

File: 1616810254439.jpg (1.48 MB, 1180x1597, 1608241349721.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247579

  Anonymous   No.1247580

imagine being such a failure at life that you kill someone else trying to jump in front of a train

  Anonymous   No.1247581

im so good at pool guys you dont even know

  Anonymous   No.1247582

love these

  Anonymous   No.1247583

im average

  Anonymous   No.1247584

that sounds more like over achieving

  Anonymous   No.1247585

alright time for sleep gn gang

  Anonymous   No.1247586

page 41….

  Anonymous   No.1247587

no dont go

  Anonymous   No.1247588

basically if the guy didnt fuck up his jump he would have been vaporized instead of whatever painful garbage death that was

  Anonymous   No.1247589

march 26th
noslop21 status : intact

  Anonymous   No.1247590


  Anonymous   No.1247591

calm down foodbro

  Anonymous   No.1247592

bro we were just joking about noslop
ive slopped atleast 3 times a week this whole year

  Anonymous   No.1247593

i slopfap

  Anonymous   No.1247594

noporn lent still going for me

  Anonymous   No.1247595

bro that ham was already cooked from the store, fake and gay

  Anonymous   No.1247596

good job man your a champ

  Anonymous   No.1247597

File: 1616810770690.jpg (309.99 KB, 1595x1017, pqXrTd.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

heres my friday night

  Anonymous   No.1247598

if you guys ever get a canned ham try rolling the can its amazing

  Anonymous   No.1247599

aldi has ridiculous deals on big ham hunks

  Anonymous   No.1247600

i feel like ive already seen that pizza picture before

  Anonymous   No.1247601

i just took it a minute ago

  Anonymous   No.1247602

lets gooo

  Anonymous   No.1247603

xchad.. i kneel…

  Anonymous   No.1247604

  Anonymous   No.1247605

thinking about faye wong…

  Anonymous   No.1247606

malcom is as real as it gets

  Anonymous   No.1247607

LOVE faye wong

  Anonymous   No.1247608

had a nightskate

  Anonymous   No.1247609

woah same mouse same controller….

  Anonymous   No.1247610

  Anonymous   No.1247611

*kickflips right over you*

  Anonymous   No.1247612

were gamers

  Anonymous   No.1247613

think ill just go to bed

  Anonymous   No.1247614

whys everyone going to bed its friday night were getting fucked up

  Anonymous   No.1247615

its not even 11pm bro

  Anonymous   No.1247616

File: 1616812754835.jpg (222.46 KB, 1972x1446, 3423423423.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247617

File: 1616812872445.webm (2.05 MB, 1742x980, 1614388866991.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247618


  Anonymous   No.1247619

File: 1616812919576.jpg (340.27 KB, 800x807, 1615933501949.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247620

  Anonymous   No.1247621

someone said this another time this was posted and it was so true
this should be broadcast before and after any globohomo propaganda trying to make people think fags and trannies are normal

  Anonymous   No.1247622

  Anonymous   No.1247623

File: 1616813500509.gif (1.82 MB, 500x281, asuka-langley-soryu-gif-10.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247624


  Anonymous   No.1247625

  Anonymous   No.1247626

im gonna CUM

  Anonymous   No.1247627

homeless jgf…

  Anonymous   No.1247628

thats a man

  Anonymous   No.1247629

how come japan gets all the hot girl

  Anonymous   No.1247630

ew jgirls all have nasty yellow teeth

  Anonymous   No.1247631

age restricted? i bet the globohomo propaganda aint stop taking away my asian whores

  Anonymous   No.1247632

shut up al4ready

  Anonymous   No.1247633

who wants to fight

  Anonymous   No.1247634

fucky ou bitch

  Anonymous   No.1247635

fight this

*shits on the bed*

poopeyes chicken sandwich *does a lil dance* hehe

  Anonymous   No.1247636

had 3 slices of pizza time for some booze later!

