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year of vindication
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he looks ghoulish


mr2s and z cars are way cooler


my dads tbird


he’s romanian


he's got a 10 inch cock


gypsy blood huh
hes probably stealing the life out of james


played clonehero for too long now im gonna go to bed late



aya's ass…


opening links? ya better believe its in incognito mode


gonna go fap then go to bed

already 2 am..


File: 1549955499669.png (794.72 KB, 728x758, 1549953885269.png) ImgOps Google

woah so this is how girls play video games
imagine having multiple orgasms for hours
girls really do have it better


is that their version of a homemade fleshlight


tattoos are for sailors convicts and soldiers


my kids hate me..


tsar nicholas of russia had a tattoo
tattoos were sort of a fad for nobility in the late 19th early 20th century


tsar nicky ii that is



ok that was a 25 min fap sesh

too long night yall


gnight freak


gained a solid 20 avg ilvl today


you better be ready for 3v3 tomorrow..


i got bored of wow again already


i downloaded the 10 day free trial once
turns out im literally too intelligent for wow


gonna go full fappo mode tonight
at least 1 hour session incoming bros


one hour?
pfft amateur


just found my last.fm from 2012
big kshit, can even see the times i was scrobblin…
8 am - 1pm gotta be a big ladder sesh
3 am - 7 am thats another one, hell yeah those were the days


File: 1549965315088.webm (2.55 MB, 608x336, 1549965176243.webm) ImgOps Google

some pedfreak on /a/ posted this in response when i dropped a tin


report him



*cums in your ass*



all talk


what is the "just be yourself" of generations past?
there have got to be some ridiculous ones


pull up your boot strap is the just be yourself of boomers


oh yeah thats a nice one


why do i even go on 4shit these days


you would think that with all the constant negative reinforcement from just opening the catalog that eventually dopamine levels would stop spiking


to waste your miserable time on this planet







Yes somebody…

I'm not sure how detailed of an explanation you're looking for, but SJWs are not unlike[1,2] what the Curch was back in its day. They have an orthodoxy to uphold (or push) and they need a workforce to do so.

You being a happy and content HikiNeet watching your anime and cuddling yourself to sleep at night with your daki is not part of that orthodoxy.

Instead they'll want to see you working plenty, so you can in turn pay plenty of taxes for them to redistribute. As well as either raising (and indoctrinating) kids of your own or in some other fashion actively proselytising their ideology. All while respecting and abiding by their holy scriptures of course, known as PC and CoC.

Worse still, anime is especially troublesome for SJWs because those feelings of warmth, comfort, and bliss that it helps you synthesize so cheaply are precisely what they would've otherwise used to guide your actions along their whims. How much of a coincidence is it that the Church proper back in its day frowned upon such "indecency" as well?

[1] Though the Church also gave us people like Newton. So they at least weren't just being dicks entirely for the sake of it.

[2] The other bit where the analogy maybe falls apart is actual murders (or at least the bodycount), but ironically enough, the terror that a threat of excommunication entails is as vivid today as it was back then.

that webm is still there from earlier toot


didnt read








tasteless is such a klutz


File: 1549975493933.jpeg (374.96 KB, 960x1200, 7B227187-7A4B-4593-9CA6-2….jpeg) ImgOps Google




new thread migrate slowly



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