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is it over for bitcone


shitzii back to posting without his trip i see


remembered how kids used to say bloody mary in the bathroom mirror so i was giggling saying baby padley then the lights flickered and i made the scared baby face




File: 1614009169166.png (609.43 KB, 950x1000, 1562097661322.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1614009171893.jpg (70.23 KB, 767x1050, shopping.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


im watching the irish docu


File: 1614009606559.png (7.6 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_18_DB0064.png) ImgOps Google

>im watching the irish docu


holy shit bros lategame zvp solar vs showtime gih



i tried to open up that twitch stream but there appeared to be a man keeping his mixed race children in tents
i didnt see any starcraft


>>1217766 (You)


they got 3 different streams casting different games (main, b, harstem)


zii u up



grow up


why cant they just show video from the other streams instead of having some break with gay music tho


get a job


they get more ad money if everyone has all 3 streams open


i will never get a job


shut up toot im sick of your harassment


File: 1614011097960.jpg (915.12 KB, 1920x1080, m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

nose hook bros we made it


hate nose hooks



im quitting drinking again


my practice bf always fucks me a bunch but i can never make him cum
possibly the worst thing ever


maru is handling that ass


a bunch of the cc foids ganged up on me and raped me


i think im gonna buy some food on amazon
onions, chicken thighs
has anyone ever bought food from jeff?


that sounds hot


calm down


cmon man you gotta support your local grocery store and farmers markets



nuked lmao




bro i cant go outside
it isnt allowed


that was epic…


File: 1614013775155.webm (2.43 MB, 992x556, 1614013742476.webm) ImgOps Google



shes just like me..


he looks like hes got a fat dick up his ass


maru copied avilo nukes




he was a true pioneer…


File: 1614014338658.webm (421.02 KB, 852x640, oppo x.webm) ImgOps Google



what the heck!



File: 1614014858426.jpg (1002.62 KB, 4096x2731, EtfpjlOXYAACSN1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Some bad news for all you #haters out there.

My blood pressure is excellent (108/65), I have no debt, my brilliant wife is pregnant again (due in March), my 7 children are healthy, intelligent, beautiful & kind - & my musical career (that I spend 0 time on) is a huge success!


dont care
all i do with my phone anyway is listen to podcasts


wonder how her vag looks



why do foids like smash bros so much?


they get to play as isabelle



8 kids and him and his wife
10 player myfarog


Daft Punk call it quits after 28 years




tasteless should have like 12 half-korean kids by now but he has zero

probably isnt flexing the leather jacket enough


nobody "should" have kids


File: 1614016671696.mp4 (123.25 KB, EnNEcSdVQAEcUro.mp4)



vargs shaking


nyaaaa :3


File: 1614017368767.png (808.05 KB, 640x626, 1614016771893.png) ImgOps Google


need a cleanup over here


when ww3 breaks out the government is going to ask gleepy to lend them his note system as an unbreakable code against the chinkoids


File: 1614018436705.png (9.28 KB, 432x415, 63bb22c6fa78d5bbd0ce15aee3….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1614018439201.jpeg (421.59 KB, 1920x1080, 1_-QNE3N0VvS0kyfaFTzyFAg.jpeg) ImgOps Google


hello. did you draw that one? its ok if you didnt


im low 100s high 50s


Make another discord frien to cope while you look for irl relationships with weebs on tinder I guess.. just be careful ask them questions and get to know them throuhg dates.


File: 1614018923986.png (11.95 KB, 401x542, a94af21d2eb07d56daa4fda65f….png) ImgOps Google

nope wish i could draw like that


swiftuis documentation has gotten so much better since the last time i used it


File: 1614019280005.gif (2.46 MB, 480x450, 1614019016420.gif) ImgOps Google


File: 1614019315965.webm (2.98 MB, 788x608, 1614019141912.webm) ImgOps Google

this nerd baller has a gf…


its his wife idiot


File: 1614019335960.jpg (205.33 KB, 768x1024, 1613437803573.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

not cool



on second thought it was not necessary to call you an idiot, sorry


my face is leaking fluids


File: 1614019779672.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1017, 2021-02-22_12.49.03.png) ImgOps Google

okay minecraft 1.17 amplified is absolutely nuts


amplify my ass daddy



really wish they would check for little groups of free floating blocks like in the top left those always bugs me


collects materials for the minecraft house - top
builds the minecraft house - bottom


baby padley
baby padley
baby padley


lava buckets the house - kwintu


dies and never logs on again out of shame - me


bros get off baby mode minecraft and get on valheim!!!


who is kwintu? i've been hearing a lot of buzz about him


still dont know what valheim is


its unbabbyfied minecraft


its the flavor of the month mature survival construction game a la ark rust etc



what are ark and rust? who is kwintu?


cool it with the questions kid



moona doesnt realize that zombies wont walk on rails…


moona is building a trading hall with zombie dunk tanks
finally the hololive server will have the latest technology


tin eye dot com


i didnt know that


wawk awn waiws


craft a mirror in minecraft then type "baby padley" into chat three times


the only way to get mirrors in minecraft is with minecraft rtx….


whats minecraft rtx


wish he wouldnt listen to teen nigger "music"


wasnt doing that earlier
hes not even playing magnus anymore so im not watching anyway


File: 1614023095882.jpeg (121.28 KB, 608x749, Eu2hSdIXMAEnA1C.jpeg) ImgOps Google





bro i told you anytime you see posts like that just assume its coinshit


im going to bed


File: 1614024034880.mp4 (1.03 MB, img_784561.mp4)



File: 1614024115720.webm (657.88 KB, 640x360, japanese_tears.webm) ImgOps Google


this aluminum case i bought for my raspberry pi is very effective!


this guy is cringe af


effective at what



keeping it cool


got some z haters in the comm smdh



post it!


bros clem is beating byun…


what game are they playing


whos the cutest boy


clem 2-0 byun
byun v maru now…


bro we watched that hours ago!


wth it's a rerun then…




clem is a boy………..










get aids and die freaks









more like omo


damn this is really unattractive




if you've got a problem with gookettes you've got a problem with me


then i've got a problem with you
care to take it outside?


