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*pats seat next to me* come, have a seat


File: 1499009252522.png (1.81 MB, 1024x1365, 5757747.png) ImgOps Google

is this the alt-thread for when things get bad in the real thread?


now THAT's what I call a B U T T


File: 1499074505213.png (1.55 MB, 1280x720, EVE_A_2017-06-10_15-42-06.png) ImgOps Google

this cg looked so weird






ok im here what now


cute op >_<


now tell us your deepest secrets..



sickzii bullies tanks


one time i hammered a turtle…


*grows up*
time to pay the bills and beat my kids!


how can people still watch sgdq
same games every time with same autistic runners
shit is boring as fuck




the only people that watch it are just as autistic

or theyre waiting for something cringy to happen so they can make one of those bully videos on youtube..


we make those


gonna go for another poop i think


theres no way there is 160k autistic people…..
160 fucking k retards watching right now


all those darn vaccines…


actually americans are the bad guys


boom level 3


putin is so smart and handsome >__<



no homo


When I listen to Putin ,he doesn't sound like a man who hates his adversary,but rather a man who understands him….he appears to be able to differentiate between decent ordinary Americans and their greedy hate filled leaders who seek to do nothing more than suck the marrow from their people while brainwashing them in return….so that they will always have an enemy….Putin comes across as self assured and knowlegable…and makes american leadership look like school kids


someone lick my weener


still dont have a healing spell


why does my cOCK HURT


you FUCK too much


hurt my back yesterday fishing…

just took a cold shower and it feels like 10x better holy moly


shoulda went with a cold showbath


my tub isn't big enough for a showbath…


im here
this is the thread




remember that magic trick on americas got talent we discussed a while ago
it was bullshit :/


of course it was bullshit he was a stink


they bullshit
its what they do
doin…their thing…etc etc


hi man whatsu p


im rude as hell



im not reading all that
tell me what it means for my crypto investment


it means youre bankrupt


*dumps all the crypto*


amy winehouse had the right idea


it means more and more people are liking the bit coin :)


chugged a bunch of coffee now to wait for the big poo…


bitcoins are based


bitcoins are gay


level 7 baaaby


hes progressing fast… soon he will be healing mythic tos…


i dunno what that is but ill try my best


i am mentally ill


im ill but in the way the kids mean it like as cool


im getting fatter…


im gay


big boys


turns out i was gay afterall


who did this to you!??




im wearing a size medium shirt from high school cuz everything else is in the wash… my belly sticks out a lot…


Thorin is so based.


probably 'zii


not watching lol


here ago again on my own


epic my man


i guess you could say 2 x l is my size


wow joe rogan was bashing trump in his newest yt vid so i disliked it and unsubscribed!


based fight the good fight


amy winehouse…


found a flea on my ceiling. hope there arent any more..


look what the cat dragged in


feed the big man, that's how we win the game


i miss tin :\


explosive watery coffee shits


shh dont say his name youll summon him!


he doesnt wake up for another 5 hours


the only way to summon tin :
the rattling of the cage
the shaking of the seed cup


oh…. honored with silvermoon city are we…


we treat him with pistachos sometimes when he's behaving, but we only give him the ones that are still completely closed


imagine a big peewee up your butt


whats that


a peepee! a schlong! a pipelli!


gnawing endlessly at a closed 'stachio shell….
very cruel


got a good idea… go to a empty parking lot at night and order a pizza to there under a fake name… then mug the motherfucker!!!


quest logs gettin a bit full


ahh the ol' pip


doesnt work like she used to but its alright, still there, by my side as always


just a danglin'


no delivery driver is gonna be carrying any substantial amount of cash
you'd be committing a felony for like 20 bucks


how come every "tech" guy looks gay
they cant all be gay can they


its for the free pizza…….


technigger is the only one i watch and he looks straight


and all tech girls look like dumb whores
pink and green hair
wtf is wrong with them


except for that one older lady


that's even more silly v_v


picked a zit on my eyebrow and now its bleeding like frick


wish that streamers gone wild subreddit was more active


on the toilet all day


whats the puke count


i was constipated again
but i managed to push out a very hard poop
i know its not good to push but boy did i push


did it fight back


bitch better have my porkchop ready within the next 30 min or im gunna scream


it was a real battle but i ultimately won

feelin pretty good now…



i dont eat pork


lmfao and i thought that 10k meme was outrageous


William Suberg


10k is confirmed


i eat whatever the heck my mom brings home for me to eat


doesnt she cook


making a frozen 'za



goldman sachs
how do we get the big banks away from our fake internet money…


'zah* sorry


no i meant 'za


File: 1499119595120.png (6.94 KB, 292x234, articles.png) ImgOps Google



whoops 'zah*





laugh out loud


i laughed out loud at the business insiders epic bitcoin article titles yes


dont like this guy trying to correct my pizza slang


im gay


still dont know which whoa woah to use


it was an offhand comment
she just said that moon's the limit and some dimwit in the production decided to slap 1 billion on it


whoa is cuter. woah is like a west cost thing


1 billion dollars? lmfao in 10 years that's going to be as good as 1 billion grains of sand


off hand my dick


bitcoin 10k by december


i hope not




level 10…officially holy…



now this is the coin of the future
$8.36 per ant share
chinks are good at stuff

get in now before $100


*gets 0*




people are buying so much stuff with bitcoins… wow… amazing… amazing


add another tally to the puke count
*drinks more anyway*


that's why you need to own land. inflation doesnt affect land


30 minutes is up you idiOT BITCH


word were white landowners and have full historic constitutional rights


guess your 'za is free..