  Anonymous   No.1247637

drink up man
sober april soon

  Anonymous   No.1247638

wish i could stop at 3 slices
3, 3, 2 is the perfect rationing

  Anonymous   No.1247639

sober april? doesnt exist
im goin HARD in april

  Anonymous   No.1247640

i havent gone hard in months

  Anonymous   No.1247641


  Anonymous   No.1247642

we go hard here

  Anonymous   No.1247643

alcoholic april

  Anonymous   No.1247644

  Anonymous   No.1247645

File: 1616815019375.gif (715.38 KB, 400x300, 1616699978485.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247646

File: 1616815046560.gif (627.57 KB, 245x242, 1614231393943.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247647

its my new fav gif

  Anonymous   No.1247648

bro that gif is old where have you been

  Anonymous   No.1247649

he said new fav gif not fav new gif

  Anonymous   No.1247650

File: 1616815264965.webm (2.26 MB, 480x480, 1597533891422.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247651

it took a while for me to appreciate

  Anonymous   No.1247652

  Anonymous   No.1247653

  Anonymous   No.1247654

File: 1616815919073.jpg (589.28 KB, 4032x3024, PXL_20210327_014715032.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247655

*drinks booze*

  Anonymous   No.1247656


  Anonymous   No.1247657

File: 1616816089662.jpg (36.32 KB, 360x450, 3457324353563.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247658

just realized my potential

  Anonymous   No.1247659

i wish i had a longer higher quality version of that gif theres with both goku and vegeta

  Anonymous   No.1247660

make it yourself

  Anonymous   No.1247661

  Anonymous   No.1247662

thanks doc

  Anonymous   No.1247663

im potentially epic based

  Anonymous   No.1247664

File: 1616816321107.jpg (841.61 KB, 3024x4032, 1585500763553.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247665

  Anonymous   No.1247666

bet she smells like shit!!

  Anonymous   No.1247667

girls smell nice its the tranners that smell like rotting garbage

  Anonymous   No.1247668

  Anonymous   No.1247669

what does it mean if dad is going outside to drink

  Anonymous   No.1247670


  Anonymous   No.1247671

never smelled a jap girl i bet thats a good smell

  Anonymous   No.1247672

girls smell nice
chinks smell like gutter oil bat soup

  Anonymous   No.1247673

File: 1616816618263.jpg (367.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1607240029840.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247674

she definitely smells like shit

  Anonymous   No.1247675


  Anonymous   No.1247676

i cant fight my weeb soul anymore im goin full weeb thats it

  Anonymous   No.1247677

welcome to the dark side we have cookies

  Anonymous   No.1247678

  Anonymous   No.1247679

  Anonymous   No.1247680


  Anonymous   No.1247681

File: 1616817612527.png (7.52 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_14_DB0064.png) ImgOps Google

>i cant fight my weeb soul anymore im goin full weeb thats it

  Anonymous   No.1247682

File: 1616817795498.webm (2.98 MB, 728x640, 1616816181147.webm) ImgOps Google

pad n shelley are so ☺️

  Anonymous   No.1247683

why would you make that post

  Anonymous   No.1247684

File: 1616818215460.gif (814.02 KB, 339x336, 1615318679768.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247685

File: 1616818247185.jpg (18.39 KB, 300x452, 1616817971077.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247686

File: 1616818306928.jpg (54.56 KB, 844x818, Capture78658675.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247687

average 162 relationship in 10 years

  Anonymous   No.1247688

  Anonymous   No.1247689

almost missed the song!

  Anonymous   No.1247690

konpeko konpeko konpeko~

  Anonymous   No.1247691

last 2

  Anonymous   No.1247692

File: 1616818489521.jpg (206.09 KB, 900x873, 2b69b325f058d5a2b9736df4c9….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247693

File: 1616818543051.jpg (357.46 KB, 1717x940, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

holy shit it changed color!

  Anonymous   No.1247694

File: 1616818585661.jpg (251.85 KB, 849x1200, 88731181_p0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247695

is that tree a bad guy

  Anonymous   No.1247696

its the wandering ancient mount

  Anonymous   No.1247697

think pekora just ran into some really high level monsters or something

  Anonymous   No.1247698

hello from brazil

  Anonymous   No.1247699

  Anonymous   No.1247700

  Anonymous   No.1247701

Is she playing on Draconian mode?

  Anonymous   No.1247702

idk ive never played dq

  Anonymous   No.1247703

im honestly gay

  Anonymous   No.1247704

File: 1616819963943.jpg (155.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247705

  Anonymous   No.1247706

remember those DDR plastic mats for home use
i had one it was fun but bad

  Anonymous   No.1247707

dude hes fridging sick!