woah woah
calm down guys




you'll be dead in the gutter once i'm through with you kid


what if he's the guy that's been practicing leg kicks and flying knees…


yeah i think i can handle some low t skinnyfat yellow feveroid


heres some pointers


we just hit 2k bros let go




just the ones that dress and act like western skanks


File: 1614029929742.jpeg (132.37 KB, 882x960, 636B1353-64CF-4C8F-A038-5….jpeg) ImgOps Google



big drama in the pirate comm


5pm the neet awakens


really surprised there hasnt been a controversy yet about someone named nigger


File: 1614031207503.png (5.29 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_14_46D160.png) ImgOps Google

>really surprised there hasnt been a controversy yet about someone named nigger


destiny cameo on hikaru's stream


watching hikaru react to xqc react to destiny commentating on hikaru was the hightlight of the day


your brain?


die loomies



going to be 81 degrees on saturday


far from it bro


more like 90 gradians lol


81 degrees?
you'll be dead


File: 1614032059722.jpg (61.05 KB, 520x760, 520x760_smart_fit.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


cant start the day without my a&w cuppa joe and a footlong breakfast dog


got your footlong right here
*grabs crotch*


a&w is the goat burger restaurant


File: 1614032440415.jpg (779.55 KB, 1500x3114, 1508637552047.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


im the kid


wheres starcraft :|


you may call me the daemon


*kills daemon*


guess im the elder now because i just tried out one of those serotoninphobia games


and how was it, elder?


it was pretty boring desu


stop gaslight


i only play minecraft


the baby


women keep staring at me while doing provocative stretching


File: 1614034520181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.19 KB, 1242x1193, 1610577844474.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


the tootcam


thats going to be where i keep my gf


just moaned a little while i came




did mom hear you


the tracking says im getting my package today but im staring at the fedex truck driving away even as i type this


mom brought slop


wish i had 3 figurines of the totally spies girls


this is huge im so happy for you


there was a bottle of wine on the kitchen counter… mommys wine…


File: 1614035373843.jpg (330.42 KB, 750x926, 1550619534889.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



we like fortnite we like fortnite we like fortnite


File: 1614035682254.png (131.75 KB, 317x326, 1571138417831.png) ImgOps Google


we hate fortnite we hate fortnite


despite fortnite, i am dep


hope a new episode of hazbin hotel comes out soon



hope a piano falls on you when youre walking down the street


i googled hazbin hotel and it looks like a gayweedly thing


hope a bunch of spiders crawl into your mouth while your sleeping


whats in her butt?


File: 1614036038580.png (1.17 MB, 850x837, 1580925720003.png) ImgOps Google


tape to cover it up


it looks like that zombie vtuber i dont watch


gura is playing
luigi mansion



gura wouldnt last 15 seconds in the octagon with me


ollie is genki that gayweedly thing is a bitch


we dont hate fortnite anymore chun li is in that game


what is genki? i remember there was a JAV where they stuck eels in the girls vagina called genki genki


File: 1614036382982.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614036391575.png (31.9 KB, 530x599, 1551491662518.png) ImgOps Google


wow what the fuck is wrong with you


this is why the cc ladies don't come here


energetic / healthy





File: 1614036544857.png (155.36 KB, 808x805, 1532454111167.png) ImgOps Google





my name is moe, toyota moe


the related videos… western girls dont do that…


bros get on efukt we're watching soulless scumbags berate ugly desparate porn actresses


we just hit 2050 bros


gura is really sensual this stream she must be menstruating


gura is a priceless treasure


File: 1614037278313.webm (2.77 MB, 360x640, 1614019173184.webm) ImgOps Google


god i wish i had a bf like this


toon will do that for you


File: 1614037444044.webm (2 MB, 540x960, 1614035477989.webm) ImgOps Google

going to need the cc ladies to explain this one


File: 1614037626192.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i get the mask is to look anime but whats with the skin gloves is he black


we're in the middle of a global pandemic

this is the eye of the storm


pretty based if you ask me


File: 1614037782571.gif (Spoiler Image, 913.83 KB, 250x204, tickling pando.gif) ImgOps Google

part and parcel of watching anime


File: 1614037791463.png (1.52 MB, 2843x1288, 1593142931556.png) ImgOps Google


"only triple mask can combat the new strains of Covid, scientist report" ~ CNN


why is no one talking about the herpes pandemic


we dont have to worry about that


File: 1614037963509.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614038008568.jpg (25.93 KB, 662x429, 7b0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614038033404.jpg (71.64 KB, 640x675, 1607676230236.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


breathing with 3 masks is like having chauvins knee on your neck


i assume it's only the unter-mensch that don't have the herp at this point


File: 1614038073989.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


love these two dorks so much


what happened to the floyd cop did he get acquitted


not the mama! lol


File: 1614038172412.png (507.64 KB, 1918x734, 1550663644004.png) ImgOps Google


invited a daemon to live in one of my anime figs


big mistake


whats the worst that could happen


dont know a lot about daemons


the figure will make you it's cumslave


wouldnt mind being a cumslave


it is impossible to make slaves of those who do not fear death


are cows slaves


botw changed everything but im still the same


File: 1614038652125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.5 KB, 1024x768, 1568555675228.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

p much


File: 1614038705137.png (1.23 MB, 770x898, 1610518920252.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1614038843826.png (3.84 KB, 298x172, 50436EF3-C634-40BA-B819-A4….png) ImgOps Google


bro i know right !!!


i use sharpies all the time and this has never happened to me


stop posting my wiki


your sharpies are weak


they haven't put that chemical in sharpies for a long time. those thicker chisel tip metal tube permenant markers will get you high


i want to do this to a cc foid


ive been helen keller pilled
shes a fraud


we used to call those guys big berthas


we're gonna need a big bertha for this one boys


File: 1614039313140.jpeg (187.94 KB, 875x1000, 337A5746-3006-42A8-81EB-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google


someone made a blender model of gura the gifs im seeing are insane



bro post them!


