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forever alone xd


gamenorm thread


better than gooknorm thread


heh now you have to migrate


its worse


he deleted that other thread x_____x






is 2oot deleting posts now


getting sick of these murloc quests


File: 1503951597099.jpg (15.59 KB, 259x222, 1482620735121.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

so bored..


File: 1503951664847.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, 1490316134098.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

yume nikki….


big boobies…



shes spilling all of her grape soda!


jordan 'the cuck' peterson


tel est notre plaisir


ugh bored
guess ill jack off to some fucked up stuff


im a nigger




grow up


calm down


im a nigger


grow up


stop it!@


File: 1503953038079.png (1.44 MB, 1440x1252, t3_6wjo6r.png) ImgOps Google


you're the one that needs to grow up


i'm here… in the thread!


belief? heh, talk about needing to grow up


just had a nice 3 hour nap…


im a nigger and there's nothing you can do about it


just playin some poe


grow up


back the fuck off




cognito ergo sickzii


ahhh cheetos


personally i call him rodzii because of his big rod


just broke up with gf because she wasn't putting out. that's honestly the only reason. i'm on a quest to fill the empty hole in me with pussy. wish me luck, boys


i bet his rod is huge


whats your steam id



BREAKING: North Korea has launched a missile, Japanese govt. warns it is headed towards Northern Japan -Reuters


why do you need my steam id…


based FUCKING kim


holy fuck it's actually real


we're dead
we're fucking dead


im gay


finally god answered me


we aren't dead

if the us doesn't shoot them down then we're dead




landed in the sea


if they nuke anime we declare war


please don't nuke jav x_x


it's still flying


File: 1503955989276.png (69.17 KB, 590x646, 789674389673896.png) ImgOps Google


jav refugees…


hate black people


kim jong un is a god


it's just a test ~_~


if theyre going to bomb someone at least make it seoul or smth smh


north korea can obliterate seoul with regular bombs
that's their last resort


you know he's sitting in his palace laughing his butt off right now


smokin a cig, watchin anime, laughin


just remembered my dad bought pizza pockets….


Steve Harvey Better Seat Than LeBron & Diddy … at Floyd vs. Conor Fight

do we like steve harvey here?


kimmie fired 2 more missiles


they fired another one for gookland now


yeah hes pretty funny
my grandma loves family fued, sometimes i watch it with her. he's pretty good


File: 1503956635255.jpg (127.24 KB, 898x701, 277146.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




somethings wrong…


hide >.<


oh crap we got that one 162 boy in gookland right now!!!




frick we cant afford to lose a member, we're pretty slim in numbers as it is…




reported that post lol


i dunno but he said hes in gookland a week or 2 ago
for school or something




shut up you fucking nigger


grow up


North Korean missile that flew over Japan broke into 3 pieces and fell into waters off Hokkaido



save me drumpf


its t-stormin…


belly boys just wanna watch the world burn


looks like a woman


someone fuck my ass before the world is gone


no thanks


no thanks im gay


beer? we drink that


cmon poz me up


dont tempt me!




neg me bro


listenin to a bit of cam'ron while im playin poe… still no friends but thats ok…


post your steam id


File: 1503958197611.jpg (41.95 KB, 350x467, cam-ron-lede.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


post youres


we exchange steam id's here


exchange this


whats your steam id


*grabs crotch*


we dont even have steam installed here


yeah we do how else would we play poe with our buds


steam? ya i do


i dont have any buds



with our /b/ros


figured out how to block ads on twitch


2oot ban this nigger already


grow up


or what?


*gangnam styles*


seen an ad on youtube yesterday


File: 1503958866980.jpg (181.1 KB, 1200x800, 1503957666665.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

rub my belly bitch


say n*gger one more time i dare you


grow up


grow up


every time you say the n word ill delete a thread from the catalog






one gone




okay i might have been bluffing



and yeah, YEAH i engage in some male on male sexual activity sometimes so WHAT


+1 who cares no big deal
boys will be boys




gang gang bitch fuck you bitch


sickzii? im gay


reeki? i sleep


im straight for sickzii :3c


*smokes pot* xd im retarded


dumb niggermonkey


grow up


actually, actually and i'll only say this once but actually pot can make you open your mind and become smarter


most of us are neanderthals here


no one gets offended when you say the word neanderthal, but say NIGGER and shit gets wild


word we get wild here






grow up


i have seen every tv show worth seeing
thats it man… theres nothing else
what do i do now? poe?


see what i mean
you're a racist


i wanna do something productive. or drink a beer



almost time for my bath


are you gonna whack off in the tub


no you fucking circus act thats disgusting


dont judge me


if not me then who


i dont need to be judged
let me do my thing


and also something i forgot to mention in my previous post:


grow up


nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger


grow up


ive gotten REALLY good at posting nigger



grow up


File: 1503960827024.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960835671.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960843290.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960850877.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960858106.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960865801.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960873124.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960880791.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960887939.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




File: 1503960895132.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960905847.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


pretty fuckin epic


File: 1503960967370.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960974011.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960981139.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960988913.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503960996157.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503961004177.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503961012059.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503961019193.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503961025877.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


so i think i might be retarded
how do i remove the info at the top of the window in pcsx2 its seriously distracting


oh my gosh


File: 1503961084295.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503961106918.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


wot u tryin to play buddy…
tell me right now


im a gaymer


are u a gamer???