if you dont own land youre basically a non-person


dang keyboard 'zah*


tinny disagrees


*surveys my property* ah yes… the weeds are growing in nicely this year


*pays land taxes* ah yes, my land…


is a cage land?


no its metal and plastic


u r


what the fuck did you just call me?


uh ah ih oh


a close friend


ok im gonna test just how fast litecoin is with segwit

sending 4 litecoins from coinbase to bittrex



1 minute 40 seconds dang


not gay btw



about 40 minutes faster than my average bitcoin to bittrex transfer….


in alaska they pay you to own land


is alaska the ideal scv teamhouse location?




what about the bears…


we'll import some coyotes to keep the bears out


but then….


healboy where are you i wanan come bully you


mom overcooked the porkchop, i had one bite and then ate my sides and put the rest of the chop in the fridge, gunna have a leftover 'lix sub later


probably healing


just about to cross the lines into ghostlands…


we eat all of mommy's food here


we threw out most of grandmas stuffed cabbage yesterday


it tasted like LEATHER


my dad just made a chicken curry and it was very nice actually


got a new message on interpals….29 year old thai lady hmmmmm….


you're getting catfished nigga


michigan is
lots of gay boys here..


michigan boy here im not gay….


all those xenoestrogens in the ann arbor water supply.. an epicenter of girly boys…


well sometimes i beat off to traps in those cute little chastity things but other than that not gay


we're from florida here


then you're gonna have to load tinny's cage into the car when you drive up


hmm she looks ok…pretty normal
perhaps i should respond


think i ought to just lie down and die


sure y not


never reveal vulnerability. it only leads to suffering


just thought of something


thats what im thinkin
y the heck not


doin a little spinnin for a exp buff


umm i just got to ghostlands


how many times can you get your elf to do flip/spin in a row…



*sits in dalaran for 3 hours*
fuck wow is so fun


stop killing my mobs..


there's a few things i can't do without



wow so cool…


dragon quest 8


From: John

Good day Friend,

How you doing today? I am a Banker with HSBC here in United Kingdom, I have a secure business deal value 9.2Million Pounds for you to handle with me.
Although this might be difficult for you to believe, your benefit is fifty percent of the total amount. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out because it’s hundred percent risk free.

If interested do reply for more details.


just got this email… seems too good to be true…


jerking off


cant find healboy i quit *throws stuff around my room*


speakin of vod, its almost drinkin time


okay where do you want to meet me


whatever could go wrong? lol


yo dawg

i work at big bank can help u stack paper

gotta boogie, John V.P. of crushing pussy


are we drinking tonight?
i'll go scoop up a bottle of stolichnaya right now


yeah we drinkin


yeah i took 2 days off drinking but im thinkin im gonna have a few tonight…


im at tranq in ghostlands


middle of the night icecream ^-^


yeah im in
vod and perhaps a tall boy to go with it…


buncha fuckin alcoholics *sips milky tea*


i havent had vod in like 2 months….
a little 4th of july celebration fun is just what i need


sure are lots of alliance around here… its not you is it…



cute >_<


reply and see what it's about rofl


been drinking water for like a week but that changes tonight
*cracks a cold soda*


all that sugar… livin on the edge i see


kill google


why havent you found me yet


got grease on my fingers


that email was also sent from a university of guelph email… could it be true/…


cuz i gave up!!!


time to jerk off heh


hope i never do find you stay away!


ok post your location right now and i will find u


i wanted to take ac ute screenshot :(


tranquillen in ghostlands ya butt


report it to the university


*does art work for a streamer for free and watches as he steals it and sells t-shirts with it*

haha he's my friend though so it's cool :)


thinking about going to confession next week


gonna take a bit to get there…


*bleeds you for moloch*


god bless


WOW REALLY? fine im questing let me know when youre there


dont get mad at me…




praise mammon


just started rubbing my boobs


just started reading my books


don't you mean moobs?


im a girl


ah of course


*prays to ancient evils*



you have to wake them up first


ugh dont wanna click so im just gonna embed that for you


This video contains content from UMG_MK. It is not available in your country.






ugh why would they be sleeping anyway dont they have stuff to do like generate fear and misery to feed off of?



they are ancient, their spawn take care of all that


i hope i never ever have to hear that again


took a big sh*t but there was no tp


File: 1499125781215.png (3.18 MB, 1600x900, big pip.png) ImgOps Google


china will china will-will-will-will-will be striding ahead


*launches rocket*




wow vod your elf has a big butte…


thats a mammoth not my butt


i saw u take your pants off


ugh educated foreigners actually think that the american people believe the political elite's narrative…


duh, everyone does


ugh i forgot to heal you


please lord let me jerk off inside of brittany venti just once


what video of hers are you even getting off to anyway


im lookin at her instagram pics right now


shes not even that hot


ugh everyone knows that we're just there to control the pipelines. the people talking about "giving them freedom and democracy" know it, the american people know it, foreigners know it but they think we're in denial about it! the storys only there to flaunt a moral high ground over anyone who disagrees with the warmongering


shes pretty


shes like 7/10


ah yes the pipelines….