File: 1614039608025.png (43.03 KB, 1027x626, 1562629876610.png) ImgOps Google


rip cody lane


damn rip. her blue room scene is legendary





*takes a 70 day vacation to row across the ocean*


File: 1614039981419.jpg (572.25 KB, 1717x940, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

bros hop on wow we gotta a double dip of emissaries for maldraxxus!


how much did that boat cost


File: 1614040038352.jpg (14.43 KB, 489x301, 1590007537498.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


about the same as a fancy german car


lets make our own rowboats and head over zagreb


maldraxxus lol
mald hehe


ugh activate windows


we cant go to zagreb zii doesnt like us anymore


File: 1614040520994.jpg (88.87 KB, 1280x960, 1586062844076.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

if global thermonuclear war broke out while you were rowing across the atlantic would you even know it until you arrived at the other side?


those guys always have a bunch of electronics and keep in regular contact with support crews so probably yeah


rowing takes a long time


we row here



rowing is a posh east coast private school thing


i heard its bad for your knees


like lacrosse
never even touched a lacrosse stick in my life


File: 1614041239020.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

guras stream always lags for me


toot check reports


this girl is so cool


dude come on


i find lacrosse balls in the street randomly


wow the stinky gorilla girl poster is also a holowhore watcher no surprise there


we all watch holos here




not Me


File: 1614041965844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614041987629.jpg (75.83 KB, 1024x955, 1568479752798.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wish i had something to post


me too


what is google?



File: 1614042520571.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you can start posting this image of you want


toot reports


the toot report


tucker time


seriously what is bitcoin backed by why does number go up


its value is inversely related to confidence in the usd


and what is usd backed by? i rest my case


File: 1614043024416.jpg (923.44 KB, 1010x1681, 1594433400150.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


gura is very good at games
probably the best gamer in hololive


im probably at least 100x better than all of them combined


maid cafe (male)


thats just not true


demonic thing to say


you misclicked on >>1218080


File: 1614043279186.jpg (281.98 KB, 913x1242, 1614042395295.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


phew….fatchouli's thighs..



if any cc girls look like 84 please add me on discord


File: 1614043518506.jpg (48.43 KB, 623x617, 1566660806773.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




gura is being so weird today


its backed by purchases


no more the bad working conditions
back home to the local 1329


having the urge to post it again


no self respecting construction worker would join a union and have to pay a bunch of dues to corrupt union officials when they already get such good benefits and pay


File: 1614043847087.png (Spoiler Image, 106.47 KB, 880x741, 527446eefbd2ae5324f2a7a7ee….png) ImgOps Google

did you guys see the new belle leaks?


File: 1614043903667.jpg (68.44 KB, 630x654, 2345342543253425.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614043945259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.86 KB, 1905x2745, vz1nq7jg55c61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


gn~ *trots off to bed*


File: 1614044044750.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


baby brapper


padda come back (come back)
you can blame it all on brap


pad literally only uses twitter now since it let's him control his feed and block


his sneed and chuck


thats so pad


its hip to chuck sneed


thats what i was trying to think of a few weeks ago, thats what ive been doing


abnegate without pizazz


thats how i was raised


gura is raging


A very attractive male that, sometimes a bit dim, but super sweet and always respects women.


File: 1614044824847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.69 KB, 800x444, 1525154148791.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



lol that definition of himbo is hilarious



toon would be a himbo except he doesnt respect women not even a little bit


himbo is a good looking simp?


i really gotta wonder who thought it would be a good idea to try to insert "respects women" into the definition of himbo


File: 1614045170171.png (63.35 KB, 300x337, 1570810398481.png) ImgOps Google


fuckin word


now that one i can relate to
they always smack a pizza party to boost morale


pizza party?

in the middle of a global pandemic?


love za


gay sex?

in the middle of a global pandemic?


we've had more pizza luncheons than ever since the corona
think the owner feels bad that we have to wear the mask bigot all day


what kind of evil racist nazi only wears one mask?


they need to be reported to the local news


File: 1614045568153.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


they should start selling double masks built in


File: 1614045593318.jpg (51.48 KB, 1280x720, 1589098933984.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


constant gaslighting
just nonstop
and you wonder my pad left?


our dear padicus…


U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 500,000


File: 1614046097140.png (121.56 KB, 500x527, roblox.png) ImgOps Google


watching the jaws lyon 25 stair vid again


starting to feel guilty about eating meat
dont think im worth the death of another living creature


every other carnivore in the animal kingdom is what makes you so unworthy


animals eat other animals in horrific ways if you can eat an animal nicely its okay


File: 1614046603637.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



she looks like shed be a nice mom


File: 1614046791706.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1017, 2021-02-22_20.19.30.png) ImgOps Google


95% of my platoon refused the vaccine


this is a good reason to not want to eat meat
what have you done to earn the suffering of another creature, are you worthy of the torture a factory farmed cow must go through to give you your big mac?
however there is no alternative, as plants are living creatures with souls as well and must die by the millions to compensate for one cow
the only solution is to make yourself worthy of the creature you are eating


i would gladly torture a human given the chance if it was someone i disliked


File: 1614047100107.png (313.92 KB, 500x500, deeldo.png) ImgOps Google


ok edgelord


the strong eat and the weak become meat. maybe one day you'll get to 2050 on your rogue and realize how subhuman humanity is


maybe one day you'll get mistress of sacrifice on your dark pact necro witchy poo and realize how subhuman humanity is


File: 1614047775546.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1017, 2021-02-22_20.35.47.png) ImgOps Google


where am i (gleep) on here?


