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File: 1601148429883.jpg (310.44 KB, 2800x1600, 006.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

first for fink


thats the face i make when im feelin like a pad


for me its jap teen tik toks


didnt find the phone i wanted


what country or state are you guys from?
im from finland




nice try hacker


why is everyone in here from michigan?


File: 1601149991145.jpg (14.85 KB, 460x690, 26582-youth-of-the-beast-0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Youth of the Beast
1963 ‘野獣の青春’ Directed by Seijun Suzuki
When a mysterious stranger muscles into two rival yakuza gangs, Tokyo’s underworld explodes with violence.

starting in 10


michigan has twice the population of finland even though its only 73% of its size


how about instead of femboy fishing it's femboy fucking


File: 1601150273054.png (188.88 KB, 600x600, Michigan_population_map.png) ImgOps Google


girls with thin hair have it rough


yeah well im going bald


michigan is cool


don't ever sympathize with women


aaron skip the movie and let us watch this channel instead


i paused my oneyplays for this?


bald guys look like vin diesel or the rock
bald girls kill themselves


hey you cant show this on twitch


what have twitch got against art?


The 2010 Census reported:

White American: 78.9%
Black or African American: 14.2% <- toon (toon)
American Indian: 0.6%
Asian American: 2.4%
Pacific Islander: <0.1%
Some other race: 1.5%
Multiracial: 2.3%


wait this is the movie?
wheres the subtitles


this is the pre-movie




why is she crying


her oniichan is cucking her…


what a beta bitch hes just laying back


physically and mentally i am a gaijin
spiritually i am a proud member of the yamato race


aarons a rapefreak…..


don't kink shame me…


aarons pussy is dripping…


ew this guy looks like a dumpy bitch


thats our self insert


their faces look greasy


the next time you insult the nihonjin will be your last


this bitch sounds dumb


i hope this guy irerus his chinpo into her manko


aaron is one of these weird guys who likes to jerk off together with his bros


thats not weird we do that here


okay i'm starting the movie
i can rewind with this service so we'll watch the good scenes once it's done


what the fuck aaron?


i was fucking jerking off!!


just got blueballed by aaron


jerk off on your own time!


jerking off to softcore omega


ngl id rape a girl if she was cute and i knew id get away with it..


not cool dude


you shouldn't r***…


going to be sexually frustrated for the entire movie now


cant believe its only wrong to rape if youre ugly


well i wouldnt have to rape her if shed just agree to have sex with me…


you use a service to watch movies? what do you mean?


File: 1601151800286.jpg (310.99 KB, 1280x1919, 1573336696719.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

this is what we like



JUST IN: Senator and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor next year


File: 1601152072653.gif (172.76 KB, 500x375, 1593877352251.gif) ImgOps Google

drumpf debates brainworm joe on tuesday


is it really this easy to get in with the yakuza


perkele heheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


uh oh
I started watching vtubers

which one is the best at video games


stanley cup and ufc tonight!


aqua > korone > the rest



you know that retarded "gugulu" baby himemori luna?


for me its korone, miko and pekora


whats the best metroidvania game im up for some metroidvania


File: 1601153219352.gif (793.77 KB, 500x374, 1592946661381.gif) ImgOps Google

im usin computahs


unpopular opinion
half life 2 is one of the most over rated games ever and has aged very poorly


no one cares




why do i have to download some mobile shit for my steam account


File: 1601154006512.png (4.57 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_11_A06A42.png) ImgOps Google

>why do i have to download some mobile shit for my steam account


was it really necessary to reddit that post


oh no drumpf is going to assign a new justice


File: 1601154571881.png (651.27 KB, 1920x1080, furniture_store.png) ImgOps Google


now where could my pipe be…


ive decided kitty can no longer sleep on my bed she gets her hair all over my sheets


File: 1601154958888.jpg (78.08 KB, 630x1200, MV5BY2ViNDIwNmUtZGQ5Ni00MD….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

uhhhhh have you tried looking inside your asssssss


insane that the #1 thing women care about in regards to politics is being able to murder their own babies truly dystopian


wouldnt you like it if you could legally murder people all of a sudden


s tier: super metroid, hollow knight, symphony of the night, aria of sorrow
a tier: zero mission, ritual of the night
b tier: metroid fusion, dawn of sorrow


is hollow knight really s tier?


hollow knorm


ya its really good, controls extremely smoothly and the platforming is excellent


really want to go to the store and get some beer but the wuhan flu..


i would kill for some weed and cider right now


ok so how can you be pro abortion but not pro cannabis legalization? "my body my choice" but only when it concerns you? not my choice with something as inconsequential as weed?


Florida governor lifts all restaurant restrictions, bans mask fines


File: 1601155424444.png (260.99 KB, 1125x1600, 1595219278974.png) ImgOps Google

insane that my northern european genetics cucked me from having this experience


good thing you have a jap pip at least


i keep it juicy juicy


the only people concerned about abortion are retarded jesus freaks
they had their “morals” beaten into them and couldnt think critically to save their lives


abortions should be free and available for niggers but illegal for whites


die late term abortion practicing doctor


File: 1601155695138.jpg (96.36 KB, 642x361, 78015_0_wide_ver1533717769.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

People are idiots. What did you expect? Our average IQ is 100. People with a 100 IQ are f***ing idiots. So most of our people too are idiots.

So stupid it hurts to talk to them. And the dumbest of them embrace Christianity.