8/10 imo


if it were up for debate, id kill 99.999999% of all humans. that's just my vote


meh her nose is too wide and her eyes are too far apart for 8/10
plus those eyebrows are too long


actually the eyes far apart is unique i like that
unique but not offputting i think


actually more like 8.5/10


theres a mexican girl cashier whos face is too far apart but shes really cute and if i didnt think she was extremely stupid id totally consider talking to her sometime


shes got some pretty big boobs too did we mention that part yet


its not really unique its fetal alcohol syndrome
her mom was a raging alcoholic probably

and im not saying she isnt cute, she just isnt 8/10 cute


ye her boobies are nice ngl


8.5/10 it is


word shes near perfect


9.8/10 it is


maybe in base 12 or something


bunch of jealous girls in here it seems…


or base 100 for this


im retarded


watching community
not impressed


at least your not black


we're drinking and playing elder scrolls online


watch the expanse


were drinking and analyzing stocks with our boy shkreli


i thought shekeli was in jail now


is shkreli really live streaming in the middle of his massive trial


how could i analyze something i know nothing about?


in your dreams ;)


read a book nigger


grow up


mi casa su casa partner


dont speak cia


having second thoughts about drinking… waking up without a hangover or any anxiety is pretty nice…


i think you should feed the beast


i dont get people who drink it only feels good for like 30 minutes and then i get tired and feel poopy



*shakes bag of seeds*
here boy!


peppa pig…


shut the frick up bird
guys been chirping for hours just shut up fly


*drinks for the 300th night in a row*
i am in control of my life


same *ties up*


or is it *ties off*
i forget


*snorts a vyvanse* gonna get the world record in facebook bejewled


is there a game we can play together






look for my room
pw is: gook




Sorry, but you need Adobe Flash Player to play HaxBall

notp laying



buying twitch is gonna bankrupt them!!


why am i still alive


just got whooped in haxball


haxball is fun when u get the hang of it….it really doesnt take much time to learn


File: 1499128571456.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x480, bad10f27-57a3-4f59-be4b-90….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

my empire…


you made me look like a fool out there
the perfect angles….


were stim boys we take a lot and then write walls of incoherent text


only plebs cant cohere my text


stupid plebs probably havent ever taken a caffiene pill in their lives




alexa….tell my wife….i love her…. *blows brains out*


dont leve me alone


alexa save incriminating data in your storage files


i didn't catch that can you repeat?
*shuts off*


play some kmfdm in the background while i kill myself


ok im back i bought 6 bottles of beer and some rum… never drank before so be gentle


disappointed in you^


just turned on some nine inch nails


terrible lie is a good song



i got pretty hate machine on, terrible lie is next


File: 1499129852354.jpg (39.97 KB, 448x443, nicehat.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


i wanna try playing the old quake just for the sounds and music
trent is a god


File: 1499129886432.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 250x451, izimyfufdppy[1].gif) ImgOps Google


same installing quake right now


File: 1499129959772.gif (Spoiler Image, 43.3 KB, 600x174, the-pipe-strip[1].gif) ImgOps Google


we don't use garfield anymore…


i hear gunshots again, the neighborhood is going to hell


i use a bullet into my brain


File: 1499130358276.png (555.95 KB, 1280x1637, 1496360551238.png) ImgOps Google


reggies lookin good


i just took the craziest meds, they just brought me back from the dead




glad mirrors shit is over


feel very sick


when to start drinkin…



to the alexa posters… probably going back to sleep ?


File: 1499131833523.jpg (356.44 KB, 1200x675, IMG_6907.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



*protects you*


somebody host a quake server so i can FRAG YOU ALL


File: 1499132053463.png (230.4 KB, 433x406, IMG_2247.PNG) ImgOps Google


oh shit another mirrors edge BOOOOO and its even longer



im playing single player q1 right now
and i stink


and im stuck
cant figure out how to get the silver key surrounded by water


is there a campaign




holy crackers i think theres a gang war outside lots of gunshots!


*boots up doom*


try jumping its the solution to everything in quake


nah just fireworks


oh right..


gonna call the cops anyway




hmm guess i'll wake up… not doing good


hmu if ne1 wants to chill tn


*gets stitches*


got it
it involved jumping

and swimming


I smoke dank, drink 1 can of monster, and a bunch of sweets, every night when I am on the computer. I feel crap because I'm stupid.


time to get those brain cells working


glad i quit doing that years ago now im a healthy productive member of society but i still cry myself to sleep every night lol


896 ilvl now…


what does that even mean??


i dont even remember the last time i cried lol




last time i cried was……. 4 years ago
i quit coffee, alcohol and weed all at the same time and had a huge panic attack and cried my eyes out it was cool


i think mines 7


what does a panic attack feel like?


cant breathe, terrified thats all i remember really


lot of the twitter sociopath crew on rn i see


raining blood!!!!!



feels like you're going to die


i <3 thunderstorms


tinny has a real light gentle voice
like a train whistle


very short of breath, face a bit numb


fucking gay ass diaper bitch


File: 1499132998154.jpg (166.44 KB, 1200x896, C9Xi1UjUMAAXIi1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



fuck i went afk to poop (trusted a fart and it went wrong, long story) and i came back to my screen dead


oh rio…. don't look at me like that~


are you dying


i can't think straight when i have to be around other people
i act… very retarded
does that count?


i think he's just describing what a panic attack feels like


cant remember the last thing i bought with cash…
im all plastic!!


