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They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same.
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do one of the beginner yoga algs like that other guy here


what cardio can i do then


running is fine


swimming is 100x better and doesnt fuck your joints



for example i do the 3 mile bike ride to publix every few weeks

then like tonight il do the 1 mile bike ride sprint


you need money and time and skill to swim


*jumps into the gulf*


running meme show y/n?


why do you keep mentioning that crap


running is free and its just ground bro
just run


it kills my knees


the only running thats retarded is marathon idiots or even worse those ultra marathoners
how would that be a good idea whats wrong with those freaks


oh shit thats right… i need to turn on the heat for the pool


you have a pool…


what about a decathlon?


angrily thrashing around gets me sweating


this is a biathalon comm


can we go live with mr.pool


2oot buy the comm a nice pool


i worked with a guy that did an ultra marathon thing from lake michigan to lake huron sounds like a miserable experience


we have a crappy tiny hot tub too but i dont feel like getting it heated and going this late


my dad does triathlons and marathons and stuff


and those iron man things where you climb stuff and get all muddy and then run 20 miles and then bike 20 miles and swim a mile what a mess


i was worked up to 5 miles a day but never tried to see how far i could go past that ever. now id be wheezing if i ran around a tennis court once




i get winded climbing stairs


i get sad everytime i think about kyoani


they didnt deserve it


theres those "mudder" races that are like the wet parts of an army obstacle course. i think that is what hes talking about. the ones ive heard of are way shorter 40 miles but still hellish


lets do a mudder race running in dirt isnt as hard on your knees


karma for world war II


i only run in non-newtonian solids


went on the beer and chips run and then realized i didnt want any beer or chips so i turned around


japan did nothing wrong during wwii


got that antibiotic stankpee



i emailed toot and he never responded


how does xi get away exterminating his muzzies?


toot hates us


xi hates us


whos gonna stop him


xi going after uyghurs makes me sad those steppe guys are cool and should be left alone


uhhhhhhhhhhh pooopy stiiiiiiinkyyyyyy hahahahahaha




should i make another joker thread? both joker threads have been mine so id be 3 for 3 on joker frog pepe clown threads


File: 1570247037011.jpg (351.79 KB, 1918x1078, muslimstinker bus.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

they're all way out west in the cut in the middle of nowhere. the wigger province is below mongolia, above tibet and its in china no fucking round eye reporter is going to get near there.
i like how they force them to assimilate even if it infringes on their religious beliefs


i've never killed it posting on the 4. how does it feel?



send them to africa everyone wins


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