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ya im pretty smart


*rips a big fart* yea im 110 iq so what


File: 1505016073686.gif (1.44 MB, 220x181, gov rick scott.gif) ImgOps Google

>online iq meme

now put random answers and watch how you get the same score


File: 1505016337256.jpg (158.86 KB, 1080x1920, 18358758_653926858126669_7….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




epic funny 4shit pic

a classic post


tin give us a weather update


you eat shit for breakfast?


File: 1505016486126.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, 1504361622168.png) ImgOps Google


its ya boy
chad warden


gears of wars more like TEARS of war


so glad that guys new game flopped


im tired


i dont wanna sleep yet


post your steam id



its what we do




grow up


*grows up*


pastor anderson wants to open up a bakery so he can refuse sodomites


File: 1505024163589.jpg (144.1 KB, 640x480, [Live-eviL] Yawara - Ep 38….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*slams a beer*


you're a real slow anime watcher yawara boy


dad knocked on my door and said he wants to go run tomorrow


prepare for cardio!


File: 1505026868108.jpg (236.06 KB, 1080x1255, 1503201811792.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



sleeping schedule is fucked now i got a headache









just hanging out rn


dont have much to post about


girl piss is full of xenoestrogrens


so is that good or bad?


depends on how much you value masculinity


dirty houston hip hop…


fuck off nigger


grow up


*grows up*
fuck off nigger


grow up kid


*grows up*
fuck off NIGGER


hey kid, grow up


fuck off nigger


grow up


fuck off nîgger


kid…grow up


good morning idiots


nothing good about it actually




fuck off nigger


ever since i can remember i been poppin my collar


fuck off nigger


sippin on sizzurp
sip sippin on sizzurp


please big daddy god kill tin




yeah put tin out of our misery almighty creator



baised pastor anderson




pastor retardo


die aids riddled sodomite


*doesnt die*
too easy


pastor anderson is a genius


is what a retard would say


yeh you just dont get it


terry must be dead




gook night .-.


its 5 am x_x


suck my butt


hence gook night


dont leave me


did you guys ever have 'senior quotes' for your yearbooks
apparently a lot of schools do them but mine didnt


no we didnt even have yearbooks just year group photos
i always assumed that was just some american thing


don't like thinking about the past


File: 1505039840718.png (51.42 KB, 786x334, 2017-09-10-123510_3600x108….png) ImgOps Google

i owned him with gyuri post and now he bans me for some random shit
whatever why did i even bother going to 4norm


[EBOD-595] We Used A 180 Degree Lens And Up Close And Personal Filming To Bring You A Realistic Experience More Real Than Any VR Video Ever Could!! Up Close And Personal With K Cup Tits


love serg


i really need to get into this vr business


going to be leaving for my grandmas house in about an hour when my mom wakes up… have my clothes packed but going to leave my computer here and just bring my phone..




ill be thinking of all you floridaboys today :/
maybe post with a trip before you go (and when its all over) so we know your ok?


how long are you gonna be there


this girl keeps dressing her husband in girl clothes and streaming it


im still debating on whether going to a shelter alone.. the high school that its at was just built last year so it would be really safe..

hopefully just a day.. by this time 24 hours from now the hardest part should be over


why doesnt your mom go to the shelter with you


she wants to stay at our house with my dad.. im really worried about them because the house is really old and hasnt had that many upgrades on it.. the back door and garage door im really worried about and they havent even gotten all the windows boarded up..

at my grandparents its a big house with storm shutters over all the windows


had a racist dream and i think i actually hate niggers more now


grow up


why is my life so great.



getting r9k thoughts from watching that video


grow up


where's 2oot




gettin moneys what im bout
imma get it while these hates just talk


haha what?




energy drinks and candy is what im bout


lots of calories… youre bellys gonna get bigger….


imagine the stench…


with this microphone and glock 9 im gonna become hokage of the streets


well spit a couple bars then my blood


took a shower to clean my b-hole before applying medicated cream and now i gotta poop again.. UGH!!


thinking about your butt…


imagine the stench


a lubed up boy…


i rape


File: 1505048178363.jpg (135.36 KB, 1190x595, one-country-dominates-the-….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

getting real sick and tired of this china mess
well at least all the weak hands have been shaken


+1 we do that here


tfw preparing to rape


i hope they havent all been shaken yet
i want it to dip more
dip more bitch


you sold at 4900$ or something? or you got more fiat to put into the game?


hurricane season
also known as rape season


more fiat
a lot more fia


wtf that stinkster on the left aint hot at all!



if it sinks below 4000$ i think all hell will break loose and we're heading straight to sub 3000


grow up


nobody said the n word though?? o.O


Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 3 = 13

doing it
high score


gewk morning


ehh thats alright i guess


its better than average and you should be proud


gook morning

feel so fricken tired im never drinking again!


i kinda have a feeling most of the rolls we do are for whatever reason better than average



im tired of life


Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 2 = 9

low roll get, under 8


File: 1505049163863.png (13.98 KB, 462x329, chrome_2017-09-10_09-11-42.png) ImgOps Google

well frick :/


Dice rollRolled 4, 5, 2 = 11



skip to 1:02


Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 3 = 12

one more time, under 8 get


it cant be done i guess


im fucking telling you
theres something unnatural about these rolls


how did they manage to get it to look worse than macross in 1980s


Dice rollRolled 6, 4, 6 = 16

this is how you do it


*manipulates the rolls*
heh, anyone wanna bet some coin? >:)


die highroller


3d ruined anime


Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 3 = 8

*skips to 1:02*


Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 3 = 13





Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 4 = 9

2oot i think your rollin is BROKEN cause it doesn't go below 8


we should do lowest roll wins imo


Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 6 = 15



so this is the power of cgi


Dice rollRolled 4, 2, 5 = 11

it hardly ever rolls 1s is the problem


Dice rollRolled 5, 5, 5 = 15



Dice rollRolled 1, 6, 1 = 8

we did 11 rolls, 33 dice and nobody rolled a single 1 wtf


Dice rollRolled 5, 2, 3 = 10

three 5s
are you yugi



stupid devil possessed roll system


Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 4 = 11

check it



each d6 roll has expectation value of
(1+2+3+4+5+6)*(1/6) = 3.5

3d6 has expectation value of 10.5


lmao look at this nerd over here


Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 6 = 13

under 8 GET


Dice rollRolled 5, 1, 2 = 8


Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

dont worry fellas im gonna get <8


Dice rollRolled 2, 5, 5 = 12

just doesnt go below 8 x__x


its very unlikely to go below 8!!!


File: 1505049765483.png (507.94 KB, 555x555, king of games get.png) ImgOps Google

Dice rollRolled 6, 6, 3 = 15

check my digits


Dice rollRolled 1, 4, 3 = 8

ill prove it


under 8 - suicide
8 or above - jo to some shota doujins


Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 6 = 11

stubborn 8




Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 2 = 12

the exception proves the rule…!


Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 6 = 10




Dice rollRolled 6, 5, 3 = 14


im not gay though


File: 1505049849541.jpg (137.01 KB, 882x705, 1457655732880.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


guess ill just suicide anyway


Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 1 = 4

its equally likely to get >13 as it is to get <8
and we had plenty of >13s so far




a god


Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 4 = 14



Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 5 = 10



not true check your work


whatever nerd idc anymore i got a 4




baste lowroller taking the eggheads to task


Dice rollRolled 5, 2, 6 = 13

6 for israel


has anyone ever scored 18?


i dont think so


Dice rollRolled 3, 1, 1 = 5


not excited about lowrolls anymore until someone rolls a 3


i dont think anyone has rolled an 18 yet either


hate the rollboys


there's a 1/216 chance of getting 3


rollnorms are pathetic


Dice rollRolled 1, 1, 1 = 3

did someone say roll a 3?






die cheatnorm





grow up


Dice rollRolled 5, 3, 6 = 14





drank last night… not feeling so well rn






grow up


ow my ears


nice dubs nigger


grow up


Dice rollRolled 7, 56, 33, 45, 44 = 185

thinking about making another post after this one


Dice rollRolled 6, 1, 6 = 13

dont use the word nigger


grow up nigger


Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 5 = 13

ok ill play
world record


is this the new world record


You know what type of Nigger I am.


call 911 now


Shaqueesheezii as a black hood rat getting worked out to this beat.


love the memhpis mafia


grow up


You know what kind of Nigger I am.


we used to test sound systems with this song




Email to: 162oot@cock.li
Subject: Problems? Yeh we got a problem alright.
Body: Niggers are posting on the 162 again…


grow up


sincerely, joseph


is that hbt? wrote him off as dead after his twitter was deleted


hey my names joseph


sickzii or as his mother calls him gilbert guadalupay




whats the tin float status


we all float down here



this guy got big hands… look at em!




*doesnt heed your red alert warning*


blue alert


nigga stole my bike


grow up


uhg someone on /v/ just said that sonic cd is the best sonic game


File: 1505053194911.jpg (192.84 KB, 386x1100, perfectlover.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


theyre right


just put another $50 into eth




moms friend wants to talk…


where do i cop an anime pro t-shirt


love big hairy guys


yeah im a bitch!



umm thats pirating


it's merely copying


already played it on my sega cd
its ok but the worst part about it are the levels, theyre too open and not as fast moving as the original trilogy
its a lot more fun to play tails since the levels are exploration based


gonna wash my face exfoliate cleanse and moisturize get fucked!!


hey im just wondering if anyone else here is gay?


my dad bought the game like 20 years ago though
does it still count as pirating? :)


do u have the disc


*skin melts off face and begins to bleed* do i look younger yet?


grow up


i should probably clean up the house


no idea where it is


File: 1505053770137.gif (1.82 MB, 392x241, 1499276748176.gif) ImgOps Google

yea gonna have to start posting gay shit again to get all the new boys out…


grow up


le thigh highs UwU am i kawaii yet xd??


die gay mafia


(without mania, i hear its awesome but i dunno)
5. s1
4. advance
3. cd
2. s2
1. s3&k


thigh highs are cute as hell


+1 thigh highs are the bomb


couldve sold my pivx when it was at 87k sats…


thigh highs are gay as fuck see >>80519



File: 1505053937462.jpg (1.33 MB, 2232x1256, IMG_20170513_125112459.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


whole markets down just wait


lets have a moment of silence for some great men we've lost this year:
terry a davis


At first my instinct was to resist. I would gag as his sized pushed further into my mouth, but I slowly realized that this was about his pleasure and not my comfort. Eventually, a one second gag turned into two, and I learned to tolerate the uncomfortable nature of it because I knew it made him feel good. I would pull up for air, gasping, as strands of saliva would connect my lips and chin to his cock, as the sound of slimey wetness filled the room. It was weirdly beautiful for something so messy. This of course lead to being braver, and trying to take more, deeper, and for longer. I would choke harder and retch. My eyes would water, and if I had any make up on I was sure to have raccoon eyes after the matter, or at the very lease have a trail of make up running down my face. As the gags got more intense, the mess would grow thicker, and I would spit up heavier and thicker slime, to the point where his cock would look like some slimey phallic creature out of a sci-fi film. As I choked and spat up, my body would slowly give in, and I could feel his cock penetrating my throat, cutting off the air, making it more and more difficult to suck him as it gradually turned into him thrusting and slowly fucking my mouth and throat. I am not professional, and naturally this led to the inevitable. As I gagged and squirmed on my knees, I felt lightheaded, my body uneasy, my stomach queasy and I knew I was going to puke. But what do you do? Do you stop and ruin his fun? Or do you roll with the punches, simply because it makes him happy?


*sacrifices a lamb*


not gonna read it already jo'd twice today and my little pip cant take another



did tinnys mom let him back in or is he still kicked out and using the mc donalds wifi from his ipad


i personally am getting destroyed today in the ol shitcoin markets
golem, neo, metal, factom, iota all down big

just another day in the fast lane though


in order from who ill miss the most to who ill miss the least: terry >> tin >>> hbt


with a skincare regimen this good i'll have a gook gf in no time!! i can practically smell her hair…..


dont forget beer boy, he's surely floatin by now


any of you guys want to read a humorous erotic story i wrote years ago




at least hes gonna be forced to clean his room properly now


my friend is periscoping hurricane irma from key largo
hope he'll be ok….


its been read 23,000 times since i uploaded it in 2010 apparently


did you make any money off it


no it was for goofs. its still pretty funny reading it back after all these years



periscope my ass daddy


how troubled was your childhood? daddy issues?


trouble my ass daddy


stfu kiddo


is that slingblade


yep troubled childhood involving dad issues, i knew it




kissing me


seeing as how bitcoins are worth now what they were back then (literally nothing because its all made up numbers in a pyramid scheme) who cares???






its dipping right now this is ur opportunity, no-coin boy…
stop this madness already


no thanks
i dont buy into pyramid schemes
i'll stick with real currency that i can actually spend


looks like dip is starting ot end


my local grocery store takes bitcoin


going to bed… not really tired at all but need to wake up tomorrow gook night


newegg takes bit….
can someone buy my a new gpu….
one of you rich bitboys,,,,


might touch my peener…


millenial startup #929182939 thats disrupting the world by letting lgbqt kids do video messaging on their iphones accepts bitcoin now! its only a matter of time before the banks and large retailers follow!


