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you should post that webm whenever someone posts rudy
that would be very baste


rudy: baste and epic. always talk of the town
you: boring and uninteresting. migh as well not exist


basted rudy taking advantage of poor people who need to sell their arabian nights collections so they can pay their bills


rudy rudy rudy
(baste baste baste)


>the buyer paid a well known YouTuber and salesperson in the card collecting community ("the YouTuber") to determine the authenticity of the counterfeit card (that the buyer falsely claimed to have received)

someone got shat on by baste rudy


rudy is baste


because rudy is baste (baste)


you are a faggot and meanwhile rudy is basted







turns out my million dollar idea was stolen by baste rudy himself and now i must bow before him


no rudy?


i knew right away that there wasnt going to be any spoiler
but i still watched it from start to finish
because rudy is baste


this guy is a fag loser and rudy is baste


this guy is loser and rudy is baste


toot is so baste for addibg the rudy banner


rudy is baste


rudy's baste and smooth


love these life lesson episodes
baste rudy


holy shit rudy is so baste




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baste fuckin rudy showing respect


lol rudy is so freaking baste


rudy is so baste


rudy's latest baste scheme
pumping up battlebond and dumping that shit


now tossfat is sending death threats to baste rudy


new baste rudy


tossbel: a poorfag incel who plays alone on cockatrice
rudy: baste millionaire who plays vintage with real cards with his millionaire bros


rudy is baste and a millionaire


Rudy is baste


rudy is so fucking baste