omo simulator 2k


im not a gaymer just gay


oh your a freak? well im a bit of a freak myself


hmm whats with the dog pics? did someone rile up tinny?


need to know basis bitch


rude poster *spits*


*uses your saliva as lube to frick your ass*


*snaps your dick off between my cheeks and piledrives your neck into the sidewalk*


*watches from afar*
this is kinda hot…


*ok now dies*


are we still boxing fans here or is that over


im still kind of into it


*does a few rounds on the speed bag*
yeah, we love boxing now


feel like going on a rape spree


File: 1503962110181.jpg (606.52 KB, 889x1000, 1503961969934.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google





watching golovkin vs kell brook replay….ggg is non-stop offense its fun




File: 1503962461199.webm (1.71 MB, 854x480, 1503960747461.webm) ImgOps Google

made me think


the moment i saw a nigger i stopped watching


keep watching to see the best part




history's a whitewash and that's a blackwash


a gookwash


gr0w up


File: 1503962990869.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963002076.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963009119.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963015538.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963022435.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963029542.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963036421.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963042942.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


at least posts are up


File: 1503963049175.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503963059929.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


a dogwash




its a dogs world


me? i take cold showbaths


me? bi-curious




wish 2oot was more like himako


curious george here


no, that fat bitch is cruel


dont call her fat


File: 1503963606786.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


fat ass bitch


super mario rabbids…wonder if thats gonna be good…


kill yourself


im not gonna do that
well not before i play super mario rabbids first


thanks for not posting this wth?!?!


File: 1503963955347.jpg (8.12 KB, 240x240, 1503962124230.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



hey do me a favor and kill 20 murlocs… 10 of 2 different types.

oh quest complete? alright, now go kill the same murlocs but just bring me 10 of their heads thanks champ


cant handle the heat? crank the ac


just had to edit the .init file…yea that was quite the mystery lmao


*boots up eve online* sick


how did this murloc not have a head






fell asleep in the bath… im all wrinkly…


what do we think of this nuke nk fired over nipland


first of all


we love kimmy and wish him success in every endeavor


thats not true
if he hurts one perfect nip girl i'll fuckin piss down his throat


nips are decadent and materialistic lapdogs of america


whats decadent mean
i know the word but not the definition…


why cant he just fire the nukes at sandniggers tho id be in full support of that


and secondly


really want a cool battlestation like the ones in g…


doesnt seem to exist…


actually we laugh at the gaudy & frivolous pointlessness of spending thousands of dollars on electronics with colored LEDs


just ate, refilled, refueled, retarded


no no silly :3 it's on 4shit! eks dee


nman i dont wanna read all this shit just cut to the chase!


gunna cheat and use my horde from years ago to help kills mobs for my alliance


ok this sounds really gay


*spends 40$ on a mousepad and 200$ on a keyboard* cant wait to show my pals on 4chan how cool my battlestation is


i have a $230 keyboard and ive never once shown anyone


you guys wanna see it :) it's got cookie crumbs all over it right now lol




man i just wanna sit here and relax
stop stressing me out with this keyboard shit


*drops several thousand dollars on a computer set up that only gets used to browse 4chan and reddit*


but can it run poe? XD


i have a gtx 1080 + i7 whatever whatever it was a lot of money last year new

i use it to browse 162, wikipedia, and play touhou


also i have an oculus rift + touch that hasnt left my closet in about 2 months lol


havent upgraded in 6 years cuz no money


do essential oils actually work for anxiety?
wheres that lavendar guy


im right here and my mom and her friends are all into that shit
you should smell her one friend… she wears so many 'essential oils' every day shes fuckin stinky…
and yeh i dunno if they do… they dont for me really…


i could get a sweet rig with coins


level 30… half way there


hmmm…*takes notes*
not liking this


*takes a 'before' picture*
youll see in 8 months… im gonna be fuckin JACKED




when you're fatter in 8 months you can snap another pic and swap them around to make it look like you're getting progress


File: 1503966469461.png (775.49 KB, 1099x748, fcm.png) ImgOps Google


floyd crypto mayweather
our guy



File: 1503966756455.webm (1.78 MB, 400x225, may.webm)

from grand rapids michigan….



suicide tier


we watchin jre


scv rhymes with family rhymes with sickzii… too many coincidences..


*cracks 9th*
gotta work in 7 hours


thought we all agreed we were gonna get sober and have been attending aa meetings for the past 2 months for that very purpose


hey but i don't even like alcohol!!


well you thought wrong
ever consider that?
fucking nigger


grow up


*gives myself up to a higher power*


*gladly accepts you* *fucks oyu in the ass*


i think G*d sent me a sign…


File: 1503967391234.jpg (34.76 KB, 492x500, 51v64zgcHwL.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

why does my mom feel the need to drag these chairs out and making a really loud noise instead of just picking them up..


was it a gook sign or a bad sign


so my cat got injured by an animal while it was outside
my mom had to cut the fur off to see the wound…
guess what scissors she used?
the ones she hid from me cuz i trimmed my pubes with them…
well she left them out… time to get to work


women are very weak. ask men who are on HRT and lost muscle mass, and those are STILL way stronger than the average woman.