I hope Roe gets overturned :/
but then it's fine if blue states still make abortion legal
it's up to the states imo


File: 1601155721499.jpg (99.85 KB, 741x738, 1601152339369.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

holy shit tucker beat the NBA!!!


their body
their choice
simple as


yeah so why cant i smoke a bowl of meth?
my body my choice


i had an iq test taken when i was 10 years old and scored a 129 wonder what it is now


you could if you could find your pipe


File: 1601155891082.jpg (174.67 KB, 1238x700, Ei2q1CGXcAAxWB2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


bros rollercoaster tycoon 3 is free on epic games get it!


their clone is malfunctioning


+1 we love our daddy


had a dream with cats in it
time for shrooms now


File: 1601156371171.jpg (159.55 KB, 1024x835, 1601146500066m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

soros funded DA


File: 1601156421519.jpg (80.69 KB, 1024x548, 1601149241667m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1601156440369.png (116.16 KB, 744x261, 1601152066785.png) ImgOps Google


die polteen


i hope someone links the ufc fight…


i'd need to see the footy, where the bottle actually hits. if it went off close to them i could see charges being dropped to those. if not fuck soros


i kinda had the movie in the background while gaming no idea what the plot is


tell me when it's on and i will


i dont know when its on thats why i need a link!


it's been pretty good. ex cop joins the yakuza to find out who killed his old partner


this bitch is a liar, never believe the victim story


are chickpeas supposed to be hard?


yeah but you have to soak them for like 12 hours before you cook them


they were from a can


thanks for the movie :3




are chickpeas garbanzo beans?


they shouldn't be hard then
make sure you rinse them and drain them because sometimes you can get stones in the can




those beans in minestrone soup have always scared me


basted aaron




i didnt do the movie because dep


aaron turn away from the darkness stop this


trump is giving 500 billion to niggers wtf bros



this reminds me of the movie with the people making a movie with that psycho


bros theres some serious among us drama going on


nothing good on tv huh


about to loss all respect for aaron if he doesnt find some jav RIGHT NOW


File: 1601157601018.jpg (43.49 KB, 770x481, 42e49ff75d8d18128049dd4cd6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Damn, I am sick and tired of Twitter. We are basically talking to 1% good people and 99% idiots, narcissists, ignorant clowns, Js, conspiracy idiots ("COVID doesn't exist, bruh!") more J*s, different types of J**s and their obedient brainwashed moronic slaves.



i always wake up just when the movies are ending…


oh my god


it was an exciting yakuza film. you should check it out

the guide's been fucked up so it's hard to find the right thing


when i had friends they sometimes played "mafia" the irl version of among us where you only need people and theres eye closing. i never wanted to learn how to play


1963 feels too steep for me


so japs just have porn on tv?


they are a godless people


it didn't feel dated. it was only 90 minutes and there was a lot in it so the pace was nice and quick


you can play it online on epicmafia!


javs are "technically" no different than a skinemax softcore movie


this is like their version of movies4men. they also have gravure on tv and i've seen jav films that have been cut to show no penetration


she isnt sucking shit youre not fooling me


*flicks tongue in the air*


just beat the leviathan raid in destiny2 bros



is it an mmo?


im really out of it because im tired and hungry but i opened this and read the line about people living half a day longer for each piece of bread they have and thought it was talking about real life


kind of


aaron are you seeing this hes about to…


he's about to lose his pip because his gf chomped on it…


I'm watching videos of japanese girls speaking english with each other

but they are animated
wild shit
this kind of content didn't exist in 2019


theyre going to get charged with manslaughter


the whole comm is jaccking…


what the hell bro???


nice senseless skip aaron thanks


during the movie i ate 250 grams of roasted peanuts


we'd already watched that scene
i can't find the milf scene


my water bottle has a moldy looking substance inside the cap


u have to clean it


that's all folx


ufc in 30min


File: 1601159421844.png (11.65 KB, 420x420, 1579122525979.png) ImgOps Google


30 minutes until ufc
90 minutes until potential lightning stanley cup victory
420 minutes until drinking time


sorry i didnt watch movie today i was raiding but it looks good ill add it to my watchlist


the name of that "movie" was 妹の愛 for those who are interested



how long did your raid take mine was done 20min into the movie


bro hahajah whaaaat?


cool man what


i overcooked my fucking steak like a moron god im such a fuck up!!!!!


sigh youll get it right next time


die sigher


*when you just poured a tall coffee mug of liquor and youre placing mommies liquor back in the cabinet inbetween two other bottles and its like evangelion eva docking levels of precision so the bottles dont clink and make noise alerting everyone in the house to your drinking*


did you guys see that clip where biden was rushing on drugs like a fucking crazy junkie


you should get your own liquor like beerboy


i walk up to mom like a chad and ask for a sippy of her liquor


they have him on an ungodly cocktail of amphetamines thats for sure
if theres one things dems know how to do its drug the hell out of people


dad would let me have a sip if i wanted


post the clip bros



yeah…. hmmmm….

letme just SPEND



i drink for free NIGGER


grow up


oh look
itsa nothingburger


File: 1601160552662.webm (Spoiler Image, 4 MB, 640x360, v5.webm) ImgOps Google


even bb buys his own liquor…


me on the right
toss on the left


theres just something about having a big cardboard box full of sip just waiting to be sipped


gross shit dont click


didnt realize bobby fischer was crazy


he was right


about what






so if ur getting fucked in the ass and u orgasm all that cum is wasted
what do fags do about this??





File: 1601161113284.webm (1.27 MB, 540x960, 1600833863917.webm) ImgOps Google

pad be like


bidens gonna go fucking crazy on debate day hes going to run into the audience and rape the first kid he can grab and the CIA niggers will shoot anyone who tries to stop him


idc retard commie boot licking jeff bozo worshipping nigger

im an anarchist

im getting drunk as fuck off mommies unfiltered parlament ciggies and red grenadine


wheres the pip




this is the imouto from that pinku


not watching this biden esque rapist pedophile


File: 1601161268195.gif (2.42 MB, 388x424, tumblr_paa8wqbNfk1vuywi8o1….gif) ImgOps Google

pad be like


need to suck a juicy tgirl pip and swallow it all

to show how excited i am sexually for sexy tgirls


were watching yoba gang


holy shit bros team yee is blowing the FUCK out of team pepe


insane how out of all of us the one who made it was tinny


needs puffier tgirl boobies

not there yet

take more pills


have you seen his sexy tgirl gf

looks like a sexy t lauren phillips

i jo'ed to the chaturbate stream like 9000 times


dibs on yee


theyre perfect actually



File: 1601161395046.jpg (39.2 KB, 720x575, 1573320487078.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


mewby also made it


need a sexy sex freak tgf

get those pips out baby

im hunungr like the wolf


someone put tin back on his meds


pop that fem pip out bay bay

and i just migh suck and swallow on it till

its vibin





i need your ass in my mouth


too much fag shit goin on


we're watching pepe vs yee bro



bye bigot! *downvotes*



bros get on hrt!