  Anonymous   No.1247708

does the rudyspammer ever go to sleep

  Anonymous   No.1247709

what a rude question

  Anonymous   No.1247710

time for the last snus of the night

  Anonymous   No.1247711

almost time for the first sip of the night

  Anonymous   No.1247712

Fact Check: Have 966 People Died After Receiving the COVID vaccine?

  Anonymous   No.1247713

potential debunking in progress

  Anonymous   No.1247714

Categorically False: Only 965 people died after receiving the vaccine.

  Anonymous   No.1247715

slept three hours
gonna bike to the track, run around the track, bike back then punch myself in the balls

  Anonymous   No.1247716

you should…. it's a good game….

  Anonymous   No.1247717

Which vaccine though? There are like 5 of them now.

  Anonymous   No.1247718

theres a chicken pox vaccine now

  Anonymous   No.1247719

  Anonymous   No.1247720

im paranoid and feel like all the norms are against me

  Anonymous   No.1247721

here i sit broken hearted tried to shit but only farted

  Anonymous   No.1247722

just finished watching teen titans: the judas contract
i like both the robins but the younger one is badass

  Anonymous   No.1247723

think ill start buying anime figurines but only after i get a gf

  Anonymous   No.1247724

you just got debooonked

  Anonymous   No.1247725

need to ice the mug and put a beer in the freezer

  Anonymous   No.1247726

figurines after the gf he says

  Anonymous   No.1247727

yeah getting them without having a gf is pretty pathetic and youd have to explain them to her
but if you get them after youre dating then you dont have to explain anything

  Anonymous   No.1247728

until she sees them

  Anonymous   No.1247729

>but only after i get a gf
so never? lmao

  Anonymous   No.1247730

then so be it, no figs for me

  Anonymous   No.1247731

march madness picks up again tomorrow

  Anonymous   No.1247732

figs are dumb anyways, invest in gunpla instead like a real man.

  Anonymous   No.1247733

just started scraping stuff off my wood desk with my finger nails
i think its old dead skin since ive never cleaned this desk but im not sure if its primer or something

  Anonymous   No.1247734

Duke University has launched an investigation to find out who pinned a printout of George Floyd's toxicology report to a Black History Month bulletin board on campus

  Anonymous   No.1247735


  Anonymous   No.1247736

spent 30 minutes reading about how there have been 5 robins
comic books are fucking gay lmao

  Anonymous   No.1247737

ugh im so ashamed of myself for succumbing and ordering zogslop

  Anonymous   No.1247738

what did you get bro!

  Anonymous   No.1247739

a quarter pounder meal

  Anonymous   No.1247740

  Anonymous   No.1247741

File: 1616827921561.jpg (73.98 KB, 1158x651, Ewk8SQVWEAc-yYO.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

"been tryna call you bro"

  Anonymous   No.1247742

File: 1616828449274.png (12.32 KB, 420x420, 17ab1ab4098974fb7904678edc….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247743

slept for 5h only… its gonna be a long day bros

  Anonymous   No.1247744

ugh im sorry you have to go through that

  Anonymous   No.1247745

  Anonymous   No.1247746

take a heckin napparino!

  Anonymous   No.1247747

ufc today stipe is going to heem that nigger

  Anonymous   No.1247748

grow up

  Anonymous   No.1247749

i can only sleep at night.
maybe i should go bouldering in an hour

  Anonymous   No.1247750

*gets real close to your ear*

  Anonymous   No.1247751

once i put foil over my windows my world is an eternal darkness

  Anonymous   No.1247752

*pokes holes in your foil while you're in the kitchen*

  Anonymous   No.1247753

File: 1616831183434.jpg (10.89 KB, 658x49, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

got an email from blizzard thought it was for tbc beta and it was this

fuck you niggers!!!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.1247754

grow up already

  Anonymous   No.1247755

yeah grow up wow is for kids

  Anonymous   No.1247756


  Anonymous   No.1247757

little old nigger hatin me

  Anonymous   No.1247758

little old sippin me

  Anonymous   No.1247759

okay now only the ball punching part is remaining

  Anonymous   No.1247760

what the fuck bro

  Anonymous   No.1247761

File: 1616834980937.png (360.2 KB, 1024x597, 1616578519994.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247762

it's done

  Anonymous   No.1247763

imagine trying to explain shit like this to someone even 10 years down the road
much less a century later

