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sickzii edition
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i would have all these (you)'s


ugh i fell in love with jenna


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buh buh buh buh based


oops lol


speaking of gfs i think im starting to fall for the guild girl
they ruin everything


how can you fall for a girl youve never even smelled


teens have a hard time distinguishing between love and lust


now this is omo


your crotch literally thrusts at air like a dog


projecting much??


File: 1569987877191.jpg (116.54 KB, 768x1024, 1569933005910.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


its an act shes cia


my mental hospital gf thought she was being gang-stalked and people were fbi



>i dont do it with black guys cause they're pretty much the ones who will rape you and hurt you the most


not watching that its sad


its actually hilarious


edgy moron


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I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it’s a comedy.


i used to think my life was a tragedy. but now i realize its a romcomedy.


mr. pupkin


my life? a joke lol


so my mom bought the 400 piece assorted chocolates from amazon and it got here yesterday and she left the box opened by the door with the candy still in the ba

i dont know what to do but i want some fucking candy!


i hate candy


we have gfs, $20k fat ones in trust funds, hundreds of pieces of candy, plants, movies, celebrity streaming status… things are finally turning around for the better…




and its sober october!


we did it bros its october 2nd

sober october powers on


dabbing on all those HRT speedrunning freaks


the chad billy vs the virgin speedtrannies


im starting no shave november in october so that when i have a full beard and people ask me about it and i say its for no shave november they will think i grew a full beard in like a week


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File: 1569989754214.mp4 (9.97 MB, WavyJoyousAlbatross-mobile.mp4)



nuclear omo


i like the better movies i secretly watch behind movienazi's back at night


have any recs?


the right stuff


what a disappointing rec


i didnt want to say jaws again but id say jaws


watching a bridge too far rn


i mean technically i could drink tonight




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Omo - a Greek word for the scapula, although the omohyoid muscle consist of the same word


new reeki





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