laughin at these haters like ha ha ha
if you aint talkin money its blah blah blah


nocoiner-chan is getting heated….


read it
i dont know how to comment its not my type thats for sure


File: 1505055002441.jpg (496.49 KB, 2000x1667, Monaco_Black_Card3.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

soon every store is gonna accept bitcoin whether they like it or not…


lol, retard


mmm yes i used to fiddle with those when i was figuring out bitcoins
got 5 bitcoins and threw the wallet away



File: 1505055066340.jpg (82.43 KB, 640x640, LFs1beDl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


baste gucci.gamboy



very good forum posts garg


*pays 100k fee for a round of drinks*


what year was that


assuming the exchange doesnt lose your money lol




been to a bar that accepted bitcoin too




grow up


honestly garg was ahead of his time if you think about it


theres a bitcoin vending machine in the mall…


severally confused.im bi but not a pedo.i have this 10 yr. old boy thats crushin on me ,his mom is sick..no dad(in prison),he has no one else.hes my kids freind.he likes to sleep naked.i have a small one bedrom,my kids & i sleep in the bedroom,when hes here he sleeps in the living room,but my only computer is next to my couch,where he likes to sleep..well the other nite,(its hot here and i was in my boxers,no t-shirt),he was nude>(my kids were at there moms & he came over saying he had nowhere to go)ok,so i passed out cold.couldnt wake up if i wanted to,well sorta..he had crawled onto the same bed w/me..and suked my dik..well i thought i was dreamin,,then i looked up,sleepy eyed,,and he was giving me head,well before i could stop him,i shot my load.(it doesnt take long),in shock,i told him to stop,he just started crying and said i was just like everyone else.i tryed comforting him best i could,,he ended up crying himself to sleep,in my arms,the next morning,i woke up w/him suking me again…i freeked out on him and said he had stop doing this..well that was 2 nites ago,,and told him untill he stops doing that,he cant be here.how do i tell him its not rite,w/out hurting him…

lol wtf xnxx forums were wild


2009 ah
well you could say i was a bit of a 'channer' back then


i channed



me? i missed the dip 55 times in a row now and get very upset at the mere mention of coins


i knew a old money chinese guy in college whos name was chan


isnt every other chink called chan


old money chinese?
does that exist


TheReportOfTheWeek‏ @TROTWOfficial 12 minutes ago

Giving you all a quick update - I'm doing fine and staying safe! I'm keeping up to date on the latest info regarding this storm!


Dice rollRolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

gay mafia ugh


thank god


that coin faucet archive got me very upset

the idea that as a little teenbro if i had paid more attention to the bitcoin maymay that i already knew about and just clicked a button on a website a couple of times that i would be able to never work a day in my life just shakes me to the core




nothing is more corrosive to a man's character than unearned money


*daydreams about going back in time to invest in X or Y that blew up*
gee i sure feel inadequate now


you know what kind of black nigger i am


except getting beat up by my landlord's goons every other month when i cant pay


dude you wouldve sold at 1 dollar anyway lmao


man should live by the sweat of his brow, not the clicks of his mouse


meh it just seemed real dumb at the time
and it was spammed way too much all over the place so my mind started automatically ignoring coin posts


quick rundown on our florida boys
report of the week : safe - for now
vodnvape : safe - manhattan on business
tin : safe - as of midnight
beer boy status : ???????????


guys pretty soon bitcoin is going to replace all other currencies
i know so because the reddit /r/bitcoin echo chamber said so and this one guy on twitter that has "crypto expert" in his bio agreed


a bit riled eh?




oh boy youre going to sound real stupid when it actually happens


i believe in blockchain


is beerboy the one who was talking about heading up to his grandparent's place


*riles up*




hmmm..last i heard he said him, his dad and his cats were staying but maybe he decided differently…




so is that a different poster who was talking about either staying at the shelter alone or going with his mom? if so, what do we call that guy


File: 1505055953609.jpg (393.13 KB, 2880x1800, DJVbleoUIAAlB4m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


pretty soon crypto currencies will replace real currency that has actual value and is backed by gold

and we'll all be driving around in flying cars and riding hoverboards like in back to the future


really hope beerboy checks in soon..


crypto currency was invented by globalist jews to track all transactions


2nd episode of lain…i remember laughing at that too


im gonna be honest
i dont know which part of florida tin lives in
but im giving him like 20% survival probability


what does vodnvape do that requires all this jetsetting


but they already control all the banks….. why would they want to invent yet more shit they had to monitor


business apparently


tin could live in michigan and id still give him a 20% survival probability for hurricane season



whats ur favorite coin?
me : monero


then hed be living in my state….


but i think its gonna be neo very soon….


ugh still angry about letting that pool bitch take my moneros


i dont think tin's welfare hinges on normal considerations
hes like some kind of semi-charmed entity who will inexplicably survive all odds until he does whatever fate demands of him which is probably something like punishing to his parents for their impiety


the wolf of vod street



lack of piety


what part of florida does tin live in


the krypto kangz
we wuz koinz n shit lol








im up to wacky workbench zone
sonic cd just feels kinda random


learned the weird piety from medieval II: total war


word* wtf….my brain is losing its edge


its so beaten up…down big….
perfect opportunity to take a risk on it


re learning juggling


im so fucking gay


which character do you play…


yeah theres just something off about the level design i think… you dont really get into the usual sonic level flow
musics pretty cool though


no like irl juggling


Dice rollRolled 8

evens gay odds straight


its too vertical


hi baby


it briefly dipped below 20 today…..


im not a FUCKING baby


oh okay

well anyway i play leo


fart status:
only had 1 today, but belly hurts


i play bob……
i jump around characters too much tho


Gonna drop a phone on the boys


ltc did? why dont i see that on any charts?


oh no, i meant neo did, sorry


im gonna regret not buying more i just know it…
maybe i should, $22 right now


gonna fart…


dont do it


File: 1505057671878.png (143.78 KB, 775x920, bubble.png) ImgOps Google

its so fucking obvious but coincucks are in denial

its okay though all you have to do is sell now and buy back later


they post that same top pic all the way to $4k lol
its just one example of many possible outcomes


*btc shoots up to 20k*


​THE BIBLE IS A TRAP! The name "J-SUS" means "JUPITER-ZEUS", Rev 12:1-2 completes the trap by calling J-sus "Jupiter"! Click on my channel TO SEE THE REVELATION OF "JUPITER-ZEUS".,,..,,.,.,..,




we call him jove actually


lots of jewcoin shills
yes yes goyim get rid of cash and buy into the highly trackable cryptojew that has no real value


still riled…


thinkin about selling 3 eth to buy a new tv


wonder if jacob rothschilde has bitcon in his portfolio


yes yes goyim get rid of crypto and buy into the highly trackable dollarjew that has no real value


i shoulda sold my eth 2 weeks ago
now i have to wait for it to climb back again….
fucking hate eth


