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grow up


amazing how p4k went from being a kind of 'indie' tastemaker to just promoting pop music
they turned into rolling stone


Otter de Bingo de Bwappa and pwadda in their surreal situation Pt.2


cant believe i used to check it like every other day




theyre gonna blast my mouth with 4 numb shots and drill some more


onibaba was great


those poor otters


onibaba was an atmospheric bone-chilling slow burn


when i needed a root canal they gave me gas because i said i was nervous i didnt even care what they were doing it was great


drill my ass daddy


File: 1567615101697.png (387.39 KB, 1400x802, 1560472009122.png) ImgOps Google




check out the 'ner :3


someone edit this so hes missing his hands in the last panel



hes so washed up lol


does the gas knock you out?


chris hansen vs ice poseidon lol


dont really keep up with tin poseidon but isnt he actually a ped


cant believe the muteens here were such dilettantes that they read pitchfork


hes still a professional


no we didnt we were way too cool for that


that word
what is it


nobody 'reads' p4k
you look at the number and get mad or smug


gas is only at the rich people dentist


ok i have no clue what these posts mean


i used to be hot shit on mu in 2013 now i just listen to touhou music…. feel like my brain hit a mental carrying capacity


no it just makes you space out and a little euphoric


in this moment… i am euphoric


i was on mu 2008-2010
now ive outgrown music B)


i got knocked out for wisdom teeth but i woke up a bit early and i just remember the guy fuckin yanking full force trying to pull the tooth out


im hoping i un-outgrow music one day….


p4k used to be alright just as a place where you might be introduced to music you wouldnt have found otherwise
since all they review now is shit you hear on the radio it has no purpose


p4k was always entry level crapshitpoo


File: 1567616471083.jpg (117.78 KB, 980x653, photo206.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Instead of trying to make more money, try to need less money. This will give you more freedom & you will contribute to starving the beast that is destroying us.

Grow your own food & eat wild plants, build your own (tiny?) house, cut your own wood, wash in rivers, etc. Be a MAN.


pitchfork reccs were typically pretty entry level…. usually random blogs/people on lastfm were the best way to find new music for me


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blogspots were so great before they went after megaupload and mediafire
now theyre all dead


good old mediafire


gleepy is on a first name basis with the 'za man


zaman the 'za man




whats wrong zii


my butt was too small for him




'za is the sport of rich folk. i always do pickup if im lucky enough to get some


make a new one idiots





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