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lets hide here for a bit
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tooty is a toony boy..


speaking of gays, hows janny doing these days?


i'd like to say thank you 2oot!!!!!!


why dont you ask him


thank my ass, daddy


gonna go buy beer and mcdonalds
a healthy boy…


necromancer came out on diablo 3


i came out to my parents


might stop off at the lix on the way home to get a sandwich for drunk me


i think hed appreciate it


oh wait you have to pay $15 for it :/ fucking blizzard jewish FUCKS


you try running a multi billion dollar company dude its not easy


ill take that challenge when do i start


me gook you gook



wow what a RUMP that girl has !


i better not start getting recommended gook videos now…



wonder if that guy has woken up his neighbor's dog lately..


andy dick was a thing


andy dick's dick


yea whatever happened to andy dick




shadowfang keep


sure ill run you through *doesnt*



he did yesterday i think


itll take you like 5 mins…


i think beer boy got bored with us


i dont really care about his food blog pics, but i sure am gonna miss rio…..


that ac bitch boy aka beer boy is extremely narcissistic


why does he keep waking them up if the doggo doesn't wake him up…


we use tomorrow but we say we use sickzii cause hes cute



*cracks open ab ook*


*reads 2 pages then gets distracted by the internet and doesn't pick it back up again for days*


the addiction….


hope my silver panda isnt affected by this gold plunge….


he waved around his dick too much


i think its impossible to browse 4norm as much as i do and not get the urge to blow a load at least once per day


we dont browse 4norm anymore were pure boys


i keep a /ck/ tab open thats it


+1 hate 4shit


although if i took antids maybe id get the ol limp dick syndrome and quit j/o'ing for good


JUST lol


whats the goal of this game..


what do you guys think: anti-ds or no?
tinny is against it so im leaning towards yes


tin might be right about this one….




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