idk it was some kinda sign

i ran into my bible camp councilor that i hadn't seen in years

the same day he brought potential renters to my sisters apartment…


*trims the cat pubes*


reminder to support your local pube salon


im really weak as well but im a straight white male


im pretty strong…


more ovaltine please


getting really mad that this guy wont tell me what a fuckin pube salon is

mad, angry, im fuckin furious right now


slide toot some coins and hell ban him for you




i will empty my entire doge collection into toots wallet if he fuckin murders that prick
bans that prick


hey you disgusting slob
you gotta take that tra~ash out


its barrel night innit


you're probably american, so not white


actually im european


i wanna fuck an arab girl


which country? there are many non-white countries in europe


burned through my watch later list now what



G*d works in mysterious ways…


answer me



you answered me not him


hmm.. think i might reward myself for cleaning up my room so well with a beer run tonight..


darkwood is rly scary


your room is fucked you cant clean thaty shit dontl ie


thats just business as usual how are you really gonna reward yourself?


beer boy. . .



okay thats it im getting the vod


i bet everyone here has replied to one of my posts at one point or another
bunch of replying little faggots lol




he just admitted to samefagging cause EVERYONE here replied to one of his posts lol

what a tool


smoking gas by the pump, man
im on drugs, i aint drunk man


yeah rhyming man with man
thats hard


should have used fam


ballerina look like jumpman


my parents go to bed at 830 wtf


maybe theyr really horny


one time my dad ran a half marathon…13 miles…
i cant run half a mile without stopping to walk lol


just chillin in my poe hideout alone… wish i had some people to play with…


this is how you rhyme

hating gooks yea all night,
hating gooks man thats right!


look just pick up a game that doesnt require you to have my steamid





pyo eunji is in it :O


File: 1503968994232.png (474.4 KB, 526x567, 1500585763670.png) ImgOps Google

no time to explain! get in sickzii-kun!


yeh so i was sitting at lunch today with this guy omar and i was telling him how i accomplished my summer goal of swimming the entire length of my pool under water and the group of girls sitting a few tables over erupt in applause and laughter and start saying "great job!!"
literally getting bullied at work… never been so embarrassed


what did omar say



he was like "theyre applauding you" >_>


make my way through da cloughb like im moses bruh


i got to act 3 of poe before the big update but i really dont like grinding games limke that


omar huh?
must be in europe



you fucking twat


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shut the fuck up


File: 1503969196888.webm (2.21 MB, 436x698, sickzii.webm) ImgOps Google


just started a jdrama

idk about it…


let me just say this man and im being serious right now
if you ever call me a twat or insult me in any way again youre going to fucking regret it
now delete your post


piss off you dumb faggot. ban this fucking retard 2oot


me? gooks


if i have to choose sidees im choosing the guy that swims


me? disc golf.


you fucking retard shut your fucking mouth
what length you dumb fucking nigger? im just gonna assume its some kids pool from now on, like 5 fucking meters wide


me? malt liquor and bottom shelf vodka


i watched that boxing match that one guy mentioned earlier
ggg vs kel brook
every time the white guy got punched right in the face he'd nod and motion with his glove like 'is that all?' thought that was cool


shut up kid



norm voice






so tlel us how


freakin voicers lol


voicers… kinda based


fuck you 2oot




i hate my voice


staring at our fucking ips
ill fucking kill you


bitchass 2oot




fucking fatass 2oot bitch


deadass lowkey





what should i say


ew shes fat and ugly


"omo im gooking out"


my moms gonna think im racist if i say that


yeah im done with all that n-word stuff


he grew up lmao


kill yourselves niggers




guess not


yeah im a freak


cryptocurrencies are literally the mark of the beast

youve been warned


floyd crypto mayweather




spawn of satan

no wonder hes undefeated


stormfront and daily stormer got shut down O.O


fake news


role model: my wife



File: 1503971934154.jpg (988.37 KB, 1500x938, Mazda-MX-5-Miata-roadster.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


File: 1503972039929.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



i got a big fat ass!!


we're all getting six packs here


real dead time




just too busy with my mage is all


ah, we play warrior here


File: 1503973635508.webm (4.96 MB, 640x480, boogiepop.webm) ImgOps Google

we like anime here, right?




me i like kpop


oh yea kpop… that stuff where the girls dance around


the one where i dream about impregnating them


a korean girl… NAKED


cumming in her hairy pussy!!


File: 1503974134012.webm (53.43 MB, 1520x1080, [Kanavid] Serial Experime….webm) ImgOps Google



calm it down boys


yeah its gettin a bit rowdy…


sorry that was a big one./…


i dont listen to bands that make music videos


dial it back a bit


reel it in






im not even being that crazy right now lol
youi wanna see crazy.,……….


dont do it


still havent watched lain lol


just put out my new youtube video titled 'spics, niggers and jews: the reason why america is failing'


its ok
the visuals are really nice


hmmm.. really thinking about that beer run tonight…






slept like 5 or 6 hours


long nap


big naps


dreamed that i was there irl when people… no never mind


big naps big nips small pips


going to bed see ya


going to sleep soon .-.




stayin up for like 4 more horus


probably gonna stay up for like 6 more hours
gone to bed around 4am last couple nights


my cat is still mad about not getting treats
so spoiled




snap a pic


started browsing /his/ last week theyre pretty easy to rile


be nice to those longposting idiots they have enough trouble as it is


im kinda torn apart about them, i like their spunk in tearing apart poltards but it also makes them really hostile to everyone else..


