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in memory of beerboy (19xx - 2017)
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bch pumps good my man


Dice rollRolled 1

gonna roll a 1 for great justice


*pumps good*
ahhhf ufkck yeah *cumsies*



think ill call someone a libturd


know that thing where you wanna jo but you kinda dont but you know you will so you just waste some time on 162 but you always end up joing


well im gonna go jo rn


ill fuck you till you love me faggot


whatever i sure aint trading that shit
Qtum hasnt recovered too much yet thats what im lookin at…
factom, stratis, couple others


wish society would collapse so we can go back to feudalism already


people know how good democracy is so a feudal society would never form…


democracy is shit
dont vote




fucking lol


fuckin gook


as soon as i started spamming qa he auto-sage'd the thread on vg
it's fucking confirmed
he's the guy
qa mod


theres only like a handful of mods i bet you could even figure out who it was by lurking the 4chan irc


*grabs your ass*





i dont care idiots
*filters qa*




wish we could filter


filtering is for gay pussies


yeh were gay


modern democracy i tell ya
reign for a day, be dominated for 4


im pretty gay
really like shemales


shemales? gay


UK terror threat increased to critical

uhh why
its just part and parcel…..


just life in the big city; not really a big deal :/


its critically awesome
embrace it


*live in tokyo*
*no terror attacks*
wtf im missing out on big city living


terror attacks are just payback
the spam im doing is called a terror attack but im just getting back at them for kicking us out of vg


wow spamming an unlisted board noone cares about you sure showed them


*terror attacks you*


tokyo? big city?

i bet you dont even have explosions in your subways


you're right
no muslims or niggers anywhere either
really missing out :(((


*grows up preemptively*


you obviously care if you're constantly lurking here and deleting threads on vg
what do you want from me?


wow that sounds very bigoted of you
do you have kebab shops on every corner street at least?


keyboards? i like them mechanical


new thread yeri




tokyo has both of those
there are places associated with nigerians and there was some /pol/shit about some mudslime demonstration there
obviously not yurotier tho


wanna j/o but it's so early in the day…



that's exactly what a mod would say


im the mod actually
*bans u*


File: 1505521060158.jpg (121.84 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ovsl4qzh8R1s2yc47o5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

its 8pm at night dude


me? im gay

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