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felt a shit rummage in my asshole
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this video is all it took for me

i now must sip


*sips the koolaid*




crazy how much my mood improves in just a couple minutes after the first sip


id use the words 'alarming' or 'concerning'



'distressing' how much my body has become accustomed to binge drinking


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do you ever feel any of the symptoms the guy says at the start of this?


ah… the first night in the 162 teamhouse


its super easy to mistake the cap on top is like a beer bottle cap


maybe ill be padder
im already padder


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the thing thats weird to me is that the good feelings come in before the booze could have even effected me

the psychological effect of the sip is powerful


thats what happens when youre addicted


no its not addiction when you choose to sip


you cant help but "choose" to sip anymore


look il just take one sip to prove i can.. some kind of challenge..


a fool doesnt listen to the voices of reason
thats why hes a fool
he prefers the approval of the smooth talking devils that lead him deeper down the path of self destruction


"my friends are those who acknowledge my evil behaviour!" he tells himself
but they are devils and wont be there to save him


the sand in the depths of hell is a magic sand…


"look how he hurt this man, hes so based!"
"youre so cute when you suck that cock, bro"
"youre such pretty girl, johannes…"
"take one more sip, youre much cooler when drunk, bro"
"omo, post more of that lewd girl!"
the approval of the wicked leads you to the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth
the voices of reason, that remind you of discipline love and strength, you reject


spilled a drink on my keyboard so ive got keep it unplugged for a few hours


lonely time of night


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File: 1558507346193.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.54 KB, 340x270, hehe.jpeg) ImgOps Google

ill keep you company oh lost and lonely boy
ill be your friend :3


i really need to find a place to keep my drink cup im sick of knocking stuff over


they have those thermoses for moms that are anti-tip


you should take the hint


pro-sip anti-tip


just beat a game on wc3 with a couple strangers
host got mad at me because i helped votekick him


holy shit bros




whats the name for those little tables you have buy your bed


by your bed*


bed table


you mean a night stand


chicken table



furniture should be built or found not bought online




a combination night table end table side table… all in one…


File: 1558510001252.jpg (91.49 KB, 1400x1400, 61rZ3731m3L._SL1400_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


looks like something that belongs in a hospital


same type of table


why dont homeless people just go into a hospital and saying theyre going to kill themselves so they get 3 days of free food and room and board


do you think thats just some sweet lifehack nobody has ever tried before or something


it leads to psych evals then they make up disorders you have and then they stick you in a cage indefinitely pumped full of drugs that turn you into a breathing dead person its worse than prison


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