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was taken?
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why is your mom on my dick 24/7?

just the way things are, boy


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hoodie weather my good bitch


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hehe himabros are really riled up rn


the best combo is actually a sweater/robe hoodies are for hoodrats


i love hoodies, buy one new work hoodie and one new struttin' hoodie every year


im wearing a zip up hoodie right now!


still havent bought this years hoodies
thinkin about a classic hoodie from the gap


bought a sonic hoodie lol


we wear jumpers


lol gotta go fast



the ol classic….but grey or blue that is the question


romper boys….


we wear reigning champ hoodshirts here


my go to is my the man ^ the legend v shirt


in the future we'll have animated shirts
i'll get on with tinn lunging towards the camera


nothing good ever happens to me


can i reapply spackling on top of spackling without sanding


*slides you a scartch off lottery ticket*


you can but if you are using the hard stuff it will not be fun sanding it smooth with regular sandpaper. you have to use that cheese grater looking thing


i dont care about money



but she dont use butter
and she dont use cheese
she dont use jelly
or any of these


you're saying two coats of it is what's going to make it difficult?


i went to yale


took my hoodie off cuz i got a little too hot


do you have a yale hoodie


maybe i should do that for my work hoodie…
a prestigious college that i didnt attend


get a seoul national university hoodie… omo…


thats black cutlrue apropriatsion


couldnt find a seoul one….thatd be cool too, some prestigious gook college hoodie


me? its tokyo u or bust


danny elfman is such a good vocalist


vocals? most useless part of a song


i dont even speak japanese!



went with the ol' classic yale hoodie
it says "YALE" in block letters






except in the 1998 classic "in the aeroplane over the sea" in which the vocals are the most important part



File: 1508810169348.jpg (128.06 KB, 680x863, tumblr_owm2tj0wqn1s2yc47o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im gonna jerk off u little faggots im sick of all of you


vocals are important but what i consider good singing and what other people consider good singing are completely different

like when women like christina aguelara and beyonce do those whoaaahoahowa hitting all sorts of notes, i dont think is good
vocals need to accompany the music, not the other way around, for me to like the vocals


i really like harsh vocals even when you cant even make out the words
just the screaming adds a whole nother layer of emotion and timbre


shut up


bich lasagna


umm i like saxophone


i like sexaphone


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