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What do when she wants to use a strap on on you
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who cares


just realized that some of you have the same mindset as gypsy niggers lmao


i know what gypsies are i know what niggers are i have no idea what gypsy niggers are


ima gonna finna get real drunk and call me mom a bitch and fuck the environment because ima gypsy nigger eh heheh


when i was a kid and i did something like burp or fart in front of my mom she would call me a dirty arab lol


cant wait to see what gifts beerboy returns for vod money this year



based mom



the black comm


did she stress the a like a-rab


yeah she did… shes really british


hope my isekais are good this week


you should make your own isekai



i remember that classic


my mom says the n word sometimes


in my isekai the characters all get ptsd and other forms of severe mental trauma


who gifts a boy a hair dryer


just threw a bunch of plastic bags into the ocean lol




il have you know i returned that lion king hoodie for like 30 bucks


kinda wanna get tales of symphonia on steam but its one of those games that ive started at least 5 times


another day another ten hours of dad watching drumpf news


nizoral really does work well



based gypsy nigger


my old coworker had multiple tales of symphonia quotes tattood on his body


we've made a lot of posts


new thread beerlord
its your time to shine


how old was he


File: 1574901020348.jpg (197.68 KB, 1080x714, omo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dark elf gf…


dads belong in the office


he was like 20…. he was also obese and gay


a big fat faggot


divorced office dilfs….


you have daddy issues



can't believe someone like you posts here and we're just finding out now


that guy is so ugly but he still pulls it in by the truckload

bros we gotta go to japan


le reddit spacing


cant call tossgods post style reddit


please please please PLEASE just fucking bookmark this page https://chakai.org/tea/

learn the /way/ or forever hold your peace


learn the /way/ bitch


/tea/ is closed
Open in 01:17:31.

its been a while bros
are we raiding tea tonight for old time sakes


File: 1574901890710.jpg (250.36 KB, 1920x1080, 1545907641997.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


*turns on the red wing game*


thank god we got off the beer and back onto the vod


heh almost caused an accident
some idiot couldn't wait his turn to change into the left turn lane and when i saw him go into the opposing right turn lane to pass all the traffic i was already starting my legal turn in to the lane so i had to turn away

thought i had time to get out in front of him but he was accelerating too fast and driving like an asshole

the traffic wasn't even stopped when he decided to pass everyone


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