LATER homophobe!


wrere making a pmore progressive america WITHOUT YOU!!!!






*dips tossyboys pacifier in a jar of honey*
yoohooo tossbaby! dinners ready!


libtards cant stop losing


toss take your meds


whos biden? you mean bidan ;)


i dont eat honey retard and if you were an old fag you would know that

honey caintains caffeine and i DONT DO POISON


alcohol is poison hun



ahwohow ih poe'win huwh



ahwohoaw ihh uh poh'win huhh


you got owned sweetie
admit it


this fight is so frickin gay


lmao toss owned again
hes just like fanny he keeps coming back for more


insane how fp managed to find a girl willing to bang him
HOWEVER hes unable to ejaculate…..


the guy with less tats is gonna win since he has less poison ink running through his veins


alcohol isnt poison fucking kids

its the solution to a lot ofproblems

if you were adults you would know that

fucking vtuber anime babies


lost all respect for toss when he disrespected the vtubah bros


suck my dick retard

youre vutbe disgusting freak will never be as good as yukke sake


yeah he is a tosser


male:"body writing" english


bros look at the thumbnail holy shit!
how are we preparing


what does no contest mean in ufc


preparing to downvote the obese ugly whores and

upvote yukke sake


its like d generation x no chance i think


want to feed toot,toon,and pad a nice shishkabawb skwerer of chicken

and then when they let their guards down

stick the back of their throats with the stick


anyone else find toss painfully unfunny


we love toss here kid


been posting here for over 4 years

before you were ever hear

dont care!



is ohio a good state




bro ….


this guy is really fat!


my belly is bigger


kinda seems like she consumes a lot of sodium :/


delete >>1092551


what the heck was deleted!!


File: 1601163951926.png (486.68 KB, 791x488, Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at ….png) ImgOps Google





youre so indecent


delete this its harass


holy shit espino


why did toss delete that post


delete that harass post or i will have a lawsuit


oh no fatbros


little baby ronaldo haslund
quaking in his little baby socks :)
pissing and shitting :)


this kid just cant read the room
we werent supposed to mention it


calm down toon


ban now toot or you will face consequences


bet hes having a mad laugh at all the commotion he caused with that stunt


ban this retard to


whats wrong big guy
you were calling so much attention to yourself just a minute ago
why so….. shy?


unsolicited emails will be faced with litigation



aaron stop


first vid



*causing a ruckus online*
*fat finger slips off my little baby dick and accidentally autofills the email field*
o-o-oh noooo!!! deweeeteee!!!! *pisses*


don't blame me. blame society


ban this obnovisous new fag npleae!!!!


toon is still mad about that quake debacle


the last sipper


now would be a good time to admit you got owned tossy


toon was too much a pussy to face me in quake

dipped me every chance he got

oh no the wrong version

oh no you need steam vac

oh no i cant join right now

et cetera

fucking stupid kid

would never play with me and the og q2 players he could never hang on mic


it's time for a sip revolution


this is all just so excellent




nhl is on on again


we are watching ufc

dumbass nigger tossley


i bet you steal it dumb nigger


watching GSL vods…


baby toss nigger steals

liquor from mommy

calling me a nigger


holy shit she was naked while streaming


bros if the lightning win the cup..


omg naked




File: 1601165177139.jpeg (100.59 KB, 851x770, 0BA58B70-0396-4989-835F-C….jpeg) ImgOps Google


I wonder if there are naked people reading my posts


it rreally be like that


shes just like me


its a tax

stupid ancap nigger


delete the email field troll no one needs to see that


File: 1601166366828.jpg (952.16 KB, 1200x1694, 74533829_p1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I wish there was a vtuber with freckles and glasses


is ufc on yet?

i skipped a lot, i shou;d probably die



when was the last time wogan did a ufc?



hispanic heritage month lmao


ufc 252 he doesnt do anything out of the us and doesnt do fight nights


can't wait for jewish history month


trump needs to make a holocaust remembrance month


feeding michaelcat lobster bisque flavor rachel ray nutrish purrfect broths cat food that was delivered by chewy.com
i'm not a nigger




heem sleepy


how do i make my hands faster


make your back more muscular




that was a sick combo


jack off more


speedbags are cheaper than i thought i wish i had a place to put one


what about a reflex ball?




bros trumps pick for the new justice is pretty hot


proud boys!!


mma looks too gay for me to ever want to try. i used to backyard wrestle with my friends a lot and it never felt gay.
i realized the difference was we were wearing clothes and ever ended up in the missionary position


File: 1601169191565.png (1.37 MB, 1298x657, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

amazing how good wgilfs look

even better than the most youngest asian mongoloids


>no pip


imagine her vinegary beer shits




File: 1601169529681.jpg (66.8 KB, 913x605, norman haircut.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

not a fan of the diego sanchez haircut


who is that gilf bro



yeah mr. haslund drop the sauce on that sexy gilf


i just want to know if it's a porn whore or a whore


bro its called an undercut skrillex had it


diego sanchez is in decline


give me ban power toot


File: 1601169829925.png (569.91 KB, 1026x571, Screenshot from 2020-09-26….png) ImgOps Google

bruh look at this dude






he must've trained in france and fagged out





pad ghoul


why is he wearing a womans blazer


File: 1601169987020.jpg (316.17 KB, 2000x1333, shutterstock_editorial_979….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




pad ghoulious



hit me with the name of that GILF breh


he looks asian and western at the same time without looking hafu.