File: 1505058330508.png (44.18 KB, 539x484, Capture.PNG) ImgOps Google

lets see those draft king lineups


didnt make one


gonna masturbate to a girl!



ill play vicariously through you though, making a mental note of who 'my' boys are


File: 1505058414983.jpg (266 KB, 1280x720, 1483740422667.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so we get posted on /biz/ and now all these bizfags come here? this is scv, fuck off you pieces of shit


thats a penis!!! i see it!!!!!


if you think gay boys upsets me then you are mistaken…


die gayfags


ive tried to get some new people here but they never stay and say that this place is retarded


they dont understand us


File: 1505058572104.jpg (20.34 KB, 540x540, 1500585699108.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



playing dirty bomb


File: 1505058650581.jpg (328.33 KB, 662x978, bleh_by_drawkill-db805oe.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



skyrim jailbreaking is way too hard without using saves… :\


stds? yeh ive had a few


never having sex tbh


baste chastebro


my 401k? well funded


i dont recall fapping yesterday
or today


tbh hahaha


internet addiction


prolonged sitting


animal products


we have these problems here


im just not very smart is all


File: 1505059127815.jpg (555.42 KB, 750x549, 1319653906836.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


anime girls *nods head*


my dad is very smart

but he's also a weirdo


i could beat the shit out of your dad lol


File: 1505059739458.jpg (233.5 KB, 459x600, 1372295931716.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i just like mado…


really selfish to be (((despressed)))
only narcissists mainly do it


id suck your dads dick


you are fucked


seek counseling for your childhood issues, sick freak


kys bigots




made some chicken strips in the oven… wish i had bbq sauce…

and thats all i got for this post


how did that guy block ads on twitch


proprietary secret


block the jewscripts using noscript


wish i could watch that one tin video again…


wait you can block the ads on twitch?


there are multiple videos


yeah but i wanna watch the one where he sings taylor swift…


and the haters gonna suck



also if you aren't black and say the n-word in any manner, delete me. if the shoe fits fucking wear it, i know a few of you being guilty racists.


tin doesnt really find sica attractive right?
she looks like an alien with her giant forehead


are you a nigger?


grow up


no i just copied this sjw girls status on facenorm


she used to be cute
and has good lookin feet


oh u KNOW what kind of NIGGER I AM



ah yes very good puzzle
order of captures is very crucial



im depressed


my iq, as tested yesterday, is 110 so i'm not allowed to click on chess links
thats a 135+ click


only selfish assholes are depressed
guess what NIGGER everyone is sad unless theyre rich IDIOT!!!!!




only retards measure iq in whole numbers


my guess is i'd probably still be sad if i was rich
i dont think money would help anything


wish i was a baller
wish i was a lil bit taller


yeah but then you could afford a gun so we wouldnt have to read your awful posts anymore


the only thing a lot of money would help is peace of mind, knowing you wont miss a bill ever again and getting the best health care is probably a good feeling



its not about your iq its just practice practice practice


finished sonic cd
that was a really good ending


but surely you dont think its the best sonic game, right



i like sonic 3 and knuckles the most gameplay-wise but the animations and style in sonic cd isn't bad






pickle rick lol


bojack went to michigan..


bomeme redditman


gook morning~


Dice rollRolled 7

game im gunna play
1 sonic cd
2 sonic gen
3 sonic mania
4 hyper light drifter
5 gook
6 gook
7 gook
8 gook
10 gook


File: 1505061812005.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

le gook has arrived


new rick and morty tonight..


Dice rollRolled 2

im a faggot


die gay mafia


daddy issues?



Dice rollRolled 6


Dice rollRolled 13



almost kickoff…
i bet .002 btc on every game



who you got


Dice rollRolled 1

1 watch more mission hill
2 take dog for walk
3 clean house


Dice rollRolled 1

5 = daddy issues




Dice rollRolled 18, 15, 15, 5, 2 = 55


Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 5 = 13

162 get


tins posting crazy stuff over on 4chan again


wtf how am i supposed to read all these new posts


pit -8
atl -6
det ml
phi -1
cin -2
oak +3
hou -5
buf -7
ind +5
car -5
sea +3
dal -3
no +3.5

and then i put .01 on den -3
one time this bet-on-every-game idea turned out horribly, NHL 2013 after the lockout, i went like 2-13 or something


ugh i hate the numbers part why cant you just bet on which team is gonna win or not


you can
its called moneyline

but the odds are bad if you do that with favorites


explain to me the + and - part real fast



whatever that thread was its deleted


i know


ok example
final score
LA 30

since denver is -3, its
LA 30

so denver loses the bet


please god kill all the coinshits and the betshits


*complains about everything*
heh cool


oh so i just add or subject that number from the team's score


ah finally the cuteboy has started the stream :3




what stream



not ur /biz/ness, bizboy


should i buy an epilator…? kind of scared of how painful it'll be >_<


pewdiepie said NIGGER on stream
nigger lovers btfo


grow up


Dice rollRolled 5, 5, 2 = 12

im bored


this guy is literally looking up to a child daycare streamer as an example


lol your pol thread got pruned, didnt even know pol had mods


at least he's white unlike the canadians and americans here


i thought he said he was not gonna make any more nazi jokes after charlotsville



wow dude what an accomplishment *rolls eyes*


File: 1505063175450.jpg (595.3 KB, 1600x1200, dERXO4m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

at my grandparents house now feel a lot safer behind shuttered Windows and no big trees around…. also the storm is tracking away from me..


your parents with you?


wish all the racists would focus on the elite instead


yer all fucken niggers fuck off fuck you


read what? that post about the nihilists? i wrote that


why did he capitalize that w


grow up


beer boy status : safe
oh thank god


are you beerboy? we're trying to get an account of all our florida boys


filthy mutt


unless your posting from a looney bin we dont care


are you gonna make a new twitter i liked reading your cries for attention


it wasn't deleted i deactivated it you nigger


gr0w up


"im not fired i quit"


consider deactivating your life



putting myself in a loony bin tomorrow for real

there will be a lot of zergposts in the next few days unfortunately brace yourselves niggers


looking forward to it


post a self-picture hbt
i think ur not hbt just some retard trying to rile


File: 1505063548347.jpg (104.19 KB, 1200x1600, 6dD7T3xr.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and in case you guys were wondering… this is straight skol…


grow up


liar that bottle is unopened



File: 1505063676814.png (999.06 KB, 926x638, 6273e7b83f60c3148517266007….png) ImgOps Google

aight i'm going to fuck my hand to gooks gnight niggers

Thanks for the attention rofl




I just screwed the cap on real tight


gr0w up


gnight nigger



bet hbt is gonna screw some prime crazy teenage gash in the bin



you have a lovely complexion


hes hot
hes big


bes baised


Dice rollRolled 6, 2, 2 = 10

he painted his nails what a queer


watermelon gook is pretty cute


i want to sperm inside yeri
make her a mommy


die spermnorm


toot how many ips have visited this site in total



too many


File: 1505064267517.jpg (331.52 KB, 1024x1638, tumblr_o61w3abqK91qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

irene? yeah but shes a bit special
i hope you dont mind your gooks a bit special?