File: 1614047963220.jpg (70.46 KB, 789x534, rimworldsnap - 02.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this isn't good


i think you are the blue banner towards the southeast


pad would have loved guras luigis mansion 3 playthrough


holy crap those maps are huge



File: 1614048378460.jpg (13.7 KB, 640x359, 1611466867326.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


those are the max sized maps
i didnt put a banner on the spawn village but it is in the bottom right of the center map
most of it i had mapped out pre-elytra but having unbreaking3 elytra really makes it nice to fill in the gaps


ah yes elytra


elytra are gonna be so epic on 1.17 amplified




this is how you assert your rights. refuse the test and quarantine and skip a 2 hour line up! made friends with thr police too!


bro you gotta log off the social media reddits


early game on amplified is so hard though

it could take days of playing to find a village because moving around the map is a lot of up and down
i played about 30 minutes earlier in creative and i didnt find a village even with elytra (!)


the toronton is a redditer




bros who wants to do some 2v2 on alliance i gotta get 1400 on my paladin!


so let me get this right pad….the only country's politics and cultures you approve of are white countries…



nonwhite countries have better politics though


yeah like the taliban and indonesia's social views


are there any holos of color?


no and there never will be


homosexuality is still a capital offense in some african countries


how do they prove it


yeah emalia is hispanic


why are you gey?


check the defendants browser history for holo hoes


File: 1614049757021.jpg (12.41 KB, 281x281, 1522056933539.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614049836178.jpg (143.24 KB, 567x502, 1382785248592.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



im done asking kindly, i DEMAND that next thread be electric edition


they don't need to prove anything they're not cucked legalists


you need to be a tinkermaker to make those kinds of demands


you need to solder that thing to be a tinkermaker


theyd rather kill a hundred straight men than let one gay man lick da poopoo


File: 1614050069930.png (51.02 KB, 1316x696, 1605692728952.png) ImgOps Google


do an iron maiden thread next one those guys are cool


hell yeah bro we love iron maiden




why did they like torture so much in the middle ages


i was rockin out big time to number of the beast album today


it was a spectacle
they didn't have the alg


they probably didnt like it anywhere near as much as you think


they didnt have enough money to police their shit so they relied on extreme gruesome punishments to deter crime


got 5lb of pork loin what should i do with it


cook it
eat it


this is so stupid how could you not have enough money to have police
maybe there were some technological barriers but not enough money??? are you retarded???


policing is expensive


sip it


its how ancient civilizations ruled their big empires but it doesnt make a lot of sense for small kingdoms


there werent police until 1880ish in cities only


you guys are really really bad at history


can you please name something im good at now so i dont feel bad


umm… youre really great at posting.. yeah


t-thank you…


old men
our time is now


hispanic (white)


america became irrecoverably fucked when "white (hispanic)" became an official thing


hispanics are somehow both white and bipoc


bro she watches anime bro shes white hispanic weeb gf tier bro relax her strain is majority white dad side its not like those other white hispanics that got fat and left wing mid 20's


some of them are pure natives, basically aztec-mode brown


canelo is a white hispanic


so america has been fucked ever since spain existed?



hope i dont get a red light camera ticket :/ misjudged a light and didnt want to slam on the brakes in case the road was icy… was still yellow when i crossed the line but idk how far in you need to be


Men definitely share your nudes with their entire social group, men also run groupchats where they share nudes and dox of local women.
Men who use dating apps spam every single female on the app with a swipe right or high vote or whatever applicable feature, and the same message. Dating is considered access to free sex work from their point of view.
Men are like cats and they only respect you if you ignore them. If you fawn over a man, they, knowing how dumb and depraved they are inside, consider you a fool for your admiration.
Men think all women are sexually available and wearing a dress or makeup is a "secret code" which means we want a pounding. They don't undersrand female socialisation where we base our worth on our attractiveness, thus we're always looksmaxxing simply to improve our "worth" and not because we give a shit what random men think. They also don't understand that most of our clothes and shoes are "sexy" designed by men, and we don't have a lot of options except looking the way we do. (Top tip: teenage boy's clothes will fit an average slim woman, if you want more neutral clothing)
I suspect the vast majority of men have viewed cp, bestiality and snuff, not saying they all liked it but their curiosity has no morals.
Men choose long term partners for primarily status and financial reasons; a woman with money who will do a lot of free work for him is the ideal.
Most men emotionally or physically cheat on their partners.
Men think of us, at best, as pets, at worst, as a subspecies. Trying to impress a man is pointless since women will always be seen as "lesser," so just do whatever makes you happy.
foids really believe this


File: 1614051241787.jpg (84.95 KB, 1216x817, 4564356456.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google




you'll be fine


contest the ticket dont give those bloodsuckers one red cent



i deserve it… i sped up cause i thought i could make it then i let off the gas cause i realized i wasnt fast enough


File: 1614051741484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.4 KB, 1170x2208, lo55ab0en4i61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

she has a nice looking hole


her face is f*cked!


crazy to think that merely a year ago she was completely unfit to breed with as an adult male


18 year old making premium content to pay for college ✨ Lets chat on onlyfans! ✨32DDD and all natural ✨NO MEETUPS!!


white (hispanic) wasnt a thing when the only spanish speaking people were spaniards
they were just white


bleached nips, bp and pussy



ugh why are these gooky bitches showing off their assholes :/


they were either moors, catalonians, etc
'white' wasnt a thing until recently


File: 1614052036668.jpeg (175.95 KB, 850x1190, sample_b91935ed2b6816ed8d….jpeg) ImgOps Google


those were the days


first of all, everyone below the alps and pyrenees are swarthy
and secondly


thats not true there was always a broadly european identity that differentiated them from outsiders
it just wasnt at the fore since there weren't many outsiders present


cant stand outsiders
except for busty 18 year old orientals


love stacked slants


most of us have been alive longer than the eu has existed


1991 was 30 years ago…


File: 1614052293805.png (137.04 KB, 409x750, 1594574854322.png) ImgOps Google


jenny cant be goth that s heresy


jenny is modular


remember having to have a bunch of different currencies while backpacking through yurop


File: 1614052564310.webm (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 1614048451321.webm) ImgOps Google


what is it about the japanese language that makes it so fucking unbearable when spoken by females


File: 1614052785330.jpg (503.11 KB, 600x800, 1612567315209.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i like it when they say ara ara


File: 1614052810642.png (5.64 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_02_FFB000.png) ImgOps Google

>jenny cant be goth that s heresy


stefan molyneux was banned from gab for doxing


ara ara vs arara


i hope one of the regulars here ends up getting together with a cc girl


he got owned


do any cc girls hate niggers?


