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big fat jboobs
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i hope i'm mistaken for my sons sexual partner someday


mistaken yeah right


thats funny


woops alg’d for 5 hours instead of sleeping




my dentist was wearing so much protective shit while working on me: one of those huge rubber masks with the the 2 filters hanging off each sides, glasses with little jeweler magnifiers, goggles, a hood thing, a faceshield… i get why i just figured i'd share that with you guys


covid is fake


didnt ask plus something something



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they were only able to get the license for hillary. no bill pop


i dont wear a mask but i get why the dentist does. the water they're shooting into your mouth is bouncing out in a mist onto their face


thought i was gonna pass out but then i got that sip second wind


get help


tfw its thursday and tomorrow is already a friday


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i hope tyler is doing well
always seemed like a genuine guy


i think he streamed like last week?


idk but i just checked his twitter
one of us one of us


7 Following


he legally changed his last name and has a kid
damn.. no job stay at home dad
thats my dream


neet dad…


he looks good


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every day a have a little fruit fly or something like that fly into my coffee
how do you explain this rationally


today it flew in right when i was pouring my freshly brewed morning 'fee


i hate those things
leave ONE bana peel on a plate and boom theres a colony



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kristi noem is my queen


im tired depressed gay


why did she kill that poor bird


cuz shes based


its not based



just cleaned out my room/garage/workshop


less covid more hunting


i love youtube-dl its so based


you might be a targeted individual
you will know for sure if youre teeth start falling out and being swallowed in your sleep



you gotta clean up all the food trash get rid of the soda cans and they go away


i want life to slip away from me


plastic bag on head


make a new thread u loser


i dont have food left overs here and there is no fruit fly colony
its just that one daily little fucker




i dont want to get all CSI on you


patronizing and distasteful

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