i dunno if you guys remember that post i made earlier about that guy i knew in highschool who scammed wow accounts for cigarette money but i remembered another funny thing he did
the final project for physics class, like at least 30% of the total grade was this big group project that we were given 3 months to do
this guy, carter casper,(which i always thought was a cool name) never met with his group once until the day the whole thing was due. their group had done absolutely nothing.
so right before it was his time to present, he just took his girlfriend's project (who was in another class but had the same assignment) over to his room and presented it as his own group's lol


how'd that turn out for ol' casper and his gal?


they broke up for something or other
the only reason he came to class was because he had so many unexcused absences that the police had threatened him with truancy if he missed one more


idea: weird al does a parody of "despacito" but names it "gook eats a cheeto"


eating a coffee pastry thing and watching starcrump vods, really comfy :-)


probably the best song of this year


thank god that video was blocked from embed


actually we love it


thank god this isnt blocked


good thing i dont even need to see the video title to know that one isnt worth clicking on


me? i autotune


made a waffle sunday


way cool


j beibs has got an angelic voice…


hey i'm doing okay don't worry about me nobody here is worried at all! thank you for your concern~~


beer is hidden safely in the garage.. now waiting for my dad to sleep..


i thought the garage was a danger zone


dads waiting for you to sleep so he can get his from the bin…


id watch a live feed of this strange family


beerdad and beerson…


my spot is hidden pretty well.. dont think hed find it


alcoholism… it runs in the family…



he probably hides his there!!


xD'ing hard rn


its hidden behind a shelf and ive pulled some leftover giftbag in front of the shelf.. hed have to go digging real hard to find it..


does your dad drink your beer


in the 1800s all you would need is to come up with a clever turn of phrase and you would be the talk of the town


cat just scratched my bed real hard and huffed
he is so steamed about these retarded treats
so steamed


hes never drank my beer.. but he has confronted me about hiding it and not putting it in the fridge..


well does your mom?

why dont you just put it in the fridge…


how does a cat earn its treats though

what can it do but through a fit


chinks aren't even human


why dont you start putting your beer in the fridge and then start confronting him about his beer nest.. see how he likes it when the tables are turned…

also hows the neighbor's dog?



i feel like if i did something like that hed just kick me out of the house..


sam's lost it
hope they get that freakshow on some anti-psychotics fast


scared he might hurt someone for real
his sanity is hanging by a thread



dads out in the garage.. might be snooping around.. might be just sipping his beer sitting on the washing machine listening to the radio…


File: 1503978497886.png (184.67 KB, 930x506, chrome_2017-08-28_23-47-32.png) ImgOps Google

holy crackers his got fire..


we've been postmodernists ever since we watched that youtube video about it


im really more of a art nouveau myself


someone posted one of this black guys vids where he was getting yelled at back by a mentally ill guy with a high pitched voice on that mde subreddit
it got like 10k views before the influx of reporters got his channel banned, destroying like 3 years of multiple daily vids

so its interesting to me… the impact


imagine being the kind of person who reports videos on youtube


im me im not some "label"


gee whiz, this video isnt up the code with corporate youtube's terms and conditions, don't worry i'll set this straight *flags*


meanwhile that vid of a 10yo girl doing handstands has over 10 million views


wonder what carter casper is up to these days


google'd rather have you post 'try not to laugh or grin 99% failure rate' vine compilations that appeal to the lowest common denominator



he made it…


lol that's him
he looks way different in highschool. he had that emo haircut with long straight hair across one of his eyes


man that casper… a real character


File: 1503979755465.jpg (41.5 KB, 710x710, 5aE0Zx4G[1].jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


nothing personelle…


from scamming wow accounts to buy cigs to account manager at dell


to trump 2016 campaigner…


doesnt account manager like a sales position?


fuck if i know


File: 1503980444302.png (808.59 KB, 1226x605, 2017-08-29_00-17-00.png) ImgOps Google

i get it now

cis and trans are from organic chem lol


me? i recycle


my dad is still awake watching tennis.. really need him to fall asleep so i can start cracking


fish are coming tomorrow morning and not wednesday like i thought
this changes tonights plans…


the gender thing is a totally separate use of the latin prefixes


shut the fuck up idiots


one last thing i remembered about carter casper
he used to walk into class and tell the teacher that she 'looked really hot today' lmao


we've known each other for so long


gook night :>


i like it when the last few tissues are blue so you know you are running low


me? i go super saiyan before i run up the stairs


what else do you do


File: 1503983408427.jpg (507.9 KB, 1600x1200, YEtIatQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

there they are.. untouched…


love me some lighter fluid


did anyone ever find out why girls love lesbian porn?


time to crack


giurls are gay


stashin some beers in the holiday supplies cart


1:12am.. the first sip..


you're way bbehind but in good company… dont have to wake up for 12 hours


love trumps hate


love drinking beer!




dont so me


File: 1503986187387.jpg (51.4 KB, 600x923, 1503985653910.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


saw that picture of hope solo's snatch again :/




cardcaptor sakura
never seen it


yea i like leds, so what?