hey 2oot spell icup




File: 1505064342522.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1800, tumblr_obysrfAMnP1qk12q0o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and she doesnt like kids or loud noises


File: 1505064355467.png (526.56 KB, 640x1136, 1502201917724.png) ImgOps Google


do u have the 'afraid of animal'
'dont drink coffee'
irene pic


how did you get this pic of me


literal plastic monster


from your stream


File: 1505064551920.png (46.63 KB, 619x288, 1505063662050.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1505064559444.jpg (90.81 KB, 683x1024, 1485225140682.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

no, i dont think i do
it sounds like thats from their reality show and i have like no pics of irene from this era


remember when hbt started seizuring and his dad rushed in to beat him up


scary stuff


didn't his dad inject him with semen


no that was sickzii


stupid idiots


File: 1505064887204.jpg (69.31 KB, 720x540, 1504827692939.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1505064923099.png (84.07 KB, 237x361, 1505064780438.png) ImgOps Google





File: 1505064951484.jpg (284.73 KB, 1028x673, 32865e511d15300b27b6976b90….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

just when u think ur gonna go to bed

u steal mummy and daddy's wine


die edgeteen


grow up



why does he paint the nails


cause teenage emo/scene/goth girls find it attractive?

dumb fucking nigger


some faggy goth shit


what is that? a cabernet sauvignon?


gr0w up


in australia i heard guys paint their nails to attract gooks



chardonnay pinot noir

or as i like to call it chardonnay pinot nigger






yeah thats the cherry on top of the attractiveness
love that fat faced whiny aussie whos also mentally deranged LOL


hit it out of the park


tbh i love hbt



you sound like a nigger


grow up


hbt isnt fat zii just has hiv/aids


do the truffle shuffle for us big boy


i dont think thats really hbt posting
its probably tinny


he post stamped though


sickzee‏ @sickziii 1 minute ago
going through another psychotic breakdown
last time this happened i ended up in er with two slit wrists on life support


threads in a bad place right now


i thought only girls failed suicide attempts


why did hbt delete his twitter


only girls and faggy goth boys


we reported him for self harm
did you not follow his twitter at all in the last few days?


yeah what about it


i am a girl though :3


File: 1505065457315.png (1.17 MB, 943x1350, 1.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1505065473739.png (1.08 MB, 943x1350, 2.png) ImgOps Google


well then you know why he got banned


File: 1505065485890.png (1.22 MB, 943x1350, 3.png) ImgOps Google


what about richie tenenbaum he shaved his head to eliot smith and then slit failure


File: 1505065503639.png (1.67 MB, 943x1350, 4.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1505065525292.png (1.69 MB, 943x1350, 5.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1505065560709.png (1.58 MB, 943x1350, 6.png) ImgOps Google


wow great dialouge


File: 1505065586571.png (1.42 MB, 943x1350, 7.png) ImgOps Google


ah yes, fantastic gay mafia comics, nigger


File: 1505065611887.png (1.25 MB, 943x1350, 8.png) ImgOps Google


File: 1505065624762.png (1.47 MB, 943x1350, 9.png) ImgOps Google


stop spamming you faggot


hbt deleted all his twitch videos too -_-


anyone wanna watch evil dead https://www.smashcast.tv/nontrivial


File: 1505065661245.png (16.45 KB, 349x222, bigbig.PNG) ImgOps Google


File: 1505065668190.png (1.21 MB, 943x1350, 10.png) ImgOps Google


2oot enjoys this kinda stuff


File: 1505065765052.jpg (85 KB, 958x714, 1501673932816.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

and the haters gonna


it keeps freezing and buffering :|


if youre gonna make bad posts im gonna post gay stuff simple as that


File: 1505065825786.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

kill yourself



how many bitcoins do u have


who are you to decide which posts are good and which are bad
given that you are a fucking furry faggot i dont think your opinion is relevant at all




im the judge jury and executioner


File: 1505065882645.jpg (73.34 KB, 620x930, bigboy.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*struts in*


File: 1505065943304.jpeg (72.39 KB, 600x800, vitalik11.jpeg) ImgOps Google


get better internet nerd


well its working now


a pink commie faggot and a chink


File: 1505066124624.jpg (96.92 KB, 960x720, vital914.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


why is vitalik such a tiny boy


he didn't drink enough breast milk


File: 1505066204951.jpg (272.48 KB, 812x399, vitalik.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*bulks up*


commie faggot poster child selected by the kgb so numale commie faggots can associate


all the energy from the food goes straight to his big brains



lots of insightful posts here
good content that evokes philosophical discussion


hes right here >>80930


i really like to check on reekis twitter every couple of days


why is reeki constantly angry at the world
is it his smal weeenr


dont expect anything logical from a holocaust denier


cool clothes
new hand moves


batu batu present


why does reeki associate with so many froggers really lowers my opinion of him


but sam hyde follows him on twitter


cuz he is a frogger?


so you dont like zii either? zii is a frogger through and through even though croats arent white


zii is not a frogger


zii just retweets half naked anime girls


zii is going full frogger like pewdiepie




the matrix is coming to an end
pewdiepie will be banned from youtube for saying nigger
hbt and terry davis disappeared from the internet
tinny died in hurricane irma


and now zii is a frogger


rip tinny, potentially valuable specimen to medical science


/r/c137 is a really good subreddit…


yeah you would know


my university tutor told me i was crazy for believing we are living in a simulation

three years later musk himself said we are almost definitely living in one

am i really a fucking schizo??



