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bonnibel b bonkers is streaming
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if gura or the villager makes an appearance…

one going to freak


dude imagine post malone filling gura's tight vagina…


music that exists solely because of auto-tune kinda sucks


gura hates niggers


dude seriously


post malone is white retard


omg katy perry…


who is post malone!


love me some j balvin





jigglypuffbros we cant stop winning


you really think i give a shit


File: 1614471241754.jpg (51.48 KB, 680x338, soomp.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i think you need to stfu dumbass kid


some zoomers in the alley are shouting about post malone


oh wait kirby isnt a pokemon


damn that was epic

what do we do now


kp is a total milf

getting goosebumps


yell something positive about that back


well that was gay


happy pokemon day guys


this is a retrospective of greed


gengar died for this


this is so based


gengar is for norms with friends to trade evolve with


so glad i bought every single one of these


leather jacket
face tattoos




refuse to get tattoos but i think my ray bans make up for it
are you sure this will appeal to the right kind of girl though? i want cute pure girls not sluts


in theory


facial tattoos are our new thing


lets all get lain tattoos


the 162 gang tats are 'gook' and 'toot' on our knuckles


post malone was big

but katy perry is going to be huge

just wait and see

i guarantee it


just preordered pokemon snap 2


will you shut up man


i liked that post and i like toss


stop masturbating

have sex


girls love knuckle scars


you're going to feel really foolish when you see her performance


i dont want to scare off the innocent ones and i dont want to attract to gross sluts though


i love giving girls scars with my knuckles


i've got a knuckle wort


lets run this by our sister comm





there are 2 people in the crackstreams chat that are angry at the racist comments and have been arguing this whole time tlol


now i got a nose bleed from picking my nose and i been drinking all day so my bloods thinned so im bleeding like a stuck pig and kp still isn't on


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