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charge carriers
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and niggers




the last time i agreed with any homo agenda was thinking fag bashing people to death was a little extreme


what do you hate more fags or women


the fag the nigger and the jew is a better one. i mean… i'm not gay


lmao this uber driver is taking the side streets instead of the highway… wtf…


women are the least of my concerns




oopsies meant for >>1225142



maybe his junker of a car will break down if he goes above 55


really though i mean sure all the genderfreaks and nonwhites might be worse than women but women actually pose an immediate threat to you (by revoking your access to a gf or ruining your life if you do get lucky enough to have one)


some people are too scared to drive on the highway or in a city


if you eliminate women you wont have a gf either


luckily lots of women aren't completely brainwashed yet you just can't find them in uni maybe 1/100 in uni are okay


tinder is my biggest threat to getting a gf and it may already be too late


bro uni is all online now
ugh if they make masks mandatory next semester i swear to God im going to freak


what are you studying?


love how everyone these days religiously says "stay safe" in stead of god bless


anatomy ;)))
with a minor in… chemistry ;)))))))))


a touch of footy after uni mate


yeah id like a "touch" of "footy" alri


you cant major in anatomy that makes no sense


the feetchad are rising up yet again


i just say see ya later


the problem is all girls younger than 25 have gone through pozzed college brainwashing and everyone older is just yuck, too old


oh my god if im forced to go to uni and see masses of people roaming the halls wearing masks i think im going to lose it who is responsible for this who do i send a mail bomb to


oi innit


send it to tRump


mom found the rat collection


*sips suntory whiskey*


seriously hope i get proven wrong but i feel like its going to be half a decade before life really returns to "normal" and by then its going to be too late ill be too old and have missed out on years of hanging out with my friends and parties and potential gfs and ill be an old hag


based ratdad


seriously hope this gf and partynorm dies


i dont have a gf nor have i gone to any parties thats exactly the problem you kike


steamed norm


this hoarders ep is crazy


new thread lets do a anime edition


i love anime period


periods are gross


so is poop but everyone does it


your 20s is for sitting alone in your room drinking


File: 1614738867370.webm (1.46 MB, 270x480, 1606784210950.webm) ImgOps Google



im going to buy a gun


dont your gonna get drunk and dep and off yourself


no i have like 0% neuroticism ill never ever suicide the only risk is that ill kill someone



what about that is challenging


theyre women its about all they can handle


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