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"The 70’s were great. Barack was Pres. of Vermont. I was with Dr. King sitting at that counter in Memphis. And, nobody had been killed yet. What if that never happened. What a different world it would be”- Joe Biden.
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imagine him fucking him in the ass and saying are you done


sunday sauce is coming along nicely



*falls down*


theres no way i can drink 6 nights in a row i forbid myself from doing it


you have no choice


it seems like every time my life starts to come together i self destruct it


not drinking 7 times would be unlucky


*starts the petition to get burger planet andy on rv trip*


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reeki you got absolutely destroyed


we need g**khunter420 on the rv




we dont need anyone on the rv because irl streams are gay and sad


*prays to allah for no dropped frames tonight*
continuing gunbusters from where we stopped last night


do it for tinny


*spends 30 minutes running from ironforge to loch modan*


doesn't work





try again




what if weekdays are tv show days and the weekend can be movie night i nominate star trek


anno is a genius


okay starting it now


no fuck you and fuck shows




if you dont like star trek i dont even know what to say




ugh more toons…..
sorry buddy im skipping this shit


no more toons no more toons
*starts chanting*


i dont like the new movies


movies and short cartoon ovas only bud


find out how many children are in the comm first before doing something like that




why isnt she wearing pants
god i hate the japs


its undorusuru clothes


new thread brapper edition


old ass crappy lookin anime


gunbuster is good idiot


*toons it up*


i'm gonna be real fellas, this cartoon is pretty gay but the art is cool


thats its charm


is there a movie stream going on?





well i think its gay and retarded and im not watching it


it's about to get ebin


ugh guys

why is this gnarlpine barrow so hard


*starts chanting*


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