File: 1601170188482.jpg (869.8 KB, 4000x4000, 1601112283165.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



stop harass me doxxer


toss never helps


it's tough love


dad just broke a plate


at least you have a dad


still thinking about that butthole


File: 1601170732570.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, 1592929195055.png) ImgOps Google


as soon as i noticed her big fake boobs i stopped caring


my asshole is on fire


we warned you about indian food bro


53 kg is 116 lbs


hong kong girls…


only some indian food sets off the ring of fire
most of it is fine


i have a 'roid it isn't food



*kanchous you super fucking hard*


what is kanchou please?


someone came in my room and we watched ufc


omo who




i wont say you guys are freaks


someone teach me how to score a fight


what happens if someone dies in a ufc fight


*punches you in the eye*


that doesnt happen its all staged


jgirls deserve my cock


what about jgrandmas


thats not true


someone died in one of the early early single digit ufc's i dont know if it was in the ring


the nigerian scammer looks like grace jones in conan the destroyer





ufc main card time bros get the fuck in here!


they stalled so much tonight


bro im watchin family guy!


we cant do these full on nip algs man we arent you


File: 1601172630284.jpg (18.44 KB, 480x468, 099d4ebe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1601172654983.jpg (50.64 KB, 913x936, 1599253692231.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lightning are 14 minutes away from a stanley cup


File: 1601172670672.gif (2.64 MB, 400x355, 1601172093455.gif) ImgOps Google


you guys really watch family guy?


lotta sports on tonight…


its one guy


not cool


now thats what i call a meal


beerboy are we rooting for the coon or the mudslime


bro we live in canada were rooting for the canadian


bruce buffa


decent flag, stitched but still poly


love bruce buffer simple as


im so insanely drunk


would never root for a nigger


michael buffer is the chad version of bruce


gleep we gotta talk bro


lets start a dialogue man




oh no boltsbros it was supposed to be a 2-1 dub


i'm not comfortable calling them the bolts


are they really called bolts?


no they're the lightning the bolts are a local fan thing




we live inside a simulation


lets play some wow!


think il cook some chicken and then some rice


potato and egg fuck rice


no cussing!


talking shit at the end of a decision fight is gay


stroke to lesbo smut







so proud of hakeem


no shit they wont let you bring out 3 flags what the hell is he thinking




also how the fuck did that one judge score it for the other guy lol




File: 1601174706414.jpg (205.78 KB, 1200x800, 131_Valentina_Shevchenko_x….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

he could've brought 2!


that other flag isn't for a country and is arguably a tapestry or rug


korean zombie!


why is korean zombie allowed to go by just his nickname all the time?


dont ask me dude


what would your ufc entrance theme be


it's peru and kyrgyzstan ~_~




he's smart he knows that his name will never catch on Chan Sung Jung so he just wants to be called the zombie


small boobied fit gf…


and not like that fighting monster uggo!!


File: 1601175608219.png (4.59 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_11_7193FF.png) ImgOps Google

>small boobied fit gf…


*tries to recall the name of another asian fighter besides weili*


File: 1601175694169.jpg (381.14 KB, 1080x1349, 1160856.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1601175700775.jpg (105.78 KB, 1077x807, 1600559897108.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


where can i get more of this?


karate hottie?


bruce lee


he didnt fight anyone


File: 1601175808403.jpg (66.98 KB, 1200x800, 1164773791.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



weili was the one who gave that girl the waterbrain




File: 1601175916094.jpg (33.48 KB, 273x357, Masahiko_Kimura_(1917-1993….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

judo chad


keekihime aka the bird holoEN


File: 1601175954008.jpeg (180.71 KB, 680x383, jj1.jpeg) ImgOps Google



ugh i think dad took some of my whiskey now im gonna be short


broveram of the motheren


if you don't have hidden alcohol you need to work harder on your sipping


dad hides his alcohol but i still find it :)


pad changed his twitter pfp lol


i still don't know who pad is


it's not how well you hide it. it's how many you hide


didnt napoleon say that


history is a set of lies etc. etc. is the only quote of his i know


File: 1601177353634.jpg (169.37 KB, 690x493, e31d375c-7210-4fa4-b5e1-32….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

what do you see bwos


gnome high five



i know the trick to these so i wont answer right away




what's the trick


women are mentally ill


holy shit


for an iq test you get a higher score if you say what the negative of the image makes instead of the colors. also go tryhard a little trying to reference something more obscure or intellectual


me dumb


isnt the point of those to answer with honesty


you're thinking "its 2 guys in red hats with their hands pressed together"


where i see a dark room with the magic mirror from disneys snow white with flames shooting up behind it


looks like a symmetric splash of paint on a canvas



until i took the test i didnt know those rorscach inkblots have been using the same 10? inkblot pictures since the test came out in the 30s?


i saw a bearded man…


bwos co main event light heavyweight championship!


i am answering honestly im just not saying the first thing that comes to mind




i see a bloody bear cub staring itself in a mirror



saying what kind of bears pumps the answer up a little


2 sufi whirling dervishes or 2 zoroastrian magi who've been crawling on bloody knees


watched a doc about the battle of okinawa
some rough stuff so many cute jgf civilians died


are you nhk guy


82 days so many civilians i could go on ive done 3 audiobooks about that battle



polack won


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!




reyes needs to admit it




stop yelling


i like poland


there were not jap civilians


dude come on


its true look it up they were all enemy combatants


i didnt know there were native okinawans who only spoke okinawan and were treated like serfs still living there


it would be my honor to serve colonialist japanese overlords


costa is hot


why cant i post


i took the spirit science pill


my weeder high school friend tried to get me to watch that crap


he was trying to save your soul


uh huh


what is that crap


iiiiiiiiiit's time!


time for what?


you need god



main event


5 rounds for the ufc middleweight championship of the world


ufc is for niggers


grow up


+1 and grow up


a nigger named israel




bruce popped off on this one


dang that dudes ripped


are we rooting for the porch monkey or the wetback


i feel gay rooting for this guy


File: 1601181051709.png (1.11 MB, 1200x1440, 1591959887368.png) ImgOps Google


were rooting for costa because he looks like ricky martin


we only root for aryans in this comm


looks like the nigger is going to chop his legs down.