+1 that post was gay


yeah fuck that post and fuck that cry baby


tinny had to quit drugs when he got kicked out and he ended up with full blown diabetes!


how does that even happen?


about to queue up for my first dungeon…




i wish i could be a wanderer sometimes…


theres a theory going around that tinny was kicked out for 1. drugs or 2. molesting a younger family member but he wont admit to them and gets suspiciously upset when theyre mentioned


tinny has gone very far
but his brain can't really comprehend suffering
so it doesn't count for much. yeah tinny doesn't matter


ahhh riding your trusty steed across the vast steppe


pig ride horse like circus monkey


pancake poops…


pancake pops!


hmm pancakes and maple syrup


File: 1499133479120.jpg (174.59 KB, 1342x1200, IMG_4150.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

me right


getting killed


suicide by cop?


suicide by nothing retard
its clearly fake cartoon drawing


no. systemic racism


marrying an indian girl with a thick moustache


marrying a fat pig skin that takes 100 nigger dicks and is gay pride parade redditor


we start making fun of tinshit and this guy gets into character
what if tinny was a character


currynigger fantasies


what if tin was a successful and rich businessman…


im a joker and you are the joke bro
go peck shit like village chicken


guess everything is 'fake news' and i can't trust anything i perceive to be reality anymore, and must apply the caveat 'fake' to it all
hmm… yes… i am truly a man on this century… whatever century it supposedly is…


sica ~~~*%##<3



lots of bots posting tonight


tin the terminator


tin the tat man


how to people even watch those paul joseph watson videos when he shoves his face into the screen like that
looks disgusting tbqh


how can you tell if someone on 162 is a bot


i am toot


not even one mention of anime
how we have fallen


beat quake part 1


anime is for beta males atheists


pretty sure they have bots that are better than tinny for example


thats a good example


i know you created this website to spy on me
everything here is fictious, just a story


we are superfluous men here. intelligent but ineffectual because of our world weariness and doubts


i know you created this website to spy on me and monitor my activity
everything is all made up just fiction


ive known from the very start


lots of bot and same posting too


*activates protocol 162*


am i experiencing delusions?


alexa tell me what to do


help me


that's when alexa punches in your monarch programming dial tone


alexa tell me my nipples arent too big


be proud of your chicken patty nips :)


alexa make me comfortable about my self-image


litecoin closing in on 50 bux….


alexa, help me self-actualize


i dont even have to heal people…


alexa im tired


alexa suck my fucking dick
*does it*


alexa bring me closer to god


alex, take the night off


alexa give jeff bezos all of my personal info


lol we should make a knock off alexa



heh…..5 steps ahead of you kid ;)


alexa play britney spears greatest hits whilest i take a shower


alexa repair my failing marriage


whooaaa i hit level 20 and i have a horse


alexa, rent the movie 'click' starring adam sandler




alexa, pray for me


alex, run me through a dungeon


tfw you upload yourself and r*pe alexa


its really sad when i consider playing video games and watching anime and movies as a good use of time
anything that isnt just endless internet is a positive
i got the addiction bad


alexa cure my addiction to technology


im afraid i cant do that


sorry that i havent been posting much today.. just woke up and its nearly 11pm..


hmmm i bought alive madness returns about 4 years ago and never once even installed it
perhaps now….is the time…


madness returns


alexa make the bad thoughts go away


*softly plays chopin*


dont let alexa hear this cause she'll tell jeff
but amazonbasic shit is awful
i got an amazon basic fake leather computer chair like 3 months ago and the cushion is already dead it gets harder by the day
my butt is pretty much touching the hard base part


might be time for a beer run tonight…


every night this guy is out here like hamlet talking to himself 'to beer run, or not to beer run, THAT is the question!'


word we like shakespeare here


don't beer just run



!omo worthy


there's at least one person on 162 that has a wife


its me
cmon dear, let us take our cold shower and rest


really and he spends time with us??


whats your favorite shakespeare
me : as you like it


how does a v-gin get laid once hes too old for anime conventions??




retain your youthful look


ive only read romeo & juliet, julius caesar and hamlet


ive read
hamlet, as you like it, julius ceasar, titus andronicus, midsummer nights dream, othello


i prefer sophocles myself


im gonna start reading again, i was doing so well to start the year but now im stuck…
in the middle of the three body problem, taking my sweet time….
its interesting enough idk why im taking so long




the story of beer runius


ah yes


dont dareth follow me to thine beverage shoppe, rio! *grabs bike*


ccracked my first frigid one…


ah the fair-faced birth-giver has brought another meal to thou chambers….
now if only thine father would lade from this palace so as i may cranketh thy ac


ok the very start of this song
with the whooshing sound
what is that from? its from something else or something else used it from this


dad isnt working tomorrow..


been suck on 'the culture of narcissism' for like 3 weeks. it's really dense and i get distracted since im reading it online. with physical copies i can usually buckle down and read lots in single sessions


sippin a bit of vodka, bein a good healboy, its a good night


um whats the point of this if she isn't going to stick the tail in her butt…


the only vod we have here are sc2 vods


heal me…




just show me where it hurts…


its always the internets fault…
imagine how many books we could read with that ol demon draggin us down


queue up for shadowfang keep


um no i just ran that place twice


i like mexican girls so what


you could just invite me..


litecoin has hit $50 on coinbase
we did it


well i bought at 45 so i didnt really do it


although i did buy a bunch more when it dipped…


both mom and dad are out in the garage.. hope they come in within the next 20 minutes so i can grab the bike..


i hope their flattening your tires >:)


bitcoin hard forks + segwit2x
untested tech miserably fails
people are not happy with unstable broken bitcoin
whats closest to bitcoin? hmmmm ah yes litecoin of course
litecoin takes over the throne, $3k a lite
holy crap




gettin lots of guild invites


you guys got your mythic+ done for the night right?