  Anonymous   No.1247764

i cant even explain it now

  Anonymous   No.1247765

im drunk now

  Anonymous   No.1247766

had a nice fap.
time for boulder, shower and then tlou2 stream

  Anonymous   No.1247768

Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life

  Anonymous   No.1247769

File: 1616839211391.png (5.2 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_01_008985.png) ImgOps Google

>imagine trying to explain shit like this to someone even 10 years down the road
>much less a century later

  Anonymous   No.1247770

File: 1616841186975.jpg (23.98 KB, 750x766, BLUOOOOOOOOOOOUGH.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247771

File: 1616842676743.webm (1.89 MB, 1442x1440, 1616830068767.webm) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.1247772

wheres the pip?

  Anonymous   No.1247773

File: 1616845436070.jpg (51.56 KB, 587x800, 1616283728521.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.1247774

gm tard

  Anonymous   No.1247775

gm tortilla chip head

  Anonymous   No.1247776

File: 1616845692767.png (184.02 KB, 500x470, 1587883963796.png) ImgOps Google

ahh theres no need to be tsun

  Anonymous   No.1247777

gm candy corn head

  Anonymous   No.1247778

good meowning~

  Anonymous   No.1247779

nothing good on twitch and no new algs on 'tube hmm what to do

  Anonymous   No.1247780

File: 1616846121264.jpg (106.34 KB, 1080x1071, there are many like it but….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247781

fire up a game bro!

  Anonymous   No.1247782

  Anonymous   No.1247783

here stupid tinkerfags i alg'd this

  Anonymous   No.1247784

already seen it thanks though

  Anonymous   No.1247785

i mustve clicked one of your links because im getting all these "soft robot" algs that are steep smart

  Anonymous   No.1247786

soft robot pussy…

  Anonymous   No.1247787

wish theyd make a decent soft sex robot already

  Anonymous   No.1247788

with arduinos

  Anonymous   No.1247789


  Anonymous   No.1247790

get fucked migrant workers

  Anonymous   No.1247791

dude not cool im an item picker

  Anonymous   No.1247792

thank you for your service

  Anonymous   No.1247793

  Anonymous   No.1247794

used to pick cellphones for ups scs…

  Anonymous   No.1247795

whore shit don't click

  Anonymous   No.1247796

File: 1616847970000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 840.43 KB, 1100x1079, 88742400_p1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247797

yeah the lion and ars and the reddit dragon are gaming wouldnt dream of clicking it

  Anonymous   No.1247798

your brain. bro how are you seriously watching all these whores?

  Anonymous   No.1247799

oh yeah im totally retarded for looking at pretty girls…..not!

  Anonymous   No.1247800

what exercise is she doing exactly?

  Anonymous   No.1247801


  Anonymous   No.1247802

File: 1616848199129.jpg (47.94 KB, 856x1200, 1592632939835.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247803

Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes

  Anonymous   No.1247804

she doesn't need to be wearing such whoring clothes

  Anonymous   No.1247805

time for some low level crimes >:)

  Anonymous   No.1247806

low level crime is my middle name

  Anonymous   No.1247807


  Anonymous   No.1247808

is rape a low level crime?

  Anonymous   No.1247809

  Anonymous   No.1247810

File: 1616848619849.png (327.29 KB, 2000x1404, 1602029400232.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247811

is this an out of season april fool's joke?

