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im going to eat some more bread


my life is not normal


heat that shit up


im going to toast it


hes just like me….


add some sugarbutter


28 and i already have gray hairs…


well yeah 28 is old man territory


grey hairs mean you cant grow long hair anymore or it looks like shit. at least you arent balding i hope


girls love old men with long gray hair


File: 1614280331031.mp4 (346.08 KB, konakona.mp4)


any gaybros here?


gays love old men with long gray hair


featuring peter barakan as tokugawa ieasu





when im old im going to have long white hair and run around in the mountains being a hermit


do hermits run


sure why not


they usually herm in a small area not big enough to run. pillar hermits used to be a big thing where hermits would live on top of a pillar


howd they get food though


i think they had a bucket and a rope


theyre called stylites


the pillar provides


styl must mean long thing



did you know that? damn


im gonna be a hunger artist when i grow up


might play a gay character in my next dnd game


why would you play yourself


i liked early gay in video games where it was awkwardly shoehorned in like mass effect and dragon age


or tingle from zelda


File: 1614281203665.jpeg (76.71 KB, 629x460, 9AF920C0-1593-4546-973C-4….jpeg) ImgOps Google

i thought st. simeon stylites was really cool for a little while


i think we all went through that phase



why am i so attracted to girls with mental issues


isnt this just me


it takes a girl out of your league and brings her into your league


im not gay though thats the point


i still need to speak to a gaybro


shes just like me


dads watching some stupid fucking covidcuck news panel
hes too old to be unplugged from the matrix


im not low smv though and im attracted to the thing itself
like the same girl but retarded or mentally ill or more attractive to me


the #aware algs never warned me about this type of control


whats smv


dads is a baste trumploving foxnewswatchan nigger hater actually


dad drank the koolaid big time and watches cnn all day
hes too old to be getting redpilled though while id rather he stay completely tuned out this is probably for the best



would you guys marry her y/n


if she looks good and is young

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