ugh the sides of my desktop are peeling off…


my sides! XD


didnt need em anyway


check my doubles




*watches deathnote*
yeah i am something of a kinosseuir ymself


4norm mod autosage'd my thread


what was it


just remembered that /soc/ exists



look at the flick of de wrist


those rocks dont even look japanese


my cat is sitting in the spot where i always drop treats for him and meowing every time i walk past, like a reeeeal bitch



eww fa
at least browse a good teen board


i need my daily thinspo tho..


hour left


fa actually helped me a lot in like 2012 but i think the turnover rate is very high there because the board never progresses it just stagnates on the same questions and ideas, kinda like /mu/ but even moreso


shut the fuck up gaybro


really bad posts here rn


File: 1503991206983.jpg (373.29 KB, 1536x2048, tzeghtensjiz.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



shut the fuck up bitch
*takes you to my rape cave*


File: 1503991882707.png (399.29 KB, 650x650, 1423885399194.png) ImgOps Google

move over lain, im posting yume nikki from henceforth


File: 1503992076203.png (964.55 KB, 840x1140, 1503035851580.png) ImgOps Google


for me it has to be pips


big dirty pips


small clean pips


think ill go proselytize the muslim religion in the youtube comments section


im not gay
*sees sickzii*
im gay


wish i was a hedonistic soc teen, doing dxm and listening to trance and having random gay sex with strangers from the internet.


im gay
*sees sickzii*
im super gay


think ill go worship at the alter of mammon


think i'll marry a good virgin Mormon girl who goes to church every sunday.


sounds super gay *snorts a line of coke off a stranger's erection*


no idiot sickzii is mine


follow a girl on twitter who got the word virgin tattooed on her rib. i don't think she is a virgin but i'm pretty sure she regrets having sex in the first place.


File: 1503994541958.jpg (1.98 KB, 125x125, 1500926849870.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sickzii is not a girl nor is he a mormon!!



File: 1503994937986.jpg (256.62 KB, 865x1206, 1466987338853.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

first of all we need to abolish the wage gap


abolish my ass gap daddy


get this miscreant to a sexual harassment seminar asap


coolie or cooly
Spell Syllables
noun, Disparaging and Offensive.
an unskilled laborer, especially formerly in China and India.
an unskilled laborer employed cheaply, especially one brought from Asia.
a contemptuous term used to refer to an Asian, especially an Indian living in South Africa.


File: 1503996076912.jpg (4.05 KB, 120x109, images.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

your mom soon


File: 1503996145409.jpg (428.78 KB, 1024x659, 165116684.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

see sickzii? thats my muthafuckin nigga


sickzii hates niggers
our guy


File: 1503996300607.jpg (94.76 KB, 585x569, flocka.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

i hang in the s'vee with dem cat squad poster


grow up


do afghanees still fuck underage boys as part of their culture


sorry forgot to trigger warning that post


oh toooooooty boooooooooooooooy~
*shakes booty*


*fucks it*


podcast boy tell me about the serial killers
you say theyre like attack dogs who do the bidding of powerful people or groups?


no i would never say that


whats their deal


theyre deranged


*rolls eyes* you always make it out like theres some angle to the serial killer stuff that the general public isnt told of


i got an angle for you bitch
*kicks you in the head*


whatever idiot, are you even the right guy? usually podcast boy is more willing to talk to me earnestly



thinking about switching to a full water fast meme mode…


full estrogen fast eh


yea need to become cute QUICK


eating in mcdonalds by myself…. internets too bad to watch starcrump or play pokemon go…… guess ill post here for a bit……………


eh… we have a phone here.. :\ tell me when he is gone *hides*


ok sorry im watching cho


no we dont…… i bring my desktop with me everywhere


have to pee but my parents are waking up…


thats why we keep bottles


pee down my gaping throat


wish tin was here to watch cho with me…..



norm nikki




gave you a podcast and book last time… its all mass trauma and mind control
i just listened to the same alt right podcast guys podcast about the tavistock institute he put out yesterday

but who cares about serial killers anymore, they retired that meme
its gladio style terrorism now and smith mundt fake news


all i think about is how the globalists want to mess with everyone and i don't ever talk to anyone about it
its kinda deranged… unhealthy


finally won a game of brood war lol

my opponent surrendered as soon as the game started heheh


schizo freak


File: 1504008085842.jpg (1.05 MB, 2048x3068, 1503446720631.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

chos not lookin too good only 500 views


not looking too hot yourself tinshit


still s.c.v


File: 1504008269533.jpg (25.21 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nynbn0Br1A1szzka4o1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

*casts a spell of destruction on you*

what did you say to me?


yeah whatever
*puts the blanket over your cage*


that feeler when you think of something to say to tin, but you know hes just going to reply with something retarded about farting…
so you think of ways to torture him instead


wonder what cc would think of this place…


she had to restart the stream multiple times because her phone was running low on battery and she lost viewers every time




my butthole is big


how big


like a donut made of meat


can i jam my fist up there


i want donuts now


im hungry stop talking about food


File: 1504011640792.jpg (3.91 MB, 4032x3024, 1500435103992.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

thats right toot you better rub my fucking belly you slut


its a masterpiece of our time


taylor swift is the definition of white privilege


privilege my asshole daddy


somi :O


thinking about doing some altcoin trading
now that eth is back at 300 i am probably gonna sell at least half of it and try doing some alts


she was born rich and she got started in music when her dad bought the record company for her


ham sandwiches make me nauseous…


every time i would take tramadol i would eat a ham sandwich beforehand so i wouldn't puke my guts out the next day