  Anonymous   No.1247812

File: 1616849281465.jpg (144.27 KB, 1089x595, ExWHVFnWUAAOVFl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


  Anonymous   No.1247813

File: 1616849361310.png (555.96 KB, 988x532, Screenshot from 2021-03-27….png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247814

>Finland ranked happiest country in the world - again
they should hold a poll asking finns if they think they are the happiest people on earth

  Anonymous   No.1247815

is this eva

  Anonymous   No.1247816

just had fish and 'tatoes…

  Anonymous   No.1247817

File: 1616850420894.gif (276.73 KB, 540x540, 1616629703692.gif) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247818

girls like it when you bully other guys ive found

  Anonymous   No.1247819

im weak and timid i couldnt bully a highschooler

  Anonymous   No.1247820

File: 1616850521524.jpg (169.34 KB, 975x1390, high-school-jocks-and-a-ne….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247821

did kids in the 50s really wear ties to school

  Anonymous   No.1247822

  Anonymous   No.1247823

who is this new whore

  Anonymous   No.1247824

shes one of the indonesian ones like ollie and moona she makes funny turkey noises

  Anonymous   No.1247825

ok i'm getting a beer later so i only have 2h to stream.

what should i play?
rocket league?

  Anonymous   No.1247826

imagine hexing her into a turkey irl lol

  Anonymous   No.1247827

File: 1616851161747.png (1002.48 KB, 1280x898, 1613194581912.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247828


  Anonymous   No.1247829

i literally just conected controller to play rl…

  Anonymous   No.1247830

wow you connected a controller you must be so tired 🙄

  Anonymous   No.1247831

kinda feeling it for rl more, ngl

  Anonymous   No.1247832

New Texas Law Requires All Masks Have Word ‘Pussy’ Written Across Front

  Anonymous   No.1247833

  Anonymous   No.1247834

lets play rl for a bit!


whisper me if you wanna join and play teams or if you want to play teams in sc2

  Anonymous   No.1247835

cant watch the stream rn watching justice league unlimited

  Anonymous   No.1247836

monster hunter rise!!

  Anonymous   No.1247837

why is this kid always pissed

  Anonymous   No.1247838

you guys never want to play team games…

  Anonymous   No.1247839

hi good morning nerds

  Anonymous   No.1247840

its because hes so short

  Anonymous   No.1247841

File: 1616853840006.jpeg (527.88 KB, 960x1280, 1501766612962.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ok i'm getting a beer later so i only have 2h to stream.

  Anonymous   No.1247842

based tinny came back from kpop general

  Anonymous   No.1247843


  Anonymous   No.1247844

oh no the bulb in the boob light has gone out

  Anonymous   No.1247845

open zii

get ad

close zii

simple as

  Anonymous   No.1247846

cant believe zii is trying to monetize us

  Anonymous   No.1247847

im not running ads lol

  Anonymous   No.1247848

why is he unironically running ads
it was funny exactly one time he did it

  Anonymous   No.1247849

hes autistic

  Anonymous   No.1247850

stop baiting me, are ads seriously running or what?

  Anonymous   No.1247851

  Anonymous   No.1247852

File: 1616854487131.png (761.75 KB, 1336x861, chrome_qtrywEA2lq.png) ImgOps Google

>im not running ads lol

  Anonymous   No.1247853

ofc i have an adblocker theres no way im ever watching your stream again without it

  Anonymous   No.1247854

stick around to support the stream :)

  Anonymous   No.1247855


  Anonymous   No.1247856

File: 1616854581389.png (77.31 KB, 1329x853, chrome_ZxUQ6CxQPd.png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247857

i still dont get ads on twitch and i dont even have that premium membership thingy

  Anonymous   No.1247858

File: 1616854703770.webm (3.98 MB, 1024x576, NTB_IR_Hrnynrd.webm) ImgOps Google

how do people watch porn that isnt bbc? why would you want to see something where the woman wasnt fully enjoying herself?

  Anonymous   No.1247859

please guys stop baiting me, are you guys seriously seeing ads? i'm not running anything

  Anonymous   No.1247860

  Anonymous   No.1247861

just woke up and my testicle doesnt hurt anymore

  Anonymous   No.1247862

bro twitch are jewish as heck they run ads on all channels, its nothing to do with you

  Anonymous   No.1247863

i see our method of doing nothing has worked yet again

  Anonymous   No.1247864

File: 1616854829858.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, 1614503187888.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247865

maybe you cant stop those preroll ads?
bezos has to make money off you somehow now that you are in the twitch big leagues