File: 1505067511691.jpg (37.31 KB, 600x800, miku68.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

why am i frogger now?


zii clear your name of these charges by your own words


grow up


you said you dont want your mom to get raped by niggers or muslims

so youre a frogger now


leave my croatian boyfriend alone


zii isnt gay, faggot, hes a frogger now


dont reply to me dullard


zii isnt going to hell retard
stop trying to corrupt him
hes a frogger




File: 1505068023146.png (173.57 KB, 500x830, lol2.png) ImgOps Google




me? i sleep
you real shit


File: 1505068162269.png (412.32 KB, 800x622, 1504269686159.png) ImgOps Google


dumb fucking tooner girl
fix it
fix it now or your sucking my cock for the rest of your dumb life


what did you DO you dumb anime child!!!!!!!!!!!!!


friendship ended with mudasir


File: 1505068336034.jpg (42.58 KB, 468x576, 1500486086109.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


PlatinumGames’ revolutionary sci-fi action shooter slide-boosts onto PC. Battle legions of future-tech enemies using a vast arsenal of weapons, including all DLC. Fully unlocked framerate and gorgeous HD resolutions up to 4K. The definitive way to play: war has accelerated.


accelerationist video games…


that was the description on steam for vanquish
is that game cool?


rofl snute just got fucked in the butt by neeb

*makes oracles* XD


yeah its pretty cool


left girl is pretty cute


yeah its the best fucking shooter ever made im not even kidding


batu batu



and dab







i beat vanquish on god hard without checkpoints


awwww do you want a medal????
get a life, nerd!


suck my fucking accelerated dick


fuck i have it on my wishlist and it was -25% like a week or so ago
but its only sp, right? so i kinda just wanna pirate it ive bought too many games lately that i have barely touched


now this is my kind of stream! \m/


yeah its just about banging the scoreboards


>24H LOW
i thought there would've been massive panic selling after it dipped below 4000$ but i guess not…


dark souls


File: 1505070564479.png (589.02 KB, 649x441, 4dc7f5350d955ff8ad47566f2a….png) ImgOps Google

yea what a surprise lol


thatsa weird k




good job dude


way cool






ugh feel an estrogen surge coming up…


drink some water it'll come faster


dont wanna go down that rabbit hole…



cp!!!!!! toot!!!!!!


File: 1505071258229.jpg (277.78 KB, 640x477, suehiro-maruo10.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


damn that is sick and twisted mister


oh one final thing before i go
im gay




File: 1505071521841.jpg (142.51 KB, 736x823, suehiro-maruo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


cant stop thinking about sex


woah an eye in her vagin???
that is maybe the sickest thing ive seen


lol haha dude her vagina is an eye!!!!!


that does indeed seem to be the case


really creepy
how will i sleep tonight


they are going hard after our guy pewds for saying nigger


grow up


hate this 'lets ironically like things that are decidedly not cool' phase the teenbros are going through


what happened to hbt's face


not sure got drunk and woke up with scars and bruises all over myself


what happened to hbt's twitter


so tired gonna sleep early z____z


die snoozenorm


tossposter trolled him too hard


File: 1505072547905.png (218.14 KB, 4640x6070, 1480837215807.png) ImgOps Google




File: 1505072711153.jpg (302.65 KB, 600x600, Yoshika.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



woah its posting ugly anime girls hour


File: 1505072805723.png (73.12 KB, 289x192, 1504235921612.png) ImgOps Google


stupid anime posting BITCHES


so you be sayin… dat money on da iphone


welcome back qa'utie!


hmm should i crack a beer
that is the most pressing issue in my life right now




hank hill…


we only crack cocaine here


File: 1505073326522.jpg (300.91 KB, 1028x691, a62f3c17a3a9dad76e46406b20….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

5*2.5 jugs
3*1.2 pints
1*6.8 noir
1*8.3 sauvignon
500mg quetiapine



sorry dont care


ugh its back


practiced some putts
can get 30ft putts now 33% of the time


nice fingernails, faggy boy


hbt stop your self destructive behavior!


File: 1505073768655.jpg (270.56 KB, 990x628, c94422dc6af6b62451491906bb….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

don't worry i'll be gone in about 4 hrs when i have to see my employment agent

then i'll query him about how to get locked up in a loony bin

then i'll be in a loony bin (shitposting far more regularly ((you lose either way) fuck you nigger))


stop me before i rape again


grow up


whats with those parenthesis


heforgot one


he didnt actually


be sure to beat someone up on the first day so the rest of the patients dont fuck with you




File: 1505074066476.jpg (117.53 KB, 1100x615, hotbigfeet.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

remember when hbt was cute and not a fat goth tranny?


i cant really say i do honestly



i'm hbt and i don't remember


actually really excited for more hbt posts


will someone please tell me who hbt is?


shut up newboy


might jack off in a minute…


i guess i wont jo today either
im just not feelin it


File: 1505074428153.jpg (165.73 KB, 1043x710, fb5b554a207fd2f5836148d293….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



watching boku no pico (lewd!!!!!!!!!)


dont click its lewd^


dont reply to me again meme picture man



im a fast food rocker


just made some sacrifices



4chan? no, i'll stay here where it's safe. *hugs sickzii bodypillow harder*


Everyday We Stray Further From God's Light




but in the end you go to heaven so its okay


jus' gotta ask for forgivness


i don't think i would go to heaven even if i asked for forgiveness…


where is cho…………



no money?


i guess……
i mean its kinda her fault her viewer numbers dropped since her stream is so irregular
i hope she changes her mind and comes back…..


streamnorms i sleep


thinking about putting … at the end of my next post


school starting up too people don't have much time anymore…


i did it


fuck she actually looked like she was gonna cry like 5 minutes after that clip on the train :/


tl;dr who is this stream chick and why should i care


how did it feel…..


its cho you retard shes our favorite streamer


some people dont like her and thats ok you dont have to like everything


cadenza is the only acceptable twitch streamer you fucking MONG


well me and tin like her


calm down idiots


bw hype is dead m8


but with tin dead
and no cho streams
what the fuck am i to do……..


we dont watch mr potato head nose looking gooks or tranny faggots
we watch beautiful women like mira


mira? that russian tranny?


she isnt a tranny you fucking retard!!!!!! >_<


she sure looks like one


File: 1505077222064.jpg (152.34 KB, 1920x1080, anxiety.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i try not to have r9k thoughts but artsy college girls talking about their 'severe anxiety' and 'depression' are the most rotten creatures alive


why can't they have depression or anxiety? shut your mouth idiot




their existence is an affront to god and man


*eyes glaze over at all those buzzwords*


reminder: anyone who isn't a dying starving diseased ridden black baby can NOT be depressed in any way.


File: 1505077479292.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, lucky_me.webm) ImgOps Google

yaaay i got my leo to destroyer!!!