Consult a doctor if you have a medical concern.
Tramadol, sold under the brandname Ultram among others, is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. When taken as an immediate-release oral formulation, the onset of pain relief usually occurs within about an hour. Wikipedia


Molar mass: 263.4 g/mol
Formula: C16H25NO2
Trade name: Ultram, Zytram, others
Bioavailability: 70% to 75% (oral), 77% (rectal), 100% (IM)
Excretion: Urine (95%)
Biological half-life: 6.3 ± 1.4 h
Metabolism: Liver-mediated demethylation and glucuronidation via CYP2D6 & CYP3A4


imagine sickzii giving you a creampie…



based i just got the notification



jewry seinfeld


imagine naming your kid norm


i'd do it in hopes of breaking the cycle


what do we use for trading altcoins here
poloniex? bittrex? something else?


cointeens are up


lmao 5 minutes in and its already on bill cosby



game of poop more like


upwording that poopost


went like 2-11 in BW today better than expected honestly


i dont know wtf to do against zerg >:S


gonna go ahead and start playing diablo 2


*boots up poe.exe*


*boots up sickzii bf simulator*


wtf where did all this gamenorms come from???


we game here


*dons gunnars*


gonna ice cube my balls for a bit to boost testosterone


do we still take cold showers


if you freeze em off can i frick your butt


thats a terrible idea and will kill your sperm


lol at this pussy ^


i bet he doesnt even keep his balls cool hahaha


stinky balls are cool


yes we take cold showers

it increases sperm count actually but ice would probably kill it


listen can i frick your butt or not


actually we use sperm vacuum 3k to maintain the ideal sperm count
we were naturally born with more than the usual and need special devices to seem normal


we drink tea and think about the good old times


actually we inject tap estrogen straight into our balls


well i don't drink tea but i do like to do a little bit of reflecting with some wine.


my balls are high on estrogen


i gook


actually i just hate having my balls sag so i chill them off


your balls will never sag if you just freeze them off


oh well
*fricks your butt*


when my balls are compact it makes my sixer look smaller. i'd hate to lose my virginity in the cold.


a pure boy…


imagine sickzii mocking your frozen sixer and then pounding your butzii >w<


im going to watch 500 anime before coming back to 162 dot com
goodbye friends


later aninorm


dont come bakc tooner


162 dot come


a god


ok just realized anime is shit so im back


just realized hes a stupid bitch…






sickzii this sickzii that
sexualise someone else for a change


18 y/o p*ssy…



your asking too much of a literally mentally challenged individual


File: 1504019235196.png (962.07 KB, 766x726, Screenshot_2017-08-29_17-0….png) ImgOps Google

uh oh~~




virped freak


virped shaming


File: 1504019705756.jpg (107.97 KB, 600x752, 1504016657790.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

whoa so this is what consolebabs play


4norm post^


>Sawashiro Miyuki
>Kaji Yuuki
>Sakura Ayane
>Noto Mamiko
>Itou Shizuka






youre an idiot


shut the fuck UP=!


are her boobies that big in the game


File: 1504020275819.png (118.54 KB, 777x292, firefox_2017-08-29_17-24-1….png) ImgOps Google


E+ huh
meh i thought they were bigger


think thats as high as it goes on that site


my pipper is stiff


well im wrong but it says without official info it should be set to e+


Google made a tiny error and it broke half the internet in Japan

"error" yeah right fucking jewgle


my pipper is soft








its just like my yuri mangas


quality of jav releases have really dropped
they used to be 2-3 gb mp4/mkvs now theyre in some other format but named mp4 and 3-400 mb smh
cant even skip around without waiting for it to load


watching women get fucked by other men makes you a cuck_________


nice redditpill bro


ye im woke, so what?


im stoked


Melania. Is. Wearing. Six. Inch. Stiletto. Heels. To. Visit. A. Disaster. Zone.

These. People. Just….These. People.




left work early; not feeling well



im on a list now aren't i




im with the fbi
we're safe


mr fbi, dont arrest me for looking at somi


theyre playing a game mr. fbi


File: 1504022634798.png (397.74 KB, 448x478, 1500929403745.png) ImgOps Google

my 2011 rig is crumbling apart… can't afford a new one..






dont bully him!!


but hes poor its what us richboys do…


just go to your local pc bang or net café


woke up thinking i had drank all 4 25oz cans… ended up only having 3.. really proud of myself..


thats not what we do at all
we are marxist-leninists here


what do marxist leninists do
can i still look at pictures of gooks and nips on the internet


we're kim jong unists



ok good
yeah word we're marxist-leninists






i can read hiragana but not katakana and kanji
having 3 writing systems is too much work


miku cant sing for shit


okay take this instead then


gonna start a new video project tonight…


is it gonna be lewd


i'm so hungry x____x


im gay





feeling kinda wonky


no I'm gonna do an adult swim style bump with arcade footage from the 90s..


whats a bump


whats in a bump


File: 1504025804234.jpg (1.35 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5854.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

i think they sell these so small because they're inbred and just end up dying…
screwed up…


no its your fault


i'm so proud of the shelf i put up all by myself :3


post it


niggers are woke as fuck


no ull make fun of me


grow up


actually, its not my, fault,


nvm actually it is






did you use studs or anchors?
because studs are easy




i wonder if i can regift some stuff to my grandpa for his 95th birthday.. he won't notice, right?


just gift him…. a tie




File: 1504026364655.png (327.35 KB, 1300x1319, IMG_5855.PNG) ImgOps Google

i'm "gay"


i fkin love Science™



omg i was really drunk last night and kept trying to even up my sideburns and now i have none holy shit i look bad


snap us a pic


no way jose im off pic duty for a month with a cut like this


i can only imagine what that situation would be like….