File: 1601181206925.jpg (327.04 KB, 905x1200, 1601181138497.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why doesnt everyone do this leg strat it seems fairly safe and easy


they dont want to look like pussies


not everybody is lanky with a long leg reach


File: 1601181367831.jpg (236.97 KB, 1908x1146, article-2530734-1A55C84600….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

you need to check the kicks bwo


the spic looks way stronger why isnt he just trying to muscle him down


what is it with you and pajeet stuff


he has a freakishly long reach i suppose it makes sense his feat are long too


because its the main fight and it would be boring if it ended in the first round


his leg is gonna pop


they have to pretend to be tactical and stuff (for the armchair fighter demographic)


other guy is a counterstriker i guess he could try but he's not really…


as soon as he it gets bad enough that he cant put weight on it he's gonna get wrecked




someone needs to take this guy down!






that was brutal he couldnt even do anything




thats a better ending than the leg wear down


he didnt even try to grapple




you need to wrestle fuck the shit out of this guy he's a kickboxer!


i think ricky martin was a puncher not a jiu jitsu homo


File: 1601181742244.jpg (9.67 KB, 234x38, Capture.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google


why just why


why does he think we're mad


he is the best standup striker in middleweight, why did he try to beat him…


that guy got humiliated cant believe how much he was showboating


hes got the bodybuilder phusique


lets just say he got too cocky bros




no one in no one out. told you they're trapped on the island


it's fucking retarded the whole thing about costa is his power strikes which he didn't even do ~_~


gonna make mom listen to this next time i have to drive her


toot ban the goreshitter


adesanysa fights like in a movie


File: 1601182511025.webm (2.92 MB, 720x720, broken nose.webm) ImgOps Google

holy crackers!


those 2 fights were crazy



its ok the white man won


has ice posedion died yet feel like his time is near



heinous farts last few hours


define white


yep that's an openclose


I farted a bunch yesterday but my practice gf laughed it off
of course I'm going to fart in my own house


two dudes playing patty cake with red hats and boots on


most inkblots look like luchador masks to me




I blot my own ink, I don't try and interpret other peoples' art for them


its almost drinking time


sleep time


almost jerkin time


almost sleepin time


work v___v


ugh tried to get some slop but there was long lines everywhere


File: 1601186151324.jpg (720.43 KB, 1449x2048, 1601185083680.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

rizin 24 today :O


File: 1601186431844.jpg (88.75 KB, 1080x1261, image0-20.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


was gonna jerk but my hand is still sore from helping grandpa with his fence


good job


did you remember to wear work gloves


it's weird jerking it with the non usual hand innit


oh shit bro when!


fuck worknorms


we just had wool gardening type gloves so that we wouldnt get any spwentus


i gigagamed today im brainsludged good sleep


have any of you guys tried using make up before


no were not gay!


everyone with an older sister has had make up put on them


File: 1601188835828.png (109.62 KB, 500x850, 1600937232327.png) ImgOps Google


dont have an onee-san


im just thinking bros
maybe wearing make up could be the thing that sets me apart you know the thing that gives me that extra jazz that would make my life come together


sometimes a smidge of make up is that little nudge to get your life going


yeah i really think it could



cant believe mde got canceled just because sam hyde is a raging antisemetic pedophile


i wonder how long they couldve kept up that quality


it shouldnt have happened for another season


boxxy an heroes dudes
end of an era…


thats a lie




hotwheels died of covid


my mask looks like some nasty foid thong


where are you supposed to buy cool looking masks
i want a black mask with floral print or a white mask with black trim




i want a mask with bugs bunny wearing saggy jeans a pistons jersey and a thug chain and smoking a big blunt


thats for tall ts not masks holmes


i will hire the finest micro airbrusher to get it done


you dont have that kind of money


im rich i have a better internet connection than you


rich bitch…


youll really be steamed when you see me in my fly ass covid mask getting all the honeys and babes


search "black mask with floral print " i got tons of results

lots of looney tunes masks, no gangster ones

you need to think of something really clever




File: 1601190848777.png (516.27 KB, 854x480, 1595373055144.png) ImgOps Google

one sneed
i dont know why


File: 1601190858099.jpg (23.24 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2422219009_nzhv.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*walks past the thread reaking of pussy^


it starts with chuuuuuuck






holy shit




consecrated poop



File: 1601191524918.jpg (220.5 KB, 480x718, 1601191306191.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



sigh you just reminded me that samandtolki is gone and stiv probably killed himself over losing his cherished bk records just because he boozed up a mormon girl and took turns ramming her crotch with his bud


who is samandtolki


could drunkenly order some slop and have it delivered in 25 minutes


strim died x__x


cant wait to wake up tomorrow and see my fantasy niggers running a train on beerboy's squad


ran a 10k and got dabbed on by the wind



File: 1601193713420.jpg (74.41 KB, 383x600, miku22.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sunday feels


zii let me worship your feet


File: 1601194404111.jpg (9.78 KB, 380x85, yay.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i got one


how do you get gifted subscriptions? i've never gotten one


fucking simp!