File: 1614053142856.jpg (54.45 KB, 750x569, 1582410913616.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nope cc foids love all races, but only date black moids if they are tyrone titandick and always left swipe asian/indian ricecels


i dont swipe



which one is left swipe and which one is right swipe


File: 1614053568957.jpg (142 KB, 700x521, 1562708791646.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


swipe left


i've seen a lot of porn. i could show those girls a thing or two


the swipes are oreinted the way norms expect them to work


tossobese show yourself


dam my whole life was playing video games or slave shit like school/work


that doesnt tell me anything


but no longer real life starts 2021


gura beat luigis mansion..


double vax


ccgf2021 starts here


are the japs on lockdown why does botan have 14k viewers for minecraft


miss shinzo abe bros


minecraft is great
botan is great
shes the only jp girls streaming right now


did he really step down because he couldnt stop farting


western gf? how can you build a life with some one that believes in cattle shit and has the legal power to take half your assets and income?


stepped down out of shame because he couldnt convince the japcels to breed


i hear women become evil once you marry them


you just have to keep them pregnant or else they turn stale


File: 1614054792595.png (2.03 MB, 1680x1194, 82507766_p0.png) ImgOps Google


your working your dead end job and come home to your fat reddit wife and your sissy son who gets bullied at school. your fat reddit wife starts implying divorce the second you try to do anything redpilled. eventually she divorces you any way and your paying child support. you don't have the funds for anything but wageslaving, a tiny apartment, and video games. also your son becomes a tranny

and that is why i'm converting to islam and moving out of the US first chance i get


or you can be like based varg


File: 1614055431478.jpg (122.68 KB, 1493x1141, 1606868223494.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what went so wrong ameribros


just keep your pgf at bay and dont commit to her until your true gf comes around


File: 1614055720058.jpg (37.73 KB, 540x497, EF7ZBGtWoAELTcF.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


ill probably end up marrying the first girl who holds my hand


yes i am a furry
yes i work at raytheon
yes we exist


raytheon is lame
northrop grumman is cool


File: 1614055985572.jpg (82.26 KB, 669x1024, 1570375252715.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614058165044.jpg (127.55 KB, 719x1080, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


watchan Willy's Wonderland after i do a tarkov thing


bros should i make my human male temple acolyte character village born or city born


kwintu u up?


File: 1614058728928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.26 KB, 1500x844, 1610333917098.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





File: 1614060246254.webm (3.95 MB, 640x360, listen_fuckhead.webm) ImgOps Google


i wonder if he actually believes all that wackjob shit


File: 1614060660156.jpg (94.72 KB, 700x875, 1613118277853.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wanna scrape my tongue but that guy said a spoon doesnt work


bro just use your brush






my ass is in really bad shape


stop playing with it


as long as she was cute and loyal id probably let a foid peg me
if thats what it would take…


sickzii u up?


she should never respect you after the fact


thats why i dont want to but what if that was the conditional


i wished i was a tarkovbro


if 100 lbs girls can take that gorilla daddy dick you can too


this post reminded me that i havnt brushed my teeth in a couple weeks
im not doing so well on my new years resolution


File: 1614063012722.jpeg (33.22 KB, 720x723, 1612731725877.jpeg) ImgOps Google

do it now



pizzabro you should try out some of giannis zas


might ave a fape


cant say im a fan of these random anxiety attacks


thanks for the movie toon!


random you say?
*hides my anxiety ray*


name a better combination that tom brady and game winning drives


sipper and sipping


alright you got me there


why am i so fucking bloated


go on a diet you fat bitch


its because you ran dbol and hgh man classic cycle blunder


a fape? maybe not


File: 1614066558689.jpeg (32.89 KB, 600x316, 1611432896253.jpeg) ImgOps Google

"vRaG cArRied 3 KniVes, BrUh"

At least they have a well developed imagination, but unfortunately zero knowledge about reality.

They LOVE their strawmen and made-up BS. Sigh.


As a Black Lord of the Rings fan, I felt left out of fantasy worlds. So I created my own


File: 1614066661326.mp4 (135.55 KB, BarrenDampAmazonparrot-mob….mp4)



her outfit better be cute when she comes back or shes getting reported


time for a boring sober night but its for the best


damn that outfit is cute


it leans more to whorish


wow that girl is ugly and wearing lingerie on twitch


id appreciate it if you guys wouldnt be mean to the girls i like


you dont like her you have developed a parasocial relationship with pixels on your computer screen go outside


went outside and had some awful anxiety


you want me to go outside
in the middle of a global pandemic????


you dont say
*intensifies the anxiety ray*


36 hours left on my wow sub


enough time to get your affairs in order


ugh hate when my twitchgals stream at the same time


File: 1614068548542.jpg (118.22 KB, 901x1200, DaNqHo5V4AA7WEC (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Considering i clearly remember my gf in bed with me wrapping her lips around my dick, and i didn't "manipulate her" into that he may want to fact check the lies he wrote about me and my gf.


itty bitty boat
itty bitty boat



softcore shite


yeah dont want ur panties shots WHORE


much prefer girls in cute clothes to naked sluts


you might be gay


well its a good thing all the cute weeb girls like gay guys then


they only like to see them take it in the ass by another gay guy


well im the gay guy giving it to the other gay guy
the foid can take the place of the receiving gay guy to truly take her bl fantasy to the next level


ewww this homos gonna fuck a guy


i should have been a mariner


no im gonna fuck a girl pretending to be a guy pretending to be a girl


youre gonna fuck hairy man ass and youll be happy


i would rather die a virgin that fuck someone with hair anywhere on their body except their scalp or eye area


what about their pussies


man ass is disgusting


cant believe regis philbin is dead bros




way i see it when i start dating a girl its going to be at least a year before we have sex (or else shes a slut and i dont want her) so shes got plenty of time to shave or get it lasered or whatever


yikes hun


File: 1614070820997.gif (1.78 MB, 378x368, 1610230917791.gif) ImgOps Google


remember this epic event


god these mint oreos are so good


shoulda bought a pack of cigs when i was at the pharmacy earlier





57 on my mage bros!


