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now this is epic




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ngl i tard giggled at this


you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded


bing bing wahoo fellow gaymers




thread was going a little too well.. had to drop a tranny freak pic


that cats little brain is all haywire


why are there fucking hashtags above youtube video titles now
fucking jewgle


whatever dude


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i really like momoland kids


some of them hella ugly tho


theres a part in kare kano where one of the girls is trying to learn how to slam dunk a basketball i wonder if its just a translation quirk because only like a handful of professional female basketball players have ever dunked on a regulation 10ft rim only TWO (2) females have recorded a slam dunk in ncaa basketball
there probably isnt a highschool girl in all of america that can dunk a basketball


thats why i like them


hold on let me get my reading glasses


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its a part of the charm


only of those girls was like a 6'10 freak too the girl in the anime is like 5'5


this is too sexual for me
feel kinda dirty watching it


i've seen her asshole


go to jail fucker


did you imagine yourself fucking yeonwoo and nancy……..


nah i like monkey ears girl


never been able to dunk even though im 6'3
i have no athleticism


its easy to dunk if you just lower the hoop


dunks only count on a regulation basket


don't be sad
6'3" is king of manlets tier


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one of my buddies in elementary school was pretty short so he did insane amounts of exercises for his ankle muscles to be able to dunk
and he wasnt told by anyone to do them, i think he found them by himself and started doing them just because
wish i had some of his dedication…..


thought your vertical was a product of your quads and calves


im not sure i just remember him doing ankle exercises all the time
he was able to easily dunk after doing them for a while


i did a ton of exercise on my wrist to be able to jo real good


think i little tear in my acl a while back and never got it looked at


my other car is a tardis


god bless john wayne





thats so stupid in so many ways


uh oh reekis triggered


not me


no i mean the guy had his shotgun out and aimed at him no way he would be able to outdraw that


i committed 3 sins today father


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big news everyone
mao-chan's pokemon evolved


ghost dog is a samurai hes not going to be outdone by some hillbilly


get help


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