??????? what in there was a buzzword?


wtf kind of sick parents let their 12-13 year old daughters go out in booty shorts with half their ass hanging out


depression has been an identity accessory since at least the 90s


look at me im so depressed Dx

wow im literally gonna kms DX


what a cute bOy…


depression is a meme


why would you play such a faggy character?


why are you staring at their asses?


ummm… i like bajiquan…


File: 1505077690414.jpg (348.35 KB, 1001x1500, DSC_4034.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ngl feeling really dep rn
not knowing tins status and all


ok i got 2 liters of ice cold tap water… here goes nothing *prepares to be magically become a girl*


because its natural to be attracted they're just finished or are in puberty

i would never do anything with them though because they're 3d and too young


hes either floating like a plank or sunk to the bottom of the ocean like a rock


you should be permbanned you pedo freak


nowadays depression is treated as as a synonym for intelligence and emotional depth
only brainless 'normals' are happy


leave virped


make me


emotional depth? hahahahahahahahahah



baited u to say just that :)
inb4 baited to say this


im not saying thats correct, im saying that's how most people perceive it
that you have to be some suffering deep soul to be 'depressed'


easiest bait of my life ;)


you didnt 'bait' us
that sick though came from somewhere deep down in your own subconsciousness you disgusting pedo freak


i want to cry


you KNOW what type of NIGGER tinny is



how ironic would it be for tinny, who is always preaching god's impending apocalypse for everyone else, to drown in an act of god?


___ __



i'd like to buy a vowel


hope the keys weren't lost..


we're losing scvees left right and center here /!\


i wonder what we did for God to hate us so much


voted trump into office


we didnt vote


hope my friend is ok…


my last reply to tin…… what was it….. i hope it wasnt something mean……


i have _ friends


i called him a nigger… ugh i feel bad!


donald… heh……… DRUMPF


i think i rattled his cage for the last time…


did you unlock his cage?
dont tell me you forgot to unlock it before you left


if i thought it so did you


idk about a 13 year old
but a 14 year old? yeah


he never had a chance…


File: 1505079692470.jpg (229.56 KB, 600x450, 1407184696927.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


lain? more like LAME


File: 1505079915207.jpg (133.76 KB, 660x768, 1491534704108.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



sup fool



ugh didnt know you were a poenorm


i hate poenorms….


ofc i am

we all are


poe i sleep grim dawn real shit


return flight is delayed ac ouple days


gunna win week 1 fantasy football
did you guys see the jags holy moly


did they win


said the n word out loud and my mom heard


yeh, and 10 sacks. (good)


dont patronize me ive played madden before


so what do you guys do for a living


stalking girls on instagram…


pube salon (day off)


yeh grim dawn is p good i played the heck out of that


prep cooking…




dont lol……..


wow this game is so fucking broken




never ever give me these fucking snarky "clever" replies you fucking moron
actually you should just go ahead and fucking slice your dick with a cheese grater and pour lemon juice on it you fucking worthless piece of shit retard :)




i wanna do a gook


*swerves the rudeposter*



oh boy another crazy nigger vid


File: 1505082098695.jpg (82.43 KB, 640x640, LFs1beDl.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


love the stupid bitch that cheered at the end of his insulting song lmfao


*butts in on the conversation and flashes TenX card*
that doesnt stop me though girls ;)


just pretend its not happening


*flashes pip*


stress and anxiety arent big deals
people that freak out about panic attacks and anxiety attacks are whimps

just chill out lol


uuhh ;)


just sending some dick pix to my tinder matches


i wanna get 2 know u


not really feeling the 'love' right now


File: 1505082972863.jpg (26.36 KB, 400x400, miku91.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

well for starters i identify as a frogger now…


feel my dick ngga


we frog


File: 1505083201939.jpg (54.91 KB, 400x600, IMG_6012.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

My sister stole my bike and I don't know what she wants.


looks like she wants to stick the seat in your butt


watchin brit venti


we are anonymous
we do not forget
we do not forgive


humina humina! shes got big bazoogas!
awooga awooga!


virped freak




grow up


if tinny is the jar jar binks of 162 what does that make hbt and zii


>u will never eat lightly salted chips with akari


2oot change it to pink… blue is ugly :\


terrible post




gotta have a really long important phone call in 30 mins :|
so fucking nervous i just wanna turn my phone off and go hibernate


i'm doing really bad


i guess he looks cool and all but honestly i wouldve preferred armor king over him

armor king is like one of the coolest tekken characters


armored king isnt a guest tho
the 2 chars are guest chars


i liked it
i was just going to close the page from the index but i read it and decided to stay


┏━┓╋┏┳━━┳━━━┳┓╋┏┳━━━━┳━━━┳━━━┳­­­­­­­━━━┳━━━┓ ┃┃┗┓┃┣┫┣┫┏━┓┃┃╋┃┃┏┓┏┓┃┏━┓┃┏━┓┃­­­­­­­┏━┓┃┏━━┛ ┃┏┓┗┛┃┃┃┃┃╋┗┫┗━┛┣┛┃┃┗┫┃╋┗┫┃╋┃┃­­­­­­­┗━┛┃┗━━┓ ┃┃┗┓┃┃┃┃┃┃┏━┫┏━┓┃╋┃┃╋┃┃╋┏┫┃╋┃┃­­­­­­­┏┓┏┫┏━━┛ ┃┃╋┃┃┣┫┣┫┗┻━┃┃╋┃┃╋┃┃╋┃┗━┛┃┗━┛┃­­­­­­­┃┃┗┫┗━━┓ ┗┛╋┗━┻━━┻━━━┻┛╋┗┛╋┗┛╋┗━━━┻━━━┻­­­­­­­┛┗━┻━━━┛


whats kanye west up to now anyway


looks like it says NIGGER but i cant quite make it out


♫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜஜ▬▬▬­­­▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­▬▬▬♫ ­


think i see a pattern here


*sips beer*
yeah i see a fuckin pattern too man


im drinkin beertonight two i just took a xanax bar too hah lol



i can hear the fat in your voice FAT BOY


been crackin cold ones all day


he actually sounds like a skinny twink




why wont this voicenorm leave…


his super duper move is called rashomon? that's p cool


hes trying to infiltrate us


these two guys were already like really fucking good in tekken 6
and now they're even better…


i'm going to start a daily podcast where i read the previous days thread out loud
please subscribe and show support


we only want to hear tinny and hbts voice!


i wouldnt listen but you should do it and do different funny voices!…!