what are you guys doing


File: 1614074079240.jpeg (304.06 KB, 2048x1152, 16764AF1-5110-446E-B80B-F….jpeg) ImgOps Google


File: 1614074408094.png (5.09 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_09_D4E815.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1614074710796.jpg (808.2 KB, 1920x1080, d.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


58 on my mage but i think im going to take a break


did you buy tons of boosts


bitnorm is crashing
sickzii i need your input


just take a full xanax every hour like pad


always that one freak in gura threads that shows up just to make wild claims about her being an alcoholic


shes an alcoholic bro
its fine


File: 1614080883147.jpg (952.95 KB, 2250x1575, 1614030019297.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



she sips
she games
she sings


bro you gotta stop watching these cartoon bitches


what should i expect from two and a half men once charlie leaves





*puts my dick in your ass*


(can't wake up)


theres another ped thread up


i'm not ped


i'm not pad


File: 1614085987595.webm (797.41 KB, 638x360, coiners.webm) ImgOps Google




15 minutes
time for another epic day of epic gaymes


omg ….


File: 1614088399244.png (8.64 KB, 357x121, Screenshot from 2021-02-23….png) ImgOps Google

maybe that guy wasnt kidding about them seeing your key strokes o__O


you have to fuck her now


are we invited to your wedding



fix your sleep schedule toon!



ugh feardragon is casting


you have a problem with that you racist


yes his pajeet face makes me want to punch the screen


well you need to grow up then


are you still going over that course?


im crying havent seen the foxes today think theyre dead saw a guy walking around throwing something (poison?!) near their den


im so sorry v_v


that was me






toot execute this animal hes not even human at this point


wonder how she felt during this


>Those trading virtual currencies in New York cannot avoid our laws, period.
nooo not the heckin new yorkerinos


bros we can just watch the french stream instead of the mainstream to avoid the bad casters this is huge


hearing french is worse


youre seriously bigoted


french speaking belgian bitshit PepeLaugh


Days Gone is Coming to PC This Spring, Followed by “a Whole Slate” of Other PlayStation Games



days gone was fun


File: 1614092765725.webm (1.29 MB, 480x480, aoc.webm) ImgOps Google


didn't know aoc was into that…


bloodborne or i dont care


hispanics are white


took a big fat diarrhea shit just now. i haven't eaten anything since lunch the day before yesterday, i wonder where the shit came from? does it really take me 2 days to digest food?



sc2 is so fucking epic bros



rip special




i dont wanna go to work! i just wanna watch vtubers all day!!


gura literally has brain damage


File: 1614096008291.png (7.86 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_04_94E044.png) ImgOps Google


omo bros


missed a mate in 4


that must have been posted at least twice already skipbro



ames mexican she can say nigga


i knew a big ass hispanic that dominantly seized the n-word pass and utilized it





nigger nenechi
now thats powerful


im a huge faggot



space rock…


i'm that gorilla dick nigga
i make dyke pussy wet


File: 1614099501014.jpeg (284.92 KB, 861x1555, B84CF29B-B252-4273-9813-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

oh no no no no


File: 1614099529675.jpeg (666.36 KB, 1600x899, B8637A8A-34DB-4873-8A9E-1….jpeg) ImgOps Google



nice bro just saw that one on reddit as well


actually i saw it on twitter



bong ass grocery store


i dont get it. what is pepe supposed to be?


a frog


hes based


so the thing is a base?


looks like an oversized stamp


i just don't get it


this guy just doesn't get it


serral vs inno time! lets go baby!


where? what are we watching?



you can be one bro just play the game


buy me the game brapper


Escape from Tarkov is the Dark Souls of multiplayer shooters


What's the Escape from Tarkov of souls-likes


dark souls


super mario 3d world : bowsers fury is the dark souls of bing bing wahooey



whats the dark souls of soulsbournes


what is pepes base? please explain what pepe is


pepe is paste
wojack is getting btfo yet again


wojack bros we cant stop losing


i seriously hope you dont actually pronounce it "woe-jack"


i'm going to lie down and rest my eyes, i expect a real answer when i come back or else


inno lost 39 scvs to banes just rolling in o_O



the surge 2


the baldur side sword is the dark souls of dark souls weapons


i seriously pronounce it woe-jack


i hope you don't pronounce feels guys as wojack


sending in changelings with the bangelings might be onto something. would that fuck with how they split marines?


split my ass daddy


oi yoi yoi


why dont you tell us how you pronounce wojack sir?



i am the dark souls of stink


oh my god


oh no no no


the "dark souls" of gay sex



woyak woojack whahoiyak


she cant help that her pussy is fat and juciy this is a travesty of justice!


hes feely
hes froggy
and they make it in the end





pepe frog? that guy is always up to something
wreaking havoc




As a Christian, a lot of people need Jesus in their lives. You see the whole world/life in another perspective. Jesus can give you peace that nothing else can. You begin to understand why you exist and that He has a purpose and plan for anybody who seeks him. Jesus will give you eternal life and is in ultimate control of your life if you'll allow Him to be.

I just felt like i needed to say this. Not trying to offend anyone or preach a sermon.


uhh can i get a tldr


betcha sickzii knows how to pronounce this shit
yo zii u up?


zii is up
up in my butt


nasty little fucker


i will sue the jewish church for foreskin reperations


wojak (not wojack) is pronounce vo-yak


definitely not saying it like that


File: 1614103260585.png (5.3 KB, 256x256, 1613858410338.png) ImgOps Google


its woj-ack


you have to decide to say it right and sound like a douche like when you say neanderthal or carnegie properly. or say it wrong and not sound like a douche


i was raised saying things right so actually you sound like a douche


you were raised by a pack of niggers niglet




File: 1614104103636.jpg (152.06 KB, 1080x1080, Etbd0Z2XAAAIPi8.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


zah and beer tonight
lets go


hope its homemade or frozen


its from the local 'zeria!


File: 1614105121530.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

eating out in the middle of a global pandemic? seriously?