i get subs all the time kid


i dont caee about subs they dont do anything i think


it gives you acces to their snapchats kid




bros hop on rollercoaster tycoon 3 its free on epic games!









what happens if i eat yeast



yeast poop on the other hand… is what you sip


File: 1601196821706.jpg (33.62 KB, 500x462, 1578656194739.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


yeast infected pussies…


File: 1601197209010.png (4.58 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_11_4856A3.png) ImgOps Google





ah yea bro we headin to the party like yea


season 4 trailer
looks like kunifags won ugh


File: 1601202404991.png (109.62 KB, 500x850, 1600937232327.png) ImgOps Google







meanwhile, in jgf land…


File: 1601203561499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.21 KB, 593x1026, anime_swimsuit.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i was typing out a post about how annoying your japshit is and how there were english vtubers. and by then she started singing the song and it was awesome


File: 1601204675053.jpg (96.36 KB, 642x361, 78015_0_wide_ver1533717769.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

This channel will from now on only have RPG and Pagan contents.

All my political anti-Jewish & racist rants will from now on occur on my original account: https://twitter.com/GandalftheWhi19

Yes, that account is shadow-blocked, so if you give a shit you need to drop by every now and then.


among us kinda sucks its only fun to watch


actually its not fun to watch either


You are so dumb I am blocking you. Spew out your retarded shit elsewhere. *splash*


File: 1601208218001.jpeg (29.23 KB, 712x900, EiPExH6WAAgW0HP.jpeg) ImgOps Google


File: 1601208444297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.79 KB, 2048x1365, Ei5pUYUU8AM9Ehk.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





mom just picked me up from the hospital and got me mcdonalds



nothing better than mcdonalds after a successful gender reassignment surgery




being trans isnt a crime


File: 1601210984259.jpg (396.2 KB, 1106x2397, Ei3YDdKXYAM8Hq9.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


dont care didnt ask plus youre pad


File: 1601211120334.mp4 (1.18 MB, SpottedHollowBoutu-mobile.mp4)




it is a crime against the Most High God


holy shit is this real

we have to save aaron..


god hates fags


nooooo!!!!! you cant heckin date people younger than you!!!!!!!!!!! not the heckin faggerinos!!!!!! >:O


die groomer



19 year olds can date whoever they want
only retards getting mad are jealous undateable faggots


grooming is evil


you retards ever think maybe hes using the older guy? hence only ever meeting irl one time but he got a car out of the deal


all i got out of sickzii grooming me was hemorrhoids…


look at him
look at what he has become


die filthy freak


thats not his tripcode impostor


die filthy freak


sickzii!!!! no!!!!!!!!!


*puts on nasal voice*
maybe you bigots should read a scientific paper for once in your life


>This article draws on 22 interviews conducted in England and Wales between 2012 and 2015 with 23 people who self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Most interviewees were recruited via a dedicated study website.

>Twenty-one interviews were one-to-one and one was with a couple. The interviews, all audio-recorded, lasted between 1 and 3 hours; the average length was just over 1.5 hours.



not reading all that post


science denier


imagine being a gay scientist
that would be the worst


leave toot alone


it's like
1. you're gay
2. you still don't get any ass because you're busy being a nerd and doing science all the time


stephen hawking took so much dick they had to put him in a wheelchair


dude you went way too far
not funny
you cant make fun of an icon like that


well they dont call me an iconoclast for nothing


theres nothing wrong with being ga-
*dies of aids*


its a hoa-
*dies of covid*


he died what he loved doing…
eating poo poo


wear a mas-
*dies of flu*


*touches ur feet*


the dangers of throatfucking


vtubers will be the death of twitch
jeff bezos is shaking


vtubers are controlled by the CIA to control your mind


its over bro twitch is dead


china are cancelling our vtubers as we speak


not gonna happen


File: 1601215387224.jpg (234.49 KB, 800x600, miku30.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

lmao imposters trying hard


twitch is so garbage and laggy for me recently
it is all stuttering all the time

youtube is always buttersmooth


sickziis trying hard to to fit his balls inside my ass



i like the idea of making little puzzle worlds in minecraft that people can play


like the guy in saw



>Cover suspends Coco/Haachama for 3 weeks for acknowledging Taiwan



bing bing bing bing bing


gamestop has 2 for $50 on oversized funko pops


i hate the ccp and also chinese people


you should hate the pussy vtuber company for suspending them


why they just did it to protect the holocn tubers


i'd need to know what they have. thats a normal price for 2 10inch pops


what the hell


File: 1601218736850.jpg (55.86 KB, 780x517, Ei6_dWmU8AEcM3f.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1601218809366.png (4.67 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_12_A5A4A4.png) ImgOps Google

>i'd need to know what they have. thats a normal price for 2 10inch pops


nutmeg vs nutshake


40min in so far, this pacquiao documentary is awesome


File: 1601219242601.jpg (1.44 MB, 1700x2009, 84646515_p1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



just pooped my pants


fuck china


i just wanna play minecraft


File: 1601220635319.jpg (111.98 KB, 600x749, miku102.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

where the FUCK is asmon???


i killed him


nutzii vs ziishake


i wish anime girls were real….



twitch is dead
get over it


today is a string quartet kinda day


File: 1601222148412.webm (1.95 MB, 1280x720, bang.webm) ImgOps Google


I want to listen to psychedelic classical or psychedelic baroque


i need to find some good post neo-classical prog triphop


dont know what any of that is


we listen to video game ost’s


we listen to anime osts



we listen to 100 gecs


me with the blue light saber


File: 1601223527182.jpg (193.66 KB, 800x1000, miku36.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



one travis scott meal thank you


dude bidens gonna go ducking crazy on debate stage he's gonna scream at trump that hes raped more kids >>1093060


look at the fat the fa- the thing you know what more i've done it! come on man!