File: 1504028242897.jpg (212.23 KB, 1200x900, DIVcRghXoAIgaJ2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

sickzii not in front of the girls…


thats not a house cat


were lions here


poof what up ninjas


sonic mania has denuvo……………………………………………………………………………. crack when


top 10 norm posts right there


poof my dick in your butt




bit my mouth real bad yesterday and today the wound turned into a huge kancor sore
really has me in a bad mood… the pain…


canker sores really are the worst :/


*flips a brick*


File: 1504029064959.jpg (323.78 KB, 1283x1264, 1500928958565.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

word i wake up with 3-4 new ones every day


lets not make this into a pissing contest guys
*pulls down pants and pees a hole through the earth*


File: 1504029202862.webm (477.38 KB, 640x360, 1503995658269[1].webm) ImgOps Google

i think it might have been rigged you guys


word we piss acid here


im gay


there was only like a hundred billion dollars riding on the outcome if that fight… why would it be rigged/s


File: 1504029405119.webm (1.54 MB, 780x440, 1504018220866[1].webm) ImgOps Google



wow i love boxing /s


does it feel good to have someone fart on your penis while inside of them? i think it might.


he's out of gas


cant fart if your butt is plugged


File: 1504029920231.webm (2.85 MB, 960x540, uc.webm) ImgOps Google


imagine if he followed through he could have knocked him out


remember that taylor swift song shake it off?

now the gookers gonna gook gook gook gook and the stinkers gonna stink stink stink stink stink


me i poop


the COCK carousel lmao


ugh fuck the republican nazis and their coal/oil energy dont they get it renewables are the future
oh nuclear energy? yeah no thats not green its dangerous it has nuclear in its name


calm down reeki its gonna be alright


cool your jets


mcd or kfc?




us? wendys


the burger king med fries cost more than TWICE how much their chick sandwich costs! wtf!


TheReportOfTheWeek‏ @TROTWOfficial 3h3 hours ago
The newest Burger King review got demonetized, just like the last one as well. I'm hoping this system gets fixed soon!

so how do we stop google jesus


maybe one day there will be a good alternative…


the nintendo 64 controller was godlike
i said it


I'm not a huge fan of Google Video, it's just an unpopular low popularity version of YouTube. Shouldn't be on the list. - ROBLOXMan


sickzii said we should use porntube


whenever i watch someone play mario 64 i really like the click-clacking of the controller


unpopular low popularity


just caught myself midway from shitting myself..


close call


you can't, maybe it's time for a new youtube












ay mayne fuck you 2oot bitchass 2ootnigger




grow up


*cracks my toe knuckles*


File: 1504033429520.jpg (219.34 KB, 570x712, 1503960547738.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


got my potato chips
got my soda
*boots up avilo stream*


my mom eats ruffles and drinks diet coke… hmm..


kill her


just watched a poe review on the ol' tube. looks like a nerd game. ill pass


the ol tube? i thought we gave that up


ah yes, pillars of eternity


gay shit


wait are we talking about pillars of eternity or path of exile
when we say "poe"




im talking about poe, obviously


oh my god


so this is the epic game we've been forcing for the last week


lmao wtf is this shit


or perhaps this is the game we like…this is the poe for us…


piss ass


File: 1504034861853.png (341.84 KB, 832x271, firefox_2017-08-29_21-27-1….png) ImgOps Google


im a well fed boy


a bit large?


*slaps your belly*


gotta take another poop ugh


*boots up pokemon go*


*hacks your 'mon, giving them aids*




hey get away from my pokemon


i pozzed them







more like gayweather


i was diddlin around on wikipedia and found a soccer player named "boy waterman" lol


File: 1504037413531.png (2.15 MB, 4620x840, 64534650_p0.png) ImgOps Google



i said no fucking yuri


they're just friends
lesbians dont exist


why are they friends????


me with the blue hair


good friends sometimes love each other


nothing wrong with childhood friendship


stop normalizing deviant relationships


friendship is evil


then im a saint


i fell asleep before you answered but now im awake
whats this 'tavistock' thing you mentioned?