File: 1614105281759.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


silly me i forgot youre supposed to starve yourself to death whenever theres a pandemic


you were raised by a pack of niggers niglet


that would be really cool
like being raised by wolves


actually i was raised by a proud iranian family


dont like gura playing luigis mansion i cant watch horror games


do you not know how to cook?


File: 1614106541127.jpg (92.64 KB, 287x425, iranian.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



im makin craft mc n cheese :)


destiny getting btfoed by his own fans they're turning on him like i said they would



File: 1614106695511.webm (172.84 KB, 480x360, stfu.webm) ImgOps Google


File: 1614106777220.png (318.86 KB, 850x850, 1604974396758.png) ImgOps Google


i dont remember any of this shite


video game lore is gay we just like to shoot shit


the normies are already ruining d2


remember when derose exposed saifedean by telling everyone that hes not actually a professor and has never even studied economics but no one cared because saifedean is so smooth and baste


File: 1614107147491.png (202.3 KB, 384x512, 1613904422399.png) ImgOps Google


cant wait to ruin everyone's experience by pking them





never ever break kayfabe


big belly big belly big belly big belly big belly big belly



pad would have hated that


big belly pkers


File: 1614107585017.jpeg (166.4 KB, 750x475, 5c1721fae5de315b25309ab09….jpeg) ImgOps Google

whats up gang


wtf gab made me autofollow donny j trujmp


Bitcoin enters bear market as price falls over $10 000 in just 2 days.


paste gab


just chillin
doin our lil activities


bros hop on gab we’re instant messaging with drumpf


did anyone here actually play through and beat diablo 3


yeah we all did that when it came out


ask him what hes up to


what was the story even
all the evils were defeated what do you even do


Once you’ve gotten any COVID-19 vaccine, you still need to wear a mask, get tested, and watch your distance. Isolate if you have tested positive/have symptoms, and quarantine if you are a close contact or have traveled to another state or country. Visit http://c19vaccineri.org.



File: 1614108309848.jpg (78.33 KB, 640x640, 1612477156382.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


this has got to be the shittiest vaccine ever made lmfao


File: 1614108338548.jpg (1.52 MB, 3000x2621, 1605301662345.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


god i wish i was a lithe cute little twink femboy so bad


yeah it was uhhh ok i guess
never wanna play it again


got two wither skulls
just one more……


File: 1614108917674.png (276.71 KB, 500x384, 1550040454695.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1614108929405.jpeg (56.45 KB, 1080x608, Eu71fRUVEAIC4VI.jpeg) ImgOps Google


HODL!!! Never give up!!! HODL!!!


someone tell me whats "john money experiment"


ive got two doge


File: 1614109509903.jpg (361.36 KB, 804x1224, 1575716432413.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i wish a girl would do that to me


wish i was a girl


im a girl… kinda…


toot get rid of the queers


you cant kinda be a girl you either are or you arent


there are holes and poles with no inbetween


im a birl


File: 1614109919699.jpg (63.52 KB, 640x800, 8xpd5mf3bnb51.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




translation: be what the social consensus wants you to be


File: 1614110063287.gif (2.46 MB, 480x450, 1614019016420.gif) ImgOps Google




sickzii wouldve loved that


File: 1614110203327.webm (1.26 MB, 1280x720, 1613546184961.webm) ImgOps Google


tiger woods bros…hope our guy is ok


File: 1614110440229.jpg (153.66 KB, 960x974, 1605114726377.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614110610539.jpg (801.74 KB, 1635x2460, 1566601647627.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Dice rollRolled 1



dont roll for toddlers pedfreak


*hands today an "i stayed home" star sticker*


File: 1614111325179.png (54.64 KB, 462x204, pog.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1614111472406.jpg (97.8 KB, 999x999, 1579455469154.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1614111571620.png (147.73 KB, 872x868, ch.png) ImgOps Google

*thinks for a minute*
yeah bro this is the move


what did we tell you about posting this guy


i like them stfu kid


File: 1614111814604.jpg (142.42 KB, 1080x1080, EtbdpqAXEAALAUk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1614111838539.png (1.29 MB, 2000x1600, 1589312118749.png) ImgOps Google


fuck dude fit is easy to bait


Freshwater fish are under threat, with as many as a third of global populations in danger of extinction, according to an assessment.

Populations of migratory freshwater fish have plummeted by 76% since 1970, and large fish – those weighing more than 30kg – have been all but wiped out in most rivers. The global population of megafish down by 94%, and 16 freshwater fish species were declared extinct last year.

its ogre fishbros


for me it’s fox like girl
always has been


File: 1614112253094.jpg (258.32 KB, 2048x1302, 1614046681931.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


only got a little over 4 hours of sleep…


File: 1614112416583.jpg (507.68 KB, 771x3840, b3j1l.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


9 is too much
8 is premium
7 is the gold zone
6 is ok
5 struggle
4? its ogre youre done
3 is feral mode


love a good 11 hour snooze


11 hours is the freak zone


i asked toon he said 11 hours is normal


woke up gamed for 10 hours and now its dark outside




File: 1614112974330.webm (2.87 MB, 512x800, 1613411989533.webm) ImgOps Google

dogs are so smart


damn i wish i had a dog…


dogs cant even handle basic math


same as you then


the shit you do isnt basic math toot


i was so bloated yesterday my waist is 3 inches smaller today wtf



pwus wun minus wun :D


File: 1614114125925.mp4 (9.51 MB, IMG_7454.mp4)


i can sense the demonic influence in that webm
dont click









not a singly pussy yawn


she has class




class doesnt make my dick go spurt spurt


that's not livi


*hops on poe*


File: 1614115947102.jpg (54.2 KB, 640x741, 361srjhef6j61.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


what the fuck is a gillamerkering




ina is reading spice and wolf to us in 10 minutes…


jag gillar den frågan


why do 4norms keep calling vns dating sims
its a rare genre thats almost dead but they keep acting like regular moege are dating sims


toot he has a circle over his a


hey man will you please delete this? really not cool



File: 1614117610023.png (5.42 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_06_C18D42.png) ImgOps Google




should have reddited my dating sim post bro


listen im really bored


dont like gura playing luigis mansion i cant watch horror games


worrying trend where dinner doesn't feel like its enough and i have to eat more after finishing dinner