no i just bought wow tonight


vodnvape wouldnt even heal me…


all you wanted to do was look at my butt


up to level 24..


ugh 1 beer and im done


1 more? or 1 total


drank one… now im drunk


hi everyone toot here ama


how mod u are bro?


whats your favorite shakespeare


how mod u r


im the one walking away when your mouth if full of nut


if full of nut


the one where everyone dies lol




wish i was in that one


just got my beer but my mom is in the garage.. hid it under a bush by the garage


did you listen to the clown story…


why is mommy in the garage?


no it was too long. gave up after like 30 minutes at 2x speed


gee son whats all this beer doing under a bush why dont you just put it in the fridge?


okay breaktimes over time to queue back up


run me through eye of azshara…


*ques up against a gold player*
ugh this is gonna be too hard


good wires tho


im only lvl 24 i cant


fuck my ass and call me suzy


my dad has done that to me twice.. once when i hid a bottle of vodka in the back of his truck and once when i hid beer in the bottom of a shelf in the garage..


why are you hiding it from them… would they drink yours?


i dont think they want me drinking..


did you get to the part where billy self actualizes….


i've pretty much been laying down for a year or two


no. stopped listening not long after he was talking about the circus coming to town




they probably literally dont even care


pretty sure that part is after billy self actualizes in his dream and becomes God, admitting to his class that he wants to go to the circus. or it might be just before the classroom scene… hmm…


my character is very petite


a small boy


for what he lacks in a belly, he makes up for it in heals


theyve been going in and out of the garage now 5+ times.. i keep hearing the door slam.. i think theyre looking for my beer stash..


says it at 6:12… wtf man


i dunno maybe the about a dream sounds slightly familiar, but really i wasnt paying much attention. i like a good deal of mde stuff but that story was just so meandering that i went catatonic


and i was listening at 2x speed which didnt do any favors for comprehension


you heard it there bitch
you're making references that i pick up on just admit it


boner police is here, RUN


who wants to be ran through dungeons for a bit


is boner police allowed as a guild name




my butt is waiting~


run me daddy


there was a line about maslow and self-acutualization in the last chapter of 'culture of narcissism' too


i drive


watching this anime expo on twitch is really making me dislike anime and its fans


nunime / nunime fans are the worst


downloading zelda
gonna try emulating it


which one


breath of the wild
i have a wiiu but i can't be gook'd connecting it


actually i decided

im not going to be like that anymore


isnt a working version still really far away
last i seen was a thread on /v/ celebrating that link could stand up on the ground without falling through the screen


wish some bullies from the 1950s were teleported into the anime expo and just started handing out wedgies and stuffing dweebs in trashcans



accidentally posted nothing at all again


time for my night shift as a security guard cya boys




nice lie dude


just phonepost


hope all my guildies get a long while im at work…


hope you stupid wow shits burn in hell


lol word



i play ffxiv


it looks good




File: 1499144244421.png (308.25 KB, 2048x1531, IMG_4158.PNG) ImgOps Google



dad is still awake so i cant grab my beers..


*sips rum and coke*


go grab one and stick it in your pants




usually i just put one in each pocket


spoke to my dad for like 30 seconds today



whats wrong with her face

it's like someone took a shovel to it


shes hot………


people like you is why we need feminism


File: 1499144509950.gif (1.96 MB, 384x216, IMG_4074.GIF) ImgOps Google

gonna wack off to jav later


gonna mash off to some hentai myself…


gonna take 3 shots and crack a beer now


asmr is the stupidest shit ever


mashin the pip to some belf butt


hey put that down


Asian Gal with chubby cheeks (face) and nice slit eyes gets her ASS fucked in nice positions | Firstanalquest - Candy Vivian [05. Jan. 2015] [





asher roth…


someone bump the vg thread for me i was about to give it a final bump before doing something but i got another block don't want to evade finally motivated myself just do it for me idiots


[+867, -5] "Hater" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ so cringe


what thread





why do gooks need to have so many ㅋ


it shows theyre laughing for a really long time…..


File: 1499145412164.jpg (30.79 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nq8zpm5usy1t5l4b0o3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

found a gook with a pink pussy


whoa rare find!






damn he thinks its REALLY funny


File: 1499145536805.jpg (29.47 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nq8zpm5usy1t5l4b0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



its bleached!


we have tumblrs



i like that professional photographer background like the kind they use for school photos


File: 1499145741170.jpg (30.62 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nq8zpm5usy1t5l4b0o2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how does a gook get this pink


she probably smells!!




hmm i might make a grilled cheese


dont wake dad with the pans


File: 1499145936466.jpg (121.08 KB, 1152x2048, wy0ovoqchh7z.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


did tinny move to canada?


lol didnt even notice the ont plates


where is that little diabetic freak anyway


my dad is out in the garage again beerblocking me.. going to sneak out the backyard into the sideyard and grab it


good luck


how come all the prisoners in shawshank redemption are white…


File: 1499146248662.jpg (141.75 KB, 1280x1280, DDlGQqXVYAI15z0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


statistically inaccurate!


change of plans.. went into the garage after my dad came back inside and grabbed the bag from under the bush.. pocketed two cans and hid the other two inside of a bag


sneaky bastard


thats some real splinter cell shit right there…


the thrill of the score


1:33am.. the first crack..