  Anonymous   No.1247866

a tried and tested classic

  Anonymous   No.1247867

nothing is truly the best medicine

  Anonymous   No.1247868

File: 1616854930308.png (55.56 KB, 1031x295, ZWXNM6o[1].png) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247869

runned it only once yday to test it, i'm not running anything rn

  Anonymous   No.1247870

zii you motherfucker

  Anonymous   No.1247871

preroll ads are the worst sorry zii if you get them i cant watch your stream

  Anonymous   No.1247872

180s >_<

  Anonymous   No.1247873

File: 1616854997674.webm (3.95 MB, 1280x720, Pol_Gets_Blacked.webm) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247874

kill yourself cuckold
literal brain damaged coomer that needs to be beheaded by a mohammedan

  Anonymous   No.1247875

Disable Pre-rolls
Streamers can now disable pre-roll ads for incoming viewers by regularly running ad breaks during their stream, allowing viewers to immediately see what’s going on.

When a streamer runs a 30 second ad break, pre-roll ads will be disabled for the next 10 minutes. When a streamer runs a 60 second ad break, pre-roll ads will be disabled for the next 20 minutes. When a streamer runs an ad break that’s 90 seconds or longer, pre-roll ads will be disabled for the next 30 minutes.

Streamers will see a countdown timer at the top of their dashboard which lets them know how much pre-roll free time is left. Streamers can find additional information in the Ads section on the Revenue Settings page.

  Anonymous   No.1247876

File: 1616855110847.jpg (42.93 KB, 349x302, d1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247877

baste bezos

  Anonymous   No.1247878

dont know how to tell sickzii how i truly feel

  Anonymous   No.1247879


  Anonymous   No.1247880

more like shitzii adboy

  Anonymous   No.1247881


  Anonymous   No.1247882


  Anonymous   No.1247883

grow up

  Anonymous   No.1247884

why did the indians do the penis route before entering the canal is that a normal tactic

  Anonymous   No.1247885

poos just wanna have fun man
you wouldnt get it

  Anonymous   No.1247886

zii you gotta move your cam square

  Anonymous   No.1247887

i wanna watch zii but asmongold just went live…

  Anonymous   No.1247888

what if zii and asmonbald collaborated

  Anonymous   No.1247889

taht would be fricking crazy

  Anonymous   No.1247890

will i feel more awake if i drink vod

  Anonymous   No.1247891

do some calisthenics instead

  Anonymous   No.1247892


  Anonymous   No.1247893

  Anonymous   No.1247894

thanks doc

  Anonymous   No.1247895

File: 1616856207724.mp4 (873.3 KB, 1606401166733.mp4)

  Anonymous   No.1247896

love pekora thats what i always say

  Anonymous   No.1247897

why did the samurai have such goofy haircuts again

  Anonymous   No.1247898

you just dont *get* it

  Anonymous   No.1247899

>In the past, this hairstyle was originally intended to hold the samurai helmet (kabuto) in its place during battles. The shaved pate allows the helmet to fit tightly onto the head. With less hair, the samurai would also not suffer from too much heat on the head when wearing the helmet.

  Anonymous   No.1247900

i gotta take a fuckin shit!!

  Anonymous   No.1247901

ah yes
that goofy top knot is for peak performance

  Anonymous   No.1247902

lies. all funny haircuts like that started because a rich guy was doing a bald cope and diaper double downed

  Anonymous   No.1247903

i believe it

  Anonymous   No.1247904

zii you need a raven and medivacs

  Anonymous   No.1247905


  Anonymous   No.1247906

supply blocked for like 3 minutes…

  Anonymous   No.1247907

avilo deleted his twitter? or did he get banned

  Anonymous   No.1247908


  Anonymous   No.1247909

pekoras pussy is the real biohazard

  Anonymous   No.1247910

File: 1616857443189.jpg (19.57 KB, 400x389, why-not-both.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247911

haha you're so funny bro!