File: 1614118601478.jpg (18.84 KB, 464x458, EUJUF4sWkAAquEu.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614118607991.jpg (952.95 KB, 2250x1575, 1614030019297.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

as long as guras with me i wont be scared im not scared


File: 1614118659321.png (183.68 KB, 481x559, 1592353997971.png) ImgOps Google


thats what i tried to tell myself but the creepy music and scary haunted mansion is too much




pepega clap


File: 1614118814742.png (17.08 KB, 537x361, 1611167025590.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1614118860437.png (395.02 KB, 900x506, 1578349818560.png) ImgOps Google


chess americans are talking about the glory vibes of eating their burgers from burger kings in their car


File: 1614118896749.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


im gonna go play some super mario
peace the fuck out


File: 1614118942292.png (294.78 KB, 423x745, 1613948098955.png) ImgOps Google



404 not found




nascar is holding a contest, winner gets to name a race we gotta enter

the reeki 500


all the games i play are online


reeki is the infamous doxxer and discord groomer


the dick dock 500



dickdock unesco world heritage site


we must travel to mount coom


coombs are a part of mountains


File: 1614121316300.jpg (51.66 KB, 638x544, 1614077112059.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1614121383101.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i dont even like the gorillaz lol


dude just stop


report and move on


wait what are you guys reporting?



disguised toast among us


id take her head and smash it on the cupboard until she stops moving


this gets me every time


File: 1614121836800.webm (1.53 MB, 640x800, 1613325951647.webm) ImgOps Google

have you guys ever seen one of these cunts before


ugh just lost two 9x19 vectors in tarkov


what the hell is that


its a 'roo


no clue what that is
we arent tarkovbros


a tree kangaroo




wish i was a tarkovbro…


have you tried playing the game?


escape from sipvod


Escape from Sipvod is the Dark Souls of real life


sickzii platinumed all the dark souls games…


its not that easy to become a tarkovbro


thats a wombat i think




whats stopping you


i've heard it's steep and you need to talk on a mic


i cant pass the admittance exam to become a tarkovbro ive failed it so many times and wasted so much money on prep classes and practice tests but ill never become a tarkovbro


File: 1614122462039.png (221.38 KB, 766x557, 1613752382124.png) ImgOps Google


damn thats hilarious…


whats wrong with talking on mic? i guess you could avoid it if you played solo


not him but i got a girly voice so i cant talk on mic


dude i didnt mean it like that keep it in your pants



post your butts


you fools are lucky




im barrack


you should be proud of your girly voice


wish to protect girlyvoicebro


can't protect what doesn't exist


wish i had a girly voice


you really dont, cant heal on overwatch without tanks making lewd comments


yeah i keep getting mistaken for a foid its the worst


voice isnt girly its deep but its gay




toons voice is manly as hell


im part of the dindu clan
get it


im part of the minecraft clan
get it


bros we gotta get loremaster of shadowlands of course its going to be used for unlocking flying!


here's a whore recommendation just for the boys


only have soujourner of maldraxxus and bastion left


hmm he didnt just say her name. odd… i'll just click


im doing bastion right now!


File: 1614124474532.jpg (71.84 KB, 960x919, 1610749012087.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



pokimane vs myth tomorrow… pretty sure those two flipped…


File: 1614125143127.jpg (359.78 KB, 2000x1284, 1592080778783.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


mom just stomped in and stated she is almost at the end of her patience


this pic gives me deja vu


you're going to be thrown out in the middle of a global pandemic
you're going to get covid-19
you're going to die


what did you do this time


mom found the ponies…



hololive jp is so cringe compared to gura


no antis


just continued neetness
she thought i was taking community college classes for the last 5 years


w-were you?


bro we're graduating in a month!


she thought i was taking community college classes for the last 5 years


i would sign up for a class or two every semester and sometimes go, mostly id just drive around


getting anxiety


our lives are lies here


moms cant understand
they grew up in different times (pre-obama)


hate the post-barrack HUSSEIN obama era everything sux


cant believe we're in the 2020s
i imagined a lot of things but not that id still be sitting here


File: 1614126071042.jpg (225.54 KB, 1080x1350, 1549158128652.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


how do i get a gf like that


gorillaz and gura


wanna touch


god i wanna suck on her titties


that is not a very feminine skull shape


shes cis


im freak


forgive me padder for i have slopped


youre going to get diabetes and die




File: 1614126726630.png (2.45 MB, 930x691, 1602958493425.png) ImgOps Google


dad randomly brought home whataburg so i lost noslop21



how do i know brapper doesn't post here anymore? not one single post spitting on someone or imagining curb stomping their head in


not based thats seriously fucked up


i slopped on a culv mush&swiss today


File: 1614126791399.jpg (20.49 KB, 313x240, 1614036533551.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


brapper is and always was a cojoined effort of 5+ people


reported this post


baby brapper


im like $15 short for an amazon fresh delivery
someone tell me what groceries I should buy


how about a fresh dosage of covid-19 idiot


*slides a box of corona vaccines into the thread*


anything you can wipe down with bleach and heat up


mushswiss is definitely a part of burg mount rushmore
baconcheeseburg, mushswiss, pattymelt


File: 1614127132369.png (16.88 KB, 600x600, 3b0446713a3dee963edc579112….png) ImgOps Google



smokehouse almonds


File: 1614127326802.jpg (2.68 MB, 3500x3288, f3e667c29249da6a96ed70c8ab….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1614127400693.jpg (235.52 KB, 1750x1127, 507d4645628e3ed2be7868e615….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1614127470109.png (246.38 KB, 463x453, 1604123577397.png) ImgOps Google

group c in the morning
big hype


people probably think its gonna be trap/zest/reynor

but what if dream makes it out


File: 1614127552355.jpg (675.58 KB, 667x1000, 6bad960d69b53fa077c70e60f0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


trap vs reynor is gonna be epic…



no im not



File: 1614127699451.jpg (63.86 KB, 841x473, 3566235566556.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




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