im already fucking wasted!!!!!!! *gets up on the table*


calm the frick down!!


i bet vodnvape is too drunk to heal me…


WOOOOOOOOOO *takes pants and cape off*




an out of control capebro…


narcissa wright is gay propaganda


she is a very cute girl


instagram filters


is narc a girl(male) or a male(girl)


HE's a MAN

a grown ass man


i don't even know anymore


i miss COSMO


cosmo got so many people into the speedrunning scene and then just left to become a girl lol
i still remember his zelda run at the last gdq he was at where he was doing on the fly pixel adjustments and shit


amen he used to be cool before trannies on twitch convinced him to transition for shits and giggles

now he's an attentionwhore faggot who's good at nothing and will probably commit suicide in a few months once he realizes he's still a man


who posts their p on insta



but it was probably just some photoshop filters not literally instagram….


i start work next monday…


good luck wagie


i got him a job at my barnes n nobles


well my mom was really getting on my case about being neet for years… had to get one


im a man

im 40


how was the interview?


night shift security guard too, huh?


terrible… it was with some girl and then right after it she told me to wait around for a second interview with some manager… i thought i did really bad but they called me back -.-


that guild will come apart trust me



been really dep recently. the eyebrow hair stopped growing ages ago


anyone want me to help you level through dungeons..


what game


healboy will just bully you and tell you to kill yourself…


only because i want to make the news


*listens to a tribe called quest*
so this is the golden age of hip hop…



run me through shadowfang keep



whats your name and server




at the end of shawshank how did andy hang the poster back up behind him when he crawled through the hole
there wasnt enough room to turn around…


untapped the bottom of the poster and let it fall down behind him




File: 1499148473969.jpg (6.29 KB, 290x33, hmmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



theres no way the tape attached to the wall that well
the warden throws a frickin rock through it…


hey thats not me, i mean, that is me, but i didnt ask for it


*turn 18*
*become a massive whore*
*dont get married until 35*
*never have children even though you've had sex with over 1000 men*
*commit sudoku*
talk about a shitty life


still not asking for it…


he used his semen as an adhesive to help it stick to the wall as it fell back down


just admit its a big plot hole
admit it right now


never saw it tbh


run me through some heroic legion dungeons… just you and me…


ok i guess no one wants to do some dungeons


in ff14?


impeach donald trump!!!


actually we like trump


we play world of warcraft here


narci is crying because his gf is gone


more like world of snorecraft



actually ive been playing tera recently and its pretty cool


why heroics


tera was cool until they ruined it with microtransactions and gamble-upgrading your gear


only 896 ilvl… i should do some normals…


we played aion


wow aion rift age of conan ff14.. what else am i missing…


playing fate/go while waiting for zelda


youre missing wildstar and eso


File: 1499152379702.jpg (191.88 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_oq0ouyGTNP1ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1499152877051.jpg (398.99 KB, 750x945, tumblr_oqe0x4xWw61s2yc47o4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

im not supposed to fap today
it would hurt me a lot





nofapping for me either
going for a 3 day streak


omo narcissa in a choker…


i want to see a total psychological breakdown from narci


just give it a few years


no way he lives to see 30






*sips soylent*


made a grilled cheese…


made a mess of my life


File: 1499154928226.jpg (141.56 KB, 1541x790, Untitled.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



it is fixable
you are young


yeah you're right *gets stuck in my ways and never changes for the better*


hmm good point *goes back to playing wow*


wow im really good at making grilled cheese
the grilled cheese master maybe…


damn lmao

does it work?


why oh why didnt i dump more money into crypto while it was down…..


cuz your a pussy



slept 3 hours and then got woken up by hammering sounds


you fuckhead


i woke up this morning and i saw this on my lip… for a minute i thought i heard herpes
but then i remembered
im a fuckin virgin yo!




File: 1499158797325.png (713.35 KB, 1000x1000, t3_6l3u1g.png) ImgOps Google



school flunky
pill junky


gonna start wearing nehru jackets


aNY1 else sippin lean?!




the rockefellers are so cool… i was just listening to an alt right podcast that mentioned the ludlow massacre
you miners want to go on strike? have fun being on fire


it's updating right now


update this


im gay




well you better remember to update us on how it works when its done updating


it just crashed my computer and gave me a virus i think x_x




File: 1499159883185.jpg (1.45 MB, 1067x1602, 1463164609243.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whoops accidentally fried the motherboard from going to one too many shady porn site


i felt embarrassed this one time i went to the doctor
and a nigger female nurse with crazy flat top hair asked if i was sexually active
ofc not… dumb 80s nigger


grow up


lmao holy shit
i bet she laughed at you with her nigger friends after that


grow up


they only had to hire 1 nigger to meet the diversity quota
well maybe she counted as 2 niggers because of her niggerlicious hair


grow up


wow what a stupid fucking nigger


ur post incites racial hatred


you won't believe me but the way i remember the hair… there was a streak of white in it
really bizarre… and she asked such questions…