  Anonymous   No.1247912

dad bought a new microwave and i hate it its such a piece of shit FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  Anonymous   No.1247913

swarm guests cant attack air units right just make some banshees

  Anonymous   No.1247914

not cool dude

  Anonymous   No.1247915

ban the simps toot

  Anonymous   No.1247916

is a brita filter worth it or should i just stick with tap water

  Anonymous   No.1247917

just make depots and banshees lol cmon zii

  Anonymous   No.1247918

hes gonna get all his medivacs fungalled

  Anonymous   No.1247919


  Anonymous   No.1247920

depends on your tap
is it good tasting tap? my tap tastes pretty bad so the brita is good

  Anonymous   No.1247921

im more disgusted by the sea monkeys that watch tubas than the tubas themselves

  Anonymous   No.1247922

you had that won idiot

  Anonymous   No.1247923

britas dont filter the bad stuff like lead and fluoride

  Anonymous   No.1247924

it tastes kinda bad

  Anonymous   No.1247925

brita gets rid of the chlorine iirc so its deffo worth it just for the taste
doesn't remove fluoride though if you want that you need to get a reverse osmosis filter $$$

  Anonymous   No.1247926

play protoss you will hit gm

  Anonymous   No.1247927

ugh why is everything in life so difficult why cant it be easy i hate living

  Anonymous   No.1247928

chlorine keeps the immune system strong

  Anonymous   No.1247929

i use a berkey filter its supposed to filter all the bad stuff

  Anonymous   No.1247930

just drink soda idiots

  Anonymous   No.1247931

  Anonymous   No.1247932

they make soda from tap water

  Anonymous   No.1247933


  Anonymous   No.1247934

File: 1616857998506.jpg (68.43 KB, 720x960, 281rc55.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

  Anonymous   No.1247935

sugarbrains gtfo

  Anonymous   No.1247936

got an ad on twitch that had 2 white people
extremely problematic

  Anonymous   No.1247937

yeah that shit sucks, i didnt know twitch is such a jew platform thats forcing ads even if i dont run them.

  Anonymous   No.1247938

File: 1616858222572.jpeg (205.7 KB, 1300x1100, 75AF91A8-4553-446C-9DF7-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google

  Anonymous   No.1247939

diet sodie pop

  Anonymous   No.1247940

id have sex with her

  Anonymous   No.1247941

  Anonymous   No.1247942


  Anonymous   No.1247943

shes built like an onahole

  Anonymous   No.1247944

come on man

  Anonymous   No.1247945

its a dog

  Anonymous   No.1247946

The ingredients of aspartame are aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Both are naturally occurring amino acids. Aspartic acid is produced by your body, and phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that you get from food.

When your body processes aspartame, part of it is broken down into methanol. Consumption of fruit, fruit juice, fermented beverages, and some vegetables also contain or result in methanol production. As of 2014, aspartame was the largest source of methanol in the American diet. Methanol is toxic in large quantities, yet smaller amounts may also be concerning when combined with free methanol because of enhanced absorption. Free methanol is present in some foods and is also created when aspartame is heated. Free methanol consumed regularly may be a problem because it breaks down into formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and neurotoxin, in the body. However, the Food Standards Agency in the United Kingdom states that even in children who are high consumers of aspartame, the maximum intake level of methanol is not reached. They also state that since eating fruits and vegetables is known to enhance health, methanol intake from these sources is not a high priority for research.

  Anonymous   No.1247947

what about the other one? xylitol or was it something else

  Anonymous   No.1247948

xylitol is good for your teeth or something

  Anonymous   No.1247949

tap water is perfectly fine in any developed country

  Anonymous   No.1247950

People who are taking medications for schizophrenia should also avoid aspartame.

  Anonymous   No.1247951

gundam arrive today

  Anonymous   No.1247952

depends on how old the supply lines are

  Anonymous   No.1247953

reminder that toot is responsible for flint tap

  Anonymous   No.1247954

File: 1616859171853.png (93.92 KB, 633x464, ExflXYkXIAEgGLC.png) ImgOps Google


  Anonymous   No.1247955

not the heckin pipes not the poor niggerinos

  Anonymous   No.1247956

what does stymied mean

  Anonymous   No.1247957


  Anonymous   No.1247958

ok………… sorry…………….

  Anonymous   No.1247959

real………. crazy……………..

  Anonymous   No.1247960

do you have a book to recommend

  Anonymous   No.1247961

The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime

  Anonymous   No.1247962

the decline and fall of the roman empire

  Anonymous   No.1247964

The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking
Book by Saifedean Ammous

  Anonymous   No.1247965

  Anonymous   No.1247966

moby dick; or, the whale

  Anonymous   No.1247967


  Anonymous   No.1248004

White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism [DiAngelo, Robin, Dyson, Michael Eric]

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