im the guy


well im the man


i dont understand these posts


im the big boy who understands


im the dude


he's fucking whistling again and im about to scream at him


i have 3d moles




File: 1601224765398.png (4.96 KB, 256x256, 1599642008800.png) ImgOps Google



gm comm


sleepy joe is gonna eat shit bro its gonna be a massacre this old fuck is going to piss and shit himself on stage so hard your head is gonna spin the dems will be laughed out of every seat in congress they have its OVER




i have to go to my gramps 90th birhday party


give that old fucker covid the future belongs to the young


the only reason a demented pedophile is running is so trump stands a chance


lucky you


young people are dying from covid19 too kid


File: 1601225003919.png (322.26 KB, 741x457, sleepy.png) ImgOps Google


only babies sleep in pajamas and with stuffed animals


wish speedrunners were trapped on an island and filmed like sperg survivor


people who put ketchup on stuff like eggs and steaks really freak me out


im baby


im baby


we sleep naked


only babies do that


like a baby


we sleep with naked babies


File: 1601225151241.webm (1.08 MB, 640x480, stink.webm) ImgOps Google




File: 1601225162417.jpg (1.1 MB, 988x995, miku29.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



zii thats too far……..




File: 1601225368351.png (2.11 MB, 1409x2000, 84659211_p0.png) ImgOps Google



thats not becoming of a shrine maiden






ill be cumming on a shrine maiden


cum in my ass instead


out like a light
like a light


week 2
still no shelter but the island has 3 dialation stations


cutest manga of all time


week 3
wq and goose are beaten to death and eaten after deadnaming a local leader


i got bloodstains in my bathtub i got vomit on my floor


anyone know where i can see the adesanya vs costa fight i wanna watch it again


bathtub is clean
floors are clean


why it was boring
spic got kicked for a round and a half and then was put out


File: 1601226877429.jpg (288.37 KB, 778x706, 02c13ed1a7ffc9033b34472caa….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


called my mom a pleb cause she asked me to turn off tim hecker


can you stop posting that gremlin please


dont say hurtful words


can you keep posting that goddess please


I can't stop watching hololive



i liked it a lot


oh my god why did i drink so much last night


File: 1601227757081.jpg (629.73 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_0982.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google



things went horribly i got into an encounter with mike where i begged him to please stopb and not be vindictive and he whistled back at me. to go to my gramps bday i walked around the back of my whole house come out at the opposite side of him and walked away down the road without making eye contact even though he could see me.
i saw my gramps in the driveway at his party took a pic and had my mom drive me home less than 2 minutes after i got there. i tried to sneak past mike and he's whistling again. i dont want it to turn into a yelling back and forth between the walls thing but i also want to kill him and put his tables and chairs in the ocean


told myself last night was the last time i was ever drinking but im thinking about having a couple now


sigh that sounds horrible


sigh im so sorry you had to experience that


im so sorry youre baby


why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip why did i sip


and i was all manic in front of my gramps because i tried to not talk about it but did because they asked me how i was doing


and now you have covid19


and also youre gay


"hello my favorite grandchild how are you!"


"welcome to my corona party"




fuck off



imagine slowly dying from covid19 while the neighbor whistles the entire time


i hear phantom whistles all the time in the ambience sound from a game or irl


i guess youre a schizoid freak


im in love with my bandiboo girlfriend


youre getting owned retard


ngl mike sounds godlike


ngl im closing the thread and lie in bed awake for 12 hours. fuck you guys


this hanzawa season was more anime than anime


you guys bullied gleep too hard


File: 1601229410128.png (447.74 KB, 1024x568, 1601150670145.png) ImgOps Google


im glad i dont shoulder the burdens gleep does


none if you could survive in gleeps shoes for even a day



still reeling over the femboy fishing infobomb


life on the cape? with cool neighbor mike and endless supply of free cape cod tours and cape cod chips?

id thrive


File: 1601229844152.jpg (341.78 KB, 1124x1748, Ei8HR81WAAIV3h2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

drumpflets with the fake news again


we sippin sippin sippin




you say no to drugs
gleep n me cant


boomer twitter


Joe Rogan is like some barbarian Khan from the steppes that took an interest in intellectual things and his show is basically him bringing slightly nervous scholars and magicians to come before him to explain how the world works "glasses man, you explain to Joe why sky big, and how tree grow" but he will also believe almost anything you tell him, and only recently (in the past few years) does he clap back like "Tiny hat man say otherwise, do you lie to Joe? Tiny hat man say fat not bad for you, that sugar is enemy, so which is truth? Joe thinks you are wrong" and people just nervously go "oh-oh ok h-Haha yah I guess so"

"Joe spend many moons on horseback and training with bow and sword, but joe also wonder why skyfire rise from mountains every morning, you will explain this to Joe."


the boomer coomer doomer


hope based god mike only communicate via whistling every time gleepy tries talking to him


anyone else feelindabrap?


joes been getting dumber these days like a lot dumb


he does drugs his brain is melting


i have a cup with my initials on them


i have a mug with an initial on the but it is not mine


thats nice dear


File: 1601230984100.jpeg (93.76 KB, 923x947, Eii5GkBUwAEwgLe.jpeg) ImgOps Google


yall mad
yall jelly


give me that fuckingmug


haruki satou was way too fat towards the end
would be cool if she made a run fatter than ever tho ngl


just got mug mogged


a return


stop fucking talking
your worlds are like sandpaper to my brain





*nods respectfully*


*slides around*
im sliding


File: 1601231320207.jpg (111.55 KB, 790x593, 1595049483167.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

let loose the frogbox gleep


be safe


why do you do this to me


the groyper pit








whistling this rn


need to poo but ive been hemming bad lately i dont want to feel the pain


no pain no gain


File: 1601231858114.webm (1.95 MB, 1280x720, bang.webm) ImgOps Google


the japs are watching dodgeball dubbed in japanese



this anime does NOT look good


alice is getting a tattoo today



File: 1601232487228.webm (3.57 MB, 1280x720, dodgeubrau.webm) ImgOps Google

the tone is completely different
they gave ben stiller an anime villain voice so he's actually somewhat intimidating
the guy doing rip torn is playing it straight as well
the japanese are a mysterious people