*kicks you in the head again*


*boots up poe* anyone wanna p-lay


yeah i just got home i wanna play poe… maybe you could post your steam so i could add you?


batman begins… what a good movie…


it really is




buzz off already teenbro


*roundhouse kicks you in the face*








File: 1504039097584.webm (330.68 KB, 352x388, va.webm) ImgOps Google

what vampire girl is this


shut up old retard


vampires are suppose to be hundreds of years old
why would they dye their hair neon pink and wear ponytails like some dolled up jpop idol


idk shes got big tits


fuck her teeth are hot as heck


woah read something important online
apparently pedophile rings control our government :/


it's true


no its not
*knees you in the crotch*


we already knew that


why pedos though


i dunno it has something to do with satanism and blood rituals


why not


nap dreams are always very strange….
this time i went to a casino and couldnt afford my loss so they turned me into liquid


jews love drinking baby blood too


im not woke enough to know the specifics of the whole deal


i hate napdreams
its almost always nightmares


had a dream that involved a multiplayer vr game that was sweeping the nation
ended with someone getting killed :x


yeah its like 75% nightmares and they seem more vivid


whats the point of getting married if you aren't gonna have kids


i dont think japan even allows same sex marriage


is the only point of marriage in todays world to share health care?


they can get artificially inseminated since theyr girls


tax breaks too


yeah its definitely money


yeh i got my nut


v is the best teen board




whatd u have


downloading trance doll 2 right now




wish i was skinny instead of fat


i like /v/ now


wish i was fit instead of skinny


big fan of /f/


just had some toast chee cheddar crackers


if i had 3 wishes
1. perfect posture
2. self employed
3. remove globalists


wish i was gay


skinny to fit is easy

fat to skinny is hard


our hima sisters are here?
*sucks in belly*


i hope not…


whenever i read anyhting about suckin in a big belly i think of that one gif
u know the one
fat guy and a slim guy are sitting at a table and the fat guys sucks it in and then it pops out lol


we should play because i dont know wtf to do as zerg against anyone else!!


don't like hima one bit


if you get divorced you get fucked as a guy tho


im gay


ye globies definitely got the himaboys good


we're woke while they're sleeping


are himabros onto globies as much as we are or are they in denial




lemme just put it this way: their pools? no chlorine, fluoridated




please god let me pass away in my sleep this time


as the american world order slouches into the 21st century, buckling underneath its own self-imposed obligations, the tapeworms bicker with the roundworms lodged in the senescent atlas's bleeding intestines and exchange mutual recriminations, insisting if they only had access to more of the entrails the carrion could be saved




is that nick land


no i wrote that myself :\


sounds completely inane my man
are you drugged or something


"my man"




File: 1504041287821.webm (2.97 MB, 480x270, dbf.webm) ImgOps Google

oh cool man…this game is gonna be fun


baited this exact response


just got baited again


can you play vs a naked android 18




me? 2 desktops


android 18 is a goddess…beat off to her many times


my… thing… going into yoona's special place…


control + f hbt, tin. egotistical fucks


1 result


i want to fuck her up
ryona style
i think id really get off to that if you know what i mean






bad vibes





im going all out to get a girlfriend in 2018
its gonna happen


you're not supposed to hunt for a gf it just happens when it happens


k well thats obviously not true


my mom asked me the other day when im gonna get a gf
i said "when you find me one"
she laughed a bit so idk if she understood that i was being serious but in any case it turned out to be a pretty good comeback


it's 100%
if you work or go to school you're bound to get a gf
you just have to talk to them


well the girls at work bully me so… maybe im a lost cause…


stinker gf…




and if you're a neet just be content with a waifu


literally monkeys


you dont know what youre talking about so stop giving advice kid


it should be legal to rape women imo


just phoned my mom. no answer…


not an argument


not an argument is also not an argument


you have to present an argument first


stupid white girl doesn't get that she's being robbed and won't call the cops


that which is presented without an argument may be as easily dismissed without an argument!


just thought about scarlett's lissome hands again


(of a person or their body) thin, supple, and graceful.




arranged marriage


not an argument


sign me up


arranged gay marriage lol


sign me down


i'm really good at approaching people i've never met and holding a conversation with them


getting gay married to a stranger at the behest of my parents


gay people are fucked in the head


gays: hey mang can i frick your butt?
sure fam

gay boys have it easy


just talked to someone who said they're going home to rearrange their aquarium…


yeah i read the news
i stay up to date
im informed


i read all the reputable publications
new york times, the atlantic, the economist, foreign policy, washington post, the nation, the new republic, bloomberg businessweek the list goes on


i dont care lol i really dont lMFAO


pedophile rings? it just isnt credible. i would have seen something about it in all the many periodicals that i read


meh fuck drumpf imo


word and FUCK nazis


fuck me too :O


a lot of people seem to admire tin's dick sucking lips




i'm a relatively smart guy. well maybe smart is the wrong word… i have a good head on my shoulders, yeah.


bitch your dumb


his dumb what


figure it out braniac




got anymore brain busters


a dumb pip? like lame? limp, worthless little pip???


File: 1504044572277.png (15.58 KB, 865x86, Screenshot_2017-08-30_00-0….png) ImgOps Google




fine ill just leave then


whats a brain buster


consider this
joseph rogan


hes not joe hes joseph? wtf


im gonna move to the faroe islands


consider this
thomas cruise
bradley pitt


gunna have to rename the virgin islands


*subs to HULU*
such a better selection than netflix…


no way
you aint getting me with these ones a-ah your making shit up


holy shit
holy fucking shit


Thomas Cruise Mapother IV



joe kony




our guy……



dont click unpure!


yeh im gonna go hang with my bromigos over on uboa
ciao nerds


gif is a sick freak board…


i click


its time for a new thread
are we gonna recycle that old gook one?





god i want to die

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