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why does scarlett look like shit now




baited this exact reply


this bitch gets like no views
how long until she gives up and does porn


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this camgirl i follow on twitter said one of her mods died lol


first of all shes not a bitch


this camgirl i follow on twitter



does aotc jaina end with that or the next one


listening to their songs always give such this unexplained 'warmth' feelings… ^_^


Cohen’s Lawyer Says His Closed-Door Testimony Was ‘Game Changing’


File: 1551473977559.png (677.76 KB, 1280x1701, 1551380843857.png) ImgOps Google


give us the update


i drank way too much last night…


update this *grabs crotch*


*slides you some multivitamins*


muellers got drumpf by the balls
this testimony was the final straw that broke the carrot grinch's back
drumpf? as good as impeached


get in here




baste steam


they targeted gamers



not just gamers…
gamers that jack…


gamer jacks


he games he jacks


jacked up gamer jackers jacked in gamer jacking games


holy shit bros


On September 1, 1955, Whitman entered St. Ann's High School in West Palm Beach, where he was regarded as a moderately popular student whose intelligence was noted by his teachers and peers.[16] By the next month, he had saved enough money from his newspaper route to purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which he used on his route.[17]
really enjoy reading about all history from the middle of 20th century, everyone that was able to get A JOB could buy vehicles, homes and support a family working at a gas station or delivering newspaper
very cool, love living in a 1st world country where everything costs an arm and a leg while having 3rd world salaries


you couldnt get a new harley now cause they are overpriced boomer mobiles but you could definitely save up enough money to get a decent used honda or kawasaki with a months wages


8 hours until its drinking time!


thinking about kjacking




yeah…… but shes only streaming on afreeca now so i havent watched her in months


shes cute


"shes cute"


is it just photoshop


stinky belle butt..


i could instantly tell it was a tranny just by the nickname and its new tranny name "zoe"


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no fadda



bros get on apex legends


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got some prime jables here for my jables


File: 1551478420764.jpg (169.55 KB, 657x527, 1551372519545.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


what japanime is this :)



fuck yes new lindy


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