wrenchu ni dojju dekiru boru mo dojju dekirun deshou


its fun and cute


it's a real shame but we're dropping hololive

they suspended haato and coco for 3 weeks beacuse they mentioned taiwan when reading their youtube analytics


theres a lot of smoking hot little girls in it


its so dramatic


why are you doing this




goals for the day:
trim nails


slow it down bro. you don't want to burn out


called my cat a nigger


come on man


fp was right


if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…


yeah sickzii is kinda lame tbh


dunno what that is but i can hear based chafurin near the end




do a fun american movie instead of tard weeb shit


this is gookshit you racist



20 year 162 reunion when




where do you see yourself in 10 years?


in some kind of work camp


ill be the worlds most successful man


File: 1601235222182.jpg (87.87 KB, 500x457, miku26.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



ive got that king gorilla dick i make dyke pussies wet


dont give toot the idea of plusing and minusing how much money he will waste keeping us alive for another decade



its all fun and games until toot brings out the abacus


we could be cute girls in 10 years…


File: 1601236083932.jpeg (326.65 KB, 1080x1776, C8C09476-98D1-4F63-AA12-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google

gleep u seeing this


File: 1601236731471.jpg (16.69 KB, 540x250, EhThCchU0AoqauB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1601236913243.jpg (44.58 KB, 460x690, 23772-peppermint-candy-0-4….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Peppermint Candy
1999 ‘박하사탕’ Directed by Lee Chang-dong
In the spring of 1999, a group of old friends gather to celebrate their 20 year reunion. Among the group is Yeong-ho, a cold, unhappy man, whose demeanor puts a damper on the festivities. The seriousness of Yeong-ho’s depression becomes apparent, however, when he climbs a railroad bridge and looks like he might jump. At this crucial moment, memories of seven crucial episodes from Yeong-ho’s past flood his mind.

sorry i'm late. starting in 10. jmovies4men in the meantime


was it rape


too scared to poo know the hemms are gonna be bad


that movie sounds pretty dep bwo


could be life affirming. you never know


aaron lol


AARON >//////<


weird that the js think christmas is a banging holiday and not a family holiday


this christmas movie rocks


the japanese are far more sophisticated than us
it's unwise to question their culture


we call them 11s here


why would a robot need to eye project its memories onto a wall instead of just remembering them


starting now


for the cinematic experience


what are your movie snacks? im having leftover pita chips with cheese slice


>pita chips
wtf is that


lotta japs in the credits


*closes tab*


fellow moonrune reader


File: 1601237695348.jpg (75.5 KB, 760x1024, 1600799733647m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

>I'll be dropping out of my PhD after completing 4 years. I have yet to write my thesis, but at this point I've lost passion in the project and I don't want to pay any more tuition fees.


a tall cup of 'ffee


gook names have only three things in themm




toot hows your phd





toots already working on his third



toot flash your phd


im getting a bad feeling about this


these gooks are schwacked


how many phds does toot have


the one with the fannypack is cute


toot told me hed show me his phd if i went over to his place but he just showed me his dick and kept asking me what i think about it as i tried to leave


crackers are the cracker version of bread pita chips are the cracker version of pita


we need to invite the mc to 162
we need that highly strung dep energy


hes just remembering all the cringe stuff he did as a kid dont worry about it




using advanced literary analysis i have concluded this film is not going to be life-affirming and that i am likely too fragile to watch it


can't watch dep movies
no way


that rear tire was completely flat


guarantee this is gonna be life-affirming


i have 11 empty soda cans on the shelf!!!!


clean your room bucko or else the dragon of chaos will get you when you're sleeping


hate compression artifacts


at least im not a heroin addict!!!


even if I watch a happy cheerful movie it will make me feel sad after


yesterday toss got owned and today gleeps
are we being a bit too hard on our pillars?


i stand with toss


i wish botan was my boyfriend


stop posting this chink shit


we are hardest on those we care about v___v
…but also toss because we hate him


you gotta let it go toon


oh geez im so sorry i didnt realize it was bothering you i wont do it again


im just mad at cover i love the girls


bro you dont get it artia would have been sent to the uyghur camps if cover had been seen as sympathizing with taiwan


send her


File: 1601239767430.webm (926.75 KB, 1280x720, H5hSPE.webm) ImgOps Google




dude come on


why dont cars have cigarette racks anymore



ohana means family


i need a short hair gook gf


obama means family


obama is my short hair gook gf


File: 1601240409178.png (5.03 KB, 256x256, avatar_default_19_C18D42.png) ImgOps Google



obama is a black man


5pm is the perfect time to wake up


File: 1601240534861.jpg (43.49 KB, 770x481, 42e49ff75d8d18128049dd4cd6….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Imagine hearing the door bell, and it's freakin Gary Gygax, and you get so excited to talk about AD&D or even start a game session with him, and he starts to talk about Jehovah and the Bible….




i like waking up early but i'm a degenerate that always sleeps in


eating mushrooms and watching hololive…


lsd is way better…


c'mon guys you dont need drugs



you don't need to do anything but life is gay if you do nothing


we do nothing here




gook kids just bathe in plant pots in the street


missed half the movie but this looks too scary for me :/


its just a typical boomer gook flick




dont worry the movie is in reverse order


aaaahh!!! >.<



aaron pause the movie we gotta watch the 7 reasons why he use and love linux


I need a man to love me


i deserve a country bumpkin gook gf


*looks at the reply count*




stop looking you troublemaker


File: 1601242282387.jpg (51.03 KB, 720x710, 1601234279744.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





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