“Our lives are mere flashes of light in an infinitely empty universe. In 12 years of education the most important lesson I have learned is that what we see as “normal” living is truly a travesty of our potential. In a society so governed by superficiality, appearances, and petty economics, dreams are more real than anything anything in the “real world”. Refuse normalcy. Beauty is everywhere, love is endless, and joy bleeds from our everyday existence. Embrace it. I love all of you, all my friends, family, and community. I am ceaselessly grateful from the bottom of my heart for everyone. The only thing I can ask of you is to stay free of materialism. Remember that every day contains a universe of potential; exhaust it. Live and love so immensely that when death comes there is nothing left for him to take. Wealth is love, music, sports, learning, family and freedom. Above all, stay gold.”
― Dominic Owen Mallary




imagine the fbi reading 162 after tinny goes on his rampage


my life is a pile of fucking shit


hard to imagine unless it was the fbi that my ultra'ed him… or me…
i would be a good patsy


well all get sued by his mom after they see how much we made fun of him
theyll say we drove him over the edge


his mom is a fucking cunt who threw her own son out on the street
like what the fuck is that


his mom is a useless piece of junk. if she can't get tin on welfare to steal the money from him through "rent", then shes not going to be able to sue anyone
much less a legal master like myself


*gives you a dirty look for being so naive*


ah yes legal matters…..
our specialty….


a dirty look… hmmm… thats your flesh and blood
you dont leave that to die


tinny didnt want to study or work what are you supossed to do


it would be pretty interesting to hear her side of the story


lawyers shouldn't exist really… maybe as a litmus test to find the people to exterminate… who want to pursue that


A dye obtained from certain lichens that is red under acid conditions and blue under alkaline conditions.

hmm yes i would go through this test… quite easy for me…


i guarantee you tinny is mean to her… poor woman


someone dox tinny so we can get his mom

shouldnt be too hard


listen you NIGGERS

no matter -WHAT- tinny did or didnt do there is no outcome where "throw him out into the street to fend for himself" is the correct answser

which is what she did

so fuck off if you agree with her


shut up tin let your mom post her side of the story


grow up


pathetic responses


ur bait is whats pathetic tbh




did i blog about the ice cream sundae delivery earlier yesterday?


when his mom kicked him she probably wasnt expecting him out to just sit around and give himself advanced diabetes


i don't think i did… so listen to this one…
wait until you hear this


her side of the story: he wouldnt get a job and was an asshole to the residents of our household

that's enough to throw your literal SON out on the street to go get diabetes and be debilitated for life?

kill yourselves
she has no argument


there comes a time in every man's life when he must take responsibility for himsef…*gorges on sugar drinks and candy until the feet stop working*


the great tinny debate…


sunday i wanted sundaes but they were closed on sunday
"fair enough, tomorrow perhaps"
tomorrow comes… still closed
"hm could it be because of the 4th of july? a long weekend for them?hmm…."

that is where it stands today
tuesday the 4th


may the 4th be with you


her side of the story: he regularly beat up his brother and me, threatened to shoot us all up, would spit into our food, shat all over the floor and changed password on my work pc so only he could use it


shut the fuck up you god damn fucking nigger


grow up





i could see him doing all that except the beating up part


grow up


youre missing the entire point
thats his mom dude
even if its shoving him in the basement and feeding him fucking bread thats better than throwing him in the street
she knew damn well he didnt know what the fuck to do
she fucked him over good
its all her fault
tinny is the victim of child abuse imo


okay this has to be tin






tin had his chance to take life by the horns and instead he went on a sugar binge and ruined his feet


File: 1499162146590.jpg (2.04 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4166.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

uh oh guys…. where did my smaller fish tank go…


legitimately put yourself in tins position i know youre all neet niggers like me
like that dude who hides his booze in the garage and shit from his dad
imagine one day theyre just like…
lmao what would you do

fuck off youd crumble
you sit there criticizing tin and i know the arguments against him but his mom fucked him good dude just admit it


grow up and im not a neet


i swear to god


do drugs
get kicked out

he deserved it


pretty sure they gave that little retard plenty of chances before presenting him with an ultimatum. stop making excuses for tin's own failure. he's not a victim of circumstance. he's a victim of his own bad decisions because he's a useless narcissistic fuck up.


its not black and white…


it actually is in this case. tin's entirely at fault for being incapable of taking care of himself


?_? where is it???


you killed them and now i will kill you


I hate niggers.


who doesn't


grow up


File: 1499162631084.jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4167.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i found it!


okay good



its no good hes tricking you!
there are no fishies in that pic!


just analyzed the situation and uhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck niggerssssssssssssssssssssssssss……………………


grow up


File: 1499162891728.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4184.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

bet you can find all the shrimps… also that last pic is why i don't keep a lid on the tank
mineral deposits or something builds up after a day and you have to scrap it off




man look at how effortlessly she emotes
i get self conscious even thinking about making an expression




imagine shaking hand with tae……


File: 1499163026086.jpg (325.9 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ojx63zXsT21t4mby8o6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

women have never faced criticism in their life

so they can act however they want


why are kpop idols such untouchable beings i will go to korea and fucking rape one i dont care its easy




fuck OFF tinny


almost finished updating!!


id like to hold a lighter near her face and watch it melt


THE TIN MAN!!!!!!!!!


let it be known that i absolutely dislike black people based entirely on their skin color and nothing else
fuck black people


the answer was 4… no one guessed…


what was the question


you didnt ask the question properly



i think it was about finding shrimps..


