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Come on over to
No rulecuckery, Tor allowed globally, CSS that isn't absolute shit.
Come on over, make your own board.
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whenever someone says "Take the shot" in the team quickchat, i start spamming "Take the shot" for the rest of the game
seriously take the shot has to be the most obnoxious shit in the game


calm down


what game




rocketleague, scvs official 'our' game


"zelda i liked zelda the most it was the highlight hehe i just love zelda its so great"


i wanna suck on sickziis pecker


whoa he's just like me…


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actually my favorite part of e3 was blasting a load off to this picture (with a porno on in the background, for the noises)




why does that one broad have an eye patch


bc it was halloween


you're a pussy


stop being mean!
she was the best


fight toxic shit with more toxic shit
thats my mo


i made my money being a big bitch


the epic moments
zelda was better tho


love mourinho


when someone spams take the shot i grab the vod and take a shot



third rate belle delphine


only massive pussies use the word toxic


your brain is completely fucked beerboy


4th rate


cute dress


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woodle bwoo padguhwee



if 4chan is too autistically categorized to let you discuss one of the best cartoons on Netflix, then find a better website to discuss it on.

if your website is full of people who say "there are only two genders" then arguments like this are what you waste your time on.




i was looking at banned posts on /co/



i need something to watch thats 1hour+




watch vice principals


me on the left sickzii on the right


zelda is clearly the alpha in this scenario


is will ferrel in it? he ruins things



bros are we hopping on destiny 2 now that its free to play




Hopping on Destiny2 with one of Yelp's Worst-Rated Destiny2 players


im more of an anthem fan


mew propagandanigger vice piece


grow up


help me



getting real sick of the monotone spreadsheet reader genre of informational youtube video


they look really confused

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