knees been playing since 3 iirc


mh generations is so laggy wtf


theres of enough support for the project
oh well


i would listen to it


id listen


yeah id listen too man


i support all my fellow scvee endeavors


and me, a distinct poster, would listen to your podcast


die fakebt



on second thought i might not listen to it if the voicenorm is…


hes abusing the function


theres a few voicenorms… they all need to leave NOW


have to piss sitting because of my hypospadias


damn didnt know thats a thing


just go tranny


i dont have to piss sitting but i do it anyways cause its more comfortable and i dont wanna splash


i have to piss sitting because of my micturition


i have to piss



went to get my pkg from the hallway but it turns out it was delivered to the mailbox outside
decided i wasn't up to opening the front door right then…


justin long? good actor


why would you vid urself breaking down a toilet door


he broke his spine
he never walked again


what else would you do if your friend was in the bathroom for a long time and wasn't responding


that feelio when no chum


i dont have any buds but if i did i wouldnt vid him on the pooper


russian culture…


he passed out they were vidding cause they're russian

what if he was dead then the gov't would blame him



♫▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜஜ▬▬▬­­­▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­▬▬▬♫ ­


if technology somehow stagnated for a few thousand years and women were allowed to be the sexual selectors as they are now men would eventually evolve to be 8 foot tall lanky freaks with penises that drag on the ground behind them


batu batu


i fucked your mom


my penis drags on the ground but thats because i have no legs





kim unheart jr


hope pewdiepie is actually done for this time


tinny when he escapes the cage


yeah im sure literally the most popular youtube channel to ever exist will be FINISHED




friends call me cooper


all hes gotta do is apologize
if he said it to a black person it would be different but he just blurted it out while playing a retard video game…


bit stressed out


*gives you a wedgie*


im gonna go buy some booze


he used it as a slur against some1, it's part of his lexicon - PEWDIEPIE IS RACIIIIISSSSSTTTTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
not that it's new or anything, we just needed proof.


i hope google demonetizes each and every one of his vids now that we know for sure pewd is actually a racist nazi


some fucking bitch was letting her dog run around without a leash on and it was in our garden ruining our flowers and plants and trying to kill our cats

now i can't find our cats

if i had a gun i would have shot that fucking mutt


i hate people that dont keep their dogs on leashes


+1 stomp that fuckin mutts head in lol


if you don't have control of your fucking dog don't let it off the fucking leash



alternatively stomp that fucking bitchs head in


File: 1505088239540.png (545.24 KB, 1200x1200, 1505058108330.png) ImgOps Google



not even close
in this case its literally justified, self defense even


oh god never go to ikea with your mom or grandma….
especially on the crowded weekends
that was a bad experience


granny's dead god rest her soul


why what happened
were you stuck in there for hours upon hours or something worse


going to big crowded stores to shop for something i dont want is probably my worst case scenario
would rather be dead


Dice rollRolled 2, 3, 6 = 11

we got linked again https://boards.4chan.org/qa/thread/1553829#p1568116


1. hours upon hours
which a lengthy trip is usually expected when at ikea anyways…but with the older generations of women and how they love to shop / look at every little thing in the store….
ikea has millions of things and they looked at it all, every section


if my cats are hurt im going to find that dog and put it down


gonna play poe now heh


big man on the internet dont think you have the stuff to actually do it


i do


-1 we uninstalled


all id have to do is report it to the authorities and the dog would get put down

they're really nazi like about pets here


calling the cops real big man


thought you were actually gonna do something not be a little passive aggressive BITCH about it


Dice rollRolled 4, 1, 1 = 6

challenge accepted




yeah word i thought you were gonna snap that fuckin pups neck

guess not :/


hey guys its pewdiepie and i hate niggers!!


poured a vodka


we hodl here


cultural marxism poising the youth


bitcoin is the one world currency… they got us good…


economist magazine called it like 20 years ago


i already said this
but we arent primarily antiglobalists now, we are accelerationists
and crypto is good for accelerationism


so was hbt the nword guy this whole time


no hes just a gay goth


what they can't be racists?


i will do something all im saying is i COULD


russia is going to control the crypto market soon


dont believe you until you post pics or something


it will be on the moscow exchange in january


File: 1505089644128.png (262.16 KB, 865x368, Screenshot_2017-09-11_02-2….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1505089708400.png (337.98 KB, 894x616, Screenshot_2017-09-11_02-2….png) ImgOps Google



File: 1505089768484.jpg (48.8 KB, 640x497, 1502061280281.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

excited for the new rnm tonight






i watched the whole sodapoppin charity stream so far
its really cool


found this on hima





just smoked my first cigarette

is it normal that it gave me a boner after burning my lungs



donald… heh, get this… donald DRUMPF


did you get a headrush?


sometimes i just start jerking off when im smoking


ya i felt really dizzy and sick after the first puff



why would you wanna start smoking


are you addicted to ciggies yet


nice…if you smoke for long enough you stop being able to get that
honestly that feeling is really invigorating


i just wanted to be cool like my dad he smokes like 1 cigarette every 3 or 4 days

it tasted like garbage and hurt my lungs though i don't think i'll do it again


hmm should i get an epilator at the store or order one online.. :\


is that the scientific name for a jelqing machine




pulled a bunch of hair out of the shower drain


one of my cats came in

i hope the other one is okay…


no it's a machine that pulls the hair like tweezers do


you should spend that money on a jelqer instead. girls wont care about your bodyhair if youve got a massive spermer


nigger? yeh thats a pretty good word


i feel like im gonna vomit now am i going through ciggie withdrawals


girls? hahaha you're a cutie *winks*


no you're fine just sit down and relax


listening to this while browsing this




humina humina humina humina




File: 1505091903872.jpg (66.15 KB, 800x1200, TotallyWhiteGirlPosingNude.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

how do i get a gf like this


File: 1505091913152.webm (2.94 MB, 1000x562, hwoarang.webm) ImgOps Google

i fucking hate hwoarang oh my fucking god he's so fucking brain dead in t7 i mean at least he was hard in tag 2 but now he's just so fucking dumb and easy fuck that character seriously ahhhhhhhhhhh


waaaaaah waaaaaaaaah
thats u baby lol


any fucking clown can play hwoarang now jesus fucking christ what a dumb fucking piece of shit like are you fucking shitting me if you make A FUCKING HOMING ARMOR MOVE LAUNCHER SAFE THEN AT LEAST MAKE IT PUNISHABLE IF YOU MANAGE TO DUCK IT


its just a game bro lol


this guy is chimping out


what is gnome chan and why do i have a zip of it on my pc


i might start smoking cigars because cigarettes are gross


is there a new pickle rick tonight?


pickle rick lol


more like pickle dick lol




bought 5th of stolichnaya vod
and a guiness solo and a sam adams solo idk why lol

time….to drink….


been drinkin since the jags game



i hope all my florida freinds are okay…


File: 1505092602671.webm (2.68 MB, 940x529, 1482780879803.webm) ImgOps Google



whats going on with her hair color


thought it was gonna be dumb but that one move just kept goin


life should be getting out of prison soon…


i thought he was out already
didnt some people see him on sc2 ladder months ago?


we literally dont give a fuck about life


oh maybe

apparently it was suspended so he doesn't have to do real time…


File: 1505092846515.jpg (4.91 MB, 4065x5935, .jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

dont be so sure about that, bluefriend..


File: 1505092872815.jpg (127.08 KB, 981x849, latte.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



hey can someone else make the new thread


i would but i always end up deleting it


hes plus after that on block im pretty sure




did she fuck his butt there at the end or what was that position

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