mutual masturbation sessions


circlejerking with the boys…


everyone hates me… guess i'll take my anger out on these fish >:3




only fap to agirls/2d these days


we should try this
plus no one will judge us for doing it to javs only


just had a 3 hour nap


when i think about it… theres probably people on 162 ive never posted with… i always go to bed at the same time.. whoa… sup guys…


well im here like 15 hours a day


File: 1499163595051.jpg (2.17 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4191.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

putting them in here
they're retarded and don't like to swim so it doesn't matter

they'll probably miss mindlessly eating plants though


same but that all changes july 10…


a job boy…


i will try to save up enough money to move into the scv house…



File: 1499163866802.jpg (195.98 KB, 1636x787, 22 fps but it works.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


need to find my controller now
this feels like ass with kb


we walk the streets of new york


we walk the boulevard of broken dreams *makes fun of george bush on myspace*


File: 1499164141731.jpg (788.4 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oq9iu5cug71ti6w0wo1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wake me up
when september ends


no one wake him up


tin how many times did you come to sica in total
or do you not fap to her


tin legit question how are your teeth
whens the last time you hit up that dentist nigga..


or a better question would be how often do you fap to her


tin the circus act


i get the feeling tin cant climax to vanilla shit and cant cum unless its to some fetishistic fanatasy involving trannies or something similarly depraved


i get the feeling you project a lot onto tin


whoops you caught me *j/os to trannies*


my dad just woke up
gonna p[retend to go to bed nnow i guess


File: 1499164719671.jpg (180.42 KB, 1080x1074, tumblr_oqqrazHj6A1rbjj14o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

not a lot maybe only like 3 times

not bad at all


were rooting for joey chestnut today


why would you root for the obvuious fucking winner lmao
cheer for some nigga comin up…


the 'come up' on the competitive eating circut


uh yeah? chestnigger wins everything
we wanna see some dethroning


well were rooting for the white guy against the gook obviously


the real eating champ is the jap girl with the stomach worms…
shes unbeatable in an eating endurance race


"i'm really hungry im just gonna grab a soylent" - narcissa just now


im a freak so what


File: 1499165495946.png (1.27 MB, 1277x761, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

it's actually fun


well youre fucked
so theres that


narcissa's diet is literally rice chips+salsa and soylent

a healthy girl…



does it work like its supposed to?
thats pretty incredible they were able to emulate it this fast
i guess switch isnt that much different from some other nintendo product, maybe wii?


*orders some soylent*


File: 1499165840465.jpg (555.31 KB, 1280x852, qp2QmeI.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1499165909920.png (186.6 KB, 356x256, 0f684cd79b1f8c8d75a76140e7….png) ImgOps Google

stable human being trust me


jesus christ
now this is someone that needs a bullet in its head






File: 1499166006670.jpg (8.38 KB, 191x105, pray.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

works pretty well
it's better if you have an intel cpu, ryzen is not that good for emulation but it's still playable


whatever greener, just bullet it


how about you suck my fucking dick you fucking retard


thegiraffeneckassassin: but monogomy doesnt equal long relationship. thats what scared me in my last relationship cuz i felt like i was stuck. but saying yes to mongomy doesnt have to mean not dating anyone else for the rest of your life

true man
so fucking true


kill yourself back to that things twitch chat you fucking enabling idiot


how about you lick my fat clit you rwetard niggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrniggerniggerrnigger i smoked your moms tits on a fire pit and thats a true story


how do you smoke tits….


an 8am beer run is on the horizon..


we're done drinking for 16 hours or so




had the 3 hour nap when drinking which kinda threw a wrench in the gears…


the combat is kinda simple tho and i dont like how fast weapons break


Got a sweet Asian chick, she go Lo Mein


well finally finished the culture of narcissism


why has everyone been meaner to tinny than usual?


heres a couple excerpts
>The 'education' of the masses has altered the balance of forces within the family, weakening the authority of the husband in relation to the wife, and the parent to the children.
>Truth has given way to credibility, facts to statements that sound authoritative without conveying any authoritative information
>We live in a world of pseudo-events and quasi-information in which the air is saturated with statements that are neither true or false but merely credible
>The posture of cynical detachment becomes the dominant style of everyday intercourse
>it is a tribute to the peculiar horror of contemporary life that makes the worst features of earlier times–the stupefaction of the masses, the obsessed and driven lives of the Bourgeois seem attractive by comparison


if my parents had more authority id be way worse off :/


sounds like my alt right podcasts


are you one of those self-made billionaires


well it was written in 1979 and the author dabbles with marxist critiques of capitalism & its corollary cult of consumerism from time to time.


globalists gave marx money to be a gay bum
its all globalists in the end… behind it all


im gay


grow up


kinda hate reviewbrah he eats all that greasy fast food but he's still skinny..


he mostly eats non-fast food if he isnt reviewing shit


yeah but i eat fast food way less than he reviews shit and im still a fat fuck!




i just eat way too much healthy food…


try using your legs a little



the only people who are fat are those who drink alcohol

makes me think


sigh… waiting for the universe to die


File: 1499171483940.jpg (1.07 MB, 1280x1707, tumblr_oq9iu5cug71ti6w0wo3….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wish you would die tinny


we all die in the end


whats even the point
if were all gonna die in the end, with no offspring
nobody will remember us a couple of years after our deaths


thats it im addopting


*runs a foster home for the tax money*
*makes them tend the fields*
lol they paid for themselves before the work!


ari pinned my comment ^^


File: 1499173183160.jpg (583.9 KB, 2520x3948, DONALD TRUMP AND OBAMA ON ….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

cant be stopped


who the heck is ari


your mom




watch em folks


im awake
im here
ready…to post…


good night frigging idiots


watch me crank that soulja boy


slow hours…


some morons went to another thread fyi


File: 1499183076160.png (7.99 KB, 297x29, SC2_x64_2017-07-04_11-42-1….png) ImgOps Google


ohayou~! ^_^



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