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toot cant see me
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thats a classic


this is old but thorzain dc'd twice in an offline tournament for wc3, moon learned his strategy and won the re re game lol


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time to wind on down


lmao cant believe this cuck used to post in scv



yes but what does music REALLY mean


hes a kaitlyn mod…


we should dox him and ruin his life!


i'm in


nah im all set on that


ryan cimmera detected


imagine if he still posted here LOL


i cant cope




it's really over isn't it




that reporter sounds so gay


white boys cant ball


ronaldo nazario identifies as white


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suddenly niggers




cute :3



i have no sense of fashion :/


soy overload


i'd laugh so hard if i saw some of these guys irl


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are pants and button up shirt good enough


dunno ask fa


i dont want to ask a bunch of gay children for fashion advice it feels weird


i wear tshirt and jeans and hoodie


just wear whatever
who the fuck u trying to impress




you are too old to wear jeans and hoodies only children and married men are allowed to wear those


gym shorts sandals no shirt


classic dadewear



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Muh cate girlfren run into her ginger cate gynecologist while on vacation in Hawaii. What dem odds dat? She say dem juss frens an she lob me.








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